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On 24 October 2008, Chris chatted with some fans.


  • Chris dislikes the fan version of Sonichu ([1])
  • There will be no new Electric Hedgehog Pokémon in the next issue.
  • Chris hopes that Jimmy Hill's penis gets cut off.
  • Bullshit about Classic PSP ads.
  • Chris's family used to own geese, and one of them was infatuated with Bob.
  • "CWC" is engraved on the Amnyfest Ring.
  • Chris goes on about McDonald's.
  • Some day there will be Sonichu and Rosechu toys in Happy Meals.
  • Marker ink is more professional than crayons.


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[06:54] <Spankety> rofl
[06:54] * Guest1 is now known as ChrisChanSonichu
[06:54] <Spankety> WHOA IT'S HIM
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[06:54] <Richter> lol
[06:55] <ChrisChanSonichu> yep, I'm here. Hey, Y'all.
[06:55] <Spankety> sup bossman?
[06:55] <Viral> nah, it's jimmy hill trying to trick us
[06:55] <Viral> he's such a liar
[06:55] <Haihai> Spankety ssssht >:c
[06:55] <Viral> and a fraud
[06:55] <ChrisChanSonichu> no; I am Christian Weston Chandler.
[06:55] <ChrisChanSonichu> Cassey, tell them.
[06:55] <@PandaHalo> hi ChrisChanSonichu :)
[06:55] <@PandaHalo> it's him
[06:55] <ChrisChanSonichu> :)
[06:55] <Spankety> yeah I could tell by the address
[06:55] * PandaHalo sets mode: +o ChrisChanSonichu
[06:55] <peenpouncin> Hey Chris, welcome
[06:55] <Spankety>
[06:56] <Spankety> virginia!
[06:56] <@PandaHalo> it's not very busy in here atm :(
[06:56] <@ChrisChanSonichu> thanks.
[06:56] <Richter> Hello Chris
[06:56] <Viral> well then, sorry, chris
[06:56] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's fine; I'll still take any questions if there are any.
[06:57] <Haihai> Chris have you seen the fangame someone is making yet and what do you think of it?
[06:57] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Did Cassey inform the person who asked about my Halloween plans of my answer?
[06:57] <Spankety> yeah she did :3
[06:57] <@PandaHalo> yeah it was Spankety
[06:57] <Viral> so what do you have planned for halloween?
[06:58] <Viral> i heard something about a sonichu costume
[06:58] <@ChrisChanSonichu> nothing really.
[06:58] <Viral> i c
[06:58] <@ChrisChanSonichu> at the moment, that rumor is incorrect.
[06:58] <Viral> that's good, actually
[06:58] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I did not care for that game's portrayl of Sonichu; it made him look fat.
[06:59] <Spankety> I think he looks cute ^_^
[06:59] <Haihai> Hm you're right I see it too now
[06:59] <peenpouncin> haha
[06:59] <peenpouncin> he does kinda look fat
[06:59] <Richter> and why is there some black guy with a jetpack
[06:59] <Haihai> That appears to be a jetpack jerkop
[06:59] <peenpouncin> ahh
[06:59] <Richter> Ahh
[06:59] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that is the correct assumption.
[06:59] <peenpouncin> what ar eyou doing up at 7am chris?
[07:00] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I had a lot of sleep beforehand.
[07:00] <Spankety> peen... you must live close to me
[07:00] <@ChrisChanSonichu> IDK, Spankety; what state do you live in?
[07:00] <peenpouncin> i live in virginia
[07:00] <Spankety> oh nevermind
[07:00] <Spankety> I'm Canadian rofl
[07:01] <peenpouncin> haha
[07:01] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, because I live in Virginia.
[07:01] <@ChrisChanSonichu> lol
[07:01] <peenpouncin> have you ever been to fredericksburg chris?
[07:01] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, but only on the way to my Aunt Corina's house.
[07:01] <peenpouncin> ahh yeah, that's where i'am :|
[07:01] <@ChrisChanSonichu> so only a few times.
[07:02] <@ChrisChanSonichu> neat.
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[07:04] <Haihai> There have been rumors of a new hedgehog pokémon going to arrive in the next comic, do you want to share anything about that with us?
[07:04] <Spankety> do you ever fart on your feet? the bubbly ones feel really good on it
[07:05] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I think you are referring to Silvana Rosechu.
[07:05] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and no, I do not, Spankety; that's gross.
[07:07] <Spankety> are you going to do any updates soon?
[07:07] <peenpouncin> any new videos?
[07:07] <@ChrisChanSonichu> not at the moment, but maybe in the near future.
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[07:08] <Spankety> ...from SL?
[07:08] <TheTengu> I just beat Dead Space.
[07:08] <@ChrisChanSonichu> it depends on my IRL events.
[07:08] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Congratuations.
[07:08] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have Resistance 2 Beta now.
[07:08] <TheTengu> How is it?
[07:08] <peenpouncin> did you play mother 3 chris?
[07:08] <Viral> is it good?
[07:08] <Spankety> Tengu are you from Second Life?... lol
[07:09] <TheTengu> lol nah
[07:09] <@PandaHalo> christian, i was thinking maybe, as part of the fan site, we could run a sonichu contest, where people can submit custom characters, and winner is randomly chosen and gets a guest spot in a comic? it would generate a lot of sonichu hype and stuff
[07:09] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have not had a chance to play the Beta game yet.
[07:09] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's an idea, Cassie.
[07:09] <Haihai> Yeah Sonichu could really use some more hype right now, so people will see who the true original creator is
[07:10] <Viral> come to think of, you participate in a lot of betas
[07:10] <Viral> must be the perks of being sponsored by sony, right?
[07:10] <Spankety> have you seen the latest screen shots of Jimmy Hill's new anime? Thoughts?
[07:10] <Haihai> I think Chris just has good connections :)
[07:10] <@ChrisChanSonichu> How About this, and I would be willing to approve it; Custom Chracters, Full Fan Comics (5 Pages Minimum), and general Fanart.
