Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 1

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Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 1 is the first call between Chris and Alec, which took place on 22 January 2010.


Chris and Alec discuss the size and location of Asperpedia advertisements on the CWCipedia. Chris tries to dictate the content of Alec's Asperchu comics by telling him to tone down the amount of violence in the series. He also goes on to tell Alec to rename Asperchu's versions of the Chaotic Combo characters to the names created in Sonichu #10.

Alec questions how Chris can hold a copyright on Sonichu when Sonichu is in fact a Pokémon, a derivative of another creator's copyrighted work, after which Chris jumps to change the subject to avoid admitting that Alec has a point. (Chris similarly avoids or ignores the obvious truth about his "original" characters in other conversations with Alec.) Alec also confronts Chris's ill-will towards Asperchu and Alec himself by bringing up the pages of Sonichu #10 where Chris drew his super-form breaking into Alec's house and destroying his website and computer. Chris retaliates by saying that Alec's killing of Chris's fictional characters in Asperchu justifies his fantasies of committing destruction of property and theft. Chris becomes increasingly stressed out as the call goes on and eventually hangs up on Alec, claiming that his phone's battery is running low.

Call 1

Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 1
Stardate 22 January 2010
Featuring Chris; Alec
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu
Audio Recordings
Alec Benson Leary Phone Call 2


Alec: Hi, is this... is this, uh, Christian Weston Chandler?

Chris: Yeah, this is Christian, may I help you?

Alec: Hi Chris, um... this is Alec Benson Leary. Is it o- Is it okay if we talk?

Chris: Oh yes. Uh... Sure. Yes. So uh...

Alec: Okay. Good. Well, uh, there's a couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. Um, first of all, uh... Well I understand you've got a... you've got a problem with the ads that are on CWCipedia? Can you... Can you tell me a little bit more about um... I kinda want to have, you know, get a compromise and- and settle this 'cause... 'cause I don't... I don't want anybody to be angry.

Chris: Okay, well, um... yeah. I'll let you have your ads on the CWCipedia but don't make them too big, and uh, leave 'em in the side bar.

Alec: Okay... um...

Chris: [Interrupts] I don't want- I don't want- I do not want them in- I do not want them c... c... covering over... the introductory box or any- or anything else where I have to scroll down even to edit the pages. Or even to log in.

Alec: Okay, um. Well I understand-

Chris: So- so Okay cool. Just keep your ads on the sidebar.

Alec: Yeah, yeah, my friend Mao, he um, he actually makes the ads for me. I- I didn't make them myself but um, I can try to talk to him about that? Um, about the size.

Chris: Okay. Alright.

Alec: As for like, where on the CWCipedia they are, um... I don't know if Mao controls that or not, I don't think he does. I think... I'm not sure what controls like where the adspace goes, y'know, on the website itself. I mean, I'll talk to Mao about it but I'm not sure if he controls that either.

Chris: Yeah. Okay.

Alec: Yeah like, I can talk to him, so. But you might want to talk to your web manager or whatever, 'cause... 'cause they set up the way the adspace goes, you know?

Chris: Yeah, and also, just uh, just one more concern of mine upon- uh, yeah, I've uh, read your pages on the Asperchu comic. But the-and the recent pages, what do you think you're doing- what do you think you- what do you think you're parodying, Happy Tree Friends?

Alec: Um... W... What- Happy Tree Friends? What's that?

Chris: [Sighs] It's supposed to be like a happy TV-Y show, but it's actually- it's actually adult and dark humor because they go into cut-slashing all the cute characters up and uh, it's- well all the blood and gore and everything, and yet they make them come- th- they make them come back to life unharmed the very next episode, just to slice and duh- slice and dice 'em up again.

Alec: Oh. Um, I've actually never heard of that series. Is that- What is, is that on Cartoon Network or...

Chris: [Talking over Alec] ye- yeah... no you can look it up on Netflix.

Alec: Oh.

Chris: Yeah that's a good place. But anyway, yeah, blood and gore. Yeah, that's not a good way to go, especially when you kill, even con- even considerable facsimiles of my own characters in that sense, and in that detail.

