April 2020 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during April 2020.

Posts are color-coded blue for his usual style of posts and yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.


7 April

I’m just sharing #ILoveKimPossibleaLot’s video for now. Sending positive and good vibes for her and her crew. Do not troll or pester; they do not deserve that. Thanks.

Still alive

10 April

Hey, everyone. I realized I have not tweeted or said much in a while (minus loose Likes and short Comments). My loves and I are doing okay and well. We have been keeping very busy with the continuing events of the Merge and what else. Keepin’ it Boltin’. Stay Safe and Well.

gimme money

10 April

On a different topic, I Will, however, be personally doing a Live Reation Video today, and once every few weeks for the Six-Part Episode of #TF2AnalysisAnarchy. I had seen part one at @BronyCon of ‘19, but that was Months ago. So, it’ll be like going in anew, but mildly familiar. On a different topic, I Will, however, be personally doing a Live Reation Video today, and once every few weeks for the Six-Part Episode of #TF2AnalysisAnarchy. I had seen part one at @BronyCon of ‘19, but that was Months ago. So, it’ll be like going in anew, but mildly familiar.

It will be a Streaming Video, so Donations of multiple Dollars during in Super Chat would be appreciated (reminder: I can’t read the responses or chat while recording). Tune in less than a couple of hours from now.

Azrael Auditore (@Heehaw_JWF):

Donations? You know how many people who actually have jobs aren't working because of the virus right now? Get out of here with that nonsense!
Did I say it was Mandatory? I could spout back at you for spouting hatred at me when you, yourself, supposedly demote and oppose hatred and bullying. I do not care for such negative Trolling.

gimme money part 2

13 April

Two new Rare Offerings are up on #CwcvilleShopping now. Firstly, my purse/bag I've been using for the past number of years; personally certified.

https://www.cwcvilleshopping.com/product/chris-chan-s-infamous-bag/38 (Chris Chan's Infamous Bag)

And a full set of personally Autographed books; the large profit will go to the artists affected by @BABSCon 2020 being cancelled in this dimension.

https://www.cwcvilleshopping.com/product/autographed-sonichu-book-set/39 (Autographed Sonichu Book Set)

Thank you for your consideration and purchases.

Fandom and Religion

14 April

I just gave KP and Abbie’s latest podcast/video a listen; so much that is true in the cross between Fandom and Religion; not to mention literally right there, standing next to you, I, and all of each of you. ⚡️

Chris body swaps with Sonichu to cope with missing BABScon

15 April

Sonichu: Hey, Everyone. This is Sonichu (the one and only Prime of the species), and I have a few things to tell you all right now.

Firstly and Mainly: Mama (your Chris Chan Sonichu of this Dimension 1218) and I had swapped bodies in the morning hours of March 31, 2020.


It has been a crazy ride being in this (part) human body of hers. Anyway. Mama successfully attended BABSCon in C-197 the past weekend and had a good time with some of her friends from 1218, as well as Everyone else there in attendance, including Dr Wolf and his friends.

Now, here’s the Fun part: I will have arrived to her there, with her body, and we will swap back then and there. Long story, short: near future me enters C-197 with this body, time-travels back to that day in California, and makes the delivery. The event has not happened yet.

So, things to note: until the matter happens and resolves to make this come full-circle and sense-making, I am stuck in this body, and I can’t be close to Mama, OR my own original body (as That is occupied by my future self).

And, Importantly, Mama is literally in her better state of powers and abilities, in C-197, working with Magi-Chan to get her body used to what she does on a daily through her projected soul, alone. She is Now, literally, in the position to fully and actively take and answer your Prayers, as the Goddess that she is.

Oh, Chris Chan. Meanwhile, I will be here with Rosey, Sylvana and everyone else still here at this temple, pretty much body-sitting and watching/waiting for the fated clues and cues to follow in This mess until when I am able to come full-circle with it to clear it up in this Alpha Timeline.

That will basically cover it for now. Pray to our Deities, including Chris Chan Sonichu; this IS the time, people.

Stay Safe; I’ll zap y’all later.

Sonichu is officially a geinus

16 April

Sonichu: Boom! Gifted IQ



Sonichu is a shill

16 April

I still have the autographed book set; Ready to Ship Out; all in a single lovely box. Buy Now for your collective needs.

"What is the deal with naive autistic slow-in-the-minds?"

