September 2010

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On 16 September 2010, Chris once again proved that he will always find a new low.
Chris on 25 September 2010, while sinking Lars' boat.

September was the ninth month of 2010. It got off to a slightly slow start, especially considering it came in the aftermath of yet another sequence of bizarre behavior by Chris, including an attempt to organize his 10-year class reunion and the violent destruction of his PS3 in exchange for over $9000.

However, things picked back up in amazing style come the first half of the month. After proclaiming that he wouldn't let the trolls bother him and he was taking back control of his life, Chris uploaded two videos, both involving a mysterious girl named Jackie, presumably the same one who dealt with him back in April. Things also got interesting when Jackie's ex-boyfriend Lars came back into the picture.

Aside from his dealings with Jackie, Chris quickly turned out to be unable to handle the lack of video games, and used his tugboat to buy a new PS3, much to Jackie's dismay.

Events of September 2010

  • 1 September
  • 2 September
    • Chris purchases a new PS3.
    • Chris completely avoids Jackie's criticisms. She angrily threatens to leave him if he doesn't deal with his issues. He says he is helpless to fix his life in any meaningful way.
    • The Clyde and Tito PS3 E-mails are released by Clyde Cash, providing insight on the chain of events that led to Chris's well-thought decision to smash the original life upgrade.
  • 3 September - Jackie tells Chris he cares more about video games than her, and demands that he return his new PS3. He refuses, and baldly asks her to go on a date.
  • 4 September
    • Chris tells Jackie he is discouraged that she doesn't think he's boyfriend material, but still refuses to change anything about his life.
    • Bob turns 83, a milestone that many trolls thought was impossible.
  • 5 September - Chris defends his video game hobby to Jackie, and says they should see other people.
  • 6 September - Chris releases a new video, Haters gonna
  • 7 September - Chris suggests a compromise to Jackie as a way to regain her respect. He's keeping the PS3, though.
  • 8 September - Jackie questions Chris's resolve and again suggests that he is a video game addict.
  • 9 September
    • Chris tells Jackie he no longer hates the X-Box and says he feels like a social outcast.
    • Jackie tells Chris to make a video demonstrating his love for her.
  • 10 September - Chris is excited by Jackie's request. He says he wants to stop hating people, including the gays. Jackie provides specific details about her video request.
  • 12 September - Chris tells Jackie he is working on her video.
  • 13 September
  • 14 September - Chris agrees to the new video for Jackie.
  • 16 September
    • Chris releases Song for Jackie.MOV, where he puts on a blackface minstrel show. In an email, he discusses the ideas behind the video to Jackie.
    • Jackie tells Chris to make a video every day of October. Chris thinks this is a bad idea. This makes Jackie cry.
  • 18 September - Chris agrees to the videos for Jackie, and sends her some photos.
  • 19 September
  • 20 September
  • 22 September
  • 23 September
  • 25 September
    • Chris and Jackie talk again on AIM. She tells him to make a video addressed to her ex-boyfriend Lars, and another one in which he does pull-ups.
    • The Wallflower E-mails are released. It turns out Chris was never in an actual relationship with The Wallflower.
    • Chris uploads a new video where he sinks Lars' boat. The consequences will never be the same.
  • 26 September
    • Lars sends an email to Chris, calling him fat and threatening to beat him up.
    • Chris begins his anti-troll movement with a video.
  • 27 September
    • Chris makes a video for Lars in which he gloats about having "taken" Jackie from him.
    • Chris shares more boring details about the TrollBusters with Jackie.
    • Lars responds to Chris's video, saying he'll soon be taking Jackie away from Chris.
  • 29 September
    • Chris apologizes to Jackie for not being in touch with her, blaming his internal clock.
    • Chris and Jackie have another AIM chat. They discuss work and the tugboat. She asks him to make another video for Lars.
  • 30 September
    • Chris goes to a job interview at McDonald's. He sends a copy of his updated resume to Jackie. Though not evident at the time, this would turn out to be the last time Chris would apply for a job for over a decade.
    • Chris makes another video for Lars in which he continues talking about boats.
    • Sony discontinues the online servers of The Eye of Judgement.