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This page contains DMs between Chris and Copitz.

Support Group Proposal

Unclear date (Copitz uploaded to Discord on 3 June 2018)[1]

Hey, Christian!

I hear you're getting trolled as well; I just wanted to let you know that you can always talk with me about anything of them bothering you, and you also have Eric, Carson and Lee to talk with. You have Plenty of supporting and good friends by your side.

Thanks, Christine. I appreciate that. I have been talking to some other fans of you who have made an impact and they have given me many tips on how to handle the harassment. I think it will all end up well. Where have you heard that I was being trolled/harassed, I must ask?
I have a most Valuable ally and friend. Also it may interest you to know someone else who could use your support as well and encouragement. On Twitter, Bryan Shaklee also known as Bryan frog boy, and Doopie DoOver. As you are aware, both of them are very skilled artists, Yet both of them are getting trolled and bullied; And neither of them are able to handle it. I was thinking about putting together an online support group with the help of my friend. And perhaps you handle it so could use the support of the rest of us who have coped with them and muster through. and your friends can be a help to us as well and putting this group together. And I know that there are more people just getting Troll and folate and unable to [cutoff]
That is true. Let me know when you are setting up this support group if you need help. I think it is a good idea


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