Alec: Well you know, um, I actually- I got a lot of uh, actually positive response from my fans when I did that, um... Because you know, some of my fans have, some of my fans have- [trails off as Chris interrupts]

Chris: Yeah, yeah, that's another thing. Yeah that's another thing. Encourage the fans that were originally my fans to come back to me. I would appreciate that.

Alec: Uh, Well I, I mean, y-you know I-I-I tell my fans all about you all the time, Chris, because, you know, like I've told you in a lot of the letters I've written to you you were a big in- inspiration for me. But um, you know, I don't really know what to say to my- y'know, my fans as far as that goes, I mean... They uh, they love my comic. I mean, they love it. I get a lot, I get a lot of fanmail about it, I mean...

Chris: Yeah, okay. Um, okay how about this, uh, just to make it equal, um, put an advertisement for the CWCipedia on uh- on the Asperpedia. About as much as the Asperpedia ads are on my CWCipedia.

Alec: Um, well, uh, yeah, we might be able to work something out, you know. [Chris continues to try and interrupt Alec.] You'd probably want to contact Mao, 'cause he's my manager. He... he does all the, y'know, the grunt work on Asperpedia. Um, I-I'm not even sure, like what, like how selling the adspace works, but I'm sure he'd be willing to sell you some adspace on Asperpedia. We could definitely try to work something like that out.

Chris: [small sigh, in a whispered tone] Yeah, so anyway, yes... Alright well- alright well, h- Mao and I can talk through e-mail.

Alec: Yeah, yeah. Yeah 'cause, you can- I mean, I, like I said I don't know the details but I know adspace is up for purchase, so...

Chris: Yeah. Alright. Alright, well then, we got it settled on- at least uh, your ads on my CWCipedia. And, uh, yeah, ease up on the- not so much blood and gore. And, uh, try to bring my fans- let my- take m- direct my- redirect my fans back to me.

Alec: Um... well, uh, y-you know, uh... I-I'm trying to think of- of a- a good way to say this, but you know, i- i- we are- we are in kind of a, like a- a friendly competition if you will. I mean, we're, y'know, we're- we're both artists, kind of, y'- i- I mean, I don- I don't really- I-I mean, it doesn't really make sense for an artist to say to his fans, "Hey, hey guys, don't, uh, don't follow me anymore, go back to, y'know, this other artist." I mean, I mean, wo- would you do that to- for your fans? Would you say, "Hey, hey fans, go- go talk to Alec," or "go watch Alec's cartoon," or anyone else's cartoon, really? No, you want- you want the fans to follow you, right?

Chris: Um. Okay, um. Okay, yeah, I can understand that. Um, okay, um.

Alec: Yeah, Mm-hmm.

Chris: Well since, well since you and I are on- are on okay, agreeing mutua- ah- uh- okay talking tones right now...

Alec: Mmm-hmm?

Chris:... how about I, uh, how about I just, uh, re- how 'bout I just, uh, remove all the bad talk I have- I have against you, and then start- and then start saying that, I- that you're- that you're okayyy, that your- your- your s- your- your co- your, uh, comics are okaaaay, that- and uh, you know, you- ah- y'know, but still saying like, you know, I would appreciate it if you would stay being my fans, but, y'know, if you want to go look at, uh, your w- go look at his work and- that's fine I can't stop you there, but y'know, [Alec tries to interject.] [stuttering] I think you asked- I think you asked me long ti-

Alec: Well actually, I'm glad that you're- I'm glad that you're bringing this up 'cause, um, uh, y- I do say we're on friendly terms right now and I'd like to keep it that way because, your- you know, I- I- I got my start because of you, um, but to be- to be honest, I want to be honest and frank, y-uh, with you.

Chris: Mm. Mm.

Alec: Um, you made a couple of videos. And I don't- I don't watch all your videos but I-I do try to keep up, I mean I spent a lot of time drawing comics, so I don't have a lot of time to, y'know, watch videos anymore but um, I saw a couple of videos where you, uh, you actually threatened me with uh, y'know, physical puni...

Chris: [interrupts] Umm, yeah. Okay well...

