July 2010

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On 2 July 2010, for the umpteenth time, Chris uploads his Flipnotes.
On 9 July 2010, Chris is spotted at Fridays After Five (again).
On 26 July 2010, JenkinsJinkies applies to join the Trollin Train.
On 31 July 2010, Chris tells Jackie he's been advertising himself as a male prostitute.

July was the seventh month of 2010. Overall, it was pretty quiet; most of the life signs from Chris came in the form of observations from field trolls, as Chris would spend most of his time online by messing around in his new time sink, ModNation Racers.

The month began with Chris in the middle of a skirmish of sorts with the moderators of Flipnote Hatena. Chris was angry over the fact that no one was praising him, so he deleted the comments on all his flipnotes and disabled commenting. He then uploaded a Flipnote entitled My apologies, in which he spent more time blaming the trolls than actually apologizing. Eventually, the moderators grew wary of his sub-par animations and his refusal to adhere to their codes of conduct, and decided to ban Chris from uploading. This became quite arguably the quickest he's managed to get banned on the Internet.

On 17 July, after some further Love Quest misadventures in public, Chris returned to Twitter in order to beg people for free ModNation Racers mods. He also said that he's still working on Sonichu pages, but if we take into consideration what he was doing at the time, that was very unlikely.

Events of July 2010

  • 1 July
    • Chris uploads My apologies to Flipnote Hatena. It's deleted by mods moments later, as they are apparently now watching Chris like a hawk.
    • Jackie sends her first e-mail to Chris since April, asking why Chris would give her a shout-out in the Flipnote Hatena he uploaded earlier that day. This will restart their relationship.
  • 2 July
    • Chris replies to Jackie that the flipnote was simply a "gesture of goodwill."
    • Chris, proving his intelligence once again, reuploads Don'tGetTrolled!, the Tagged Flipnote, part two of his random humor series and, of course, RomanticLabyrinth, only to have them all taken down again. He later re-enabled comments. He was also banned for life from posting anything from his DSi, comments included, for his rule-breaking Flipnotes.
  • 3 July - Chris makes a bizarre edit to the CWCki to describe arguments he and Bob had been having with a Burger King Manajerk. He also provides backstory for JenkinsJinkies.
  • 4 July - Chris is spotted at McIntire Park, taking photos of girls and throwing rocks at potential sweethearts.
  • 6 July - Chris tells Jackie he's lonely and having trouble meeting people in public, even when drunk.
  • 7 July - Chris and Jackie agree to meet up in Charlottesville in the second week of August, when Jackie will be in town.
  • 9 July - Chris is spotted yet again at Fridays After Five, stalking women in the real world.
  • 11 July - On the CWCki, JenkinsJinkies asks Clyde Cash for information on the hookers who had been sent to Chris's house.
  • 12 July - JenkinsJinkies tells Clyde he is "wild as a serial raper."
  • 13 July - Chris advertises one of his ModNation Racers creations on the CWCki.
  • 16 July - Yet another Chris sighting at Fridays After Five.
  • 17 July
  • 18 July
    • Chris again offers to trade codes on GameFAQs, and again the mods shut it down.
    • Chris reveals via e-mails to Jackie that he is using a different Flipnote Hatena account to avoid the moderators who were watching his old account.
    • Chris tells Jackie about his trollsona JenkinsJinkies, which he has used to infiltrate the trolls. Jackie believes nobody will discover who he really is.
  • 19 July - Chris tweets that his demands for ModNation crap have been met.
  • 20 July - Chris tells Jackie about his day and his opinions on movies.
  • 21 July
  • 22 July - Jackie sneaks into the trolls' IRC and provides Chris with several chat logs.
  • 24 July
    • Chris evades his ban on Flipnote Hatena, reposting most of his flipnotes. They are taken down the next day.
    • Jackie goads Chris into infiltrating the troll inner circle. He agrees, and says he will make a video under his "JenkinsJinkies" persona.
  • 25 July - Chris tells Jackie he's disappointed that he didn't have a high school reunion. She tells him exactly what he should do in his troll video.
  • 26 July
    • Chris advertises his shitty ModNation Racers maps on his Twitter page. He also reuploads all of the deleted flipnotes.
    • Chris records his video application to the troll secret forum. He tells Jackie about it.
  • 27 July
    • Chris advertises his Sonichu ModNation Racers creations on GameFAQs.
    • Trollin Train is founded. Chris is allowed into the forums.
    • Chris tells Jackie more about his JenkinsJinkies persona, that he had a gay experience at camp.
  • 28 July - In reply to Jackie asking if he's into anal sex, Chris tells her that he fantasizes about a woman fucking him with a strap-on. He adds that he's also curious about S&M.
  • 29 July
    • Chris answers more of Jackie's questions about anal play, and tells her he's applied for a part-time job at Wal-Mart.
    • Chris, as JenkinsJinkies, introduces himself on Trollin Train.
  • 30 July - Chris chats with Jackie about the trolls and his parents. He explains what "tugboat" means. She criticizes him regarding financial management.
  • 31 July - Chris defends himself to Jackie regarding money issues, and reveals that he attempted to work as a male escort.