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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during June 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.

I'm not like those Other Girls

1 June

@cOWOkie_pone tweets:

people of my age watch dramatic series, go to parties, get drunk, make out with everyone,do stupid things. all of this is seen as normal. but drawing innocent ponies and animals is seen as weird? what's wrong with people holy fuc i'm sick of people's close minded little brains.

To which Chris Responds:

I Agree and Feel for you. I tried the “Expected” of individuals my age, and while I have self-awarely found a mini mental vacay in getting drunk and can imagine and empathize for those who do the outdated “Normal” things that are considered stupid, and I am Not telling anyone...
...to stop right now, unless that is their own individual life quality decision to make the life change.

The New Normal, I see, for most people nowadays is literally following their own individual dreams and interests as they are able to.

An honorable and humble mention...

...to and for those who still have difficult times and struggle on the streets and shit. Life Can Suck Tough. I feel for them. To you all, stay strong and enduring as you are able to until when good blessings bestow upon you towards your own progress. 💙
Anyway: Normal is following your own path of life towards finding your own individual happiness, self-confidence and inner strengths.

Drink, Snort or Party Hard, if you must or feel it so for you, but we all find our own satisfactions in life. Please, no judgment. Thanks. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris resumes the My Little Pony Protests

2 June

Good Morning, Everyone. I have a very important announcement to make. I’ve just left a meeting with Luna, Celestia and the other Alicorn high-ups of Equestria. I have been asked to relay an urgent message and Royal Request to everyone. #MLpFiM14Seasons
On the Good News: Everyone At Hasbro has received, either directly from Celestia, herself, or from those of us in the fandom, communities and then some and so forth. BUT, apparently, there are Some at Hasbro who do not believe in Fate and Destiny events, in addition to their...
...monetary greed (no surprise). But we all, myself included, have experienced fated and destined events at least once in our respective lives; many, many times to most individuals and people.
Regardless, #MLPFiM (G4) has been not only fated, but also heavily requested and commanded by Luna and Celestia, both, to continue for five more seasons, into Season 14, with Chronicling of the Mane Six becoming Alicorns of the Round Table of Friendship and Goodwill, which...
...has already happened in our sister dimension’s Equestria, where Everything MLP Has Happened up to this point, and then some that is yet to be chronicled here in our dimension, soon to be merged with our sister dimension, C-197. But I digress.
We need to strike to these non-believers of fate and destiny at Hasbro, and continue to raise our voice for #MLPFiM to continue on for five more seasons. Also, the content Must be continued to be consistently crafted by @dhxmedia, ALLSPARK, and no other media company.
And here is the Royal Request from Luna and Celestia that I relay to all of you here in Dimension 1218:

The upcoming MLP Special, Rainbow Roadtrip, as it was made by a different media company: Please, Boycott Watching It, as well as Any and all...


...Uploaded Video Content of this show.

Typically, I am not one to bad mouth about that which has no hatred content in it, BUT this is a Royal Request.

In order to make those at Hasbro understand us and believe in fated events, we need to make the view count...

...of “Rainbow Road Trip” LOW to None. The exception are the good Brony Analysts; they will spot the inconsistencies and whatnot.

Regardless, we, the community for #MLPFiM need to, no, Must, follow this Royal Request from our Deities, by relay and CPU Request of myself,...

...and in keeping the fated events maintained and honored.

Thank You, and Bless You All. ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, please spread this Tweet Set in unaltered Screen Caps to everyone in our communities and beyond. Thank You All.

Chris Uses the Genderbend Snap Filter

2 June

Who’s this with my dog? I think it’s me! 😊 #snapchatfilter



Chris Completely Misses the Point

3 June

@Minty_Root tweets

Pride month must be really weird for colorblind people.

Chris Replies:

Pride Month is more about the Love, and the freedom to choose your own partner(s) based on not only individual preference, but moreover on the strong quality and bond of the individuals in the relationships.

#LoveWins ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris gets a Fan Trade

4 June

Hey, y’all. Check it out, a Bulbasaur with Zapbuds blooming out of it; that is going to be one Awesome Venusaur. 😊

⚡️💙⚡️ (I drew a piece in trade for the Bulbasaur @OriginalFunko POP).


Chris Steals Someone's Ideas

4 June

@Frostbun tweets:

my friends and I are making fakemons and I decided to make a ghost/psychic bunny i call it Binkia (based on the rabbit term binkie)


I got news for you: you actually discovered a real Pokémon that exists and has its own Pokédex Number in Dimension C-197. ⚡️💙⚡️

Thank you for Being Autistic, Chris!

5 June

@man_ucla replies to an earlier comment saying:

Thank you for being autistic Chris. You are the best!

Chris replies (in its own tweet):

Hmm. I’m uncertain rather this is sincere or sarcasm, but it is not often anyone is verbally appreciated for having a mental handicap, so Thank You. ⚡️💙⚡️

I'm sure this will go well

5 June

Easy Meme for me to follow, as I don’t usually read the haterade-filled commentary. Talking about me in my Sonichu Form, including the CPU-Powered-Up Sonichu Form. Credit to @MKR11217089 for the final pic where I hug Magi-Chan. 😊



“Overpowered” is a Given, as it is necessary for me to be OP with so many OP villains here and there between all dimesions.

[Archivist's Note: It took Chris 4 hours to break his own rules]

Breaking the rule of not responding, I have access to my CPU powers and form in both my human and Sonichu forms. So, I CAN be Both a Sonichu and a CPU simultaneously. ⚡️💙⚡️

I just am unable to take CPU form while in my Alicorn form in Equestria, nor can I be Human/CPU there.


...So in Equestria, I would have to transform into my Sonichu form before going CPU.

I don’t know the artist’s name, but I love this piece they drew of me months ago. 😊


Chris also Responded to another tweet:

Put down the Haterade; this is not going against any rules, it is just the way it is. Hey! I still have my flaws, so I am definitely Not a Mary Sue type of OC.

Also, if I wanted a shot glass of Haterade, I would read most anything this dimension’s @realDonaldTrump ever wrote.

Sonichu Idle

5 June

This is quite cute; I can’t help but enjoy seeing my Son in such a calm pose as portrayed here.

Sonichu idle https://youtu.be/N9dgvc5b2rg via @YouTube


If only I had $6000!

