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It's my representation of me stompin' on the Troll's Dicks. They come to me; I'll send them to the hospital, but the vasectomy would have ALREADY been executed.

BlueSpike Skype Logs 2 details the chats between Chris and Julie from 19-22 January 2009.


The talk begins with Julie's concern over the security of Chris’s account. They then discuss a video that Chris uploaded to reaffirm his heterosexuality. Julie asks Chris to confirm what he stepped on in the video; Chris replies that it is a plastic “dildo” that he received from Adam & Eve as a free gift. He claims that he had never used it, and that he never would; he used it as a representation of the trolls’ dicks, a voodoo dick, if you will. Julie worries about Chris’s level of stress, and offers to alleviate his suffering; Chris declines, but mentions he would enjoy a friendly visit from Julie. Julie then offers to play “games” with Chris, who agrees that they could. Chris stresses the short distance between Julie’s residence in Ohio and his home in Virgina.

Chris mentions Clyde, and how he posed as Jason and Gregg Mays; he also mentions Clyde’s supposed hacking enterprises. Chris mentions Ryan Cash’s tragic suicide “over the ONE TIME [he] said that [he] would quit drawing comics.” Chris explains that he apologized, and how he will go to the police and make another video to Clyde. A new conversation pops up later – Chris explains that he can’t help with a fight in the IRC as he has to clean up a mess in the kitchen. Julie then mentions how Clyde is making threats to rape Julie and how he already has Panda. Chris dismisses these claims, until Julie mentions that Clyde knows where Julie lives. The conversation continues later; Chris is recovering from the horrific aftermath of the IRC chat.

Later, Chris mentions that his mother has bemoaned several things, including “being old”; Chris’s phrasing demonstrates his egocentrism and shows that he simply doesn’t listen to his mother’s complaints. The next day, Julie brings up the IRC chat again, and seems to throw Panda under the bus by pointing out that Panda has conspired against Chris. Chris states that he will still care about Panda, despite her “transgressions” in the chat. The day after that, Julie expresses her shock that Chris has given away the rights to Sonichu to Clyde Cash; Chris vehemently denies this, and mentions how he’ll make another video to “clear this up.” It seems that Clyde is acting up again in the IRC, and Chris can’t be bothered to defend his sexuality. Julie brings up the unknown address of the new Sonichu site, but Chris still refuses to divulge it. Julie presses Chris for more information about the IRC chat, but he asks for a web hosting site and brushes off her inquiries.


