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This page covers Chris's activities on Facebook in May 2012.


  • 1 May - Chris claims to have fooled the trolls.
  • 5 May - Chris tells the trolls to leave Anna alone.
  • 8 May - Chris posts a new selfie and talks about his loneliness.
  • 9 May - Chris asks his friends to find him a girlfriend on Facebook.
  • 12 May - Chris blames Mimms for all his problems and demands the death of his girlfriend.
  • 13-14 May - Chris has new dogs.
  • 15 May - Chris believes the trolls are organizing a poster campaign against him.
  • 17-20 May - Chris continues to worry about the poster campaign.
  • 23 May - Chris is worried about the end of the world.
  • 24 May - Chris takes his mother to the hospital.
  • 26 May - Chris is still worrying about the posters.
  • 27 May - Chris wants his friends to help him find apps for autistic adults.
  • 28-31 May - Chris persists in worrying about the poster campaign.

Chris's Posts

New Photo

8 May 2012

Just a newer photo; I still feel lonely.

Chris FB Profile PIc (May 8th,2012).png

Anna wrote:

you're a sweetheart :)



Chris is insecure, shy and lonely

8 May 2012

I am still feeling quite lonely. And I have realized how paranoid I am of not only the Trolls, but much everyone I do not know at all.

After reading the Cwcki forum recently, I have learned a lot, and much of it has sunk into my subconscious as well.

I searched for a great amount of Positive statements quoted from the Trolls to make a page to put me in a better light to counter all...

...of the hate-filled pages found throughout the Internet, in another grand attempt to attract women to become friends with and one... become my Sweetheart from the ground-up.
But between the vast amounts of negativity from them, their confessions of trespassing, misdeeds, etc., and the topper being...
...amongst them, they recently had a change of heart on finding and hanging out with me, ONLY to gather more gossip to worsen me with.
I mean, sure it is about 1300+ people out of over 5 Billion, but the chances and risks are waay too high. and my subconscious is...
...smarter than I am. I am just soo damn mentally scarred, my shyness in person is through the stratosphere...
I Really Wish I had my group of gal-pals to hang out in person with, or more truest gal-pal friends who are not busy with the rat race...
...of life to give me time and consolation that I desperately require to better my self-confidence and self-esteem.
I feel real lonely.

Please Help Me.

iPod Touch

9 May 2012

Also, just to confirm for my friends only, I did just get an iPod Touch; it is good; I have been missing out on this trend. Now I'm watching "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" through the YouTube app on my wrist.

Find me a girlfriend on Facebook

9 May 2012

I got an

I got a new idea. EVERYONE here can help me find women friends on facebook.
I have difficulty and lack of full understanding of how the search engine on facebook works, so among y'all, my friends,...
you all can help me in my search by looking for single women in C-Ville, VA, and making sure they are true and legitimate women.

Kim responded:

As much as I'd like to help you, it would be incredibly awkward finding complete strangers to introduce to somebody they don't know. I think I'll stick to talking to people I know about you. :) It's more personal that way and people aren't going to be creeped out by people they don't know soliciting them.

Prehistoric butterflies

12 May 2012
Chris's life was perfect up until this point.

My LIFE was RUINED when Daniel Mimms and his buddy, Lucas, Uploaded THIS Photo onto back in late October, 2007.

Anna commented:

Its crazy to think how much impact one maliciously posted picture can have even years later.

Chris explained:

Well, even a crushed butterfly in prehistoric tines can change our present; if that photograph had not been ever taken, I would not only have ever had to have gone through this five year old mess, but my life would have been a LOT Better.

Kill His Girlfriend

Chris uploaded a photo of Mimms with the rant:

12 May 2012

THIS JERK!!! THIS JERK RUINED MY LIFE!!! HE started the whole mess against me by uploading the photo BELOW this wall post onto back in late October, 2007, which was shortly followed by the creation of the DAMNED Encyclopedia Dramatica Page AGAINST ME!!!

