March 2013 Facebook posts

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Chris's profile picture as of 11 March.

The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in March 2013.


  • 8 March - Chris complains about the need for eye contact.
  • 9 March - Chris has no plans for making additional comics.
  • 9 March - Chris attends Madicon.
  • 10 March - Chris finds out about an appearance on MTV.
  • 18 March - Chris believes that all autistic men look the same.
  • 21 March - Chris is lonely and angry.
  • 28 March - Chris can't figure out the social significance of having only female friends.
  • 28 March - Chris is tired of people discussing gay marriage.

Chris's Posts


8 March 2013

So much in this world depends on Freaking, Stupid Eye-Contact. |:(

Anna once again mindlessly agrees with Chris in a reply to his post, remarking that eye contact is like "staring into a bright light."

Sonichu is not dead

9 March 2013

Listen up.

When I was online with my comic pages, I had never really planned ahead as I should have with releases and such. I was an amateur, I got scared off, I still feel very timid. I am not making any promises with anything for the future. Nobody in my comicverse is dead. Do not have any expectations of me.


9 March 2013

Enjoying Jon St. John's Duke Nukem board at Madicon.

Trolled on MTV

10 March 2013

I have had a very good day today, the 9th, at Madicon. The best day I have had in a very long time.

Now I find a photo I was Trolled out of ending up on MTV,and on iTunes for two dollars, compared with bacon-head and plush-face. >:(

Anna McLerran posted:

What is the thing with iTunes?
If you're talking about the Viva La CWC thing, it's fake. Someone is trolling you with that.


Chris linked to the MTV show episode he referenced above.

10 March 2013

Chris calls out MTV

Chris posted a message on the "Failosophy" page:

10 March 2013

I had no ill will against MTV. I enjoyed the women in "Undressed"; I like Daria; the dating game show was fun to watch, and to put them way at the bottom, Beavis and Butt-Head were so stupid, it became crazy-funny.

I have been the victim of Trolling/Cyber-Bullying for the past greater than five years. I get that whatever gets onto the internet is near impossible to remove.

And now I find that among the shit I was trolled of, this ONE photograph, which was originally taken for a WOMAN years ago, gets compared with a literal meat-head and a plush-head, and is made available on iTunes for two dollars!

From the one woman's words, Jamie Lee... I don't know what is worse, that she would not date me, or that she would put me in jail over a freaking couch. Lee, My Once Good Name was actually Jailed, because of the SET UPS those Anonymous, LULZy, Shit-Faced TROLLS. At least I was more clean, sexy and gung-ho than either of the ugly, grimy freak shows I was compared with.

If I did not have a very good day beforehand today, I would seriously be calling my Attorney on your damn show's ass.

Flipnote Hatena video

12 March 2013

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Flipnote Hatena - Trolled 8-bit Edit


13 March 2013

PLEASE make it so that ALL DSi FlipNotes Saved on the SD memory card will be viewable, (@YouTube

Creeped out

18 March 2013

You know something that really creeps me out? Nearly Every Autistic male, who I have seen their photos in their profiles or whatever, that I can 100% guarantee that are not copies of mine, look near Exactly as I do in the Face (with exceptions to varying eye color, glasses and hair color/style). I mean it, seriously, look up any number of autistic male headshots other than me on the Internet; it is really spooky and creepy.

Distraught, lonely and angry

21 March 2013

Once again, I am feeling distraught and lonely at McD. Damn It! I am tired of being single.

Hell, I'd send out a public make-out invite to all women in C-Ville on Facebook, if I was not wise of the damn Trolls, and other bad people.

As well as the God Damned, Badge-Abusive Jerkops and Janekops EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

A playa or a homo?

28 March 2013

Something else: I feel an oxymoronic mess. On one hand, I have mostly female friends, and I can get along good with them. On the other hand, I do not care much for my fellow males, I mostly have male enemies/adversaries, and I only can get along with them when I am obligated socially. In any case, I am 100% heterosexual.

From outside perspectives, with mostly female friends, I can be viewed as a Playa (which is more accurate), or a damn homo. This tends to repel women from me. I need a woman to be my Sweetheart from the ground up. Damn it! I am sick and tired of being single.

My brain is a constant blank; I am paranoid and super shy; what the hell should I do?

Gay Marriage

Oblivious to a pivotal moment in US history, Chris complains about frequent media coverage of the gay marriage Supreme Court case Hollingsworth v. Perry, probably because the news is preempting his My Little Pony reruns. Chris also takes this time to express his support for lesbian marriage while blasting the "damn homosexual men", because lesbians are hot and homo men are icky.

28 March 2013

Another thing that really Grinds My Gears:

I mean no personal offense, and I am For Lesbians being together and their marriage. But I am really offended with the damn homosexual males altogether. So I am like 50/50 on the current topic in the newspapers, but I am 100% sick, tired and disgusted of having to read at least the headlines in the Post. Talk about something else already!

The next day, Anna called Chris out on his bigotry, showing that his behavior is even beginning to alienate his enablers:

it isn't right for you to be okay with lesbians and not be okay with gays

Chris shot back with this red herring that fails to address the original issue:

Like it is not right for me to prefer women over men for attraction and companionship? Or a number of women not liking women over men for their catty attitudes?

Kim joined in on the fray, attempting to inject some insight into Chris's rambling train of thought:

Huh. That's weird. Y'know, the gay women are taking potential girlfriends away from you. And the gay men are keeping other men from taking potential girlfriends from you. So, you've got it backwards.

Anyway, you know, some people might be against autistic rights you know. What if people are offended by you and say you shouldn't have a girlfriend?

Chris predictably responded with this set of delusions and contradictions:

Well, I do not like the majority of the male population regardless.

The straight ones take the women away. The damn homo males not only tried to push their gross ways onto me, but have emotionally and mentally devastated me in their shit Troll/Cyber-Bully ways, and they have mislabeled me and Sonichu as such. Damned males piss me the hell off.

Kim made note of Chris' non-answer:

Huh? But that doesn't have anything to do with the original post...

But yeah, nah, they're not actually trying to push their sexuality on you. They just know that you react to it and took advantage of that. They're almost certainly not gay and probably many of them aren't even men.

You've really got to cut down on the sexism, Chris. Women find it unattractive.