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This page archives Chris's tweets from September 2017.

Donating $20

1 September

Following a tweet from 29 August, in which Chris told Tara Strong he would donate to the Red Cross after seeing her video asking people to donate:

@tarastrong Good Morning; happy to help. 😊🌸🀝


Pony Merch

1 September

MLP Merch:

Limited stock now available for the #MLP Wave 1 All About Brushables featuring Starlight, Big Mac and more!


I got "All About DJ Pon3", free with purchase of Equestria Girls Minis Mall six-pack at Toys R Us two months ago. I'm satisfied. 😊🌸🎡


1 September

Kelly Sheridan:

  • Boop*


Bibidy Bobidy *Boop*. Fun! 🌸😊

Gender Psych Eval

1 September


PSA: Only allowing trans women the status of "woman" if they've had SRS is classist AF.


Hear Hear! I have been reclassified as woman with a psychological evaluation, and I unto myself when I figured myself out! I Am Woman! No classist, Trolling-Stupid Bully is going to tell me otherwise, whatsoever! Thank you. 🌸🌸🌸

Raise This Roof

1 September


Awesome and Fun! MLP: Friendship is Magic - β€˜Raise This Roof’ Canterlot Short Ep. 3

He posted a link to the episode.

Gold Trophy

1 September


Achievement unlocked! Children tracing your art on deviant art and saying they drew it!


Gold Trophy! 🌸😊🌸

Multi-Talent is the M-Word We're Looking for Here!

1 September


I just Got the idea for your E.G. C.M.C. Name: The "Canterlot Multi-Talent Crusaders!" Multi-Talent is The M-Word we're looking for here! 😊🌸

The message was directed to Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett.

Gee Wiz!

1 September


I got a drawing thing! So tell me artist friends: what drawing program do I download?


Gee wiz! I stay with pen and markers. If, on some crazy day I would Require such a digital upgrade, I'll be asking the same question then. 🌸

If Anyone Asks, Art Vandalay Did It

2 September

Jason Alexander:

Listen, even if we never actually meet, I'm graced in the way our lives get to touch. Being able to entertain in this world is a blessing.πŸŽ‡


That is very perceptive; I feel the same way with everyone offline and online; all people and favorite celebrities. I'm humbled and blessed. By the way, I enjoyed your performance between "Seinfeld" and "Duckman"; great job on how you emote and be direct and succinct. 🀘😊🌸

He then tweeted the following.

By the way, I enjoyed your performance between "Seinfeld" and "Duckman"; great job on how you emote and be direct and succinct. 🀘😊🌸

A Wild Chris Appears at BronyCon

2 September

Chris replied to MLP VA Claire M. Corlett's Bronycon vlog.

4:32, my eared and horned self was looking towards Claire's camera, but I was in Maddy's line. My One Second of Celeb VLog fame.


He then replied to himself with

Night Star challenging the CMC's minds not in the vid, but @ClaireMCorlett did like and enjoy it, anyway. 🌸😊

Bronymate Retweet

2 September

Chris retweeted this post.

Tweets to Leslie Jones

2 September

Chris replied to this tweet from Leslie Jones.

I will also except diamonds and weed for my birthday!! Sept 7th!! But I want one mil followers!!
You're pretty close to that Million. 😊🌸
Also, I enjoyed your comedy on SNL and Ghostbusters, and I've just heard about when you were cyber-bullied in a MsMojo vid; awesome counter!
You inspired me for the more positive. Thank You for being your awesome self. 🌸🀘

Chris is Still Mad About Being blocked

2 September

Hey, #Twitter ! Check the Screen Caps for the Real Bullies who Should Have Been Blocked!


2 September

Cathy Wiseluck tweeted the following

Seriously People?!? And it goes on forever...Come onnn...Sigh... ;(
Yeah. That's a lot of the worst littering. πŸ˜”

A Happy Dog

2 September

Planet Dolan contributor @nixxom posted a picture of his dog.

Chris replied:

He looks really happy. You did good, Nixxiom. 🌸😊

Prayers for Missing Girl

3 September

Tara Strong retweeted a message by @MargaretDudley1

My 16 yr old niece Brianna Kuhlmann is MISSING. Last seen Summer Creek South Ft Worth. Could be suicidal. Please RT

Chris replied to the above poster.

Sending a prayer and positive vibes for her safe return and y'all. 🌸🌸🌸


I forgot to untag.


Honest mistake sweetheart! Keep doing your thing! #Cwcprotectsquad

EQG Minis

3 September

A lovely photo of my figure with Starlight and Vinyl. 😊


Take Caution of How you Comment; the Hate gets Retweeted.

Chris then replied via the Night Star account

Don't Cuss or make a horrible, mislabeling Fuss.


Will you consider me saying "you're not a woman" mislabeling?
Yes, but not retweet-worthy.


Do they have ducks?


What are this Mutant things ?
Equestria Girls Minis figures; one a custom based on myself.

Random-Access Underwear

3 September

In response to this tweet.

This is as useful as the two-person underwear.

Remembering Bob

4 September

Happy Birthday, Dad. πŸŽ‚


Hurricane Harvey and SLGBT

4 September


This weekend we raised money for Hurricane Harvey victims during stream & here's what we donated! So proud of everyone β™‘ Thank you!!
Congratulation! I've donated $20 to the Red Cross, and I just donated $20 to UMCOR at my church yesterday, for the same Harvey cause. πŸ€˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
Considering your logo there, Texas will be feeling more love from the SLGBTQ community; give us props and Love, Lone Star State.


It's LGBTQ, no S.
The "S" is for Straight/Cisgender people, so they do not feel left out of the community.


Adding the S literally destroys the entire meaning of LGBT...