I want him brought to me, so I can kick his ass, and ruin HIS life in return!!! Kill His Girlfriend!

Kim nonchalantly queried:

What did his girlfriend do to you?

Chris replied:

Let me put my response simple. Mimms RUINED My Life; he deserves to have His Life Ruined; dispose of the closest, deeply emotional possession of his; he suffers like I have been more or less.
And to add, that bastard deserves absolutely no love at all if I can not have that sort of love.
And especially Neither does Megan Schroeder, but she is not as within my reach.

Anna cautioned:

Threats of violence are a really bad thing to have up on your Facebook when you have a trial pending...I would remove or edit this status if I were you

So Chris awkwardly tried to reverse his steps:

**Attention, Feiends, the Note I just typed up is a red herring for the Trolls to give Mimms a hard time.

Please ignore it, and continue with the detest of that bastard. He knows no more about me than the damn trolls combined.
Well, that was a crappy bust. |:(

I partially saw that coming.

Yet he couldn't help but persist in his death threats:

I still want to make Mimms' life the emotional hell he has turned my life into. Somebody, please, kill his girlfriend.

Kim asked:

That's a bit extreme, don't you think? His girlfriend did nothing to you and she deserves to be killed?

Chris made as much of a concession as he was able:

If I did not want Mimms to feel the emotional suffering the bloody bastard deserves, I would kill him instead. But quite, murder is not the answer, just remove her from his life; she don't have to be dead.

And again:

Alright, the gal does not have to be dead, but I still want to see his heart shattered into a great emotional mess.

Kim opined:

An eye for an eye makes the world blind.

These poor fucking dogs

13 May 2012
Dogs 2.jpg

Check us out; new puppy; female beagle, Clover.

13 May 2012
Dogs 3.jpg

Mom and I drove to Fredricksburg; she wanted a new puppy first. I caught up. Her beagle is Clover's brother; his name is Snoopy. :)

Still Clover. "Shine, little Clover, Glimmer, Glimmer." :D

Note: Apparently Clover's name came from Chris mishearing the lyrics to "The Glow-Worm," recorded by Johnny Mercer and probably in Bob's collection: "Shine, little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer."

More on the doomed dogs

14 May 2012
Dogs 1.jpg

Clover has a white mark on her snout; Snoopy does not, so it's fairly easy to tell the two apart...not counting the pink and green collars I picked out for them. Plus, she likes her chew duck toy. Snoopy has a skunk, because mom likes skunks too. Too bad pet skunks are illegal in Virginia.

The insidious poster campaign

For several weeks Chris had been building a large collection of screenshots from the CWCki Forums as evidence of troll wrongdoing. As a joke, forum members pretended to be involved in an elaborate plan to display flyers and posters around Charlottesville to let everyone know what an awful person Chris is. Naturally, Chris thought they were serious.

15 May 2012

If ANYONE can be where they are talking about to stop them and/or destroy their posters, please do. Making their plot public will likely hinder their enthusiasm and give up the plot, but JUST IN CASE.

I just read their responses; I am getting mixes signals. The earliest response post quoting my screen caps stated that it was a ruse, but after that, they are talking about still going ahead with the plot for real. Please keep your eyes open if y'all are in the mall or Rio Hill.

Anna, a true friend, suggested:

Christian, have you considered contacting NBC-29 about all this? They can run a news story on you and expose the truth so that any lies that are attempted to be spread are shot down immediately.

Chris shot this down:

The media will not be any help, especially since some of the Trolls ARE employed therein and/or have greater influence that will ONLY make matters worse. I have informed Rob about this, and I am certain his influence will be greater recognized where applicable, and he can offer more ideas for a solution.

Seamus Campbell wrote:

I know the truth and I am going to go up there and try to enlighten them to who you really are. Let me,know where and when. I will head there now

Chris suggested:

If you read the screen caps, you'd learn where they say they're gonna be. Changing the minds of a huge group of hate-filled, stubborn people is as difficult as life itself.