Alec: [Trying to talk] And that didn't make me feel-

Chris: [Talking over Alec] I was uh, I was, well I was more aaangry back then because it was an immediate, uh, response, but now things have settled down and we're talking okay. [Alec attempts to speak] I can- I'll make- I can make a new video jus' saying like, you know, I apologize for those threats, and uh, that things are okay here.

Alec: Okay and, and about uh, you um- also the video where you, uh... you wanted your- your dog to eat me, or something like that, you- you- your dog to eat my soul, I mean that- I- I- Like, the death threats were kind of scary to begin with, but that, that was just disturbing, Chris, I- [trails off]

Chris: Mm, yeah, okay, okay yeah, well I'll- okay, well I- I'll take- I'll take that back as well, I'm sorry.

Alec: Okay, and, and um, that- that kind of leads me into another point, um you, you're under the impression that, um... that I was, that I was besmirching your dog in my comic, and I'm not really sure what you mean by that. [Chris interrupts: Well, you're j- I- It's just tha-] Could you explain to me?

Chris: Okay well, the villain, the dog- the dog in your comic, i- it looks simila- it looks similar to my dog, especially around the green neckerchief and, uh, other parts that are green on that dog. [Alec: Well, I mean, y'know, Chris, that's just...] And the, and the shape of the dog, just looks like my dog.

Alec: Well it's just a-a lot of dogs look like that, Chris, I mean a lot of... it- i- i- it's just a neckerchief, I mean, y'know, it's just a little flair for the dog. That doesn't mean it's your dog. I- Y'know...

Chris: Yeah.

Alec: I think- I think honestly you kind of make that, uh, assumption with a lot of my characters, 'cause it seems like you think that, um, a lot of my characters were y'know, like ripping off your characters, or- or even you yourself, because you said that Asperchu was...

Chris: Yeah- Yeah, Buddha- Yeah, Buddha belly and the manboobs and the glasses...

Alec: Well I mean, Chris, y- y'know, Asperchu is not a-

Chris: Oh, and the sweetheart search thing and the future daughter.

Alec: Well I mean, c- Asperchu's not a parody, Chris, I mean he's an original creation, like...

Chris: Okay... Uhhkay.

Alec: You know, y'know, just because he has, y'know, the glasses, and the Buddha belly, and the- and- and the- the manboobs, and... and the goatee, you know, that doesn't make him a parody of you. I mean, that's... And y- and besides you said you had the past Budd-

Alec: -I mean, how could it be a parody of you if, if your belly is in the past, and Asperchu has it currently?

Chris: If I-if I, you, you mean if I, yeah, currently do not have the Buddha belly.

Alec: Well, e- e- exactly, so Asperchu can't be a parody of you, right?

Chris: Okay. Well...

Alec: I mean, doesn't that- that makes sense to me, does it... doesn't that make sense to you?

Chris: Okay, I s- yeah, that's fine. Umm...

Alec: I mean, it's just a little- it seems- it seems a little naïve to- to think that, y'know, Asperchu and- and e- everything are parodies of your char- I mean- I mean, I do include some of your characters in the comic, and those- those- yeah. But my original characters are purely original. Asperchu... nothing about Asperchu is a parody. [Chris tries to interrupt, but Alec continues] And actually- actually, I'd kinda... I'd kinda like you to, uh... when you issue your retraction video to, to um, y'know, to let everyone know that Asperchu is original and is not a parody in any way. Or- Or if there- there- y'know, I- and- oh, and, and you did mention that I don't have a disclaimer on my comics, but uh, that made me think I should create a disclaimer and so I did, um, so- so if there are- are any elements that look parodic, that, y'know, I'm covered.

Chris: Yeah, okay, yeah. And also, yeah, guh- you definitely do reference, uh, my Sonichu and my CWCville and especially the Chaotic Combo recently.

Alec: Well as you said those weren't yours, though. You said those were copies. You said those were just, you know, copies of...

Chris: Yeah- yeah- your- yeah- your versions just, uh- are just, facsim- are just recreational recreations- recreated facsimilies. [Chris and Alec talk over each other.] Um, okay so let's agree to that...

Alec: [Trying to speak] Can I ask-can I ask you, uh, something then, about the Chaotic Combo and Sonichu? If those were just facsimiles, those weren't really yours...