[07:10] <Richter> Who would watch anything from Jimmy Hill....seriously
[07:10] * ClanTog ( Quit (Quit: [17:37] <+Melon_Ninja> for your own good, use only 1 hand to do the kneading, otherwise you'll just make an insane mess [17:37] <+Melon_Ninja> and yes, do)
[07:11] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and the Prize for the TOP 5, from MY hands only, a Sonichu Medal for each of the Top 5.
[07:11] <peenpouncin> :o
[07:11] <Haihai> Well most of your fans are young kids and they may not have the motivation to make a full fan comic... I don't know. But you're in charge ofcourse
[07:11] <Spankety> Chris I must thank you personally for saving my life from boredom
[07:12] <TheTengu> Jimmy Hill's still at it eh? (I've been gone for a week or so)
[07:12] <@ChrisChanSonichu> just ignore that Wabbit-Thief.
[07:12] <Viral> i bet jimmy will steal the contest idea too
[07:12] <Viral> he soooooo lacks creativity
[07:13] <Haihai> Like he does with everything :S
[07:13] <@PandaHalo> i hope somebody cuts off his penis
[07:13] <Viral> then he'd steal someone elses
[07:13] <Viral> gross
[07:13] <peenpouncin> Lol
[07:13] <Spankety> haha
[07:13] <TheTengu> lol
[07:13] <@PandaHalo> lol
[07:13] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have not made any official announcements about the contest yet, but should it go into effect, I will post it on, and on the Fan Site.
[07:13] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Me too, Cassie.
[07:14] <TheTengu> What's the status of the comic? Haven't heard much since the preview came out.
[07:14] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hope he loses his duck.
[07:14] <Haihai> It's fun when you come in here Chris, and it's fun to be one of the first to know about new Sonichu news
[07:14] <@PandaHalo> its one of the perks of being true sonichu fans :)
[07:14] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm still working on the comic.
[07:14] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep. :)
[07:14] <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu: we also have a bot in the channel now.. ^_^ will kick anyone from chat automagically if they write the word pickle or nigger or type in all caps
[07:15] <Haihai> That should keep those trolls out
[07:15] <@PandaHalo> if you have ops though (the @ next to your name) it wont kick you though
[07:15] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
[07:15] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's good.
[07:16] <Viral> let's hope those ED-trolls don't find a way to bypass this protection
[07:16] <Viral> that would be hell
[07:16] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear that.
[07:16] <Spankety> they aren't smart enough
[07:17] <Haihai> They get kicked and they'll think they got disconnected or something and wil just give up I think
[07:17] <@ChrisChanSonichu> let's change the subject; who here has enjoyed the Classic PSP TV ads with the pencil-drawn characters?
[07:17] <Spankety> the squirrels?
[07:17] <Viral> gotta check them on youtube, those never aired around here
[07:17] <@ChrisChanSonichu> The Squirrels, the one with the Mice and Dustball.
[07:17] <TheTengu> The squirrels were win
[07:17] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd Hit That!
[07:17] <Haihai> wat
[07:18] <peenpouncin> :o
[07:18] <@ChrisChanSonichu> "Daxter on PSP, I'd Hit That."
[07:18] <Spankety> the ghetto squirrels lol
[07:18] <Viral> those?
[07:18] <@ChrisChanSonichu> also, "Come out and Play." "I can't; I'm playing nut." "But there's Portable Nut." "WWWHHHHAAAAAAT?!" "Yeah, it's a nut you can play with outside!" "PSP, it's like a nut, you can play with outside."
[07:19] <Viral> lol
[07:19] <Richter> Ok I didn't know what you were talking about, but now I do
[07:19] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've downloaded the classic Pencil-Character commercials from the PSP-ONLY website.
[07:19] <Richter> Those commercials are funny
[07:19] <@ChrisChanSonichu> of the US.
[07:19] <peenpouncin> good advertising, who doesn't want to play with nuts outside?
[07:19] <TheTengu> I saw them on tv a few times back when I had cable.
[07:19] <Spankety> I love nuts
[07:19] <@ChrisChanSonichu> hey, how about the "Mr. Goose" commercial featuring Dustball?
[07:20] <Spankety> especially jiggling them in my hand
[07:20] <@ChrisChanSonichu> "Mr. Goose, what's happening?" "SQUAK!"
[07:20] <Spankety> feels soooo gooood
[07:20] <TheTengu> Lol geese are an evil lot
[07:20] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Whatch it, Spankey Pig.
[07:20] <Viral> they sure are
[07:20] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I don't know about geese being evil.
[07:20] <TheTengu> You ever been chased by a goose Chris?
[07:20] <TheTengu> An angry one at that?
[07:20] <@ChrisChanSonichu> my family and I had pet geese.
[07:21] <TheTengu> My grandpa had a guard goose.
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[07:21] <peenpouncin> lol
[07:21] <@ChrisChanSonichu> one of them was infatuated with my father.
[07:21] * PandaHalo was kicked by [^_^] (Requested (PandaHalo))
[07:21] <Viral> some geese can get mad for no reason
[07:21] <peenpouncin> o.o
[07:21] * PandaHalo ( has joined #sonichu
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[07:21] <@ChrisChanSonichu> we ended up giving the geese away.
[07:21] <Viral> that's kinda scary when you're still a small kid and you just wanted to feed them
[07:21] <@ChrisChanSonichu> we had a total of 4
[07:21] <TheTengu> lol no geese dinner?
[07:21] <@ChrisChanSonichu> NO
[07:22] <Spankety> U
[07:23] <Haihai> I you could transform into Chris-chan in real life, and kick some 'behind' without anyone finding out it was you, would you do it?
[07:23] <Spankety> hellz yeah
[07:23] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd definitely go kick RickyRicardo123's teeth in.
[07:23] <Viral> that would be totally awesome
[07:23] <TheTengu> What would be the process? I imagine you wouldn't just go into a phone booth like Superman
[07:23] <@ChrisChanSonichu> as well as Jimmy Hill.