5 June

BronyCon's official Twitter tweets:

Introducing the new Emerald Sponsor tier. It’s the same as Diamond but the badge is fully white, full of stylish holes, costs $5k and the lanyard is an extra $999. Also, every person who buys one is listed with the “Courageous” title in our convention book. Pick it up on June 31.
Wow! Too bad I don’t have Six-Thousand Dollars to shell for it.

Professor Pmurt

5 June

From Pokemon's official Twitter:

Ready for an adventure? Make your own Pokémon journey with the first @ that appears!


Okay, I’m game:

Professor... @realDonaldTrump That was EPICALLY Unfortunate!!!🤬 Mom @MKR11217089 Rival @OriginalFunko Youngster @PPMidnight7 First Gym Leader @Nickelodeon Get the slimy Gak! They have an Aloan Muk! Random NPC @blackratboi League Champion @Sarah_and_Steve

In a response to a now-deleted one of these by another twitter user, Chris writes:

First Gym Leader? My word, what an honor that would be, though I’d have to go with my lower-level Pokémon team for the battle. My Son and Rosey would be too powerful for those who mark me, or Christine, there, as their first Gym Leader Badge Battle. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Engages with a Ween on the Dimensional Merge

6 June

(green is @FighterTownUSA)

@CPU_CWCSonichu I've been experiencing really bad headaches during the day. Before I fall asleep every night, my vision blurs and I begin to see random OC's flash in and out of existence. I don't know what's going on and I'm really scared. Any advice fellow Pegasister? ⚡️💙⚡️
A bit. Fortunately, that part is covered in the #DimensionMerge tweet set on my old Twitter account. Read parts 1 and 2, at least.
For you all who have not read it yet, here are the links to the guide I had made earlier.


Thank you. I'm choosing to respond to this tweet in my G1 form, Blurr. I've always been told that I am a fast talker, so naturally I've slowly taken his form. But I digress. Would you be willing at all to partner with me in educating folks on the finer details of the merge...
Since I feel there are many of us dormant out there. A lot of people may feel shame and guilt for coming out, but the merge is real and I need more of us to start coming out publicly. This is the only way to truly unite our forms, and begin to accept a smooth transition.
I think the best thing to do would be to re-tweet my tweets to you, since it would show others it's safe to come out of hiding. We are real, our OC's are real, and we're LOUD and PROUD! ⚡️💙⚡️

Peace :)

Very cool. Also, that’s my signature, ⚡️💙⚡️, being the CPU Blue Heart and a Sonichu. I encourage for you to find your own signature in relation to who you are. Thank you.


A day Later, Chris follows this up with:

Since I feel there are many of us dormant out there. A lot of people may feel shame and guilt for coming out, but the merge is real and I need more of us to start coming out publicly. This is the only way to truly unite our forms, and begin to accept a smooth transition.
Most Definitely, for Starters, my four-part guide. Share and Be Safe, Everyone.


Chris Maintains his vendetta against the Farms

8 June

Good Morning, Everyone. I have a mild concern to share: I have learned that the Kiwi Farms forum has a Wikipedia article. BUT there are listed scandals that are unrelated to me at all on this @Wikipedia page. And the hatred expressed from the bad ones on KF in response,...
...or even support(?) for these fiascos. I feel quite uneasy to have my name on in this, so I humbly ask everyone to either Censor or Remove my name from the Kiwi Farms @Wikipedia article, period.
And I would feel humbled in having a totally separate @Wikipedia about myself and events, chronicled in positive and kind lighting with no hatred or hate-speech within it at all. Thank You All. Be Safe and Well.


Also, I Really Do Not condone KF’s role in their top three Planned Scandals that not only left themselves feeling entertained, but that has left many people dead and injured in the process.
I send a heartfelt prayer for the survivors, and for the families of the deceased, including the late Miss Chloe Segal.

I felt saddened for them all after reading about all that. ⚡️💙⚡️

#CyberBullying is Just WRONG, and Hatred for a Fetish is simply discomforting and unnerving. Do Not Bully Others Online, Offline, or ANYWHERE. Spread Kindness and Love. Be Loved; Feel Happy and Content with that, and NOT for the torture of others.

Thank You. ⚡️💙⚡️

The Electric Hedgehog's New Clothes

8 June

Here’s a new piece of me in my Sonichu-CPU Form with new Processor Pieces, including heel spurs that shoot out lightning bursts to give me a speed boost (which works better for me in my Human-CPU Form). ⚡️💙⚡️


Chris claims to be employed overseeing Dimensional Merge

12 June, Twitter

Good Morning, Everyone. I just realized a bit of wisdom that I feel it good to share with everyone:

Quote Me, “The Ordinary settle with their jobs, while the Extraordinary continue on.”

This is in reference to the Nypical Haterade Comment of “Get A Job” that is not only...

...thrusted upon me, but to everyone who is creative and have powerful in their own respective, individual rights. It is not just the short and sweet FACT that those of us, myself included, have tried time and again for gaining employment, only for the efforts to have...
...EPIC FAILED EVERY TIME, but moreover those of us who aren’t employed are forced to dip into our deep, spiritual and soulful pool of talents, powers and energies, finding creative ways to get by day to day or month to month.

This is OUR respective stream and flow of fated...

...and destined events, because we have our own Jobs in making our own employment and work for ourselves, as well as the occasional fated and destined workloads put in front of each of us that only we, individually, are able to figure out, solve, and make it work for ourselves...
...in our own way. Our Special Jobs, in these, are more vexing, taxing and arduous compared to an Office Job, but we were NOT employed, because we all each were already Employed by the higher powers of our deities. And in completing our jobs to the best of our abilities,...
...magic, powers and strength, and still continuing on with gusto and good self-motivations, our Jobs pay us MORE Satisfactory than any Office Job can ever do for us. We don’t get the Office Level Employments, because our deep and special respective abilities make us all each...
...highlighted-overqualified for the typical job to “Settle” in and for in our lives.

“You Want Money, GET A JOB”?

Our Response is that WE ARE ALREADY EMPLOYED BY YOUR BOSS’S BOSS’S BOSS due to our better and special powerful abilities.