Chris: No they were- no, they were all- actually they were all mine. [Alec: Okay, so they- so then-] They were all- they were originally mine.

Alec: But, the ones that I drew, are those facsimiles or are those not? You're confusing me.

Chris: Uhh...okay well...

Alec: Because you, in your, uhh... in your comic, you came and you took them away, in yo- in your recent pages of your comic. I mean you said in- you said in- in the comics that those were mine, but, you know, so they must be original, right? [Chris tries to interrupt, but Alec continues] You said in the comic they weren't the Chaotic Combo, so they must be original. But then you came and took them. I-I don't get- and you renamed them and re- restyled them.

Chris: [finally manages to break in] Listen, listen, okay. The Chaotic Combo, in my comics, before- be- beh- appeared before book number 10, and [stuttering] originated in CWCville, Virginia, not in Minnesota, those are originally mine. But the ones that you re-drew and, uh, gay- and then, uh, made them different from what the- from how they originally were, in my comics, then that's definitely, totally- nnyeah, that- fax- dax- facsimilies. Carbon copies...

Alec: Mine? Then, why did you take them?

Chris: Okay, well I mean-okay number one-

Alec: And not just the Combo, you tried to retake my Asperchu. And Asperchu wasn't, you know, a copy of anything. You- you renamed him Mitch Sonichu. I mean, Asperchu's mine. You- I don't really appreciate that.

Chris: Hm.

Alec: You know, you accuse me of thievery, but then you go and take- and try to take my Asperchu.

Chris: Okay well you did- Okay well no- you did take my Sonichu, and, uh, make him claim to be the original one, and you did claim orig- you did m- you did make it obvious in your comics where he was the h- where he was the original one, from the city of CWCville, and even worse you made him brother to Asperchu, and uh, with the homosexual tendencies and whatnot, even when you redrew- even when you drew the, uh... when you drew the Chaotic Combo hedgehogs, you made Wild a homosexual even when he is not.

Alec: Well, but Wild's- that Wild's not your's. What does it matter if- if my Wild's gay? I mean, I felt it was- felt it was depth to the character, I was just trying to give them a little personality. An- An- And the homosexual references, okay this is something that came up before...

Chris: Okay well listen, okay well aside from the [unintelligible] Sonichu-

Alec: Asperchu has a girlfriend, Dixie Chu.

Chris: [pause] Um... No, actually, I read further in the book and Dixie Chu dumped his ass.

Alec: Eh- Well... C'mon, she doesn't- she doesn't- she doesn't- no, she doesn't mean that, she doesn't mean that. They're, they're destined to be together, Chris, I mean, you c- can't you see those undertones? I mean that's- that's where this whole comic is going. And besides, he's shown he's straight, I mean even if a girl does dump him, what does it matter? He... He went after a girl. He didn't go after a boy. Like you said, Sonichu is his brother, I mean, why would he... you know, even if he was gay why would he go for his brother? That's just- that's just sick. I mean, why would you think that?

Chris: [Sigh] Yeah, anyway, oka- okay, well, i- in your comi- listen, how about this, in your comics, when you, uh, in the future, or in re-or in re-referencing the past pages, the, uh, Sonichu that is Asperchu's brother, you just refer to him as "Michael," and the Wild you'd refer to him as "Bobby", and the Angelica, "Trisha," et cetera, just like I said in my pages. And "Mitch" can be Asperchu's nickname.

Alec: But, Chris, those aren't really their characters' names. I mean, Bobby and- and Mitch and- and- and... I- I forget the other names, I- I- I think you renamed Bubbles "Kitty," something like that. I mean those aren't, those aren't their- their names. They have the same names as your Chaotic Combo.

Chris: Okay but, okay but you see, when I gave the, c- the, uh, Chaotic chara- Chaotic Combo characters those names, originally, in my books, those would be their nick- those would be their nicknames, just, I mean- they're all Sonichus and Rosechus indivi- individually, but they're just of different types, like uh, you w- like, uh, without the nickname, Wild, he would be Grass Sonichu, Bubbles would be Water Rosechu, Flying Rosechu, Fighting Sonichu, Psychic Sonichu, et cetera...