[07:24] <@ChrisChanSonichu> don't you read the comics?
[07:24] <@PandaHalo> he'd touch his medallion!
[07:24] <Haihai> I don't get it how you have so many enemies :S
[07:24] <@ChrisChanSonichu> the Transformation happens as drawn.
[07:24] <TheTengu> Ah right. Bit sleep deprived x.x
[07:24] <Viral> must be the jealousy
[07:25] <Viral> or boredom in some cases
[07:25] <@ChrisChanSonichu> actually, if you'd read the Comic 10 preview pages, it changes from the Medal to my High School Ring; the Power has been in there THE WHOLE TIME since March 17, 2000.
[07:25] <Haihai> So that ancient guy was wrong?
[07:25] <@ChrisChanSonichu> not really.
[07:25] <peenpouncin> i still wear my high school ring :S
[07:25] <@ChrisChanSonichu> It took the event to awaken the power.
[07:25] <peenpouncin> i wish it had powers
[07:25] <Haihai> Ohh... that makes sense
[07:25] <@ChrisChanSonichu> well, mine is the ONLY ring of its kind.
[07:25] <peenpouncin> 8(
[07:26] <Viral> ;___;
[07:26] <@ChrisChanSonichu> it has my initials engraved inside it.
[07:26] <TheTengu> The One Ring..
[07:26] <TheTengu> To Transform Chris-Chan?
[07:26] <peenpouncin> mine has my first name written on the inside^^
[07:26] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and it has my birthstone in it.
[07:26] <peenpouncin> same with mine, but we probably have different stones.
[07:26] <Haihai> I still have to finish highschool, I'm only 13...
[07:27] <Spankety> as long as they aren't kidney
[07:27] <Spankety> *ba dum bish*
[07:27] <Haihai> It's really hard fitting in as a 13 year old girl with freckles
[07:27] <peenpouncin> lol
[07:27] <TheTengu> Chris, you ever watch the show Mighty Boosh? Check out the Old Gregg episode sometime.
[07:27] <TheTengu> It's a hoot.
[07:27] <Spankety> I'm old Gregg!
[07:28] <@ChrisChanSonichu> It's hard fitting in as a 13-year old high-function autistic person who is being mainstreamed...
[07:28] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Oh, wait!
[07:28] <@ChrisChanSonichu> NO IT'S NOT!
[07:28] <@ChrisChanSonichu> :D
[07:28] <Haihai> XD
[07:28] <Viral> oh you
[07:28] <Spankety> .jpg
[07:28] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Seriously, I've had a LOT of great gal-pals in my Middle and High School years.
[07:28] <Haihai> Grrr now there's tea all over the place and running from my nose
[07:29] <Spankety> you drink tea?
[07:29] <Haihai> I'm Brittish
[07:29] <TheTengu> Do you still keep in touch with them or not so much?
[07:29] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I drink tea too.
[07:29] <Viral> stop drinking like a little piggy
[07:29] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm a little brit myself.
[07:29] <peenpouncin> tea owns
[07:29] <Spankety> I say arse
[07:29] <@PandaHalo> :O
[07:29] <@PandaHalo> i say arse too
[07:29] <TheTengu> lol me too
[07:29] <Spankety> :O
[07:29] <@PandaHalo> omg we're so awesome! :D
[07:29] <Haihai> I say delicious :)
[07:30] <Spankety> butts aren't delicious
[07:30] <TheTengu> I say proper a lot. Mostly from speaking with a danish friend.
[07:30] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Tea for a dollar, in a Large Cup, at McDonalds; go Dollar-Menuaires! [this is a reference to a McDonald's commercial]
[07:30] <Haihai> Let's go ghostbusters, let's go let's go
[07:31] <TheTengu> *cue the gorilla runnin around*
[07:31] <Spankety> ow my axles
[07:31] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Has anyone here ever won any Big Prizes or Big Money from the McDonalds Monoply game?
[07:31] <TheTengu> did you lose them?
[07:31] <TheTengu> I won like a big mac
[07:31] <peenpouncin> my dad won a free frosty the other day
[07:32] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's a small instant-win prize.
[07:32] <Spankety> I eat at Wendy's
[07:32] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm talking about getting ALL the pieces of a set.
[07:32] <peenpouncin> mcdonalds hamburgers make me sick
[07:32] <peenpouncin> wendy's is awesome
[07:32] <Haihai> I haven't but there's a wet towel on my bathroom floor
[07:32] <TheTengu> Wendys is pretty good
[07:32] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, it's alright.
[07:32] <@ChrisChanSonichu> but McDonalds is MORE VALUEable. :D
[07:32] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and still good.
[07:32] <Spankety> not if you eat the nuggets D:
[07:33] <TheTengu> those nuggets are win
[07:33] <@ChrisChanSonichu> they're made with pure white chicken meat.
[07:33] <Spankety> yeah but expensive lol
[07:33] <Viral> i liek their 1€ deals
[07:33] <@ChrisChanSonichu> 4 for a dollar is a good deal.
[07:33] <Spankety> wow
[07:33] <Viral> their cheeseburgers are pretty good
[07:33] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's chicken nuggets though.
[07:33] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, especially their Double Cheeseburgers.
[07:33] <Spankety> over here it's like 6 for 5
[07:34] <@ChrisChanSonichu> with no dill
[07:34] <Viral> we have the same 4 nuggets for a €
[07:34] <Richter> Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese is my mickey D's choice
[07:34] <Viral> plus some sauce
[07:34] <Haihai> If you don't mind me asking so many questions, what has been the greatest day of your life so far Chris?
[07:34] <Viral> i wish they had more variety there
[07:34] <Viral> you only get sweet and sour or bbq
[07:34] <TheTengu> Big mac and maybe a shamrock shake is my choice
[07:34] <Spankety> mcdonald's has awesome shakes
[07:34] <Richter> omg I love shamrock shakes
[07:35] <Viral> bbq tastes a bit funny if you ask me
[07:35] <Spankety> and mcflurries
[07:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> IDK, that's going to take some thought...