19 January

[19:33:11] BlueSpike: Uh-oh, Chris..I sent an e-mail to one of your accounts! Does that mean the mean trolls are gonna get it?
[19:33:58] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. No, I do not think so; I've had my account closed and just reponed it; I think you're safe.
[19:34:11] BlueSpike: I hope so. D:
[19:34:25] Christopher C.W.C.: No worries. :D
[19:34:30] BlueSpike: So, I just saw your new video. Way to go!
[19:34:38] Christopher C.W.C.: yep
[19:35:00] BlueSpike: What is it you stepped on, though? I can't tell what it is. :O
[19:35:30] Christopher C.W.C.: the dildo I had received FREE with an order from
[19:35:43] BlueSpike: Oh, okay. I was just curious what it was.
[19:35:44] Christopher C.W.C.: Never used it; Never will.
[19:35:50] BlueSpike: That's awesome to hear. ;D
[19:36:27] Christopher C.W.C.: It's my representation of me stompin' on the Troll's Dicks. They come to me; I'll send them to the hospital, but the vasectomy would have ALREADY been executed.
[19:36:44] Christopher C.W.C.: with my FOOT with my SHOE.
[19:37:11] BlueSpike: Cool!
[19:37:48] BlueSpike: Chris, is there anything I can do to make you feel better? You shouldn't be stressed out because of those jerks. :(
[19:38:48] Christopher C.W.C.: I will be fine, but thank you for your concern. I am saving myself for Sarah C McK; I can still appreciate a friendly visit from you, if you're still planning to visit me.
[19:39:09] BlueSpike: I knew you're saving yourself, I meant maybe we can play some games. >.>
[19:39:21] Christopher C.W.C.: yes, we can.
[19:39:28] BlueSpike: Yay!
[19:39:41] Christopher C.W.C.: I have multiple Guitars for any PS2 or 3 Guitar Hero games.
[19:39:55] BlueSpike: Cool!
[19:40:10] BlueSpike: Once I get the money to take a trip to Virginia, I'll be there in a heartbeat!
[19:40:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I see. What are you doing to raise the money for the trip?
[19:40:59] BlueSpike: I got some money from a friend, I might get a job while I'm here.
[19:42:26] Christopher C.W.C.: You're currently in Ohio, right?
[19:42:48] BlueSpike: Yup.
[19:43:30] Christopher C.W.C.: did you know, and you can find this on ANY USA map, but you are JUST North-West of Virginia, with ONLY West Virginia in between the two states.
[19:43:38] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[19:43:41] BlueSpike: Oh!
[19:43:47] BlueSpike: I never looked at a USA map!
[19:44:00] BlueSpike: I should of, I had no idea!
[19:44:05] Christopher C.W.C.: You can get a map to my address from your current address on and porbably drive here.
[19:44:09] Christopher C.W.C.: *probably
[19:44:18] BlueSpike: I'll look it up later.
[19:44:22] BlueSpike: But I have a question.
[19:44:27] Christopher C.W.C.: you do have my address, right?
[19:44:31] BlueSpike: Who is this Clyde Cash fellow in the IRC?
[19:44:32] BlueSpike: And yes, I do.
[19:44:38] Christopher C.W.C.: cool.
[19:45:57] Christopher C.W.C.: Clyde, was POSING as Jason Kendrick Howell/Gregg Mays, who hacked into my Triopd accounts and recently into my AOL account; he has informed me that he is the OLDER brother of Ryan Cash; the suicider who did himself in over the ONE TIME I said that I would quit drawing comics in protest against the E.D. Page.
[19:46:15] BlueSpike: Uh-oh.
[19:46:25] BlueSpike: He must be mad at you because of what Ryan did...:(
[19:46:32] BlueSpike: Did he say anything to you?
[19:46:34] Christopher C.W.C.: I did apologize.
[19:47:00] Christopher C.W.C.: as you may have seen in the YouTube Video.
[19:47:17] BlueSpike: I did.
[19:47:30] BlueSpike: He didn't threaten you, did he? :O
[19:48:10] Christopher C.W.C.: I have received an anonymous phone call on my cell from some guy in Louisville, Kentucky; found the state from his 502 area code, saying that Clyde may kill off my family and whatnot, but I see it as only an idle threat.
[19:48:49] BlueSpike: Uh-oh..
[19:48:57] BlueSpike: I'll pray for your safety, Chris.
[19:49:08] Christopher C.W.C.: I appreciate that, thank you.
[19:49:22] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm going to go to the police about it soon.
[19:50:25] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm not too worried about it. Although I think it would probably be advisable to do another video addressing Clyde and further apologize for his brother's death.
[19:50:37] BlueSpike: That may be the best idea.
[19:50:49] BlueSpike: Perhaps you should do the video first and maybe he'll accept your apoligy? :O
[19:50:55] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[19:50:58] Christopher C.W.C.: ttyl
[19:51:03] BlueSpike: Okay.
[20:13:03] BlueSpike: !
