Yellow Is a Mellow Color

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"Yellow Is a Mellow Color" is the sixth track from Christian and the Hedgehog Boys. This song is an example of Chris's originality, as the music is ripped off from Los del Río's "Macarena", and the title is ripped off from Donovan's "Mellow Yellow". It's one of his best-known songs because it was up for download on his MySpace profile and CWC's Sonichu Site!.

Based on a November 2007 ED edit in which Chris furnishes "Yellow Is a Mellow Color" as an example of his "random-access humor", it is suggested that the song is intended to be humorous, but to whom, GodBear only knows.

It seems to be a favorite of Chris's, as he played it several times during the Animal Crossing Documentary.


"Yellow Is a Mellow Color"
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Stardate August 2003
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music, ComedyComedy Comedy
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
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La Cocina en La Casa de Casanova
Feel So Lonesome


[sung over Los del Río's "Macarena"]

Yellow is a mellow color
Yes, it is, it's a mellow color
Sonichu zaps the lightning
Hey! Mellow color, ahh!

Feeling condensation
[?] Living in my nation
Lemon makes lemonade
Hey! Mellow color

Traveling without a map
Is like traveling with no map
Take a chill pill and dance
Yellow is a mellow color

[indecipherable] ...mellow
Hopefully they won't make him play a cello
Somehow for Sonichu and friends
Will zip and zap!

This little monkey, he likes to play around
He eats a bunch of bananas
Never put a banana in your pajamas
Yellow is a mellow color

Yellow is a mellow color
Yes, it is, it's a mellow color
Sonichu zaps the lightning
Hey! Mellow color
(repeat 2 more times)


Yellow is a Mellow Color, cover
Stardate 4 January 2012
Subject Matter Yellow is a Mellow Color
Video Type Song Cover
Other Info From the album Trollsta's Paradise: A True and Honest Tribute to Christian & The Hedgehog Boys.
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