February 2013

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On 7 February 2013, Chris celebrates the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by drawing breasts on Venus de Milo.
On 25 February 2013, Chris condemns a My Little Pony voice actress.

February was the second month of 2013. It marked Chris's 31st birthday. Privately, he continued to brood about his loneliness and the trolls. Publicly, he embarrassed himself to My Little Pony fans by his failure to understand satire.

Events of February 2013

  • 2 February - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he feels sad, depressed, poor, and pathetic.
  • 4 February - Chris says that he wants to send a threatening letter to Mimms.
  • 6 February - Chris expresses nostalgia for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Facebook.
  • 7 February
    • Chris posts a picture of his Lego Ninja Turtles on Facebook, showing that he has drawn breasts on the female turtle.
    • Chris makes a post on Facebook indicating that he believes in astrology.
  • 12 February - Chris posts a screenshot from the CWCki Forums and complains that, their claims to the contrary, they are a bunch of trolls.
  • 19 February - On Facebook, Chris expresses gratitude for his friends.
  • 21 February - Chris recalls the sad story of a local murder victim.
  • 22 February - Chris leaves a public Facebook post that he liked the movie "Smiley" and that it spoke to him as a victim of trolling.
  • 24 February - Chris turns 31. Anna and Dana Mahri wish him Happy Birthday in Facebook posts.
  • 25 February - Chris writes a public message to My Little Pony voice actress Tara Strong claiming erroneously that she supports trolling. A few days later, Strong actually responds, saying that Chris is a self-absorbed idiot.
  • 27 February - In the face of incredulity, Chris doubles down on his criticism of Strong.