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in my youth, I would run to wake up my mom and dad on some mornings. My dad slept with only a t-shirt on; no shorts or briefs at all. I saw his penis; it Grossed me out. Left me quite trauma-drama.
Sigh, can we not talk about pickles, please?
Chris, Christian Weston Chandler Interview
Pickles are Sonichu's greatest enemy, causing his head to inflate to an unusual size. Also, look at how Chris spells Sbarro.

Pickle is a CWC-ism for "penis", typically in the context of another man's penis rather than Chris's own, which he usually refers to as his "duck". He and Sonichu (because he's a Mary Sue) both hate other people's penises due to Chris's intense sexual insecurity, to the point that they both literally hate pickled cucumbers.

Chris is easily provoked by fanart suggesting that Rosechu has a penis, although it is difficult for him to retaliate since that would require him to actually look at the dreaded vegetable. Coincidentally, one of Chris's most notorious enemies is the Man in the Pickle Suit, who has frequently tricked him into, among other things, releasing photos of his own pickle.

Possibly due to troll usage of the term, Chris made fewer references to pickles in 2009 and even fewer afterward, though he still occasionally referred to his picklephobia in works such as Sonichu Special 1. Despite this, their strong association with Chris in the earliest days of his internet fame has made them an enduring feature of troll artwork and conversation.

Chris's aversion to pickles suddenly changed during 2018, possibly due to being under the influence of Idea Guy, who, during April 2018, had manipulated Chris into thinking of himself as bisexual and licking a drawing of Magi-Chan's penis. A couple of months later, Chris mentioned pickles as a key ingredient to his chili dogs and purchased a Pickle Rick Funko Pop! figure.

Pickled cucumbers

They taste terrible, and they look like dicks; even more disgusting.
Chris, answering a troll's email regarding pickles[2]
An ideal C-Mas gift for gal-pals of all teenages.
When you see it you'll shit bricks.

Aside from his hatred of metaphorical pickles, it is also well-documented that Chris has a long-standing aversion to the delicious cucumbers pickled in brine, going as far back as some of the earlier material documented in his scrapbook. Receipts from the Ohio trip in search of Julie show that he specifically orders his fast-food hamburgers without pickles. Even the mere image of a pickle bothers him--the picklish ad banners placed on the CWCipedia in November 2009 provoked an angry response.

Whether this is because pickles remind him, even when sliced and under the bun of a sandwich, of cocks, or whether he simply has an aversion to foods with a strong taste or smell, remains to be seen. Considering his diet, pickles may simply be too much flavor for a man who has notoriously bland tastes to handle, and in his high school project "A Week With Christian Chandler" he says (speaking about himself in the third person) that "lettuce or tomatoes (and a few other vegetables) alone makes him feel green in the face". Then again...

Chris's tastes eventually matured into accepting pickles, at least as part of a chili dog. In a June 2018 tweet, he said:

I Enjoy a Chili Dog with the Works now and then too! I can make a Loaded Chili Dog with shredded cheddar, olives, pickle slice, relish, diced red onions, green pepper, tuna, vinaigrette, ketchup and mustard. 😋 Even Sonic, himself, enjoyed one and liked it. ❤️[3]

References to pickles

I hate pickles.
Chris - Christian Weston Chandler Interview

Chris's virulent hatred of pickles was one of the first weaknesses discovered by trolls, all the way back in the fall of 2007. When the 4chan artist Evan contacted Chris with a collection of "fan art" drawn by denizens of /v/ — in which, 4chan being 4chan, images of Rosechu with a penis figured prominently — Chris memorably replied "Rosechu IS A GIRL; SHE NEVER HAD A FREAKIN' PICKLE!!!!"

Since then, Chris has made a number of references to pickles in his comics and YouTube videos, partly on his own and partly due to trollish instigation.

  • In his CWC "Boyfriend" video, Chris makes several references to pickles, albeit in the context of his enemy, the Man in the Pickle Suit.
  • He also blamed the Pickle Man for his woes in his video of 21 October 2008.
  • Towards the end of 2008, when Chris still believed that the #sonichu IRC channel was home to his TRUE and LOYAL fanbase, the channel was set up at his behest to kick any chatters who used the word "pickle."
  • The "slander ray" wielded by the comic-book villain Cly in Sonichu Special 1 resembles a pickle with a gun barrel attached to one end.
  • Chris's nemesis, Jason Kendrick Howell, in Sonichu #8, declares "Go and play with your pickle!" before throwing a pickle at Rosechu. Her response is unwarranted, to say the least.
  • In the 24 October 2008 IRC chat, Chris declares his fondness for "Double Cheeseburgers ... with no dill."
  • Sonichu himself has hated pickles since as far back as Sonichu #0, drawn long before Chris was ever trolled through his fear of pickles. There, our hero was frozen with terror after encountering pickles while dining with Rosechu at "Burger Krunch". The panel where this took place was later re-drawn as the "Sonichu & Aqua Teens" illustration. Chris would later on reveal that Sonichu has a literally paralyzing allergy to pickles.[4]
  • In Sonichu #12, Sonichu is forced to swim in a river of pickle brine to rescue Comic Chris and Rosechu.
  • In a August 2017 tweet, Chris stated:
Kissing a male is as UGH to me as kissing ten year old moldy cheese and shriveled pickles. 🤢🤢🤢[5]
  • In June 2018, he purchased a Funko Pop! of Pickle Rick.[6]
Chris actually bought this.
Pickle Rick in Chris's bedroom (shelf on right).



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