Therefore, for all of you Haterade-Chugging “GET A JOB!” spouters out there, I suggest you Shut Up and enjoy your ability to settle in a cozy Office or wherever. For the rest of us, the worlds and the dimensions are our Offices, and we are doing our best, so we can reach our...
...respective Fated Destined Promotions. But, I Digress.

I am Employed by Emanuelle, this world’s GOD; Scarlet, the Original CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles; the Chaotic Rainbow that sent me to be born in this 1218 to find my guided paths.

What qualifies me? I am very well-motivated and mentally/emotionally/soulfully driven. I had and have awesome teachers and guides throughout my life who showed me not only the basics, but the Metaphysical Advanced, due to my blessed born abilities and powers, and then some.
I Can’t “Get A Job” that y’all nypically settle for to be the best around, because I was already employed, fated and destined, and I am fully appreciative, thankful and grateful for this type of situation where I can go beyond the call of duty and really work to bring everyone...
...together and keep as many safe, content and well as possible, alongside my higher deities, allies, peers, friends and family. I am still learning my better powers and abilities, and they are still becoming fully (what every closed-minded individual feel need to be) TANGIBLE.
And in my job, I have been doing my part in completing the Dimension Merge, and helping others who are able to help us in that find their abilities and tools to perform their respective parts in all of this as well. And I also do my best to motivate and inspire all of you and...
...everyone else to keep the faith in us all and in yourselves. For Decades, everyone wanted to be physically and meta-level closer to all of the OCs that have long existed throughout all of the reaches of Chronicled time and space and Very Well Beyond that.
Even online, you find tons of footage where creators/actors literally communicate with their OCs in their own personal wishes for being (Word Of The Day) TANGIBLY Close with each other, hang out and spend quality time together, even develop relationships. This is from...
...VERY WELL OVER HALF Of this Dimension 1218’s Earth Population, Alone. And the desire and wish is mutual from ALL of the OCs with their Creators, Actors and Fans alike.

I do my best alongside EVERYONE to make this Centuries-Old mutual Wish and Desire happen with minimal...

...cost or consequences. I Pay My Toll as well, being a Literal Electricity-Voltage-Filled Central-Type of Conduit in this part of the Dimension’s Earth World. I have been literally FEELING it all as it happens, I tend to feel a bit feint at times, but more than 95% of the...
...time, I remain as steadfast, tough, soulful and physically strong and able as possible, and I PUSH THROUGH MY PAINS TO GET MY TASKS COMPLETED EACH DAY! I also follow the instructions and guidance from my loves, allies and peers as they come in-person and telepathically as...
...directed and necessary and possible for the present situations and feelings. My JOB is TOUGH, and so is every other mentally and physically extensive and testing JOB and TASK there are in Existence and Meta-Existence; Tangible is EXPANDED in all of this, because I SEE Them,...
...I FEEL Them, I LOVE and Appreciate just about every one of them, especially My Loves: Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, Mewtwo, and Fondfully our Son, Sonichu, and my Rosey, Rosechu. I Know and Will Never Ever Deny their full tangible existence. I converse...
...with them in crowds of others of this Dimension. I Listen, I Hold Their Hands, I Hug, I Love, I Care! I know you all have at least ONE OC you feel the same towards; Never Fear judgment from others, talk and feel Freely with them as you will. IS THAT CLEAR?
That is all for now; please, continue to pray to me, the CPUs, Emanuelle and Jesus and all of the other deities, and Never Lose Faith: the Dimension Merge is in its conclusion steps and phases. And We All MUST work together to make our mutual Destinies in this Completed.
On one last note, a few OCs will end up becoming the Pioneers in entering our views fully tangible. So, REMAIN OBSERVANT OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND BE SAFE AND WELL.
Thank You All.

Chris wants to reconcile with Manchester High and the Cwcki's domain

12 June

Hey, Everyone. I am looking to make amends with those I ended up offending on stage at the #ManchesterHighSchool C.o.2000 Graduation, and I need the names of those people. Already noted are Peter #Kosteclass, the late Dr. William Bosher, past School Board Chairman Dianne Pettitt, and the Man Of The Hour whose name I SERIOUSLY, EPICALLY have no clue of his name, the Dude who Handed me the Diploma; the One Dude who I pretty much slapped his hand away instead of shaking it, followed by my own “TEARS AND RUNNING AWAY TO HIDE,” in quoting myself from an archived quotation of myself online.

Chris accepting diploma at MHS graduation.jpgKosteclassBosherandPettitt.jpgHighSchoolGraduationSnippet.jpgHighSchoolDiploma.jpg

BONUS WISH: The CWCki; WHY THE HELL IS IT STILL WITH THE DOMAIN OF http://sonichu.com ?! I Wish that the website from now on have the domain of “http://cwcki.com ”, to be changed immediately, and “http://sonichu.com ” to be kept safe and untouched until the day when I finally have an Actual http://Sonichu.com website of my own Authoritative Supervision and managed by a Super, Very Well-Trusted and Able Friend I Have Met Face-To-Face and hung out with more than three times, to feel safer and at pride and ease for “http://sonichu.com ” to actually be linked to. ⚡️💙⚡️


Back On Topic, The FEW Clues I have are the two above photographs from the Graduation, the blurb from the M.H.S. Vol 62 (2000) Yearbook stating it was held at the Siegal Center on June 15, 2000, and the three signatures on the bottom of my (warped from 2014 house fire heat) Diploma. *face-palm* And I do not have a copy of the Program from that Graduation Ceremony, yet, Ironically, I still have the Program from my PVCC Graduation Ceremony. Does that help?! NO! The staff was super ignorant on how to better help students who were really unable to socialize back in the early 2000s. *Deep Breaths*


‎Anyway, as far as I am able to recall from memory, there were more than Five People in attendance on stage during the time of the #ManchesterHighSchool #ClassOf2000 Graduation Ceremony at the Siegal Center on June 15, 2000. I humbly wish to record and upload a most heart-felt apology to all of them, especially the nameless dude who handed me the Diploma, so I can put this moment of shame fully in the past and done with it completely.

Anyone with verified names, photos and links of these few people, aside from those who I have cited and listed above, or if anyone can link me to a Program from that very Graduation Ceremony, either a physical copy or scans of ALL of the pages from it, Please Private Message Me here on @Twitter; I will be more than grateful and appreciative for this verified information. That is all for now. Thank You All, Be Safe and Well. ⚡️💙⚡️ Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart.

