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I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother.
Chris, in August.

Too bad [Hitler] died
Chris, in September.

Someone, Anyone, PLEASE, take a sniper rifle and kill Trump; shoot him in the head like the impulsive, non-thinking, uncaring Zombie that he is.
Chris, in November.

A CWCville 2016 Year in Review
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Stardate 25 December 2016
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2016 was the eighth year since Chris's discovery.

It is a year that brought us the following things:

  • Fought with, then eventually made up with... and then fought with again, Jeff Ouzuo on the issue of selling Sonichu merchandise.
  • Chris apologizing to males with Asperger's.
  • Chris began and quickly ended his GameStop embargo because it accomplished nothing.
  • Chris began sending death threats once again, this time to Donald Trump.
  • Mind-numbing amounts of e-begging.
  • An entire year consumed by arguably the most unproductive saga in Christory.


Main article: January 2016
Chris in January

Chris advertised a lesbian sleepover and was interviewed.


Main article: February 2016
Chris in February

Chris released another apology video and turned 34. A semen donor video was leaked.

Chris in March


Main article: March 2016

Chris bought a PlayStation 4 and claimed it was a gift from a fan. Barb is ordered to pay a credit card bill of $4,700.

Chris in April 2016


Main article: April 2016

Chris released My Breast Massage Routine 18+ and begged for donors. He also started Sonichu Entertainment of America and quickly forgot about it.

Chris in May 2016


Main article: May 2016

Chris bought a waifu, had sex with a doll on YouTube and filed to change his name to Christine.


Chris in June
Main article: June 2016

Chris begged for money, ostensibly for Barb's medication. He also tried to restart his gigolo career.


Chris's Woman Card in July 2016
Main article: July 2016

Chris paid his court costs. Barb made an appearance in a begging video. Most horrifyingly, Chris sliced his taint open, resulting in an open, bleeding wound on his groin and thinks it means he started to grow a vagina as a result from watching subliminal frequency videos.


Chris in August 2016
Main article: August 2016

Chris admitted fantasizing about incest with his mother.


Chris in September 2016
Main article: September 2016

A court rules that Barb must pay a debt of $16k. Chris is interviewed by a Youtube personality at Cville Pride. Chris makes an anti-Donald Trump video, and laments the death of Adolf Hitler on Facebook.


Chris in October 2016
Main article: October 2016

Chris tries using Unban contracts on Gamestop and Best Buy. He continues to comment about his hatred of Donald Trump, including a post saying that he should have taken "a parody of himself in jest".


Main article: November 2016
Chris in Nov. 2016

Chris spent nearly all of November issuing online death threats to president elect Donald Trump.


Main article: December 2016

Chris continues to demand the death of Trump, and comments on a Sonic Boom character with a suspiciously familiar appearance.

Chris in Dec. 2016