Alec: Okay, I- I understand what you're sayi- well see, there's- there's one of the- there's one of the differences, though, because in my comic, those are really their names. I mean, you know, Angelica, Punchy, Bubbles, Magi-chan...

Chris: No no, you see- no, you see, in MY- y- y- y'see, in- but- the- but those are actually their names in MY book. In my book.

Alec: Their nicknames, you said. In my comic they're their actual names. That's the difference.

Chris: No, I'm- I'm talking in reference to the Pokémon game, you know, if you wanted to na- if you wanted to give- if you wanted to name your Bulbasaur, they call it giving it a nickname, but really it's just giving them their NAME. So, therefore, the grass Sonichu in my book is Wild, the water Rosechu in my books are Bubbles, et cetera, et cetera, so-

Alec: Y- You know, Chris-

Chris: I- It- It wou- It would work better if you just take the nickna- the uh, names I suggested for your var- for your variations of those characters and just reference to them as such.

Alec: Chris, um, my characters aren't Pokémon, though. I don't draw Pokémon. That's not how it works in my comic.

Chris: Y-yeah you have been drawing Pokémon, Sonichu is an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Alec: I- I thought he was a- a Sonichu, I mean... I thought that- I thought that was, like, a species...

Chris: Sonichu is an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. If you read back in bo- in my Book Number Zero, I re- I make it perfectly clear that Sonichu and Rosechu are Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Alec: Um, oh, okay. Um, well, I think the point of confusion there is, um, where their- like, I've never seen any Poké Balls in your comic, or- or trainers, or any of those other Pokémon elements, you know? Like, shouldn't they live in Poké Balls?

Chris: Yes, there's a Poké Ball that specially catches Sonichus and Rosechus called the S-Chu Ball, and there is- there is a reference to that within the books. The crystals were the Sonichu Ball crystals, before I decided to rename them Chaotic Crystals, and we do have a train- we have two trainers. Naitsirhc was a Pokémon trainer, he had a Zapdos, he had a red Gyarados, he had a Mewtwo...

Alec: Okay, but Chris, those are- those are like Zapdos, and Mewtwo, and Gyarados, I mean does anyone-Sonichu lives in a house, doesn't he, I mean he lives like a- like a person-

Chris: Yeah, yeah, okay well you see, he was originally a wild Pokémon in the original Sonichu, but the original Rosechu was originally a Raichu that was caught and trained by the Pokémon trainer Kellie, Kel for short.

Alec: But, they live on their own now. I mean when they became Sonichu and Rosechu, they're- they're people, right? I mean they live like people, they have jobs like people. Sonichu has a job, doesn't he? I mean, what does he do?

Chris: Yeah well you see, yeah, well, see- yeah, well, in that case, Kel wanted- Kel wanted to move on with her Pokémon trainer career, but Rosechu and Sonichu wanted to live happy, individual lives togedder, s-

Chris: -so upon realizing that, Kel just let them go, just like Ash released his Butterfree so he can go mate with the pink Butterfree.[1]

Alec: Oh. Well I uh, I actually didn't know any of that. But I di-I digress, um, the point is-the point is that Asperchu and my version of the Chaotic Combo, all those characters, those are not Pokémon in my comics, I mean, Pokémon don't exist in the world of Asperchu. Because, you see, like Asperchu, he lives in his grandparent's house, he is a person.

Chris: Hm. Yeah, okay well my-

Alec: [overlapping] My Sonichu is a person, my Chaotic Combo are people...

Chris: Okay well, okay, alright, but that still makes it sound like my characters when you talk about THE Sonichu from CWCville...

Alec: They're not your characters, we've established that. They're not yours, I mean, they're my characters. [Trying to talk over Chris] Original. My comic is not a parody.

Chris: Okay, Sonichu and Rosechu, I actually have paper-registered copyrights on those. So I could sue you, but I'm trying to resolve this peacefully.

Alec: You have--o... okay, so you have the copyright-

Chris: Yeah, look under the copyright section of the-on the CWCipedia. It actually has the scan of the paper from the Virginia Library of Congress as well as the envelope that it came in.

Alec: You have a copyright of Sonichu. Um...

Chris: Yes.