[07:35] <Viral> flurries, fuck yeah
[07:35] <Viral> those are awesome
[07:35] <TheTengu> yeah they are
[07:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'll get back to the fanbase with my answer.
[07:35] <Viral> which one's your fave
[07:35] <Haihai> Ok, thanks
[07:35] <TheTengu> Oreo or Take 5
[07:35] <Spankety> caramel oreo
[07:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> for a McFlurrie?
[07:35] <peenpouncin> oreo frosty ftw
[07:35] <Viral> meh we don't even have those
[07:35] <peenpouncin> or mcflurry rather
[07:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I prefer M&Ms
[07:36] <TheTengu> Are you dressin up for Halloween this year Chris?
[07:36] <Spankety> I don't think they have m&ms at the one in my area
[07:36] <Viral> we have kitkat, smarties or cornetto
[07:36] <TheTengu> I'm going to a zombie walk this weekend, so I'm just using stuff from that :P
[07:36] <@ChrisChanSonichu> it gives of a Rainbow Swirl color in the ice cream, and it's still very good. :)
[07:36] <Spankety> the kitkat ones are fucking gross
[07:36] <TheTengu> For a costume.
[07:36] <@ChrisChanSonichu> no.
[07:36] <TheTengu> Smarties sounds bad.
[07:36] <Viral> i always take smarties
[07:36] <Spankety> nah the smarties are good
[07:36] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I like smarties.
[07:36] <Haihai> I hear they make you smart ;)
[07:36] <Viral> sometimes they mess them up real bad though
[07:36] <@ChrisChanSonichu> lol
[07:37] <Spankety> the kitkat ones don't even taste like kitkat
[07:37] <TheTengu> I could see that. I don't mind smarties, kind of like pringles.
[07:37] <TheTengu> Just not in a mcflurry sort of thing
[07:37] <Viral> and the cornetto one is just silly
[07:37] <@ChrisChanSonichu> potato chips in ice cream? I don't think so.
[07:37] <Richter> lol
[07:37] <Spankety> lmao
[07:37] <TheTengu> lol I've seen weirder things from japanese stores
[07:37] <Viral> an icecream cone mixed into a mcflurry?
[07:38] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's a great idea.
[07:38] <Viral> what were they thinking?
[07:38] <TheTengu> anchovie chips comes to mind
[07:38] <@ChrisChanSonichu> ugh
[07:38] <Richter> ugh indeed
[07:38] <Viral> i like anchovies
[07:38] <Spankety> dill pickle chips in an cream root beer float haha
[07:38] * Spankety was kicked by [^_^] (Watch your language!)
[07:38] * Spankety ( has joined #sonichu

[07:38] <Richter> Nasty
[07:38] <Viral> not in a mcflurry though
[07:39] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I agree.
[07:39] <@ChrisChanSonichu> NOT for a McFlurrie.
[07:39] <TheTengu> I had dill sunflower seeds once. Kind of interesting.
[07:39] <@ChrisChanSonichu> only Gonzo would like that.
[07:39] <peenpouncin> have you ever played the world of warcraft chris? any interest in mmo's?
[07:39] <Viral> i had a daim flurry in switzerland once
[07:39] <@ChrisChanSonichu> no.
[07:40] <Viral> that was great
[07:40] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm not into PC games.
[07:40] <Viral> probably ruins your teeth if you have too many
[07:40] <@ChrisChanSonichu> daim?
[07:40] <Haihai> Chris I think it would be awesome if I would go eat at mcdonalds and then the happy meal suddenly includes a Sonichu or Rosechu figure
[07:40] <@ChrisChanSonichu> someday, my loyal fans, someday.
[07:40] <@ChrisChanSonichu> what's daim?
[07:40] <Viral> crunchy butter almond bar covered in milk chocolate
[07:40] <Viral> from sweden
[07:41] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that DOES sound good.
[07:41] <Viral> it is
[07:41] <Richter> Is that like a Heath bar?
[07:41] <Viral> candy
[07:41] * BrianClough ( has joined #sonichu
[07:41] <Richter> err no that's toffee
[07:41] <Viral>
[07:41] <TheTengu> lol Europe has a lot of good candies
[07:41] <Viral> wikipedia spelt daim wrong >___<
[07:42] <Spankety> Chris: cheese and pepperoni or combo pizza?
[07:42] <Haihai> Chris is making everyone hungry with all this food talk ;)
[07:42] <Viral> lucky for me i'm having lunch now
[07:42] <BrianClough> hey cool the great man himself is here
[07:43] <BrianClough> hi Chris
[07:43] <TheTengu> No joke, I might make a sammich soon.
[07:43] <Spankety> yes the lord has blessed us
[07:43] <@ChrisChanSonichu> a smore sammich? :D
[07:43] <TheTengu> lol no marshmallow :(
[07:43] <TheTengu> otherwise I would
[07:43] <Haihai> marshmallow? More like marshMELLOW ;)
[07:43] <@ChrisChanSonichu> what's wrong with the marshmallow?
[07:44] <Spankety> yellow is a mellow color
[07:44] <TheTengu> Nothing, I just don't have any available
[07:44] <@PandaHalo> i pronounce marshmallow as marshmellow
[07:44] <Spankety> same
[07:44] <TheTengu> So any hopes of Surfin' Bird kareoke?
[07:44] <Viral>
[07:45] <Viral> lol i loved those armadillo ads
[07:45] <peenpouncin> so is it true that you're single now chris?
[07:46] <Haihai> How could Chris be single
[07:46] <BrianClough> with so many fans
[07:46] <peenpouncin> i know, i wouldn't believe it unless he said it here
[07:46] <Haihai> Well it won't be for long that's for sure
[07:46] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am still single, and I'll find my Sweetheart soon.