Well I am hoping maybe I can help out a few. You have a court date or something? Need acharacter witness?


I promise to let you know if a character witness would help closer to the date. Thank you.

More anti-troll planning

17 May 2012

According to the Forums, the Trolls are planning to do their flyer distribution on June 2, 2012.

One group will be working at Fashion Square; the other will be stapling/taping on telephone poles, windows, bulliten boards, etc.
Shaemus, if you can get a group of your friends to handle the first group, everyone else can disperse as they go.
Any additional ideas and friends to quell this mal-content deed would be appreciated.

Destroy the posters!

18 May 2012

SERIOUSLY, ANYONE who happens to be at FASHION SQUARE, any McDonalds, either Krogers, Wal-Mart, etc, DESTROY ALL OF THEIR POSTERS/FLYERS, PLEASE!!!

Graduation day sucks

20 May 2012

I Truly, Really, Greatly, from Past Experiences included, HATE Graduation Day! |:(

Growing panic about the posters

20 May 2012

Why is anyone NOT responding or Caring of the Hate Poster Campaign? This is VERY SERIOUS, People!

Kim replied:

I'm sure others care(I sure do!), we just don't know what we can do to help. The only thing the rest of us can do is contact authorities if we catch somebody putting the posters up.


So, everybody, do That, Please!

He persisted in his anxiety:

Their Goal with this is to get me banned from EVERYWHERE in Charlottesville! And I can NOT move back to Midlothian!
I got news for you, Midlothian beats Charlottesville on things to do and sights, hands down! Even Staunton pales in comparison to C-Ville.
How would YOU feel if you were not Legally allowed ANYWHERE in your hometown, or the town you currently reside in?

Eschatological concerns

23 May 2012

I was just reminded of the possiblity on 12/22/2012 on the radio; bummed me out, but people think less of it; good.

I pray it does Not happen, and I am Not even going to watch the movie, 2012, until 2013.

Still lonely

23 May 2012

I still am feeling lonely; desperate for girlfriend companion/sweetheart, but not HEAVY-set or Mal-Emotioned desperate.


Difficult Day

24 May 2012

I had a long and difficult day yesterday. First, I had to get a sandwich for my mother and newspaper for my pups. Then I had to go out again for my lunch, more newspaper and a meeting with Rocky. Then mom calls me to drive her to the emergency room for breathing problems she was having, and we Had to bring the pups with us. I went back and forth between mom and the pups; being here for her and walking the pups. She was released at about eleven pm, and I drove the four of us home.

Now I feel REALLY tired from yesterday. *sigh*

Still concerned about the posters

26 May 2012

Among the posts, I have found photographs of locations from around C-Ville, including this most recent one, in their string on the Plot on June 2, which I pray to prevent or counter.

Can anyone confirm if this photo is true or false, for real, please?

As well as these following recent photos; I do not know where they are specifically, but please confirm these for me as well.
Posters 1.png
Posters 2.png

Anna tried to reassure him:

Not to worry, Christian. They are all fake. Nobody ever even printed anything out. The shop owners would never allow something like that to be posted on their property, much less let it cover their whole windows.

Chris remained apprehensive:

Can you actuary prove Nothing was printed yet? And what about the Regal Theater; it don't look easy faked?

Anna replied:

It's all so easy to fake...remember, the trolls know you can see everything they post. They are trolling you hard with this. Don't rise to the bait. btw, Jackie and Kim are BOTH trolls.

Apps for autistics

27 May 2012

I have learned of iPod apps for helping autistic people, and I am searching for recommended apps for Autistic Adults (me).

Most specifically, IMHPOV, apps in communication, perhaps an app that can do my talking for me towards women; it's louder than my Old Sign.
Any suggested and recommended apps listed in your response would be appreciated. Googling or searching App store is recommended.
Please, and Thank You.
Apps for Autism

Chris does not listen

28 May 2012

Here is another location photo: they state this one is real.