Alec: Isn't--but-but you said Sonichu's a Pokémon, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure Nintendo has the copyright claim to Pokémon.

Chris: Still, it's Sonichu.

Alec: I mean, that's a good point, I might just wanna contact Nintendo just to make sure everything's okay, to make sure I'm not stepping on their toes.

Chris: [something between a sigh and a scoff] They have been contacted before, and everything's okay, so you don't need to do that.

Alec: But, well then... I mean, how can you hold the copyright to a Pokémon? [Chris interrupts him after this sentence]

Chris: The Virginia Library of Congress has allowed me... [stress sigh]

Alec: Wouldn't it--well, the Virginia Library of Congress, you know, is, [Chris tries interrupting again] can't tell Nintendo what to do, I mean, they can't tell Nintendo to just hand over copyrights to their, their creations, to just anybody.

Chris: [stress sigh]

Alec: I mean, you know, Nintendo could take... y'know, the Virginia Library of Congress to court and say, hey wait a minute, you know, you issued this copyright illegally.

Chris: [massive stress sigh]

Alec: It's just the Library of Congress.

Chris: [mumbling unintelligibly] Okay look, let's just, uh, agree to uh, okay this is... what we're talking about right now just seems pointless to what we were originally talking about. Let's just agree that, uh--

Alec: I don't think it's pointless, I mean I'm just trying to establish the... I mean you said you could sue me, I don't want to, you know, just let that go, I mean I don't want to get sued, nobody wants to get sued. I just don't understand how you could sue me-that's what I'm confused on, I mean, you're confusing me, Chris.

Chris: [stress sigh]

Alec: I mean, call me naïve, but this is-I just don't get exactly what you're getting at.

Chris: Okay well-okay yeah, I'm trying to prevent from having to go into the legal issues as well, so-

Alec: Well I appreciate that, but I just don't understand how you have a legal ground to sue me, I mean, because Pokémon-

Chris: -because I-because I do hold the copyright to Sonichu.

Alec: But Sonichu's a Pokémon.

Chris: [flustered] Look, let's just rewind, can we-can we-let's just rewind and go back to what we agreed on before, you know re-uh-readjusting the advertisement signs and uh, giving me, a possible CWCipedia ad on the Asperpedia, and, we just-let the Sonichu in your book be known as-be known as Michael Sonichu, as well as the other Sonichus and Rosechus of the Chaotic Combo, of my Chaotic Combo, let's just rename them the names I suggested in my book-

Alec: Umm.

Chris: In your book.

Alec: Alright, like I said I'll talk to Mao about the ads; as far as the renaming goes, if you're-I guess you can make up some characters, Mike Sonichu, Mitch Sonichu and whatever, that's your comic book, if you want to create those characters that's fine. I mean, like I said I'm not going to rename my characters.

Chris: [Sigh]

Alec: And-and you know now that you bring this back to the table, another thing that kind of vexed me in your comic was that you as a, you as uh, Collosal Chan-was it Collosal Chan or Collosal Chu? I don't recall-

Chris: It is Collosal-it is Collosal Chris-chan, that'd be me in my super form after releasing the seven Chaotic Crystals, or the "Sonichu Ball Crystals" as they are also known as.

Alec: Okay. So Collosal Chris-chan and uh, Sonichu, and he was in his ultra form, I think-you two came to, well first of all you saw the drawing of Asperchu's house and you mistook that as my house. Just to clarify, that's not my house, I made up that house, that-that came out of nowhere, I just decided hey, you know, a big dull-looking happy house, that'd be funny as Asperchu's home, but, but anyway, you thought it was my house and you came to what you thought was my house and you broke into my house and after breaking and entering-which is a crime, by the way-you proceeded to hack into my computer, and I think you deleted the entire Asperpedia website, and then you deleted all my files of Asperchu comics and everything else, and then I think you stole some dating program or something that you thought was on my-I, I mean this is a multitude of crimes, Chris, that was criminal intent. I mean, why did you do that, you know, those are illegal acts.

Chris: [sigh]

Alec: You know, I mean, that's not a nice thing to do.

Chris: [defensively] Yeah, well it wasn't very nice taking the Sonichu that was originally from CWCville, and then claiming him to be Asperchu's brother. [burps] Excuse me.