[07:46] <Haihai> If I were 5 years older... :)
[07:46] <Spankety> If I had a china
[07:46] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm going to check out for now, but I'll check in later. :)
[07:46] <BrianClough> all the best in your quest chris
[07:47] <peenpouncin> take care.
[07:47] <Haihai> It was great seeing you here
[07:47] <Richter> Take care Chris, thanks for stopping by to visit your loyal fans
[07:47] <BrianClough> yeah thanks for dropping by!
[07:47] <Viral> see ya later
[07:47] <TheTengu> Record Surfin Bird :P
[07:47] <TheTengu> Take care man
[07:47] <@ChrisChanSonichu> thank y'all; take care and stay safe.
[07:47] <BrianClough> and please can we have a new comic soon :)
[07:47] * @ChrisChanSonichu ( Quit (Quit: ChrisChanSonichu)


[20:35] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu
[20:35] * Guest_ is now known as Guest1
[20:35] * PandaHalo sets mode: +o Guest1
[20:35] * Guest1 is now known as ChrisChanSonichu

[20:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, Y'all!
[20:35] <@SonichuGal> !
[20:35] <zezlez> Hello, I am from Australia.
[20:35] <@SonichuGal> Hey Chris! Hope you're feeling better!
[20:35] <BrianClough> w00t hey Chris!
[20:35] <Orca> Oh snap!
[20:35] <Spankety> hi
[20:35] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am, thank you.
[20:35] <zezlez> diddle diddle
[20:35] <Maxwell_House> ...nope, not right
[20:36] <zezlez> I only just heard about Blanca
[20:36] <zezlez> sorry to hear bro
[20:36] <Maxwell_House> hey Chris
[20:36] <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's alright.
[20:36] <@PandaHalo> if you noticed chris, some of the people in that email are in here now XD
[20:36] <Stalyn> hey chris
[20:36] * Spankety was kicked by [^_^] (Turn caps lock OFF!�)
[20:36] * Spankety ( has joined #sonichu

[20:36] <Stalyn> good to see you well
[20:36] <BrianClough> yeah we can't wait to hear your answers!
[20:36] * zezlez was kicked by PandaHalo (hahah fuck you retard�)
[20:37] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu
[20:37] * Guest_ is now known as Guest1
[20:37] * Jerkop is now known as Sonichu_Fan

[20:37] <Spankety> I missed what he said
[20:37] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's good, and in due time.
[20:37] <Spankety> :(
[20:37] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Monday isn't long.
[20:37] <Maxwell_House> how goes the comic? Coloring that beast looks pretty labor-intensive!
[20:37] <@ChrisChanSonichu> if not sooner.
[20:37] * Guest_ (~Guest@984FF181.E3477AC7.6DD738B1.IP) has joined #sonichu
[20:37] * Guest_ is now known as sneeze
[20:38] * spasticnerfbag ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client�)

[20:38] <@PandaHalo> maybe you could do it tomorrow suring the day?
[20:38] <BrianClough> Chris have you ever thought about using a vector-graphics programme to make your comic
[20:38] <BrianClough> like FireWorks or illustrator
[20:38] <sneeze> As a gay person who enjoys Sonichu, who also has had multiple boyfriends and girlfriends, where does this put me on the moral scale for CWC productions?
[20:38] * Rosey ( has joined #sonichu
[20:38] <BrianClough> it makes it a lot easier to color in etc
[20:38] <sneeze> And cleaner, crisper lines
[20:38] <Maxwell_House> Chris, I drew up some fanart, I emailed it to you, did you get it?
[20:39] <@SonichuGal> Please people, one at a time.
[20:39] <Spankety> burn the gays
[20:39] <BrianClough> and also if you want to change anything all of the parts can be moved about
[20:39] <sneeze> Spankety: yeah because being gay is entirely a choice durrhurr
[20:39] <EXKeine> It is a choice
[20:39] <Spankety> yes
[20:39] <Maxwell_House> well, yesh; it is
[20:39] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've never heard of Vector Graphics; sneeze, you are on thin ice, watch your step; which fan art was that, Maxwell_House?
[20:40] <sneeze> Chris: Are you just jealous that I've been intimate with a girl before though?
[20:40] * Mofo_P sets mode: +b *!*@984FF181.E3477AC7.6DD738B1.IP
[20:40] <Rosey> Chris, would you ever consider switching from markers to crayons for your comics?
[20:40] <BrianClough> well imagine something like ms paint but every shape that you draw can me moved around or resized
[20:40] <Orca> I've also drawn some fanart and sent it to ya Chris.
[20:40] * sneeze was kicked by SonichuGal (Don't diss Chris.�)
[20:40] <Sonichu_Fan> Chris, have you ever thought about using Flash to make Sonichu animations?
[20:40] <@ChrisChanSonichu> lol.
[20:40] <Maxwell_House> just a simple line drawing of you pointing to sonichu as he leaps into action
[20:40] <Orca> Dunno if you received it though...
[20:41] <Rosey> I just think crayons would look nicer.
[20:41] <BrianClough> flash is the next step up from something like Fireworks
[20:41] <Maxwell_House> I could just link you to the image
[20:41] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I prefer markers; better, more reliable tips, and they're more bold than crayons.
[20:41] <Rosey> True.
[20:41] <Bluecheese> but it looks kind of bad
[20:41] <@ChrisChanSonichu> plus, marker ink looks more professional than crayons.
[20:41] <Bluecheese> and takes a loooong time to color with
[20:41] <EXKeine> What about colored pencils? The colors blend better and you can get a finer tip with sharpening
[20:41] <Rosey> Yeah!
[20:41] <Bluecheese> good colored pencils look classy
[20:41] <@ChrisChanSonichu> IDK.
[20:42] <Stalyn> ChrisChanSonichu, i think what others are asking would you ever consider using a computer to draw/color your comics?