Chris is spending money on things that aren't bills

4 September


My grandma told me my online shop was difficult to use, so I switched to #Etsy. Buy my #comic now.
I just purchased a copy; looking forward to reading it soon. 🌸😊

On 9 September, Chris added:

Just got my copy and read through it; good story; I liked how they both had one thing or another to let out. Great art skills, you have. 😊🌸


My @Patreon patrons are about to see an exclusive draft of me & @BlackGryph0n 's Getting Stronger music vid today! (link:
Totally worth it; Awesome Music Video! 🀘🎡🎡🎡

The Internet Dream Lounge Podcast

4 September

Chris retweeted the following from @Merryweatherey

Just finished recording with @CWCSonichu and @easykbeats. Will be up next week!

Watching A Brony Tale

4 September

I'm watching "A Brony Tale" on Netflix, featuring @ash_leigh_ball; sweet and fun. Rarity! How to make that dress: add a tag that says it ... "20% Cooler!"

On painkillers and tea

4 September


I love painkillers. Especially when they don't work.


That urks me when that happens, would you like a spot of tea with that?


Fuck good idea Imma go make tea

Chris butted in:

I take a Non-Aspirin (CVS store brand) for my pain-killer; take two, and the pain and discomfort usually fades away. For tea, I like making an Arnold Palmer. I've found the best combination is at McD: one part Lite M.M. Lemonade and three parts sweet tea. πŸ‹


Its better with alcohol, Dont yo think.
In the tea, it's okay. But not so much with the non-aspirin.

MLP Yogurt Promo

4 September

In response to this tweet promoting the upcoming MLP movie.

Awww! I'm in Virginia; there isn't one near me. That looks super yummy!

Chris insists he's on HRT

4 September

Chris replied to his earlier tweet chain with LifeOfBria.


You're not a woman, you fat pig. You're not even on HRT. get a life and leave these transgenders alone.
I am on hormone replacement therapy, almost one year now.

MS Paint Critique

4 September


Fanart CWCtimeline.jpg
Also, this MS Paint portrayal; once again, Not accurate to me at all, and ugly.

Retweeting Cathy Wiseluck

4 September

In response to this tweet about a moose wrestling with a tire swing.

I agree.

In response to this tweet

Love that philosophy. 🌸

A video featuring a red panda playing with a ball

Kawaii! It looks like a combo of a panda bear and a raccoon.
I'll take two red pandas. 🀣🀣🀣

Beagle Eyebrows

4 September


Do you like my eyebrows.
My beagles have similar eyebrows. πŸΆπŸΆπŸ’–



4 September


Congrats on 9,000 Followers @CWCSonichu πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Chris retweeted the above and replied

Thank You! Awesome!! Only one K to go before making that 10K! Yay! 🌸😊🌸🀘


Why are talking to yourself dude? You're reaching levels of rock bottom that aren't supposed to be possible..
I only have Two Twitter accounts: @CWCSonichu and @NightStar2891 ; vinyl shy, here, is a separate person from me. Chillax, dude.

Chris is "Dynamic"

4 September

I am dynamic and diverse! πŸ€˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸŽ΅βš‘οΈπŸŒˆπŸ–πŸ“πŸŽ€πŸ›

Chris Discusses Animu

4-5 September

I was asked about favorite anime in the podcast with @Merryweatherey ; I also enjoyed Steel Angel Kurumi and Shuffle. Not the fan service. 🀣
Although the Fan Service was a bonus.


You can give me some fan service ;)))
And now I'm recalling more anime! Nana was awesome! Trigun, Outlaw Star, Kill La Kill, Carried By the Wind-Tsukikage Ran, and Panty&Stocking


Have you seen any of the new anime that was released this year?
No, but I can see what's new through Crunchyroll, Hulu or Netflix.


you fucked yourself over by talking to Chris Chan, now he'll never leave you alone
And that's a bad thing? Nah!
not according to Doopie and the hundreds of other people youve creeped on and harassed
How many? You underestimate how many haters follow me. LOL 🀣🀣🀣
"Never leave people alone" or "Never shut the f*** up"? I like to think and talk, and I'm happy to have everyone to talk with and listen to.
@polarnasu , kiss the Blarney Stone and lighten up. 🌸🌸🌸


that's been on the floor
LOL! 🀣🀣🀣
I mean, You said it, dude! 🀣🀣🀣

Spoonful of Sugar

5 September @TyphoonSpeed

Just smile, because smiling is good for you. :)
A happy thought/memory, and a spoonful of sugar makes the medicines of life go down. 😊🌸

Chris tagged Michelle Creber in this tweet.

Respect for those who served

5 September

@BlackGryph0n Hey, BG. I just noticed you were a Navy Vet; I have respect for all who serve our country. My dad did too. 🏡

Free car wash

6 September Andrea Libman tweeted

Got caught in a sudden downpour this morning. Boston lady: "I figure we shower every day. We're just missing soap!"
Also, free car wash. 😊

Chris continues to orbit an 18-year-old VA

6 September

Claire Corlett:

First day of classes... psych and words here I come!
Ooh! Psychology! That is always an awesome subject to study; get into other's minds with better empathy. 😊🌸 Happy Luck.

Leslie Jones again

6 September

Leslie Jones:

This is my last day being 49....
Happy (Day Before Your) Birthday! I was alive to see my mom reach that; missed it by 4.42 years with my dad. I appreciate the experienced. 🌸

Supporting Transgenders, Responding to Weens

6 September

Chris linked to this tweet.

That is a very true perspective. πŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈ
Best of luck in getting funded for your surgery. 🌸🌸🌸


Thanks! It's going to happen soon πŸ™‚
I just Pre-Ordered two copies from your Etsy; your sample page moved me. I did something similar a few months ago for Pulse's anniversary.