17 April

Sonichu: ALOL! So crazy-funny is a video game about the beloved sitcom, #Seinfeld. 🤣 It’s like we’re almost getting a Season 10 out of this. Hey, @JerrySeinfeld, would you end up making a years-later epilogue season for real? Someone’s doing it now. ⚡️⚡️

Sonichu spends money

17 April

Foaly (@foalpapers):

Another bump in support of our community’s artists, writers, musicians, and other vendors hit by con disruptions. Check out the list and do what you can to help, please:


Here's the form to get on the list:


Please share and RT. https://twitter.com/foalpapers/status/1238614712931291137

I am going to some shopping and donating amongst the artists affected by the COVID virus of this Dimension, on behalf of Mama, Chris Chan Sonichu. Thank you, again, to the individual who bought the book set recently. Still waiting for the set of #TSSSF cards to sign and offer. ⚡️
Completed for now, including $20 to #SilverQuill; I picked up a few unique comic books, pins, charms and decals. I was simply happy to help in this way. Mama I are good fans of the arts. I pray to have the #TSSSF card set quick enough; each of the START cards will be signed.


18 April

Great singing voice. 😊⚡️

Sonichu on a talk show

19 April

Talk Show Time! 😃⚡️

420 dood

20 April

Yep, April 20, 1992 was the day I was born as a Pichu from my mom and dad Pikachus. And Rosey was born on January 8, that same year. Go ahead with the stoner jokes as you will; I am not one, and I can’t help the fact my day is on that same unfortunate 420 meme. “Dave’s Not Here”.

At least, I’m still in good humor to joke about it as well. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

As for how Rosey and I learned about our respective days of birth, Magi-Chan showed and told us.

Can you say Kra-Kow?

21 April


New Post: My Little Pony "Friendship is Forever" #1 - A-Dressing Memories Released On-Demand in Australia https://ift.tt/2VJqPLN #brony #mlp #Mylittlepony

Hmm. Actually, with consent from Mama, let me add a bit further: MORE of “Friendship Is Magic”, Delay of Gen 5, falling of #GOPony, and this now in April. And her Fifth Bonus card in her #TSSSF Nightstar & Friends Expansion that was put together months ago... Can you say Kra-Kow?

TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg Nightstarprotestcard.jpg Hasbroprotestcard.jpg Executiveprotestcard.jpg

Bought stuff

24 April

Just received some stickers and a book from my recent orders. I got a couple of stickers and a pin from @MLPFIMTPM, and this book from #MaryBellamy. The book is really fun, cute and cool. I’ll order the rest of the set soon enough from http://marybellamy.com.


Just received my third out of five recent purchases from the Brony Artists. This first book of #MapleSugarGosling is really cool; very good premise. I will see about buying the others books from @Abby_Starling later on.

Nowacking drama

25 April

Sonichu: I have thoughts and feelings to share right now, and I will expect hate commentary underneath, because we know you few out of the billions of remaining peoples in 1218.

Anyway, I have been having to remember Who I am more recently, as from Mama’s (Chris Chan’s) memories flow through at times in addition to my own. I’ve had to learn for myself how to differentiate which thoughts were who’s. At least I know how I talk and sound, so it’s not a major thing, but still annoying.

With that said, I wish to mention that I have begun binging the #PinkBlue series from #Nowacking on @YouTube. So far, this has been a further eye-opener and reminder of what I’ve witnessed with Rosey and Roberta, as well as Mama and Christine Chan (although Christine Chan’s transition was more instaneous in comparison).

On that, after the S-Chu Balls broke apart and became our species’ Mega Stones, C-Chan (gonna shorten Christine Chan from here on) and her non-human form turned female, yet she still had the Male parts in her human form (“Sonichu” Book 11; mentioned in the clip show, part 1), She did the thing from between her ol’ cock and moving the spunk into her vag, and had to stay stuck in Sonichu form until Russel and Cynthia were born for a few weeks. After that, she went back to her human form, and she had to go through the similar quick process that Roberta went through, but the Estrogen was coming in quicker with C-Chan, since her alt-form was now female. And with that Plot Hole personally filled in, anyhow:

Watching and listening to Jesse’s process and events so far has reminded and made me think again. It also pinged Mama’s thoughts, memories, and feelings from her body’s transition, so far. A number of comments I felt want to leave in supportive response, but unable to, directly. Like Mama had to suffer her share of UTI moments since on the E (Estrogen), not to mention that, yes, Mama had become more emotional, of which she welcomed most gratefully. She has felt better and happier in being able to better address her feelings and emotions that she had previously, somewhat, identified, before the HRT. Regardless, Mama remains very much more continually content and hardly depressed at all, even moreso while on the E. Mama will likely summarize, write out, and talk about her own experiences, personally, later on.

