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Chris in 2010.
Graph showing the Google-popularity of the terms Sonichu (blue) and Christian Weston Chandler (red). 2010 is marked in Mellow Yellow.

2010 marked the second consecutive year of organized trolling of Christian Weston Chandler. Fed up with his trolls, Chris spent several months offline, attempting to hide from his infamous reputation. As such, the year was punctuated by dry spells. And yet, Chris still found new ways to embarrass himself.

A box of condoms Chris had bought for his first sexual encounter had expired.


Main article: January 2010
On 17 January, Chris expresses his opinion on Asperchu.

Smug with overconfidence thanks to his fanmail and the victory over gay ads, Chris charged into January, not even allowing the shut down of the CWCipedia via copyright claims to stop him. However, Chris would soon find a new stress factor in the emerging fan comic Asperchu, going to great lengths to pull his fans away from it via various crazy YouTube videos; every attempt failed miserably. As he did, Chris continued to update Sonichu #10, revealing more of his madness. Unbeknown to trolls, he was actually beginning to get close to another girl and he would attempt to hide this, but his own ego would refuse to let him do so.


Main article: February 2010
On 25 February, Chris murders Evan and the rest of the Asperpedia Four in brutal and disgusting ways.

As January became February, Chris found himself embroiled in a series of phone calls from Asperchu creator Alec Benson Leary, where Alec demanded that Chris promise to be more tolerant of Asperchu and to get rid of Simonla Rosechu, with Mao holding the CWCipedia hostage. Though Chris gradually recovered enough from the stress to complete Sonichu #10, which showed the death of Simonla, Chris then had Alec, Mao and two other people killed within the same comic as an act of childish retaliation. Chris recovered just in time for his birthday, producing a shameless display of self-praising by declaring the first annual Christian Love Day. Perhaps the biggest mystery revealed this month was the sudden appearance of another human male entering Chris's room, one of the more puzzling developments to come out of Chris for some time.


Main article: March 2010
On 9 March, Chris uploads a new LittleBigPlanet level that would inadvertently reveal the identity of The Wallflower.

Chris let slip a screenname of The Wallflower through a custom LBP level. Dedicated trolls would discover her identity, and one faggot would cause the gal-pal to cut ties with Chris after being led to the CWCki. At that point, Chris began an all-out war against the Internet, attacking his fans for wanting more Sonichu pages, attacking the CWCki, and especially attacking Surfshack Tito, the troll who took credit for destroying the lulz. However, an outside source would intervene, forcing Chris to once again announce he was leaving the Internet forever. (36 hours after making this bold and bombastic claim, Chris returned with a new video to complain about TV and sex.)


Main article: April 2010
On 5 April, Chris's second The HooK Café ad is discovered.

As April started, Chris's activity on the Internet was sporadic. However, trolls soon discovered an ad on The HooK Café, discovering that Chris had restarted his Love Quest on the Internet. During this time, Chris would meet and begin talking to a woman named Jackie, who would become Chris's focus throughout the month. Having learned something from the previous incidents, Chris kept a low profile on her, which however did not prevent some highly-disturbing material from eventually leaking to the general public. During this time, he attempted to return to The GAMe PLACe in an attempt to lift his ban; the trolls hailed Michael Snyder as a hero when he kicked the anti-Semitic manchild out again. Chris would also work on CWCipedia a bit more, creating profiles for his characters and a page about all of his past sweethearts.


Main article: May 2010
On May 26, Chris begs for ModNation Racers bonuses.

As May started, it seemed that things were going to be slow again, with a relative high point of smug Chris boasting that he had removed a "bug" allegedly planted by trolls in the life upgrade. However, he soon became severely depressed and blamed his problems of rejection by everyone on a conspiracy conceived against him by the Greene County School Board. By the end of the month, Mao opened up the CWCipedia to everyone. Chris attempted to revert their vandalism, but soon gave into stress and abandoned the website. Two series of e-mails are also leaked.


Main article: June 2010
On 30 June, Chris looks for love on Flipnote Hatena.