[20:42] <BrianClough> you could make them much more quickly and the computer takes care of things like shading
[20:42] <Bluecheese> it would really speed things up and just not be so exhausting on yourself
[20:42] <Maxwell_House> pastel crayons would allow you to have more blending power
[20:42] <@SonichuGal> I was thinking pastel crayons. I remember using those in art class and they were pretty neat.
[20:42] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hand-draw the individual pages, then I retype the text in photoshop and fix some of the images, or add images in that program.
[20:42] <EXKeine> Pastels are a bit hard to use right.
[20:43] <Bluecheese> well you have photoshop
[20:43] <Bluecheese> its very powerful
[20:43] <Maxwell_House> they take some practice
[20:43] <Bluecheese> and actually easy as all get out
[20:43] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep; so is LittleBiGPlanet. :D
[20:43] <BrianClough> photoshop isnt good for vector stuff though
[20:43] <Spankety> penis cheeks
[20:43] <EXKeine> It's good for drawing, but so is OpenCanvas
[20:43] <Bluecheese> no need for vector stuff in a web comic though
[20:44] <Stalyn> ChrisChanSonichu, do you read any webcomics? and if so what are your favorites?
[20:44] * PandaHalo sets mode: +b *!*
[20:44] <Maxwell_House> Actually, if you make the line art on paper, and scan it into paint as pure black&white, you can use the bucket tool to color it
[20:44] * Spankety was kicked by PandaHalo (i told you no more faggotry�)
[20:45] <EXKeine> Yeah, that's what I do.
[20:45] <EXKeine> Or did
[20:45] <DOUKNOUKEM> Oh hey ChrisChanSonichu
[20:45] <DOUKNOUKEM> how are you
[20:45] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am well, thank you.
[20:45] <DOUKNOUKEM> did you make any little big planet levels yet
[20:45] <EXKeine> Except I never used Photoshop and used the GIMP because it was free
[20:45] <DOUKNOUKEM> this game with mgs4 really make me think of getting a ps3
[20:45] <@Mofo_P> ChrisChanSonichu: I remember seeing in your subcomics about a Sonichu Scrapbook, does this have the history of Sonichu in it?
[20:46] <@ChrisChanSonichu> if I did the line art then scan and paint, there would be A LOT of holes to patch up digitally.
[20:46] <DOUKNOUKEM> and i'd like to play your little big planet levels if i eventually get a ps3
[20:46] <@ChrisChanSonichu> so paint doesn't spill outside.
[20:46] <Sonichu_Fan> If I may ask, do you use mechanical pencils for any of your drawings?
[20:46] <Bluecheese> you can actually color it in like a coloring book
[20:46] <@ChrisChanSonichu> no
[20:46] <Bluecheese> make the paint brush as big as you want
[20:46] <BrianClough> what you can do is use the "magic wand" tool and set the tolerance higher
[20:46] <Bluecheese> no no no
[20:46] <Bluecheese> layers
[20:46] <BrianClough> so you dont get any gaps
[20:46] <Bluecheese> a multiply layer is all you need
[20:47] <Bluecheese> no magic wand, not white spaces
[20:47] <Bluecheese> you just just color over it like a coloring book
[20:47] <Bluecheese> and you can erase the color without messing up your lines
[20:47] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I feel better hand-coloring the drawings.
[20:48] <BrianClough> what ever's best for you tbh
[20:48] <Bluecheese> well thats whats important
[20:48] <@Mofo_P> ChrisChanSonichu: I remember seeing in your subcomics about a Sonichu Scrapbook, does this have the history of Sonichu in it?
[20:48] <Sonichu_Fan> You should. Mechcanical pencils are a lot more efficient than ordinary ones if you know how to use them.
[20:48] <@ChrisChanSonichu> basically, yes
[20:48] <Maxwell_House> Are we going back to the sonichu balls story arch, or are we focusing on the dude that stole the medallion?
[20:48] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I prefer pen.
[20:48] * JohnBarnes (~JohnBarne@8C5C2E16.6029BC75.36443E58.IP) has joined #sonichu
[20:48] <EXKeine> What kind of pen?
[20:48] <@ChrisChanSonichu> Pentel RSVP
[20:48] <BrianClough> didn't you have a degree in CAD or something
[20:48] <@SonichuGal> Nice choice.
[20:48] <@SonichuGal> Pentel makes a fine pen.
[20:48] <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes; two CADD degrees.
[20:49] <@Mofo_P> ChrisChanSonichu: COuld you consider uploading it? I'd like to see the development of Sonichu and Bionic and all the other characters from a young age
[20:49] <BrianClough> two? wow
[20:49] <@ChrisChanSonichu> IDK; THAT'S A LOT OF ART TO MEMORIZE ONLINE in my FTP
[20:49] <BrianClough> I bet you could design a car engine
[20:49] <@Mofo_P> We don't know much about how you actually came up with them, it'll be very informative IMO
[20:49] <EXKeine> Other than CADD, what kinds of classes did you take in school?
[20:50] <@PandaHalo> i would also like to see your sonichu scrap book
[20:50] <@SonichuGal> As would I. I'd like to see the evolution of your artistic style.
[20:50] <@PandaHalo> maybe you could mail it to me and i could send it back to you after i've had a look?
[20:50] <Maxwell_House> I would like to take a look at the book
[20:50] <@ChrisChanSonichu> a varitey; math, english, science, ART, 2-years of Spanish, HTML, P.E. and more.
[20:50] * Guest_ (~Guest@DB149B83.FF11B0B7.9F71A1C6.IP) has joined #sonichu
[20:50] * Guest_ (~Guest@DB149B83.FF11B0B7.9F71A1C6.IP) Quit

[20:50] <Stalyn> ChrisChanSonichu, why do you think people troll you?
[20:50] * Guest_ (~Guest@DB149B83.FF11B0B7.9F71A1C6.IP) has joined #sonichu
[20:50] <BrianClough> because they have no life
[20:50] <@ChrisChanSonichu> that's the answer
[20:50] <Sonichu_Fan> Exactly
[20:51] <@SonichuGal> Because they're mean >:/
[20:51] <@ChrisChanSonichu> and for the Cheap Laughs.