But, on to a more, I feel, important and crucial bunch of topics, here. Mama’s memories still has that one PTSD moment from @BronyCon, 2018. As if it was not obvious from the Tweet she had made that Saturday with the shocked DJ-Pon3 image; I know the Trolls identified Jesse quick enough, not to mention the witnesses in the Vendor Hall at that moment. Mama, apparently still has the issues, although she has moved forward for the most part, and realized and understood from that Incident on naming the celebs she had communicated with online as Friends at that same July/August, 2018 timeframe (oh, what an epic shot in the foot she made then).

She has learned that she needed to be more cautious when talking about others online, as well as the courteous and common sense Untagging others who the comment is not directly addressed to when commenting below said posts.

But, yeah, since that Saturday at BronyCon, 2018, Mama has been wanting to talk it out, simple, direct and calm with #Nowacking on the reasoning for that negativity at the time. After all, Mama was a fan of his, and still is, regardless of that one heartbreaking moment. I also strongly state, in fact, that this is not at a crush, romantic or love feeling, as she had lost those urges moreso while on the E, herself. Not to mention that she literally Hated Sex, period, for a while during that bunch of shit with #IdeaGuy in ‘17/‘18. Think about it: if one hated Sex, even for a while, that obviously says a lot about how they feel about romance and the attraction. Also, Chris Chan is literally MARRIED, and has been since March 26, 2018; long before BronyCon of that same year. So, shit, yeah, Mama was Never Ever going to do anything in personal approach, and always will keep personal space with others, unless welcomed or felt welcomed for a handshake or a simple hug. I feel that I have made that very clear, here. And Nobody Bring Up @TooManyGames of 2018; Mama learned heavily from that as well, and needs not a reminder of that Other moment that puts a PTSD in her memory as well. The First Rule of Here is that you never talk about PTSD-Inducing Topics. Anyway.

Mama’s memories are pulling up that unfortunate #Nowacking PTSD moment, recently. I feel this would be a most appropriate and very good time for Jesse to finally sort this out with Mama. It Has been more than one and a half years, now. I leave it up to him to manifest his method of response as soon as possible. Please, Jesse, help to settle this matter and offer good tidings between you and Mama. Thanks.

Money well spent

29 April

Hey, Y’all. The next bunch of goods from that recent Brony Shopping Day comes from @Fiaura_Tanks; both Collections 1 & 2 of their artistic bottle caps. Thanks a bunch. 😊⚡️


Azrael Auditore (@Heehaw_JWF):

Dude you're supposed to be saving money. Not wasting it on garbage.
She was one of the Artists that was affected by the convention cancellations. You’re wasting the comment telling me that I “Wasted Money on Being Helpful to others”. You’re not cool, Az. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Andre Tanglao (@AndreTanglao):

So is this Sonichu or Chris talking? Pretty sure its Chris because of the way you type
Nah, Dude. It’s still Sonichu. What? Can’t I show a smile and a little tail?


Publication difficulties

29 April

Sonichu: UGH! Have I a major update for Everyone. So, I’m filling the Book orders on CwcvilleShopping, but, Get This!, @Luludotcom Updates their Website, and I’ve had to reupload the past-made .pdf files of Mama’s books, and EDIT the cover files. But, THAT is not the worst; This is: @Luludotcom Jacked up their Printing Prices for their greedy mits and “Better Quality Ink” or some shit like that. I’ve had no choice but to update the prices on CwcvilleShopping, and remove the bulk deals (until further notice). Don’t believe me; dig these screen caps.

Tw1.jpg Tw2.jpg Tw3.jpg Tw4.jpg

There was an extra book that was no longer required in the lot, and there was no Delete option on the list anymore, and I Wish they’d allow their Project List to be sortable into alphabet order. I am Literally having to dig out of my own pockets and losing money now.

Twt5.jpg Tw6.jpg

And at this moment, I am reaching out, directly, to other artists and creators, of my own volition on behalf of Chris Chan Sonichu, herself. So, yeah, go onto CwcvilleShopping to buy the books; until further notice, the prices had to be jacked up against our volition. @Luludotcom

That is it for now. Thanks for listening. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Chaotic Rainbow? Dimensional Portal? Sonic Rainboom?

30 April

ABC News (@ABC):

Lightning bolts struck across a rainbow as thunderstorms swept across parts of Oklahoma, creating an unbelievable scene in the sky. https://abcn.ws/2WaQSvK [gif]
That’s not just any rainbow in a central area of the USA. 🌈⚡⚡⚡

Protoman00 (@milk_cookies16):

Are you saying it’s owned by someone?
[gif of a humanoid figure facing a portal]