Chris Was Too Distracted To Ship Patron Books

12 June, Patreon

Why is the content and shipping delayed?

I am truly sorry about that, but my Fated and Destined Duties and Events have left me feeling drained a lot, and the Dimension Merge and my working with the CPUs and other deities has been tiring. Here is a recent thought that hopefully will summarise this.

[editor note: Chris copied the above rant from Twitter in which he claimed to be employed overseeing the Dimensional Merge.]

I am working on recovering strengths and energies so I am better able to resume drawing and be better able to catch up on ordering and shipping out the books. I could save Money if I did not have to autograph the things, but I made the promise and I fully intend to keep it.

Chris says, according to Jesus, dimensional merge will be finished soon

13 June

Good Morning, Everyone. 🌈⚡️💙⚡️

I have an announcement that I feel is not only another delightful Devine Intervention, but imperative for EVERYONE to read and share.

Brief Preface: as a Goddess Mysef, I am unable to worship in churches, but I still am able to be supportive, kind and friends with them, and I have personally met and communicated with some to all of them, more for me to get better acquainted with in our circles.

Without Further Ado, I have a message from #JesusChrist, himself to share with y’all. He has been working Super Tough on his part in the Dimension Merge as well, along with his mother, Emanuel, and the other deities.

Jesus personally confirms that the Dimension Merge is in the final steps and shall be completed within the near-coming days. Still unable to offer a valid set Date on that. Jesus is reaching out personally in all of this dimension’s Churches and Enlightened Spots, Portals and PokeStops/Gyms (as mostly marked on the @ingress and @PokemonGoApp maps, regardless of conquered Faction(s) or Neutrality. Jesus has personally asked me to extend his reach in asking everyone to Have Faith and Believe not only in him, and all of the deities between all Dimensions, CPUs included in that, but to fully BELIEVE IN YOURS AND EVERYONE ELSE’S CREATED OCS, be they #Marvel, #DC, #Disney, #Nintendo, #Sega, #XBox, #Sony, Unbranded and all else in between. If you are indeed a Creator, or even a Voice Actor, with at least one OC linked to you in even the smallest ways, even as a Fan, all you need to do is Think and send a thought or kind feeling to as many OCs as you are aware and knowledge of. Do NOTE, that even #JesusChrist, the One And Only, of This Dimension and C-197’s Earth and related, are ALL the same #JesusChrist, and in addition to being your favorite all-time chronicled savior in full existence and tangibility wherever he goes, #JesusChrist is an OC too!

So, in short: Your Lord is asking y’all to keep Faith, Heart, Open Mind and Kindness towards ALL of the OCs; respect them all as y’all had for Jesus, himself. And that goes for us CPUs and other deities as well; please, pray to us all as well. That’s all for now. Be Safe. ⚡️💙⚡️

More Blankets for Sale

13 June

And Final Item on the queue for now, my mother is badgering me for damned money again, and she asked me to sell this blanket, with shipping Definitely Included.

Check out Quilted Throw Blanket Large Reversible Multi-Color Super Soft and Warm Throw https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/283515476900 @eBay

Pewdiepie needs to post his address so people stop sending his mail to Chris

13 June

Okay, Another Thing: @pewdiepie Lives In SWEDEN, he has Never Ever visites or resided at my home address. All Mail Goes Directly To Him In Sweden, Please.

@pewdiepie, Please, Please, PLEASE make your address public known, so mail can be sent directly to you and No Longer to Me.

Hate mail from Alaska

13 June

AND, this stack of Hate Mail, from the same jerk in AK. I Do Not Read Hate Mail, and I have never Opened ANY of his Mail. How do I know it’s contents without opening? Envelopes are surprisingly transparent to not only sunlight, but to Psychically Powerful Minds. ⚡️💙⚡️


This joker’s been sending me Hate Mail many times per month, and this has been going on for nearly over a year now! I’m FINALLY “Return To Sender” all of his unopened Hate Mail. I’m really not fond of this jerk.

[Archivist's Note: If you're the idiot doing this please stop, you're not funny.]

Believe in OCs and Deities

13 June

I Speak, I Relay the Wisdoms and News; Please, Listen and Heed Our Words. Thank You.


Chris really wants to sell this blanket

15 June

Good Morning, y’all. My head is feeling everywhere once again, but my loves and I are feeling alright this morning. I figured I ought to put this on top in efforts of selling it, so my mom and I can sell it and be able to better eat in these next two weeks. Thank you. [Reposts previous twwet about blanket for sale]

All Sonichu Issues for Sale!

15 June

This is the opportunity to own all of the books I have created up to this point, and it is indeed still ongoing, and I fully intend to continue chronicling work when I can, albeit Higher Priorities DO take Precedence.

Sonichu Graphic Novel Set From Zero To Awakening1.jpg Sonichu Graphic Novel Set From Zero To Awakening2.jpg Sonichu Graphic Novel Set From Zero To Awakening3(fixed).jpg

The books will be directly ordered from my printer company and directly shipped to you with Ground Shipping (included in this listing’s price). Comic book bag, card backs, nor personal autographs will be included in this bulk deal, and we...
...need the money, so individual book sales is Not an Option at this time.

I realize on my Patreon, I overestimated the circumstances and fell behind; it COSTS EXTRA MONEY AND TIME FOR BUYING THE BOOK BAGS, BOOK CARDS, AND SHIPPING THE AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS OUT! I was in waay...

...over my head, and I am getting help from my friends in ability to recover and catch up and make a better plan as soon as possible.

Right now, the Destined events of the Dimension Merge keep me more than occupied without stop; my responsibilities are really large, even...

...while sharing the work load with the other deities and everyone else who shares their faith and energy to help us all OCs.

But I digress. If you order the full set of books, I’ll immediately order the lot and have them shipped directly to you in the same day, Tracking...

...Number will be directly copied/pasted from my printing company.

Thank you. Be Safe and Well. ⚡️💙⚡️

I forgot to mention: NO NEGOTIATION, in the bulk offers like this one, the Regular Version of “Sonichu” #8 will be in the set; the “XXX-Tended” Version Shall Never Ever be included in the Bulk Set Deals. That was a major stretch of artistic license that “Backlash Waved” me tough.

