August 2015

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On 12 August 2015, the Blake Amiibo is announced.
On 29 August 2015, Chris attends OmegaCon.

August was the eighth month of 2015, and did not see much activity. Starting off very quietly with no posts from Chris for over a week, Chris eventually announced that he would be selling custom Amiibos for Blake. He ended the month by cosplaying at a convention, catching the attention of a few attendees.

Events of August

  • 1 August - Chris announces on Facebook that twenty medallions will be listed on eBay as early as August third, and that custom medallions can be ordered.
  • 11 August - Chris posts a picture of a postcard Cole Smithey sent to his mother in 1994. He suggests that Cole should contact the rest of his family.
  • 11 August - Chris posts a teaser of a new custom Amiibo on Facebook.
  • 12 August - Chris lists Blake Sonichu Amiibo for sale on Ebay.
  • 15 August - Chris announces that all Blake Amiibo "have been leveled up," and are bundled with autographed photos of himself.
  • 21 August - Chris posts advice for college students, as well as a recruitment video for the University of Alabama.
  • 21 August - Chris posts on Facebook that he's excited about the fact that non-blue-armed Sonic is appearing as an Amiibo in Super Mario Maker.
  • 22 August - Chris posts on Facebook that he is a "lipstick lesbian." This claim is debated by Kim Wilson, much to Chris's annoyance.
  • 24 August - Chris announces that he will bundle the six remaining Blake Amiibo with Sonichu medallions, and that he will be releasing a limited number of figures for another character in September.
  • 26 August - Chris declares that it is the last chance to purchase the remaining five Sonichu Amiibo. He also claims that the funds are going towards an "opportunity" to draw more Sonichu comics.
  • 29 August - Chris posts photos of himself on Facebook attending OmegaCon2015. He cosplays as My Little Pony's Vinyl Scratch.