This poem will also be in the back of my Sonichu #12 book. 😊🌸


lol gay.
Yes, positively happy. I like it. 😊🌸


Yes, positively happy. I like it. 😊🌸

New MLP dolls

6 September


New Post: New Equestria Girls Dolls Coming (link: #brony #mlp #Mylittlepony
Personally, I like the Minis better than the dolls. Less hair fuss, easier to customize, and they can stand on the stands from Shopkins.

Chris attempts to mediate

6 September

In response to @Vinyl_Star1 ranting at @Jimmy_naTor

You're alright. But every person is as cool as they are to themselves; it is a deep level that is not often seen by those visibly as cool.
And, regardless, you two share a collection hobby; no need to dispute over differences. Friendship bonds are mightier than that.


6 September


I stand with @CWCSonichu

#DoNotBlockTheHeroes #BlockTheTrolls #CWCProtectSquad

I like the new hashtag, CWCProtectSquad. 😊 Thank You All. 🌸🌸🌸

PPG shit

6 September

Responding to a tweet from Entertainment Weekly

I was just thinking "Bunny", or "Bella" en espaΓ±ol.

Hurricane Irma

6 September

Tara Strong:

So worried about my friends in #puertorico...we became family @ #puertoricocomiccon this year...sending you all prayers & love πŸ˜₯πŸ’™πŸ™πŸΌ

Random Pony Stuff

6 September

In response to this tweet

I'll share a hug. 😊🌸

New Episode 24 page

6 September

Happy Belated Anniversary, Sonichu and Rosechu.

He linked to the following Patreon post

Puns and Cole

6 September

@SomervillePuns (retweeted by Cole Smithey):

Me: My foot hurts.

Doctor: What's wrong with it? Me: Umm, that's your job.

Me: it grew another foot. 🀣🀣🀣

Chris confesses to being a nerd

6 September

In response to @cham313ons's twitter poll results

Got it! I'm one too, I confessed.

Pic Unrelated

6 September

Responding to this tweet

Music, definitely. Fluffle Puff does not hate.

Replying to ILoveKPALot

6 September


I've now committed to going to the art studio daily as well as doing a new life drawing class. BRB I'm dying..
Then you are becoming more stronger. You will have enough experience from this to become used to it soon enough. I believe in you. 🌸😊🌸

Shitting on Nazis

7 September


Nobody shits on Nazis like old school Disney
Spike Jones also razzed in the Fuher's face. 🎡🀣🎡

Another Pokemon contest

7 September

Chris retweeted this tweet.

Retweeting a White Knight

7 September

Chris retweeted this message.


I Support @CWCSonichu

You're never alone Christine, you have all your friends and fans that love you 😊

  1. CWCProtectSquad



7 September

Tara Strong:

We all have a part to play in creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves. So #ComeOutForLGBT with me and @StonewallUK πŸ’™πŸŒˆ
Caring people make a difference; Thank You, Tara, for continuing to care. We do this world a lot of good. πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸŒˆ

Hurricane Harvey relief

7 September

Click here to support Hurricane Harvey Help!! organized by Carmen Cano

Chris linked to Carmen Cano's gofundme] and then retweeted @andiemation's tweet linking to the same page.

Someone drew Chris's OC

7 September

In response to @MLPGal's tweet

Love it! Even in the style of Steven Universe; nice bonus. πŸ’–πŸ€˜πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈ

Love is still Love

7 September

Love is Love, and it feels awesome; don't be blind to it. πŸ˜‰πŸ’–

Tweeting at ILoveKPAlot again

7 September

In response to @ILoveKPAlot's tweet

Discord twisted you into Equestria Legends, KP. 😊

Creeping on a MLP VA who literally just turned 18

7 September

In response to Michelle Creber's tweet

I hear you; I feel a Lot younger than I actually am. Welcome to Adult Swim. 😊🌸

Creber liked his post.

EQG Dolls

8 September

In response to Equestria Daily's tweet

I have to agree with the popular commented feeling: those Faces. What?! Too Human for my appeal of the usual. Not cool. 😣

Chris confuses sleep paralysis with crashing into slumber

8 September


Fucking sleep paralysis strikes again -_-
It usually happens. Personally, makes me feel relieved that I am that closer to falling asleep. It usually takes me a while.

More PPG stuff

8 September

In response to this tweet by Planet Dolan animator @Sweetcommando

Reminds of Miss Bellum.


i DO like her hair haha. didnt realize the resemblance until i was colouring it
Hair AND Body; colour was the difference.

He then made this tweet.

Found this Gif; Loved "Double Rainboom"! I still want the episode in my iTunes library and MLP Playlist!

Pony Wall

9 September

In response to this tweet from someone at Hascon.

Purple is a shade of blue and a shade of red; a shade off is close enough. πŸ˜ŠπŸ–

Internet Dream Lounge podcast delayed

9 September


To improve the quality of the interview with @CWCSonichu we've decided to delay it till next week. Got a question for CWC? Reply below.
Bonus follow-up, so most kind questions are accepted. No questions about my Sweetheart or our budding relationship, please. Support is good.