[20:13:13] BlueSpike: We're fighting Clyde Cash in the IRC! Can you help us, Chris?
[20:13:46] Christopher C.W.C.: not right now, I have a spot of mess to clean up in the kitchen.
[20:14:10] BlueSpike: But...Clyde..Okay..
[20:14:52] BlueSpike: But there's nothing we can do!
[20:14:54] BlueSpike: I'm scared!
[20:15:00] BlueSpike: Can't you clean up later?
[20:15:33] BlueSpike: He says he knows where I am..
[20:15:41] BlueSpike: Please, CHris..
[20:16:55] BlueSpike: He-he says he's going to visit me...
[20:17:59] BlueSpike: Chris, you really need to help..I'm scared..
[20:20:23] BlueSpike: Chris, he said he's going to rape me.....
[20:20:29] BlueSpike: Please..He's telling me he already got Panda..
[20:21:55] Christopher C.W.C.: He's just shooting off empty smoke; let it pass.
[20:22:09] BlueSpike: He PMed me my street..
[20:22:15] BlueSpike: Please, Chris. You need to help us.
[20:22:18] BlueSpike: I'm worried.
[20:22:27] Christopher C.W.C.: where do I go for the IRC?
[20:22:47] BlueSpike:
[20:22:50] BlueSpike: that's where the chat is
[20:23:05] Christopher C.W.C.: is NOW obsolete as well for the Sonichu Site.
[20:23:10] Christopher C.W.C.: but I'll be there.
[20:23:15] BlueSpike: Thank you so much.
[22:14:13] BlueSpike: Chris, I saw everything..Do you want to vent out to me?
[22:15:24] BlueSpike: Tell me how you feel.
[22:15:51] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm okay; Sarah May is helping me cope with the aftermath.
[22:16:20] BlueSpike: Aww, I was hoping I could be useful to you. ;-; Can I still help? I really wanna be of some help after that.
[22:16:32] Christopher C.W.C.: You are still helpful to me.
[22:16:53] BlueSpike: Then please, let me prove that I can be great help.
[22:17:02] BlueSpike: Please, vent to me. I want to help as much as possible.
[22:17:18] BlueSpike: Tell me how you feel, and I'll share with you my feelings, which are true.
[22:17:46] Christopher C.W.C.: You are a trusted gal-pal, and I know in my heart that you will continue to hold up your true feelings for me, and defend for my own as well, and I thank you for that.
[22:17:59] BlueSpike: You're welcome, I should be thanking you.
[22:18:23] BlueSpike: Let me know if you need ANYTHING, I'll be there.
[22:18:56] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[22:19:02] BlueSpike: :)
[22:19:15] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll let you thank me for visiting me the earliest chance you get.
[22:19:25] BlueSpike: I'm still trying.
[22:19:51] Christopher C.W.C.: and I humbly thank you, and I am proud of you for trying.
[22:20:12] BlueSpike: Thank you, I am also proud of YOU for telling those trolls how you felt.
[22:20:26] Christopher C.W.C.: I try and do when I have to.
[22:20:34] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll check in again with you later.
[22:20:49] BlueSpike: Okay.
[22:21:00] BlueSpike: TTYL.
[22:21:40] BlueSpike: May I ask what you're going to do now? Are you going to confront the trolls further in another video? Or anything else?
[22:22:09] Christopher C.W.C.: I have a plan, and I will let you know soon enough about it.
[22:22:19] BlueSpike: Alright.
[22:22:34] BlueSpike: If you need to contact me, try calling. I'll most likely notice that quickly.
[22:22:52] BlueSpike: I can't talk as well, but it'll ease you from typing.
[22:23:14] Christopher C.W.C.: okay.
[22:25:54] BlueSpike: Would you like to call now?
[22:25:59] BlueSpike: I'd like to talk to you if you wish.
[22:28:31] Christopher C.W.C.: it's okay; I'm not up for it right now; my mother just vented her stress off onto me from these same matters and cleaning up stuff and being old.
[22:28:45] BlueSpike: I see. :(
[22:29:04] Christopher C.W.C.: but there will still be the times in the future and when you come to visit me.
[22:29:05] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[22:29:24] BlueSpike: There will.
[22:29:28] BlueSpike: I promise you that.
[22:29:32] BlueSpike: I'll do everything in my power.
[22:29:43] Christopher C.W.C.: cool. :)
[22:30:04] Christopher C.W.C.: do you have a webcam?
[22:30:12] BlueSpike: Sadly, no. :(
[22:30:25] BlueSpike: Why?
[22:30:43] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm thinkin' of callin' you anyway, just to hear you for a bit.
[22:30:59] BlueSpike: Still, no mic. Remember? It'd be nice to hear you though. :)
[22:31:41] Christopher C.W.C.: I hear you; it was that you said that I could call you; I had thought you had a mic at least.
[22:31:54] BlueSpike: Not yet. :(
[22:32:59] BlueSpike: I'd still love a call though, you could talk.
[22:33:03] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll check in again later.
[22:33:06] BlueSpike: Okay.