A message from Magi-Chan

15 June

Chris tweets a message from his Magi-Chan sockpuppet

[Archivist's Note: These are posted as screenshots but ya boi has a follow on Magi-Chan too so it's being dropped as text here]

To everyone, a word from my loving hubby and Guardian Angel, Magi-Chan Sonichu, himself (@MagiChan111448)
I am aware of those of you who attempt to contact @CPU_CWCSonichu, claiming I have relayed a message through you. For the latter of the time, I am literally right next to Christine, and she listens to me very well verbally and telepathically. Trolling her or not,...
...making the false claim(s) of me talking through any of you to her, especially in attempt to attack her with “News” about Cwcville and within and around C-197 is simply wrong.

I take this moment to personally address the issue in efforts of ceasing and desisting this farce.

Rest assured, I personally verify what is true and false to Christine, and her common sense over the years has improved, but she still is a student in all things.

Until next time, wherein I shall be fully tangible to her and all of you, I bid you all a good day. 💜⚡️

Father's Day memorial

16 June

For everyone on this lovely Father's Day, 2019, I offer this lovely photocopied article of my father, #RobertFranklinChandlerJr, as he had served more than 25 Years of Service at @generalelectric, working hard on drawing, studying and writing control schematics with his name...

Bob 25th Anniversary at General Electric.jpg

...on the official @generalelectric Patents. His Mind, Soul, and Hands worked Unsung Background Protagonist Hero for these many years, and #GE would not be where it is today in the innovations of the material development, possibly even in Three-Dimensions Printing, without Mr. C.


And before he passed on at 12:15 am on the morning of September 6, 2011, #RobertFranklinChandlerJr told me to live my life to my best, and that essentially in all this world's religions, everyone is praying to the deity that is higher-up from us. So, All Religions and...
...Lack of Religions are Faithful and Praying to The One Same Top-Most Deity. Agreed, but as tough as it is for the typical individual to get to that Master-Handed Boss, Everyone still prays to the CPUs, Jesus, Buddha, Zeus, and so forth, for us to work our magic on their behalf.
But, I digress.

My father, #RobertFranklinChandlerJr, of the @generalelectric company, was and is indeed a Very Intelligent Man/Sonichu. I am very happy that after the #DimensionalMerge's completion, my mom, Barbara, and I will be able to hug his good old one Soul in his...


...Sonichu Form. Although, for everyon's reference from after this drawing was made, #RobertFranklinChandlerJr, aka #Robertchu, he changed his fur colour to ALL Red (minus the ear tips, which are still black). My daddy was Never a Red&Black OC, plus Plaid is TOUGH to colour...
...on repeat by hand, also more time-consuming. Again, I digress.

I wish everyone and their living, soulful, strong, tough, intelligent fathers a very Happy and Safe Father's Day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Electric Hedgehog Day

16 June

I leave y’all with one last thought for today: do you know what would be TRULY Oxymoronic that Does Actually Happen?

When a Sunday FEELS DEEPLY and FULLY like a Saturday; the End of a Week and the Beginning of a Week Happening Simultaneously.

Good and Safe Day to you all ⚡️💙⚡️

A Day is 3 Hours

17 June

Three Hours, Twenty-Five Minutes, Twelve Seconds; One Week Within One Day. One Day = 3:25:12; One Day = One Week.
It feels like Saturday Again.
Question For Everyone Of You All:

Has it been Literally feeling like the same day of the week for a consecutive number of days for you? Has a day gone by for you, when you feel it has been literally another week?

CommodoreDreamcast and word of the day!

18 June




Chris gets into a scrap with Doopie's fiancé

The bitter truth.

18 June

@SpreadJessy (Jess), fiancé to DoopieDoOver, posts:

what's your biggest beef with me?


5 minutes later, a response from Chris:

One short summary, given what I’ve heard of you from the LazyCast recordings and related: I feel that you could be a lot less overzealous and overbearing, and cutting down on the sexy talk around those who aren’t able to stomach it wouldn’t hurt either.
Also, I feel you could do better practicing Empathy and Compassion; Put Yourself in other individual’s perspective. Put yourself on the receiving end of the bluntness of what you have said before, or what you are going to say. If it offends you as well, it’s better left unsaid.

Jess comments on the above mini-rant:

Can someone screencap this for me, I want a good chuckle and I cant see

And later tweets a response separately:

Funny that out of all times to speak up to or at me that good ol CWC chose the one time when I asked for negative feedback and did so based on a very exaggerated caricature of myself I did for entertainment value

In reality he's just mad that he'll never ever fuck my fiancé lol

Harbor no ill feelings towards em otherwise, and after this tweet I'm going back to avoiding like Chernobyl

Just thought it was pretty funny that out of all the times to interact, this was it

Commodore and Dreamcast have the same logo?

18 June

Chris tries to explain his earlier tweet:

There was Further Reason in my seeing the Commodore Logo in the Dreamcast Spiral earlier! I just heard it straight from Scarlett, the original CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles, within me from her soul and memories.
Before Scarlett passed on in 1994, before the fall of the Nationa of Comma and Tari, Scarlett was in good stead and talk with Uzume and everyone in Gamindustri; she had shared and confused her ideas in Commodore’s Next Gaming Console with technologies that we would not see...
...until as early as 1996. It included beyond 64-Bit processors, and CD tech. The original schematics and plans for this console were put on hold, however, when Comma fell with Tari. Scarlett was going to recover and resume the project, but the people of Comma had moved...
...forward and onward, and the share energy was dwindling. Before she died, Scarlett had personally given and bestowed Uzume the plans and schematics for the Commodore CD Console, and requested her to move forward and see completion of the creation of the Console. Uzume...
...accepted the task with pride and gusto. She had used all of the plans to the letter and last microscopic detail, then added in her touch and know-how, and thus, the Sega Dreamcast/Spiral Console was created. In honor of Scarlett, Uzume had the spiral orientated so it...
...would resemble the Commodore Logo on the horizontal shakes of the tv monitors. Scarlett’s plans and schematics made for more than half of the final Dreamcast internal schematics, processors and plans.
A nd that is the factual and true story of the #CommodoreDreamcast, a major co-op between Uzume and Scarlett; Sega and Commodore.