Hoping to be featured in MLP

9 September


New Post: Two OC Pony Slots In Season 8 of MLP Were Raffled Off at HASCON #brony #mlp #Mylittlepony
Wow! Hopefully Night Star will be popular enough to be featured this or season 9. Help me get there, please. I'd Voice Myself! πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈ

Chris continues to creep on Michelle Creber

9 September Michelle Creber:

Here it is folks!!! My THINK MUSIC VIDEO! Featuring awesome hip hop dancers, alley shots and well, swag! haha
Love this song! Upbeat, reminds everyone to take a moment; reminds us to, well, THINK! That Is a good thought! 😊

"Humble" Artist

10 September

A good afternoon to you, @AndreaLibman ; I am but a weary artist here to humbly compliment you on the fancy greeting you spoke in MLP. 😊Cute

Dog Treats

10 September Replying to @Merryweathery's tweet

Our dogs get Scooby Snacks. 😊

Moment of silence for 9/11 victims

11 September

A moment for remembering those who left us, and those who survived and remember the effects of 9/11/01. πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ™πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒˆ

Never Forget

11 September

Chris posted a link to his Facebook account that didn't work. @Merryweathery

The link doent work for me christine πŸ˜…
Were you logged into your Facebook account, or do you have one?
i am but it says "This page isn't available" πŸ˜–
Worked for me. Here's the screen cap. Nevarforget.jpg

Chris then retweeted this [tweet from Uri Geller].

And now for something completely different

11 September


wanted to draw Sakura in dvas plug suit and i through maybe she stole rosechus phone and Rosie is mad hehe @CWCSonichu ignore the mistakes


Very cool and cute. 😊

Headless Libman

11 September

Andrea Libman

My headshot on @RottenTomatoes has no head! (link:
Oh, dear. Have you complained to them about it?

Stupid trolls

11 September

Chris retweeted a post from Steve Marmel saying, "Tomorrow, On 9/12, I will only be retweeting women on twitter. I hope you join me and help #AmplifyWomen"

I'll help in that.

A troll edited the retweet and posted it to Kiwi Farms. @MissLadyLikely tweeted it to Chris:

@CWCSonichu I'm confused... this popped up on my Twitter feed, sweetie. That's cool though, gay is OK! 🌈


That's not right; I did not retweet That. Stupid Trolls; they made this photoshopped copy of the #AmplifyWomen retweet I made.

Amplify Women

11 September

I will be retweeting women tomorrow on 9/12, in honor of #AmplifyWomen, with respect to @HillaryClinton 's new book too.

Ignore all Google results

12 September

Continued from this:


Ignore all Google results


What do you mean?
He was referring to the past when I used to say that often, as a number of results from Googling my name led to a page against me.

Jessie is Real

12 September

To all who still ask: Jessie is a real and genuine person, and she and I have plans in the making. Please respect her and I. #DoNotHarass 🌸


More ILoveKPAlot

12 September

In response to this [tweet from @ILoveKPAlot]

Just heard a bit of the video in the description; you got trolled too? I hear you more than loud and clear, KP. You are a cool person. 😊🌸🌸🌸
Also, to quote a certain @KSheridanVoice , when I told her a bit of my troll problems, she replied "You made it (You're Successful)." 🌸🌸😊


Chris retweeted the following tweets

Andrea Libman Melissa Joan Hart @VScratch_3 Tara Strong Chris replied to Tara Strong's tweet

Awesome! Loved the "Ponies Got The Beat"! 😊

Kelly Sheridan He then linked to a tweet from Ashleigh Ball and commented:

Great photo of one of our awesome women.

He then resumed retweeting Julia Louis-Dreyfus A white knight @Viynl_star1 a tweet congratulating Miss Texas a @LittleAmyChan tweet from the previous day Michelle Creber Claire M Corlett @muttparty @MLPGal Cathy Weseluck Rebecca Shoichet Leslie Jones @MissMakoDap Veronica Belmont Hillary Clinton @VimHomeless @Ladybot3

Protect Trans Kids

12 September


#ProtectTransKids. I am on your side. WE are on your side.
Awesome. Thank you for your support for the younger trans. Also, fan of yours; you did great in "Frasier". 🌸🌸🌸

My Pet Monster

In response to this tweet from Tara Strong

I Remember this show, and the chained-up toy. Fun! 😊

MLP Live

12 September

In response to this tweet from Tara Strong

That was fun! 😊🌸🌸🌸

Chris Pulls a Ted Cruz

12 September

In response to a chain of tweets accusing him of liking NSFW art on Twitter when he is supposed to be in a relationship.

Stop stretching

Yet More Creeping On Creber

12 September In response to Michelle Creber

I'd say, among which, a birthday present from someone on Twitter?

A retweet

13 September Chris retweeted this tweet from @EclairPearl

MLP Movie Headcanon

13 September In response to a MLP Movie theory put forward by @ILoveKPAlot

Not bad, but their eye colours are different, so it seems unlikely.

He then replied to an earlier tweet in the chain

New counter Plot Twist Theory: Tempest Shadow is Twilight's future Daughter.

Say Thank You

13 September @KisakaToriama

My coworker brought me coffee this morning...!! 😭 I'm so blessed
Sounds like you remembered to thank her. πŸ˜‰

Still more creeping on barely legal MLP VAs

13 September

I've known Michelle as the Singer, and Maddy as the illustrator, and I just learned Claire does video and cooking. They could live together.

Michelle Creber, Claire M Corlett, and Maddy Peters (@muttparty)

Son-Chu in the shop?

13 September In response to @ILoveKPAlot

Me too right now.

Creeping on Claire M Corlett

13 September In response to what is presumably this tweet by Claire M Corlett

You can wear it any day of the week, but Monday, and be all "Yay! It's Not Monday!"

Wonderful Day

14 September

I hope you're all having a wonderful day today! β™₯

Chris thinks trolls are envious of him

14 September

The hateful trolls are just jealous that SONICHU and my life has entertained more people than they could ever entertain in their lives.


I don't think you entertain people in the way you think you do.
Does that matter?
Well, I don't know, does it? I'm not trying to get at you, I'm saying there is a difference between people laughing at you and people laughing with you
As long as people are laughing I'm happy.


Then why are the trolls an issue if they're laughing at you?

Sonichu Merch Status: Workin' On It

14 September In reply to the previous tweet @ray2op

where can i buy sonichu merch?
Coming soon!

T-Shirts, posters, and more!