Posters 3.png


of them
are real


Also, I would appreciate a volunteer to go to the Game and Hobby PLace on a scouting observation mission for me. Simply search for any of the posters from the Trolls, as well as any and all signs of the Trolls and their plots and schemes there. But DO NOT mention me or my name in ANY sort, and if Snyder or any of his chronies ask, you pretend you DO NOT KNOW ME AT ALL, and do not give your real name when asked.
Also, I have read that they meet, or hang out at least, at C-Ville's Club 216 bar; anyone who can infiltrate and confirm with more...
...details from those Trolls would be appreciated too.


29 May 2012

Uh... Copy/Paste... Still feeling lonely; desperate for female companion/sweetheart; still Lacking Self-Confidence...


Confidence in yourself is the first step. Create a list of positive traits on yourself. :)


I will do that, thank you. :)

Hilton Inn

Chris saw a post by a forum member claiming to be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Charlottesville.

31 May 2012

One of them is staying at the Hilton Garden Inn right now. I am alerting my attorney.

Anna responded:

no they're not. they looked up a hotel in charlottesville & said the name. they are not actually there. if they actually were, they would keep their location a secret, especially knowing you can read what they say.

Chris's Notes

Hey, Trollies

Feeling the need to brag again, Chris posted on Facebook taunting the trolls that he wouldn't say a word about what he was up to...and ends up confirming that he got banned from the mall like a dumbass, lost his virginity to a hooker and went to a Mythbusters tour, ironically divulging more about himself than anybody currently knew for the last few months.

1 May 2012 at 5:53

You REALLY want to know what the Victory was for me on the Mall Prank? I'll spell it out for you in a nutshell. I got the BAN note THE DAY BEFORE I made the NOTE on me going back there. You fallible fools had NO PREVIOUS CLUE, neither from me, nor ANYONE or ANYWHERE else. IF you all had prior ban knowledge, Would You who have made the trip, MADE the trip? NO, you would not have. I KNEW THE CRITICAL DETAIL, and YOU ALL DID NOT; I Fooled You All.

And I'll tell you another thing, I DID Have Sexual Intercourse with a Half-Cherokee Woman, but you all will never find out who. I'll give you an inkling; she's somewhere on the backpage.

You ALL think YOU KNOW ME; You REALLY DO NOT. I hold MORE information within myself that NONE of you will EVER KNOW. Like, MAYBE I went to a show starring the Hynamin recently. MAYBE I was ON STAGE for one of their demonstrations. MAYBE I got their autographs on my self-made duct-tape wallet. MAYBE I do not have a duct-tape wallet. I will neither confirm or deny anything for YOU life-wrecking bastards.

I ain't tellin' ya nothing.

I use that statement in the ironic sense that I am currently informing you that I am not going to tell you anything.

I ain't tellin' ya nothing.

Good Day, Christian W. Chandler. May 1, 2012

P.S. It is now OVER Two-Hundred Screencaps, and Still Counting.

Chris's "Hynamin" show is probably a reference to Jamie Hyneman; there was a MythBusters live show in Washington, D.C. on 24 March 2012, 100 miles (160 km) from Ruckersville.[1] Several leaks later would confirm that Chris did attend the MythBusters tour, but he wasn't chosen to go up on stage.

Hey, Doofs! Leave Anna Alone!

5 May 2012 at 6:43

She and I are friends, and we talk, but we each have our own lives. She does NOT deserve to be bothered by you doofy trolls at all. It has always been ME you want. She will never ever talk about me even in her wall posts, and she will never friend or acknowledge any of you. Yes, she is cute, and it is possible that she may look like my mom at a younger age, but I do not see my mom in her, and she is who she is, and I respect Anna as a friend.

Aim your shit towards me alone, and Leave All of My Friends and Family alone.


Christian W. Chandler.

May 3, 2012