After Chris's fourth threat to leave the Internet, many fully expected that he would not keep to his word. The silence was however broken after Chris travelled to The GAMe PLACe with a plan of revenge against Michael Snyder; long story short, Chris almost committed vehicular homicide while drunk and was let off scot-free by the police. He then made a video addressing these events, and announced that he would be leaving the Internet. (Again. For the fifth time.) Things fell silent for nearly two weeks until a field agent spotted Chris at the Fridays After Five event in Charlottesville, continuing his Love Quest offline by acting really creepy in public. Soon, trolls also discovered where Chris had disappeared to online: the Flipnote Hatena, a website created by Nintendo for users to share their amateur animations.


Main article: July 2010
On 9 July, Chris continues stalking girls at Fridays After Five.

July 2010 was another very quiet month. It began with Chris getting permabanned from Flipnote Hatena for constantly breaking the site's rules. For a time after that he emerged from the internets to enjoy the fruits of real life... by reverting back to the ancient ways of the attraction sign. He was spotted once at McIntire Park and twice at Fridays After Five. However, on 17 July he returned to Twitter, telling his loyal fans that he's working on the comic pages. On 24 July he also evaded his Flipnote Hatena ban and re-posted some of his removed flipnotes, suggesting that he bought another DSi just to use a children's website as his personal dating service.


Main article: August 2010
On 29 August, the life upgrade goes GAME OVER, man.

During the first half of August, Chris didn't give off any signs of life except for a brief sighting at Charlottesville Fashion Square, kicking a stall of HEXBox games. It was suspected he spent his time playing video games. However, a phone call to Bob Chandler was released, relieving some new info. He would then return on August 27 to post two videos, one concerning his upcoming high school reunion, and the other where Chris concedes to the trolls after reformatting his PS3, claiming he did himself in. Two days later, Chris would destroy his PS3, and there was much rejoicing.


Main article: September 2010
On 16 September, Chris dressed as a niggo.

Early in September, e-mail correspondence was leaked that provided some background on the destruction of the life upgrade. Quite predictably, Chris purchased another PS3 almost immediately. Jackie officially returned as a new sweetheart in Chris's life, with him trying to impress through new videos on YouTube, including attacks at Jackie's ex-boyfriend, Lars. Also this month, a bunch of ancient documents dating back from 2008 and 2009 were released to the public by Clyde Cash, followed by some more from early 2010, including correspondence between Chris and The Wallflower. Towards the end of the month, Chris officially kicked off his "anti-troll movement".


Main article: October 2010
On 4 October, Chris cosplays as the Grimace.

October began with Chris acting just as crazy as in September, if not crazier. He made another half-assed apology to Michael Snyder and then proceeded to start dressing up in a large variety of costumes made out of construction paper, which dominated the first half of the month. He also made two scary and confusing videos in which he gave birth to a baby bear, used his manboobs for a breast cancer awareness ad, and more. Some of the videos were actually shot outside of the room or even the house altogether, featuring Chris driving his mom's car and even going for a "hike". The conflict with Lars also continued, however on a seemingly low-level. October 2010 is notable for the sheer number of videos that were released by Chris (albeit the quality of them varied) including more than a dozen a day twice, making it by far the most active month. In the meantime, Clyde kept releasing even more previously unseen historical documents.


Main article: November 2010
On 6 November, a video of Chris struggling to do pull-ups was leaked.

November turned out to be a slow month. Chris had a call with Lars and a video of him failing to do pull-ups was leaked the same day. Chris would then go quiet for two weeks, until he quit the Internet for the 6th time on 22 November and deleted most of his other YouTube videos in the progress.


Main article: December 2010

December began under the shadow of Chris's sixth attempt to leave the Internet in favour of playing vidya all the time. The final batch of e-mails between Chris and Jackie was released. As usual, Chris did not get a girlfriend for Christmas, for the sixth time since 2004 though this year, he wished for both the CWCki and Encyclopedia Dramatica to completely disappear off the internet.