Emotional Scars

15 September In response to Katy Perry

That is super true. And the more emotional scars you have, that's heavier learning within each one.

Yet more creeping on 18 year old MLP VAs

15 September Claire M Corlett

Why are you eating a sugary popsicle at 9:45am!?
Why not? A little sugar to Wake you up when you feel like dozing off again. Day schedule. 😊🌸

Random Access Grandad: San Andreas

15 September In response to this tweet by @Wappaishanimate

Grand Dad! Flintstones! Ohhhh! Grand Dad! WTF? LOL!


have you not been enlightened to the legend of grand dad? Or perhaps you are unaware of the odyssey reveal
I am very aware of 7 Grand Dad, as I was educated about it by @BehindTheMeme on his YouTube channel. I also can cite Biggie's order.
"I'll have 2 # 9s, a # 9 large, a # 6 with extra dip, a # 7, two # 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." Funny memes. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒΈ

Creeping on yet another young MLP VA

15 September In response to @Muttparty's tweet

Are you selling your stickers online?

Chris thinks he has a photographic memory

15 September

I have an Eidetic Memory; there are a number of things I can cite start to end too. It's neat. 😊🌸

He linked to a clip from the Big Bang Theory.

Chris was a mistake

16 September

In response to a tweet chain asking about the most tragic anime someone had watched.

Graveyard of the Fireflies

Adult Animation

16 September In response to @CLxcool

I have enjoyed three of those shows. I never got into Maxx.

The pony movie

16 September

In response to a tweet announcing that seats for the 2017 pony movie can now be reserved

Nothing for me here in Virginia yet.

Chris wears cosplay in public

16 September

In response to a tweet by @SoDamnTrue

A short-sleeves jacket with removable sleeves. Vinyl Scratch had the right outfit in Equestria Girls.


16 September

In response to Andrea Libman

As pinkeriffic as it gets, with the other rainbow colours, at #CVillePride!


16 September

In response to @Uglypugslug

So kawaii! 😊🌸🌸🌸

Chris compliments a better artist

16 September

In response to @ScGooby

Awesome job. 😊🌸

VAs on a plane

16 September

In response to Cathy Weseluck

My father liked planes too; he put together a bunch of models in his lifetime. He also taught me the hobby construction, and collecting. 😊

Chris attempts to negotiate with Planet Dolan

16 September

Chris responded to a tweet chain by @ScGooby beginning here {{quotebox|Well, I'm helping y'all on Patreon, Gooby, and my offer for the Sonichu/PD crossover book remains on the table. Hell, even in the Tooniverse, shall we call it neutrally, Sonichu and the gang (minus Wild Sonichu and his family), have already visited Planet Dolan, and enjoyed hanging out with them. Blake sure caused a fistful of hell in Hellbent's underground hell. Good times. Just saying.

Pony shit

17 September

In response to @TaoOfMaud

That sounds good.

In response to @Sia

I have been enjoying the song a lot; it is a sweet and awesome track. Thank you, Sia.

In response to Cathy Weseluck

I love this track too; I have been enjoying it from my phone. 😊🌈🌸
Awesome song, and Awesome video! Mild Spoilers.

Chris then linked to a video showing a musical number from the MLP movie.

"Ultimate Participation Trophy"

17 September

Check out who's on page three of "The Daily Progress" today! Ultimate Participation Trophy! 😊🌸🌸🌸🌈 #CVillePride2017

In which Chris forgets that we already knew he could use Photoshop

18 September

First item right now: Here is the FULL Night Star Image I had created for my alt-Twitter account.


You can tell it's mine, because of my favorite E.U.P. in the background: Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy/Muffins, just being there. I made the Night Star image with other images in combinations; Photoshop. Y'all would not have thought I was that smart to make it Pro.

VA Prayer

18 September

In response to Cathy Weseluck

I like sharing a prayer and blessings with people too. πŸ™πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒΈβ€οΈπŸ˜Š

Chris manages to spot a ween

18 September

Not Fooling Me or Anyone! 🀣🀣🀣


Toy Stores

19 September

In response to a tweet from Equestria Daily about Toys R Us going bankrupt

What?! No Way! The world NEEDS the Toy Stores!

Kiwi Farms joke

19 September

Not all Trolls are bad.
Kiwi is Tasty!

Chris's linked Facebook account also posted the messages, but Chris later deleted those from there while keeping them up on Twitter.

Just block him already Claire!

19 September

In response to two tweets from Claire M Corlett.

My gosh, Miss Corlett, you have quite the creative outlet. Do keep up your passions, and enjoy your self and your life. 😊🌸

In response to another [tweet from the same source.

I think what would be awesome to see, is any characters and icons you have created in your lifetime. More fun and happy times for you.

Shouldn't have humored him at Bronycon Cathy

20 September

In response to Cathy Weseluck.

Me too. I'm still praying for it to be shown at a favorite theater of mine in Charlottesville, but I need confirmation! Ugh.

In response to another tweet.

That island reminds me of the malechite from a certain Prequel graphic novel. πŸ˜‰πŸŒΈ

Chris continues creeping on Michelle Creber

20 September

In response to a tweet by Michelle Creber

You are the tallest! Awesome.

Chris is still stalking Doopie

20 September

Chris tweeted two screenshots of this facebook post to @LazyCastPodcast, a podcast that Doopie and her boyfriend are known to contribute to.

She's still 18, Chris

21 September

In response to a tweet from Claire M Corlett asking if she should get a Patreon.

Following in your CMC friends' footsteps? That is a Big step for you. Definitely consider what you can offer everyone for their pledges. πŸ€
I can tell your family has already been a big help for you; keep them very close in your loop.

Corelett later made a separate tweet.