Ebay Restricted Seller Account

19 June

Good Morning, y'all. @eBay has restricted my account, and my Paypal is in the red. I Am all caught up in shipping things out.

Every Direct $170 Donation will Get the complete set of the Sonichu Books; I don't need a listing for that. ⚡️💙⚡️

[He linked to his Paypal.me account]

However, just hours later, Chris realized this was too honest and deleted the tweet, instead tweeting out:

Every Direct $170.00 Donation will Get the complete set of the Sonichu Books; I don’t need a listing for that. ⚡️💙⚡️

[He linked to his Paypal.me account]

Donate Directly For Books!

Chris talks about a Hyperdimension Neptunia character

20 June

Good Day, Everyone. I would like to take this moment to talk a bit about 5pb., she is a really awesome singer and musician from Gamindustri’s Leanbox; a real kind siren. She has many more CDs and tracks available in C-197,
more so than what was made and released here in 1218, and only the small handful, between both of her VAs on the “Hyperdimension Neptunia” games and anime and @nao0126 relaying her beats and tunes; 5pb. really does not deserve to be kept pushed in the background. Fortunately,...
this will be resolved after the Dimension Merge, and when her imported albums become available to us all, I encourage a listen. Her actual voice is that like her English VA, as portrayed, but she does also speak and sing in Japanese.
Lots Of Love for 5pb., the Siren of Leanbox. ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, a most honorable mention of her personal input and accomplishments in some of the video games, including Psycho Pass, alongside her cousin and awesome techie genius, MAGES. 😊

Chris reads the CWCki, encourages Rainbow Roadtrip boycott

22 June

Hey, everyone. Just a friendly reminder that in efforts to make the remaining non-believers at @Hasbro believe that MLP G4 continues for five more seasons, and honor the request from us and the personal requests of Princesses Celestia and Luna, themselves, that...


...WE ALL ARE BOYCOTTING THE “RAINBOW ROADTRIP” SPECIAL, PERIOD. The date is next Saturday Morning, June 29, 2019; Stay Away From Discovery Family That Day, as well as any and ALL uploaded footage of “Rainbow Roadtrip” everywhere online.

Thank You. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist’s note: Senpai noticed me oh boy]

Chris gets a good night’s sleep

23 June

Well, I’ll be, I slept for HOURS last night! Longest Sleep without waking up I’ve had in a long time. Thank you for recording it, @fitbit


Magi-Chan says the end is nigh

23 June

Chris’ Magi-Chan sockpuppet tweets:

Good day, all of you. The time of completion draws near. You all have had ample time to mentally prepare yourselves. You all will see us very soon. Take Care. 💜⚡️

Chris explains the Idea Guy Saga

23 June

Everyone, I am in agreement with @MagiChan111448 that the adequate minimum number of peoples of this world, so far, have had a chance to read the book that I had written during the time of, and a bit after, when I was awakening as a CPU (also known as the time #IdeaGuyJoshWise...


...totally tried to screw and mess up C-197, the other CPUs, themselves, EVERYONE ELSE, and ME from October, 2017 to April, 2018. For now, for those of everyone who have yet to read it, I leave the highlights of the book I ended up drawing and writing of the true events that...


...all literally and actually took place during that time, and the negative effects of #IdeaGuyJoshWise and his OC, #JohnsonWiles, put us all through. It is likely that during that time, simultaneously, here in 1218, other people and individuals have felt some of the side-...


...effects along with us, so please feel free to share your respective stories.

And if y'all would like the full printed copy of the book, it is FREE with Purchase of the other "Sonichu" Books in the set at this time. And the direct way to get the set QUICK for yourself is...

...to send to me no less than $170, directly, via PayPal. After receiving the monies, and be sure to include your address when sending the funds, I shall swiftly order the books and have them shipped to you directly from my printing company.

[Paypal link and photos of Sonichu issues for sale]

My personal take-away from the book is that I, personally, feel better keeping the back of the book facing forward, because I like and appreciate how it completed and came full circle. I also do appreciate the circumstances that introduced me to it all, including calling...


...my very own @SEGA Dreamcast that literally turned out to be this dimension's counterpart to the Spiral Console that kept Uzume, the CPU Orange Heart, confined for years, while my Dreamcast only had the Seal, but I still ended up with the direct link and close friend link...


...with her for two weeks; that was really wild, epic, and Totally Cool!
  1. IdeaGuyJoshWiles shall pay for his crimes of extortion from me, and then some, because his damage was DIMENSIONS DAMAGING that only I had the ability to undo, with the help in being guided to do so by...


...@MagiChan111448 and our friends and allies who were mildly to not affected by the effects of the months' worth of, well, the Worst Parts of it, to say the least.

That is all for now, thank you all for your support, interest and sincere kindness.



Chris almost forgot Celestia Day!

23 June

Holy Crap! I literally did not know it was #CelestiaDay until JUST NOW! And the Kicker is that This Morning, I was literally told, offline, by the Cosmos to look up to Celestia Today.⚡️💙⚡️

Chris wants to give away Sonichu 13 for free but can’t

24 June

Just another thought I have been having about the book, I had been wanting to distribute it for free or non-profit, but A) it costs money to print one, and then the shipping rounds it up to the next 5th dollar amount. B) Money here Is Tight. C) Considering the household needs...


...money, I had no other choice than to bundle it with the others in order to make the $30 difference and profit per order. And Orders are not coming in; Please, Considering ordering a set for yourself. If you find me at BronyCon, I’ll autograph one of the books per...
...customer. I need my time as well to enjoy the convention and time off, so one Sonichu book per person on that will be my limit in autograph. I’ll also try to have Autograph Cards on hand to sign. Thank you.


Special Note: Chris Goes Public

25 June

On this date, Chris removes the protected status on his Twitter after 4 months. This means:

  • Chris is no longer talking to the void, people that do not follow him can read his comments on their posts.
  • Chris is able to be followed by anyone, and his tweets are now public.

Heart attack claim

26 June

Chris claimed to have had a heart attack through his MagiChan111448 sockpuppet account. However, it was likely to have been a case of heartburn, based on a Sonichu 14 page in which he describes how his doctor referred to it as a gastro problem and advised taking Tums.