[20:51] <Stalyn> yeah but why YOU?
[20:51] <Stalyn> why not someone else
[20:51] * Guest_ is now known as X1800SD
[20:51] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I KNOW.
[20:51] <Laurie> Hi Chris!
[20:51] <@PandaHalo> maybe you could mail your sonichu scrap book to me and i could send it back to you after i've had a look?
[20:51] <BrianClough> a lot of them are jealous of his talents
[20:51] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I ask that question as well; I guess all those celebs have been fully played out.
[20:51] <@Mofo_P> That is curious, of all people to go after they chose you, a poet & artist
[20:52] <@SonichuGal> Let's not forget a storyteller.
[20:52] <Bluecheese> bard
[20:52] <Stalyn> Do you think your work will only be fully appreciated until after your death.. like Van Gogh?
[20:52] * kicker_ ( has joined #sonichu
[20:53] <@SonichuGal> I think this chat shows that isn't the case.
[20:53] <@SonichuGal> We all fully appreciate Chris' art! =D
[20:53] <Maxwell_House> would someone else draw them for you?
[20:53] <BrianClough> yeah and we want to see MORE :)
[20:53] * GuySonich1 ( has joined #sonichu
[20:53] <@ChrisChanSonichu> why ask such a question; it's being appreciated now, by y'all, so thank you all. :)
[20:53] <DoctorWily> Whoa, I'm late to the party, hi there Chris :D
[20:53] <Bluecheese> oh! Chris would you ever consider doing a colab comic?
[20:53] <@ChrisChanSonichu> colab?
[20:54] <Maxwell_House> colaboration
[20:54] <EXKeine> Doing a comic with another artist
[20:54] <Bluecheese> a team up
[20:54] <Sonichu_Fan> *collaboration
[20:54] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have someone in mind.
[20:54] <Maxwell_House> riiight
[20:54] * GuySonichu ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[20:54] <Laurie> Have you ever considered commissions?
[20:54] <Maxwell_House> neat
[20:54] <@SonichuGal> Laurie, I don't think Chris is a sellout.
[20:55] <Maxwell_House> fair enough
[20:55] <@ChrisChanSonichu> she is right; I am not a sellout.
[20:55] <@Mofo_P> ChrisChanSonichu: COuld you give a definition of "Anchuent Powers"? Are they like ancient powers?
[20:55] <Bluecheese> its not selling out to be succesfull
[20:55] <@ChrisChanSonichu> then, I would be a man-slut. lol
[20:55] <Maxwell_House> but you wannt this to be a career, right?
[20:55] <@ChrisChanSonichu> YES
[20:55] <X1800SD> A TRUE Artist works alone!
[20:55] <BrianClough> yeah not like certain evil people who just steal ideas for money
[20:55] <@ChrisChanSonichu> maybe.
[20:55] <@ChrisChanSonichu> I agree.
[20:55] <@PandaHalo> ChrisChanSonichu.. have you ever considered polygamy?
[20:55] <Laurie> Ah, I'm sorry. I just thought that since your art's so amazing, people would want to pay you to do it.
[20:55] <Bluecheese> no they dont Brian
[20:56] <X1800SD> Love is Dead
[20:56] <Bluecheese> well...yeah
[20:56] <@Mofo_P> ChrisChanSonichu: COuld you give a definition of "Anchuent Powers"? Are they like ancient powers?
[20:56] <X1800SD> The only true Love is the love one has for himself
[20:57] <BrianClough> Chris have you ever heard of a guy called Stephen Wiltshire? he's a bit like you, amazingly talented artist with autism
[20:57] <EXKeine> Polygamy isn't a Christian value...
[20:57] <kicker_> i'd just like to know why chris hates the x-box so much
[20:57] <BrianClough> I think you'd like his work
[20:57] <Maxwell_House> ex-bawks
[20:57] <@SonichuGal> Chris has expressed his reasons for disliking the HEX BOX before.
[20:57] <X1800SD> xbox is made by microsoft
[20:57] <@SonichuGal> I'm sure PandaHalo will post the chat logs for future reference soon.
[20:57] <kicker_> what were they
[20:57] <Maxwell_House> yes it is!
[20:57] <EXKeine> Hey Chris, what are your favorite and least favorite foods?
[20:57] <X1800SD> I mean Micro$oft
[20:57] <Maxwell_House> in order!
[20:57] <@SonichuGal> I've been wondering that myself, EXKeine.
[20:58] <@PandaHalo> do you mean this chat chat logs?
[20:58] <@SonichuGal> Logs of previous chats with Chris, I mean. So people can see previous Q&As with Chris =D.
[20:59] <EXKeine> I have logs but I'd have to go through and cut out the Q&A parts.
[20:59] <@Mofo_P> I'd like to suggest posting previous chatlogs to the Q&A section of the new fansite
[20:59] <@SonichuGal> Yeah, Mofo_P has the right idea =D!
[21:00] <Bluecheese> Chris, do you like other comics? Like Marvel or DC?
[21:00] <Bluecheese> I looove Marvel
[21:00] <Maxwell_House> is he still there?
[21:01] <@SonichuGal> Chris, if you'd like, we can moderate the chat so only one person can ask you a question at a time, if that would be easier for you.
[21:01] <@Mofo_P> Yes, if this is a new format for you then we can moderate it more to your pace
[21:02] * BILLY_MAYS ( has joined #sonichu
[21:03] <Maxwell_House> Billy Mays, we missed you!
[21:03] <@SonichuGal> Weclome BILLY_MAYS! Tonight CHRISTIAN WESTON CHANDLER is here to field your questions!
[21:03] <BILLY_MAYS> I miss my license to scream.
[21:03] <BILLY_MAYS> srsly?
[21:03] <Maxwell_House> we all do
[21:03] <@Mofo_P> Yews
[21:03] <@Mofo_P> The True Creator of the Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon is here
[21:03] <@SonichuGal> Accept no immitations!