Shouldn't have encouraged him Kelly

21 September

In response to Kelly Sheridan.

Someone was very punful and jolly yesterday. 😊

Chris is fat and stupid

21 September

Want to naturally grow larger breasts? I eat 12 Prunes a day, and I put soy sauce on Non-Sweets; this Really Works for me!

Soysauce on fries.jpg

Jessica Quinn:

Can't wait to see the results. Good luck! πŸ˜‰ Those French fries look amazing by the way.

Kengle, on Twitter:

Just FYI, Soy Sauce is made with brine, which means your diet is loaded with Sodium and your body is retaining fluid. And if you are sprinkling that "reduced sodium" soy sauce on everything that is non-sweet, you're defeating its purpose.
By the way, there was no salt on these chips/fries. No purpose defeated. And can you imagine the taste of soy sauce on a cupcake? 😣

On Facebook, Kim Wilson and Chris argued:

Phytoestrogens (like in soy and prunes) don't increase estrogen in the body. Soy=estrogen is a false meme going around the transgender community.

The soy sauce will seriously increase sodium levels though. Prunes will make you poop alot.

Soy and prunes aren't a recipe for bigger busts or feminization. They're a recipe for salty poops.

Big price; big difference.

Oh god, yeah I've seen crap like this before.

It's really sad, but lots of girls fall for pseudoscience like this.

See, they prey off of women's insecurities about their bodies to make a quick buck.

The first website you linked is a great example of this sort of immoral exploitation. They list a bunch of foods and then they keep pointing out "but there's no evidence this works LOL!"

It's horribly misogynistic.

It reminds me of those pro-anorexia websites, although not quite as bad.

why can't you say something Supportive or positive for once here?
Though I think most women in America know better than to fall for these tricks.

I'm sure you know better. You've been tricked by internet trolls so many times, I'm sure you won't fall for this.

You're not that dumb lol. I know you, you're smart.

I'm supportive. But I don't support false hope. I don't want to see you tricked again.

I have common sense and judgment; I figured it was worth a try. And I found these links under My own choice and decision, and I started under My own idea.
Breast enhancement is very similar to penis enlargement. Your most effective options are surgery, or to gain/lose weight.

Gain weight and some of it might go to your chest. Lose weight, and you get more length on your penis.

Good Grief!
Yes, it's unfortunate, but that's how it is. In nature, mankind doesn't actually make big use of penises and boobs.

Muscles and fat are very important in nature, so they can change dramatically. Storing fat for winter. Building up muscle for hunting and gathering. Both important things to humans in the wild.

But there's no biological reason for genitalia to dramatically change size. So it doesn't happen in nature.

Jessica Quinn:

Kim dear, you need to lighten up. There's no harm being done here. If it doesn't work I'm sure she'll try a different avenue. Surgery is extremely expensive so I doubt that route is even an option at this point in time. It's not that bizarre, people eat all sorts of stuff way stranger that soy sauce on fries πŸ˜›

No trying to be a pain, but she's a big girl and can make these decisions on her own.

Chris attempts to reassure someone, begins talking about self instead

21 September

In response to @JaJamesa92

Hi, Elizabeth. I want to tell you that you Are a beautiful soul. You are you, and we support you. I, too, had similar troubles as I hear about you. I was, for a very long time, depressed; I felt lost, I even felt isolated. I was unable to tell kind people from the haters, and I ended up closing myself off. Because of that, I was really missing out on the things that I truly enjoyed and cared about. I was unable to create new pages for my comic book pages, as the world I had created, and my family of electric-hedgehog PokΓ©mon, continued to grow and expand from Every Little and Big thing I had put into it all beforehand. Because of the overwhelming amount of trolling, bullying and hatred I had to endure, just really killed my mood and emotional buzz. I even had thoughts of suicide, but I never acted upon that at all; I always realized right after that impulse thought that I was still here, and there was at least a small reason for me being here.

Then I did my own deep self-soul searching, and I found myself, and I came out as the lesbian transwoman that I am and always have been without knowing. I opened up to my newfound communities in the SLGBTQ, and I was met with a Lot of genuine kindness. And I was met with a Lot More Kindness from a number of my Sonichu and Rosechu fans at #BronyCon2017 as well as a lot of other caring people aside from that. It was really welcoming, and I had found a new love for myself as I was able to accept with all of my heart and soul who I am. And I like to create, and expand my worlds, and I like to share smiles, love, kindness and support to others. And thanks to @tarastrong , I found I was needed here at this time.

Elizabeth, you are a beautiful soul and person; if you haven't yet, look deep into yourself to learn more and better grasp at who you are, accept yourself, love yourself. You do not have to be depressed; let your inner light shine; you have a lot of awesome inner beauty. Take good care of yourself; block out the hatred, and let the kindness and support from others and yourself fill your heart and soul. 🌸🌸🌸

In response to another tweet from @JaJamesa92

I'm happy to help. Keep loving yourself, Elizabeth. 😊

@JaJamesa2 responded, presumably to weens warning her about Chris's utter inability to interact with women in a platonic manner:

It's ok you guy's she's sharing her story and I don't mind reading it she's not hitting on me lol.
That's right. Thank you for getting that.
GODDAMN Chris stop! You are a taken man!
Taken Woman, and I was not hitting on anyone here.
Firstly, I am a Woman. 2nd, I do not hit on Anyone; People, please, Stop assuming I hit on Anyone. That was Never my intent in talking, OK?!

Chris continues to rage

22 September

I Have NEVER Been, Nor Meant to, HIT ON ANYONE. Definitely Not Doopie, Not Tabitha, and Not Nowacking. PEOPLE, Shut Up, and Chill Your Jets!

Yet more MLP garbage

22 September

In response to Andrea Libman

Yay! I love kindness, and even better being able to share kindness with others. 🌸🌸🌸

Chris did a good?