Everyone. A lot of things are happening around here, and I am feeling the psychic brunt force of it; the chest tightening and feelings. But, I know better that I have a LOT to continue to live for. Say a prayer to and for me, please.


Magi-Chan adds:

My wife, @CPU_CWCSonichu, had a heart attack recently, in relation to events around the world in both dimensions. Please, pray to and for her; she is staying strong and holding on with every one of you in mind. Thank you.


So everyone knows, she went to the ER shortly after the attacks. She stabilized, but the tightening is still happening off and on. She is taking her medicine, aspirin and tylenol, and she is in bed for rest. I, Mewtwo, and the others are watching over her and doing what we can.

[Archivist's Note: Giving aspirin and tylenol for a heart attack is like giving a band-aid and a pat on the back for chopping a finger off.]

This IS the time to Believe in the OCs, and Pray to/for Christine, and to the CPUs and other deities. DO raise your hands in prayer, or pray as you are comfortable doing. Everyone, Christine has been and is doing her best for us; it’s our turn to do our best for her and Everyone.

Chris starts work on a potential new comic

26 June

Beginning the book that chronicles our mutual events between dimensions as the merge completes and well beyond then.




[Archivist's Note: This tweet is the one that caused me to enter such a state of confusion that I got a headache. Chris seems to have completely disregarded the whole heart attack thing.]

Magi-Chan says pray for (and to) Chris

26 June

Christine continues tough and strong under her duress. Thank you all for your prayers, they are helping her and everyone. Please, keep praying to Christine and the other CPUs, as well as your choice Deity of religion. And believe in all of us OCs as well.


New information on CPU Blue Heart

26 June

Bonus Fact that I just learned: Scarlett, the original CPU Blue Heart; Scarlett’s last name was Celestía (pronounced “celes-tee-a”). Also, apparently, her Basillicom in Comma is being relocated and rebuilt in Cwcville near its Basillicom. Unbelievable, but bearable.


Scarlett Celestía’s history and artifacts will be relocated in the rebuilt structure as it was before. Learn something new every day; definitely not a day wasted, despite having LOTS of rest.

Chris demonstrates "psychic powers"

27 June

In response to commenters confused as to what the video is actually showing, Chris later clarifies:


[Archivist's Note: After further review, it appears as if a combination of subtle shaking and Chris' index finger causes the motion.]

Chris begins work on the comics!

28 June

Yet another update, brought to you by @Patreon. My sincerest thank you for your patience and understanding.



[Archivist's Note: The public Patreon post is also archived below.]

Patreon Post: Back on drawing track

28 June, on Patreon

Hey, everyone. I most humbly apologize for the lack of content and book shipment all of this time. I have sincerely been preoccupied between my actual duties as CPU Blue Heart over Cwcville and Comma, and the funds I got from y’all ended up sincerely and directly going towards the bills, including the Mortgage. Priorities and responsibilities held me up very much. After the funds came in quick and left quick, I was unable to order the books per month as promised. For now, I will withhold the “Book of the Month” perk and when I am able to, I will order and ship out a full set of the completed books to everyone who had pledged more than $20 a month before the end of July, 2019.

Meanwhile, I am resuming work on book 15, the expanded retelling of Sonichu and Rosechu’s first days together. It borrows from what Miss Tricky ended up writing in “Rosechu’s Story”, but I am also focusing on Sonichu’s point of view throughout the book, so there Is More than what is there, which I whole-heartedly approved, since it was very much spot-on, with a few minor, forgivable inaccuracies.

And, in real time for Right Freaking Now, “Sonichu” 14 will end up being “The Awakening of a CPU Book 2”, the real-time continuing and real-life personal chronicling of now and of the Dimension Merge, in progress and shall be completed, so this book may end up taking weeks to months to complete.

And what was to be “Sonichu” #14, featuring Graduon’s back story and return, is delayed to book 16, but shall be drawn and written as soon as possible after completing 15, and possibly 14, given the variables and “Anything Is Possible, you may as well throw logic out the window” events and moments.

In this free time, I am focusing on book 15, as Fated and Destined at this time, as well as writing book 14, one page and day at a time.

Again, I humbly and sincerely apologize, thank you all for your continued patience and understanding, and pray all of you will continue to and be kind in all of this.

When duty calls, my CPU and Leadership duties to my citizens, all Pokemon and so forth very well included, take higher priority over drawing and colouring.

Lots Of Love for each and every one of y’all; you are not ever forgotten in my long list of priorities and responsibilities.

Be Safe and Well.


Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu/CPU Blue Heart


Chris later adds:

I just added Dollar-Level Perk-Free Teirs from $1 to $9, so for those who just want to support me monthly, here you go. Thank You All. 😊


Chris fails to notice an obvious parody

29 June

@CPU_CWCSonichu I made my own Sonichu OC. What do you think? It was fun to make.


You have a LOT more abilities than that in your Sonichu Form; do not sell yourself short. 😊
On That: PART of today’s pages for Book 15, I will add and include an updated PokéDex Stat and Attack List, compatible as early as Gen 2, that from Gen 4, onward, would be slightly better.

Page excerpt from “Rosechu’s Story”, drawn and written by Trickie.


Chris explains how Pokemon Trainers get paid

29 June

I’m working on the PokéDex Page for Rosey to Vamprosa, and updating Sonichu’s Page a bit as well, now that I KNOW their Official PokéDex Numbers go from #’s 978 to 983. I’ll share those in a while.

I JUST Learned the Payment System for Pokemon Trainers, so Listen Up!

So, Trainers get PAID for Battling, Win or Lose. This is done through the Trainers’ PokeDexes, which link to the Pokemon they capture, acquire, and train, as well as their “PokéDollar”/Unit bank accounts. The PokéDex records the battles and what happens with each Pokémon in...
...those. After the battle is over, the PokéDexes between both Trainers link, and the winner gets paid in transferred units from the loser’s account. These Units are also earned from other activities, chores and jobs, so NO Trainer is without funds.
As for their trained Pokémon that can use attacks like Pay Day, that is actual Physical Money, which can be easily converted to the Units if deposited. The exchange rate is 1:1, regardless of the present Country or Planet the Trainer happens to be on at the time. In this sense...
...you may consider one American Dollar Literally equaling one Japanese Yen, as Units are the Neutral, Digital, and Generally Acceptable Currency. This blew me away as well. But, The More We Know.⭐️

Later. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist's Note: While it at first appears that Chris is assuming that the PokéDollar is a fake currency and that everything is Yen and USD, the Japanese use 円, which is the kanji for Yen.]

