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July 2017 tweets

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page archives Chris's tweets from July 2017.

Drawing tip

4 July, 6:48 pm

Charles Schulz showed how a 6 can "pretend" to be a Nose; I show y'all how a 6 can pretend to be an eye's iris.

6 drawing tip.jpg

Proof copy of Sonichu 11

7 July, 2:16 pm

Just received my Proof Copy of Sonichu#11; I should receive the copies for Patreon distribution Tomorrow or Monday.

Sonichu 11 book.jpg


7 July, 8:58 pm

I've just read through Sonichu #0 for the 1st in a long while; compared to today's #11, you can REALLY see my improvement! Major WOW! And I also noticed a few overlooked typos in Book 0; etched in history forever now; Oops. My bad, but I do not regret making these books and continuing Stronger.

Sonichu 0 and 11 compare 1.jpg Sonichu 0 and 11 compare 2.jpg

Kidney stone

9 July, 7:05 am

I had a mildly painful couple of days, but then I realized this morning it was a kidney stone; I just passed my first kidney stone. Better!🌸

Doopie knows about Chris

12 July, 10:21 pm

A ween necro-bumped a Twitter thread from April. Doopie responded:

Finally, something worth replying to. It's hard to find someone with common decency to just talk to me about the situation, rather than making assumptions and "trolling" me(?). I've been following the "Chris chan" saga since the beginning. I know everything that (s)he's done. And yeah, it's pretty shitty, but what other people have done to him/her as been pretty shitty too. I'm also just not the type of person to turn someone away when they're being nothing but kind to me. It may be a fake, it may be a show, but I'm not emotionally invested in this enough to really care. I just don't appreciate people being little shits on my twitter. It's annoying. That's pretty much as deep as it gets. (S)he's paid me to do a commission, and is a patron on my patreon, and as a woman of business, I'm going to treat him/her as every other commissioner and patron. I wish people would mind their business, but it seems that people are so invested in "Chris chan" that they have to make multiple twitter accounts to harrass me. I appreciate the people on Kiwi since most people there tend to just keep the conversation there. I do, however, like I said, appreciate you coming to me with concern, rather than just being an asshole wanting attention. Thank you, but I'm a big girl.

Chris then jumped in, annoyed at the ween:

Honestly, how dare you put past errors that I do intend to remedy as soon as humanly possible, albeit within my own financial restrictions I Never intended to scam anyone, so that part of your textful image is B.S. And in the years ago, for the latter, I was naive for a number of things, even that was reflected in my previous Sonichu Books, as I was testing the woodwork, seeing what works and whatnot. I actually matured mentally and emotionally, and I have gained more and better wisdom. I, personally, prefer not to address Trolls Such as yourself, @TheSmollestMage, but when one unnecessarily and constantly attacks an innocent person with such outdated trash, then I feel need to step in. In other words, Trolling Stupid, quit assuming the worst about me, or Anyone; all you are doing from that is making an ass yourself, @TheSmollestMage. I will not warn you again. Leave the people I talk with Alone. Good day.

Resuming begging

22 July, 4:08 am

I hate to bring it up again, but my mom and I Need More Money to get through the week, please. Perhaps $50?