20 January

[14:28:28] BlueSpike: Hi Chris. :)
[14:49:12] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. How are you?
[15:11:35] BlueSpike: I'm awesome, thanks for asking!
[15:11:37] BlueSpike: How are you?
[15:33:16] BlueSpike: Chris, Clyde is back and he says he wants to talk to you. Do I tell him no? Some people say they're getting real offended..
[15:33:33] BlueSpike: I'm sorry to bother you with this..
[15:33:41] BlueSpike: But only you can speak to him, he muted the rest of us.
[15:40:54] BlueSpike: He keeps saying what he did..
[15:41:01] BlueSpike: He keeps spreading lies. :(
[15:41:04] BlueSpike: I'm really worried.
[15:45:00] BlueSpike: Chris, I hope your there..
[15:45:21] BlueSpike: I'm just gonna check.
[15:45:40] BlueSpike: Please pick up..:(
[15:47:53] BlueSpike: Let me know when you get back..
[15:56:22] BlueSpike: Chris, I vomitted because of the terror..
[15:56:26] BlueSpike: Help me..please..
[16:07:33] BlueSpike: Chris, I hope your there..I'm scared.
[18:34:10] BlueSpike: Chris, Panda is in the IRC, she wishes to talk to you.
[18:49:36] BlueSpike: Panda's getting kind of antsy, she really wants to talk to you in IRC.
[19:24:46] BlueSpike: :(
[19:51:16] BlueSpike: You must be away, maybe sleeping. I hope you get here soon. :(
[20:40:11] Christopher C.W.C.: Julie, are you watching this IRC chat?
[20:40:21] BlueSpike: Yes, I am..
[20:40:26] BlueSpike: It really is Panda, the IP doesn't lie.
[20:40:53] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm not certain; I'll believe it when she gets on Skype.
[20:41:01] BlueSpike: Okay..
[20:41:11] BlueSpike: I'm sorry that this happened, Chris.:(
[20:41:20] Christopher C.W.C.: It's hard for me to believe in the IRC; an IP address can copied and pasted from weeks to months ago.
[20:41:50] Christopher C.W.C.: It's okay, and if it is true, I will still accept and welcome her caringly and lovingly with open arms.
[20:41:51] BlueSpike: No, I was here when Panda came in.
[20:41:55] BlueSpike: It truly is her.
[20:42:07] BlueSpike: I'm glad to see you'll still love her.
[20:42:14] BlueSpike: Or at least accept what she has done.
[20:42:20] Christopher C.W.C.: it was NOT her fault.
[20:42:38] BlueSpike: I never said it was.
[20:42:39] BlueSpike: D:
[20:42:53] BlueSpike: I'm truly sorry.
[20:42:55] Christopher C.W.C.: It's okay, and I did not mean to say it that way.
[20:43:02] BlueSpike: No, it's okay.
[20:43:06] BlueSpike: I understand how you feel.
[20:43:11] Christopher C.W.C.: thank you.
[20:58:17] BlueSpike: Chris..having only a mother/father instead of both can be bad for the child..