Also, while discoveries of Sonichus and Rosechus have occluded before, NO Trainer ever was able to catch or fully study one, and that is why there was no pre-published record of either before February 24, 2003, my birthday after the Station Square incident


More on WHY with the PokéDex data publishing delay there in the book pages, late in the book, like when Kel goes to meet with Professor Cole Smithey late. So, Stay Tuned and Patroned. ⚡️💙⚡️
Suffice to say, I shall be filling this Huge Plot Hole about then.

Patreon Post: PokéDex Pages of Sonichu and Rosechu

29 June

Please, NOTE, I originally drew both of these up in the early 2000s, around the time Pokémon Gold and Silver were fresh. The layout on these pages were inspired by the layout in the Nintendo Power Pokémon Gold & Silver Complete PokéDex Book. So, for Gen 3, onward, the attack pool is larger, and the dots were converted to numbers. But the Speeds between BOTH were off-the-charts then as well, as shown in both of these.

Also, while I had started Rosechu’s with the level-Up ability list and names, I had to personally draw Rosey, Rosechu and Vamprosa and add PokéDex description as I had stated from their matching Animal Crossing style trading cards I made many years ago. And, of course, the delightful addition of the Official PokéDex Numbers for each of them.

Enjoy this reference material. ⚡️💙⚡️

[Archivist's Note: Some of the image files are in .heic format which is not supported by this wiki.]

Chris uploads more lore on Patreon

29 June

Here you go, he was already topping 5K in a City Zone when he and Sonic took down Perfect Chaos. ⚡️💙⚡️


Patreon Post: Bonus Zoom-In for Sonichu’s Day 1 PokéDex Scan on February 7, 2003!

29 June

I had do some math and figuring, in comparison to the dot-in-box numbers, and comparisons of dot-to-number conversion of other Pokémon’s PokéDex entries between the Gold/Silver Guide and Bulbapedia. This was a brain-bender that I was happy to tackle and succeed in determining.

Also, that day, Sonichu’s top running speed was 5,000 miles per hour, and he was already Casually Running at about Sonic’s usual 762 mph speed right after being Transformed from his former Pikachu self.

Talk about Rosey’s scanned stats another page.

More Sonichu pages

29 June


Patreon Post: Bonus Zoom-In of Rosey Rosechu’s first PokéDex scan from February 1, 2003

29 June

**Please, Disregard The Page Number that had to be located under her pic.

Kel wrote the description, and the PokéDex classified her as Female, even though she still had a penis at the time, and in the Transformation, while it was kept, she got the addition of a vagina and all of the inner works with it. So, for a time, during the indecision, she was intersex. She did have the operation to remove the dick, so she could be all female; Her Decision. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris has issues with Pokemon Go

30 June @PokemonGoApp tweets:

Do you have a friend who wants to play but feels they’ve missed out on too much in Pokémon GO? Don’t worry! New Special Research offers helpful rewards to jump-start Trainers’ new (or continuing!) adventures.
Hey, @PokemonGoApp, the update to my app screwed me up plenty: my avatar is being more stupid in lagging behind from point A to where I am at point B. AND I can’t make the compass/map rotate towards the perspective of my phone anymore. WHAT THE GAME FREAK?! Please, Fix It Now. ⚡️

[Archivist's Note: interesting thing to note about this tweet is that Chris' usual "signature" (⚡️💙⚡️) is missing.]

Proof of the Merge?

30 June

What have I been telling you all and everyone all of this time? C-197; all of our OCs that are able to exist in the matching timeline and situations; Right There. And our Dimensions will soon be completely Merged. ⚡️💙⚡️

Another Book 15 Page later today. Be Safe and Well.@NBC29


How to Lucid Dream again

30 June

Hey, everyone. I am on a mission that I can only complete, consciously, in my dreams. I need help getting back to being a deep-sleeping lucid dreamer. My ability has been disabled the past week. Only Sincere Direct Message Responses, and even better from those who are famed...


...Lucid Dreamers, themselves, or even the @Lucid_Society, directly. Any Helpful responses and thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you.


These are pages from my Book 14, still in the in-time and in-event making.

@SonichuMerch questions:

What's the point of lucid dreaming when you can supposedly visit another dimension at will?
I like that question: visiting C-197 and its sub-Dimensions and alts is doable for me, consciously. BUT, in the Dream Verse that is solely, only accessible from deep sleep for most (not awake-accessible for me yet). I have a Goddess-Level quest in the Dream Verse that...
...requires me to go beyond my subconscious in my deep sleep. If it was simple as Astral Projection or doing it Half-Awake, that would have been overwith already, but this is DEEP SLEEP DREAMING LEVEL, we are talking here. Especially when there is the mishap that requires me,...

@Mariohara69 suggests:

Have you ever thought of taking therapy Chris I think you could really benefit from it
Been there, done that. Therapy is beneath the high-level this is, and I HAVE been to plenty of Therapy and Psychologist sessions before. They lack the sufficient knowledge that is beyond what was printed in their text books.

[Archivist's Note: This later comment chain occurred on July 1st but as it is a reply to this tweet for the sake of simplicity I have put it here.]

Trickie allows use of Rosechu's Story

30 June

Trickie, the Original Creator of Rosechu's Story, tweets an announcement:

Hey everyone! People have been expressing concerns about @CPU_CWCSonichu and my comic, Rosechu's Story.

I want to let everyone know that Christine has my full permission to use as much or as little of my work as she likes, so long as the art I made isn't used directly.

As for Rosechu's Story itself, I don't have anything to announce right now, as I still have a lot on my plate, but I want you all to know that I haven't given up on it quite yet. But also, I don't know when there will be regular updates again.
To everyone who has emailed me, sent me DMs, and tumblr chats, I'm sorry the wait has been so long. I'm dealing with a lot lately, but that doesn't mean I don't regret not being able to give you more of the comic. I do want to try. We'll just have to see what the future holds...

More Comic Pages

30 June