December 2019

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Chris in December 2019.

December was the twelfth and final month of 2019. Chris became angered on Twitter over fan redesigns of the Chaotic Combo done by ProjectSNT, and live-streamed himself taking photos of TSSSF cards.


  • 3 December - Chris reaches out to The Sergeant at Arms requesting inclusion of his fanmade Sonichu Villains cards into Chris's own TSSSF line.[1]
  • 7 December - Chris, triggered over ProjectSNT's fanart redesigns[2] of the Chaotic Combo and sick with a UTI, bitches on Twitter about it, tweeting in Yoda-style word salads.[3]
  • 8 December - Chris live-streams himself taking photos of the TSSSF cards.[4]
  • 10-11 December - In The Place, Chris, still getting over a cold, complains about ProjectSNT's redesign of Wild Sonichu. Watchmen members take Chris's side and criticize the redesign while encouraging Chris to look into another dimension to figure out the issue and make peace with it. The Watchmen also propose to Chris the creation of a dating sim game.[5]
  • 12 December - MLP Animation: Discord Meets the Princess Bride, which Chris collaborated on with two art pieces, is released on YouTube.
  • 14 December - In The Place, Chris discusses his thoughts on ProjectSNT. He describes having sent her an angry email, which he claims remorse for, and that he had sent a subsequent email apologizing. He mentions that he is tense over her lack of response, then manipulates the Watchmen into sending her an email on his behalf, which ProjectSNT also ignores.[6]
  • 15 December
  • 19 December - Chris continues monitoring ProjectSNT's social media and is "mildly ticked" to find she has continued to ignore him. He asks Watchmen if she has responded to any of their messages and is told she has not. The Watchmen also advise against further messages.[10]
  • 23 December
    • Marvin blocks Jacob Sockness from Chris's Twitter account. Sockness angrily texts Chris about it, but Chris ignores him.[11]
    • Chris pulls a rare Pokemon card from a pack and declares that he had foreseen it and that pulling the card is a sign of the Merge.[11]
  • 25 December - C-Mas.
  • 26 December - The 5-year anniversary of the GameStop macing incident.
  • 28 December - Reddit user /u/mkicon encounters Chris in Tetris 99 a second time, having earlier encountered him in July.[12]
  • 30 December - TheGamerFromMars meets up with Chris.