21 January

[15:43:50] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris.
[15:43:52] BlueSpike: :)
[18:40:37] BlueSpike: Hey, whatcha doing?
[20:59:40] BlueSpike: You gave the rights of Sonichu to CLYDE CASH!?
[21:29:22] BlueSpike: Clyde's taken away the rights to Sonichu, he says in the IRC. :(
[22:40:08] BlueSpike: Chris, I'm wondering, are you there?
[23:13:50] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. I have NEVER given any Sonichu Rights to Clyde; that is a HUGE LIE.
[23:14:51] BlueSpike: That's what it said on
[23:16:45] Christopher C.W.C.: He obviously copied the video I previously Uploaded onto YouTube, but I deleted the video Last Sunday.
[23:17:08] Christopher C.W.C.: No problem; I will make a NEW video clearing up the issue.
[23:17:15] BlueSpike: Maybe you could come into the chat? Some of us would like to talk about the current status of Sonichu.
[23:18:10] Christopher C.W.C.: The details are still unconfirmed, but I Promise You All that The TRUE Sonichu Site will be Re-Uploaded soon.
[23:18:21] BlueSpike: I understand after checking the horrid fake (sadly that's the only way to the chat), I notice the link isn't there. But I can provide a link to get there if you wish.
[23:18:55] Christopher C.W.C.: that's okay; I still have work to do. I'll TTYL.
[23:19:03] BlueSpike: Oh okay.
[23:19:08] BlueSpike: :(
[23:20:11] BlueSpike: But I insist, please?
[23:20:27] BlueSpike:
[23:20:32] BlueSpike: There's the link if you want to come in.
[23:21:50] BlueSpike: Clyde keeps challenging you. :(
[23:24:18] BlueSpike: None of us can even talk anymore.
[23:24:24] BlueSpike: Clyde and you are the only that can speak in the IRC.
[23:27:14] BlueSpike: He keeps telling me that he's questioning your sexuality, I'm sorry. Some even believe it..He's telling me to ask you to 'Show your fangs'..
[23:52:18] BlueSpike: Chris, would you like to vent to me? Either text or in a call..I want to help.
[23:52:49] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm a bit busy at the moment.
[23:53:00] BlueSpike: Okay, I understand.
[23:58:50] BlueSpike: Chris, I think is already owned. It redirects to that SLANDEROUS article on ED.
[23:59:14] Christopher C.W.C.: I did not mean "" literally
[23:59:27] BlueSpike: Oh.
[23:59:36] BlueSpike: What did you mean then?
[23:59:48] BlueSpike: As far as I know, .org .net and .com are taken, the 3 most used ones.
[23:59:54] Christopher C.W.C.: You'll find out after the Sonichusite is reuploaded.

22 January

[00:00:06] BlueSpike: I look forward to it. :)
[00:28:13] BlueSpike: Chris, you know I'm a trusted gal-pal. I know this is hard for you to talk about, but tell me, please. I know about the man downstairs bending over, I want to know what happened. Please do not get mad, I'm only curious.
[00:28:39] BlueSpike: I figured you may be more willing to tell a trusted gal-pal as myself than the whole IRC.
[00:29:36] BlueSpike: I PROMISE I will not tell a soul.
[00:29:50] Christopher C.W.C.: It's okay. All I could do there was try to drill an understanding through their thick skulls. I am not discouraged if I could not.
[00:30:30] BlueSpike: So, do you feel like you could tell me?
[00:30:43] BlueSpike: Again, it's safe with me. Nobody will EVER know.
[00:33:02] Christopher C.W.C.: I basically told all there was to tell about that situation in the IRC, so I'm currently good.
[00:33:24] BlueSpike: Alright, though I'm really curious. Please, let me know some time.
[00:33:45] BlueSpike: I'm sorry to be so curious about such a personal matter. :(
[00:33:59] Christopher C.W.C.: it's alright. Thank you. :)
[00:34:06] BlueSpike: :)
[00:34:07] Christopher C.W.C.: for caring
[00:34:18] BlueSpike: Any time.
[00:34:25] BlueSpike: Any time you need help, I'll be there.
[00:34:42] Christopher C.W.C.: actually, can you recommend a website hosting site, other than Tripod?
[00:35:49] BlueSpike: Geocities is good.
[00:36:02] Christopher C.W.C.: Thank you. I will look into it.
[00:36:13] BlueSpike: Okay.
[15:03:05] BlueSpike: Hello, Chris! :)
[21:45:31] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris!

Continued in BlueSpike Skype Logs 3

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