[21:04] <@Mofo_P> Did I get it right, ChrisCHanSonichu?
[21:04] <BILLY_MAYS> Wow, how lucky are we?
[21:04] <Bluecheese> Official and Originial
[21:04] <Orca> Extremely lucky
[21:04] <X1800SD> As a fellow Artist, I am honoured
[21:04] <BILLY_MAYS> I'm going to need a few minutes to think, I wasn't anticipating this bonus
[21:04] <BILLY_MAYS> Chatting with fellow fans was a treat in itself
[21:05] * Spunkety (~Spunkety@32033900.CF758F80.C2A87CD0.IP) has joined #sonichu
[21:05] <Bluecheese> he's probobly Skyp'n right now
[21:06] * kicker_ ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]�)
[21:10] <X1800SD> A quiet room
[21:10] * Spunkety belches.
[21:10] <DoctorWily> not anymore
[21:10] <@SonichuGal> Excuse you!
[21:10] <BrianClough> it's a hushed silence
[21:10] <@SonichuGal> Spunkety, that is.
[21:10] <X1800SD> Back to life
[21:11] <Maxwell_House> We're just waiting on Chris to answer some questions and such
[21:11] <@Mofo_P> ChrisCHanSonichu could you respond?
[21:11] <@Mofo_P> Are you OK?
[21:11] <Maxwell_House> hmm...
[21:11] <@Mofo_P> We know you suffered some really bad times earlier this week...
[21:11] <@PandaHalo> he's busy talking to me on skype atm hang on a sec guys
[21:11] <@Mofo_P> And we're here to offer words of Trust and Friendship
[21:11] <X1800SD> I will disturb him not.
[21:12] <X1800SD> Trust no one but your self.
[21:12] <Spunkety> and McCain
[21:12] <@[^_^]> If anyone messes with CWC, they'll have me to answer to. :|
[21:12] <Bluecheese> robot dance
[21:12] <X1800SD> I hope so.
[21:12] <@Mofo_P> Thank you facebot
[21:13] <@Mofo_P> Our Digital Friend
[21:13] <Maxwell_House> Anime smiley, s there anything you can't do?
[21:13] <Spunkety> make pretzels
[21:13] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu
[21:13] <Maxwell_House> I could believe that
[21:13] <X1800SD> >^..^<
[21:13] <Spunkety> ^ furry?
[21:13] * Guest_ ( Quit
[21:14] <X1800SD> Black Cat
[21:14] <BILLY_MAYS> I'd listen to Anime Smiley. I for one think he is an awesome guy that has never done anything objectionable in his moderation of this chat.
[21:14] <Maxwell_House> He doesn't afraid of anything
[21:14] <EXKeine> Anime smiley is a pretty cool guy
[21:14] <Maxwell_House> indeed
[21:15] <Maxwell_House> P&A Bear!
[21:15] <Sonichu_Fan> I liek Anime Smiley
[21:15] <BILLY_MAYS> Me too. We have a great history.
[21:15] <Maxwell_House> I wish I had a P&A Bear!
[21:15] <@Mofo_P> facebot, say a few words
[21:15] <@Mofo_P> Enlighten us with your knowledge
[21:16] * Spunkety (~Spunkety@32033900.CF758F80.C2A87CD0.IP) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[21:16] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu
[21:16] * Guest_ is now known as DIMMY_HIWW

[21:16] <DIMMY_HIWW> Hey guys
[21:16] <DIMMY_HIWW> Whats da update?
[21:16] <Sonichu_Fan> >:(
[21:16] <BILLY_MAYS> Ugh.
[21:16] <Maxwell_House> ...not now!
[21:16] <DIMMY_HIWW> What?
[21:16] <Maxwell_House> go away
[21:16] <X1800SD> Darkness
[21:16] <BrianClough> go away
[21:16] <DIMMY_HIWW> whats wrong?
[21:16] <Sonichu_Fan> D:<
[21:17] <X1800SD> Death
[21:17] <Sonichu_Fan> Gtfo
[21:17] <@SonichuGal> No naughty language, Danny!
[21:17] <Maxwell_House> gtfo!
[21:17] <@SonichuGal> There might be children here.
[21:17] <X1800SD> I bow to The Artist
[21:17] <Rosey> lol
[21:18] <Sonichu_Fan> Hi Rosey
[21:18] <Rosey> Hello!
[21:18] * Retrieving #sonichu modes...
[21:18] * SonichuGal sets mode: +m

[21:18] <@SonichuGal> Okay, the chat is now moderated.
[21:18] <@SonichuGal> Only mods can speak.
[21:19] <@SonichuGal> When Chris returns, we'll take questions one by one.
[21:19] * Spunkety ( has joined #sonichu
[21:19] <@SonichuGal> Thanks for your cooperation ^__^.
[21:19] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu
[21:19] * Richter ( has joined #sonichu

[21:20] <@DannyMothman> finally
[21:21] <@DannyMothman> ok you have a question for CWC PM me or another mod
[21:21] <@SonichuGal> Yes.
[21:23] * falsion ( has joined #sonichu
[21:23] * [^_^] sets mode: +o falsion
[21:24] * Guest_ ( Quit
[21:24] * Guest_ ( has joined #sonichu

[21:26] <@DannyMothman> patience
[21:26] <@DannyMothman> lol
[21:27] <@DannyMothman> PM me if you need updates
[21:28] * cogsdev_ ( has joined #sonichu
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[21:32] <@SonichuGal> In the meantime, we'll be holding a dating education class.
[21:32] <@SonichuGal> Based on dating advice given by Christian Weston Chandler.
[21:32] <@SonichuGal> So PM your dating questions to me or Danny and we will field them.
[21:32] <@DannyMothman> yes
[21:32] <@DannyMothman> professor mothman at your service
[21:33] <@DannyMothman> PM me if you have a question for the professor
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