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2019 was the eleventh year since Chris's discovery, and the final year of the 2010s. The Financhu Crisis continued, with Chris's unpaid debts cases involving Second Round Sub and Midland Funding having wrapped up, owing $2,463.63 and $2,777.90 respectively. Renewed interest in Chris brought an intense year with thousands of new weens. One particular orbiter, an enabler named Jacob Sockness, would stand out from among the crowd as particularly noteworthy when he began manipulating Chris with his own delusions. Throughout the second half of the year, tensions would flare up as Sockness tried to pursue a romantic and sexual relationship with Chris before the latter, in a surprising display of awareness, shot him down. Nonetheless, thanks to Sockness and many others feeding into his fantasies, Chris's tenuous grip on reality further loosened.


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Chris in January 2019

Chris started out the new year by pushing back the Dimensional Merge, after its estimated date of December 31st came to pass and showed no results. Eventually, members of TF2 Analysis started blocking Chris on Twitter after either being harassed by weens or finding out about Chris's reputation. Chris did not take this very well, and spent a week making various rants on Twitter and YouTube, as well as a four-page comic, before ending January by making his Twitter account private, starting the Soft Exile.


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Chris in February 2019

After making another video begging the brony analysts to unblock him on Twitter, Chris made a new Twitter account at @CPU_CWCSonichu in an attempt to bypass the blocks. Then, after uploading a video where he plays with Legos while having a mental breakdown, he eventually moved all his Twitter activities to the new account. After that, nothing really happened for a week, until Chris turned 37 and did a Twitter Q&A.


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Chris in March 2019

March got off to an amazing start when leaks of Sonic's design for the upcoming movie revealed several drastic changes from the original, one of them being the inclusion of blue arms. That very same day, Chris tweeted his displeasure, showing that his 2014 viewpoint was anything but changed. Chris received a Nintendo Switch from Sarah and Steve, and made a 7-minute unboxing video, where at one point he picks up an attached letter and holds it up to the camera before setting it aside – the letter explicitly saying not to discuss the matter online, raising the suspicion of observers that this may be a sign of a trolling scheme. A GameStop employee then uploaded an eyewitness video of Chris shopping for a Poké Ball Plus peripheral for his Switch. Copitz went ghost hunting with Chris in the now-abandoned DeJarnette Center for Human Development in Staunton, Virginia. Chris then uploaded Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes, where he paid respect to those abused at the DeJarnette Sanitarium by leaving a Sonichu drawing.


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Chris in April 2019

Chris defied everyone's expectations when he uploaded Future message from Crystal W Chandler, where a mysterious masked man recites a poem about Reginald Chandler relaying a message from his sister on the state of the Dimensional Merge. Chris tweeted a link to a Kickstarter for a documentary made about him called Chris Chan VS. The Internet, which would allegedly feature appearances from individuals like Megan. It was met with very hostile reception on Kiwi Farms, and two days later, the documentary's Kickstarter was abruptly cancelled; the project, however, is not. A member of the subreddit r/ChrisChanSonichu posted a photo of seeing Chris at a Target, and said he was "muttering really loudly" to himself. Later, Chris tweeted how the Notre-Dame fire was caused by a Pokémon. Google approved Chris listing his house as Sonichu Headquarters. The reviews quickly started pouring in, with at least 130 in the first 24 hours. Chris then made a tweet begging for Sonichu Headquarters to be nominated "as a Poké Stop, maybe even a Gym". Chris finished the Therapeutic Docket program for his 2018 mall trespass case. April ended spectacularly when the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie debuted on YouTube, setting the Internet on fire. On the day before that, however, an image of the movie's Dr. Eggman, played by Jim Carrey, was leaked. Chris responded to this in a very negative manner.


Chris in May 2019
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After the release of the Sonic movie trailer, Chris tweeted his discontent with it. Two days later, Jeff Fowler, the movie's director, tweeted that Sonic's design will be fixed before the final release. Chris then responded with a simple "Thank You for listening. 😊⚡️💙⚡️".


Chris in June 2019
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Chris's eBay account is closed. He claimed he has a God-given job overseeing the Merge. Chris goes to court over debt, and a witness account describes his odd behavior; he is ordered to pay another three grand. He claimed to have a heart attack and uploaded colored pages of Sonichu #15.


Main article: July 2019
Chris in July 2019

Chris decides to team up with Jacob Sockness to evade his eBay ban. Jacob opens a new account on there for Chris, and Chris retcons Rosechu's gender again. A ween pays for Chris to go to the last BronyCon.


Main article: August 2019
Chris in August 2019

Chris attends BronyCon, with nothing really noteworthy taking place at the event itself. In mid-August, the Chandler household adopts a new cat named Possie, who dies just two weeks later. Chris also decides to larp as Magi-Chan during this month.


Chris on Discord, September 2019
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Chris continues to make several social media posts pretending to be Magi-Chan, and started to get interested in Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, a trading card game and starts to work on making fan cards in favor over the comics. Jacob Sockness continued to obsess over Chris, culminating in him buying train tickets to Virginia. Chris convinced Sockness to cancel.


Main article: October 2019
Chris in October 2019

Sockness planned to visit Chris around Halloween and have sex with him, only to be dissuaded by Chris. Chris livestreamed himself playing Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder and shows off a new cat. Multidimensional White Knights also hit the scene.


Chris on Twitter, November 2019
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Sockness turned Chris against Null, denouncing him as the Devil incarnate. Kiwi Farms was slated to be destroyed by the Merge. Debt collectors tried to garnish the tugboat. Cwcvilleshopping.com was established.


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Chris in December 2019

Chris was angered by ProjectSNT's redesigns of the Chaotic Combo. Pmurt was impeached. Chris had a UTI and sinus infection, but recovered in time for Christmas. Overall, it was a slow month.