22 September

In response to Tara Strong thanking her followers for helping @JaJamesa92, a random person on Twitter who claimed depression.

It was my pleasure to help someone in need whose life I took part in making a difference. Thank you for sharing, Tara, and 🌸 for Elizabeth.

Back to your normally schedulled creeping on 18 year old VAs

22 September

In response to a tweet chain begun by Claire M Corlett


Photo of Sorbet

23 September

In response to a tweet from @JaJamesa92

Looks like my cat, Sorbet. He likes to be cuddly too.

Sorbet Sept2017.jpg

@S4evee, responding to @Eclair_Pearl and @JaJamesa92 ignoring the photo of Sorbet

Are you two just dancing around the fact that Chris's cat has an infected eye and nobody's going to do anything about it!

It one thing to be blindly supportive of someone, but this poor poor cat is in a world of pain and needs help.


I looked into it I really don't know her that well but I've mentioned that Sorbet needs to go to the vet.
The ulcer in Sorbet's eye is all healed up.
What remains in his eye, unfortunately, seems to be permanent, but he very healthy and well.


How do you know for a fact that Sorbet isn't already going to the vet infections heal physical damage can be forever.
He was


Is it possible Sorbet has already been to the vet or does something about his eye show an existing infection?
The photo was from a couple of months ago


I've been looking into it and though most people seem to be trolling Sorbet does need to go to the vet his eye isn't supposed to stay cloudy
The eye has become a Lot less cloudy.

Chris hunts for the artist of fanart he plagarized

23 September

I've been searching to learn the artist's name who drew this fan comic; I have been searching DeviantArt. Ah. Please, tell me, who drew it?


I want to cite him/her in a subtle joke between pages 80 and 81 of Sonichu 12. Also, Thank You; it did help in the story.
You copied entire segments from it.Nothing suble about it.
No, Not entire segments
Chris has begun the hunt for his next victim.
One, two. Chris Chan's looking for you.

Three, four. Better lock the door........

Is your character gonna put his dick in them? 😎
I have an answer, with a visual match. Please like or comment if it was Indeed Mr. Jon Crayon who drew the Wedding fan-fic.


Answer to what, Christine?
Answer to Who drew the fan-fic Sonichu wedding comic a few tweets below.

And we're back to stalking teenaged VAs

23 September

In response to @Muttparty

I agree with all that. But I wish "pulsating blob" was not the choice term here. I do have my issues too, but I'm good. 🌸

Chris misinterprets advice he will never follow

24 September

Note: Nowaking still has Chris blocked on Twitter.

@Nowacking makes a true and awesome point. I got started when I felt the urge; no later. My drawing style has improved over the years.

Nowakingss1.jpg Nowakingss2.jpg

I agree with her; if I had not started on my character creation on that March 17, 2000, there would not have been very much Sonichu now. 🌸

Merryweatherey's being blackmailed

24 September

Chris retweeted this@Merryweatherey tweet. He then responded to another tweet on the same topic:

He reminds me of Newman from Seinfeld, but way worse. Leave Him Alone, Troll!


I love you Chris

MLP Mythbusting

24 September

In response to @InvisiBrony

Sorry, dude; myth busted. But awesome good vibes for you on asking, anyway. Stay cool.

More MLP shit

25 September

In response to Tara Strong

Chris responded via both his main account and the NightStar2891 alt. Why he felt the need to do so is unknown, as neither Tara Strong nor Ashleigh Ball have blocked him on Twitter.

Via @NightStar2891

That is Super Awesome!

Via @CWCSonichu

😊 Monday. LOL


25 September

In response to @Sweetcommando

Yeah, we're not all Junkions; "TV! We talk TV! You talk some TV?" πŸ–₯

Chris attempts to sympathize

25 September

In response to @ILoveKPAlot


Don't mind me, I just had nightmares all last night about someone who lied to my face when I was in constant pain last year. Feel crappy.
I hear you; I had that happen to me a Lot; I still have nightmares now and then. I had lost some faith too. I have recovered and faith has been restored. Love Yourself. And find love from us who support you too. 🌸🌸🌸

He later responded to a subsequent tweet with

Just, that kind of manipulation, that is Just Wrong!

Chris continues to orbit MLP VAs

25 September

In response to Ashleigh Ball

Me too! With My Friends!!! Can't wait to watch it.

Happy Birthday

25 September

In response to a tweet mirrored on his Facebook

By Happy Birthday to you, I mean everyone who has a Birthday the day they read this; any of all 366 days! Maybe Doopy's boy, Jess!

More fanart

25 September

In response to @handofgalochio posting fanart of Chris's MLP OC.

That is cute! Thank you! 😊🌸

26 September

In response to @handofgalochio

Simply kawaii!

Orbiting Doopie again

25 September

Note: Doopie had Chris blocked.

Just saying, she's growing up mentally and emotionally like I did. 🌸

Cap Doopie.jpg

Chris later deleted this tweet.

Under Jessica's Heel

26 September

With due respect, this one was the last @LazyCastPodcast I’ll hear; cutting my ties. I’m sorry for unsubscribing.
I listened a bit and they talked about Wieners too much for my tastes. I can Transcript it for you to read and leave out any naughty parts!
Nah, I have already heard it.

Two hours later:

Last comment on this: cutting off these ties, in all prior context, I feel like I’m conceding defeat against my will. But I Promised.
To find Peace of Mind, your remaining demons have to be faced and sorted out.

Chris completely misses the point

26 September


It's so creepy some people pretend to be women on the internet to further their careers.
Unless they are actually Trans, that IS a crime.