Alec: Chris, I didn't show Asperchu breaking into Sonichu's house and destroying valuable documents on his computer. I mean this comic is going to be my lifeblood, this is my franchise, this is my multimedia empire I'm trying to build here, and you just destroyed it on a whim. I mean, why did you do that? I-I just don't get that. Asperchu ne-Asperchu has been nice to Sonichu since they've met, they've been friends and they've treated each other like brothers, and they fought battles side by side. I mean haven't you ever had a website hacked before? I have, it sucks, you know, do you know what it feels like to have your videos and computer hacked?

Chris: I-I have, truly I have, and it was not very nice; I had the original Sonichu site, which was CWC's Sonichu Site simply, originally on the Tripod web server, hacked into by one Clyde Cash.

Alec: Well then you know how much it sucks, why would you do it to another person? I mean it's one thing if it never happened to you, if it never happened to you it's still bad but you can claim ignorance, but, but you-it happened to you, and then you turned around and did it to me. I mean, why the double standard, Chris, why is it okay to hack into my computer and destroy my files?

Chris: [Groans, then sighs] Okay I'm gonna go ahead and- cause you gave me permission to call you, and I'm going to call you, naï- [static cuts off Chris before he completes the word 'naïve' ]

Alec: Chris, you're cutting off.

Chris: Because I have-I have tried to explain to you as clearly as possible, in my own best words I could come up with, that I'm getting tired of this long, drawn-out conversation, that obviously you're just too naïve to understand! Think about it! Think long and hard-read all my comic pages, from book number zero to the last-to the current page-

Alec: me understand why you threatened me in videos and-and drew yourself breaking into my house and committing multiple felonies. That's what I'm asking an explanation for, I mean the ads, and the naming issue, we settled that, this is a new issue and I'm trying to talk it out with you.

Chris: Okay, yeah okay, well you referenced the Sonichu in your book to be the one from CWCville, and then making him, without my permission, Asperchu's brother. And then without my permission, you took the-

Chris: -you recreated the Chaotic Combo, and then reformatted their personalities in more ways than one, without my permission! And then you go kill-and then you go kill off with blood and gore detail, and then your recreation of Angelica-the flyer, the grass, and the fighter, who are also known as Angelica, Wild, and Punchy! How do you think I feel about that, how would you like it if I went into blood and gory detail of slicing and dicing Jonas Chu, that green one, [Alec tries to interrupt] Jivin, and Max? I'm sorry, what?

Alec: Oh, I just said the green one is, is Peter Chu. Um, okay, I understand why you're angry, but didn't we already establish that the characters I drew are not related to your Chaotic Combo? I mean, in your mailbag, I've seen a lot of people have written to you about the Chaotic Combo, and, you know, other Asperchu similarities and things like that, and your response, almost always, is Alec Benson Leary and Asperchu have no relation to you whatsoever-

Chris: [sigh] In reference to the business, as in like, you know, I actually never originally gave you or Mao permission to put the ads on the CWCipedia in the first place, especially in such large proportions where I had to scroll down to even edit the page or even to log in. But I never even gave you permission to put the ads in the introductory box, which is a felony that Jack Thaddeus has violated before-

Alec: Yeah, yeah that Jack guy, that's the name of the guy I know that Mao bought the adspace from. He told me. But um, as I understand the way the ads work is you know, if a website hosts, you know, public adspace that can be purchased for advertising, anybody can buy the rights to advertise.

Chris: Yeah, I get that.

Alec: Yeah, so I mean, how is that illegal that I purchased the adspace? And you said it was illegal, you said it was wrongful a number of times, I know you've used that word-

Chris: Yeah. Because I was not in the loop about this...

Alec: Well, that's between you and your web manager. You should be in the loop about it, I agree about that, you should be in the loop about it. But I can't be held responsible if you didn't get that information from your webmaster.

Chris: [sigh] Alright, well listen, the battery power on my phone is running low, so, perhaps we could talk again another time. You take care-you take care, stay safe, bye now.

Alec: Uh... I'd like to talk- [interrupted by Chris, who hangs up]

First Alec Benson Leary calls Chris and Alec Call 2


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