Chris argues semantics

26 September

In response to a long chain about terminology

That is the difference between Trans Gender and Vestites: ID as the other sex, and just dressing like it, respectively.
Regardless, no Trans people would actually do that to lure anyone to do anything: it Is only in their own individual better comfort.

A New Start

27 September

Clearing my mind after a bit of chaos; it Needed to be done. I feel better.

Two hours later:

We’re made up and moving on. Yay! 😊❀️ β€” feeling positive

What's going to happen when Jessica finds out, Chris?

27 September

In response to Claire Corlett.

Ah! Going for something realistic. Awesome.

In response to another Corlett tweet.

What happened to Taylor Swift? I Loved that outfit. Oh, my vote for Betty Cooper.

Chris and Death: MLP Edition

27 September

In response to a tweet from @VScratch_3 concerning the death of a VA from MLP's Spanish dub.

That is a real bummer; I like Sonata. No other voice can capture her charm like Marla did. Really a bad shame. πŸ•―

Racist fetish

28 September

In response to a tweet from @VimHomeless that involved the word "racist fetish".

Define the fetish, please.

4th base

28 September

In response to @Davidrazi

First is making out; second is at their place; third is in the bed; fourth is sex.

RIP Hugh Hefner

28 September


Rest in peace, Hugh Hefner. I'm sure God has a playhouse mansion waiting for you.
Well, he lived a Long and Happy life; 91 Years, and has the number of women he met been fully tallied? LOL
Chris should model in Playboys next issue

Chris reacts to breast cancer

28 September

In response to Julia Louis-Dreyfus announcing that she has breast cancer.

That’s too bad. Stay Strong, Julia; I think you’ll survive. My mother, Barbara, is a BC survivor. I donate when I use my debt card.

Chris thinks animals like him

28 September

In response to Kelly Sheridan

I’m succeeding well, then. My pets like, even my friend’s pets like me; moreover, I am liked by my closest friends, family and beyond. 😊🌸🌸🌸


28 September

In response to Andrea Libman

That is just so random! Awesome observation, Andrea! 🌸😊

Walmart MLP shit

28 September

In response to @Huggingtara


You brought this on yourself Cathy

28 September

In response to Cathy Weseluck.

You look great. 😊🌸

Chris doesn't get Twitter. Sad!

29 September

In response to @TaoOfMaud announcing that it can now make 280 character tweets.

How did you get more character space? I need more character space!

More Dolan

29 September

In response to a long tweet chain between Hellbent and @VimHomeless

Good Vibes for you, Vim. I like seeing that kind of common sense and self-control. Bravo! 🌸😊

Chris won't shut up about pony

29 September

In response to Cathy Weseluck

Awesome! I like the Tempest Shadow art, and her character so far; I’m looking forward to see rather or not she does get reformed. πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈ

In response to Tara Strong

Awesome Princess Twilight! Let’s give her someone to be with. Dare I say, Pegasus Flash Sentry? LOL!

What about the Bear, Chris?

29 September

In response to a tweet chain involving @MissLadyLikely

Already have Jesus and God on my side. Thank you. 🌸

Chris argues with a broken record

29 September

In response to a response to his recent Patreon update

Quit being naive and buy Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne featuring Dante from The Devil May Cry Series!
No, Advertisement. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
This is not an advertisement it's true knowledge! Buy Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne featuring Dante from The Devil May Cry Series!
What did I say? No.
LOL? Is that a reference to Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne featuring Dante from The Devil May Cry Series? You do own it right? If not buy it!
No. I’m just laughing at y’all’s initial responses to the sample! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 ROFL!!!!

Chris encourages the weens

29 September

Give me some more responses; y’all are Priceless! πŸ˜†
You’re using comedy to mask the pain of the truth.
Ooh! Am I! Ehhhh... Wrong!


Christine have you thought of doing a bakugan crossover with sonichu? Me and my friend have a series reading sonichu! Big fans! <3
Eh. Not a Bakugan fan.
Thats a shame. I love your sonichu comics!!! Amazing! You can check out me and my friends reading of it "crazt and evy read sonichu" ! <3
Good! Pay Up, and you can have them physically papered.

Replying to @Official_pcf13

Pay Up and tune in Next Week.


Can I recommend some books for you, Christine?
Sure! Do they make me More of an egghead? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

@Insane_Proxy_ then posted links to anatomy artbooks.

In response to @MLPGal

Ooohhhhhh!!! Believe Me, that is No Dream-Crafted Marshmallow; it is So Real!

In response to @Axooooolotl

Ninjago’s cool


this for real look like sonichu hugging ur gut...
Eehhhhhhh!!! Wrong!!!
Christian is coming to terms with the fact he is morbidity obese. With the help of his MTF gf jessies fat fetish. Two trans in love.
Eehhhhhhh!!! Wrong!!!

In response to @DispicableFool


Chris attempts to justify stealing from fanartists

29 September

In response to @IvonneM2555061 accusing him of stealing stealing fanart for his Patreon banner.

The banner in your patreon page, it's from a fancomic
It’s a lovely piece of art, I am not stealing it, I am using it in full appreciation of the artist that drew it, as much as possible.
And, it doesn’t matter: it has Sonichu and Rosechu; they both, all the others and the city of Cwcville, are mine, regardless.

Chris can't name for shit

30 September

Considering the TV show, the movie should be β€œMy Little Pony-Friendship Is Lovely Magic”; the MLP FILM #mlpfim

Chris continues to egg on the weens

30 September

In response to a ween.


In response to another ween.

Yes you may

Chris refuses to get a job

30 September


No offense again but can you just get a job already? you do realize that there's easy ones & be in it but as long as you listen & work hard.
It has been more difficult than you think to get one in YEARS. Also, Circumstances and details you do not understand so, shut up.

I like learning

30 September


If you are a proud nerd who spends way too much time learning new things #ThenYouMightBeMe