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Kacey Call 2 took place on 4 August 2009, during the time when Chris was pretending to be Liquid Chris. The call occurred the day before they were to meet up, with Chris believing he had successfully deceived an innocent woman into coming to his house.

I'm still easing Kacey into the Truth; I feel sorry for her, because she actually went out with Jeff, pretending to be me, MY HOME address and all, and she had sex with him. But she needs to know the truth; she lost it to not only the wrong guy, but a 16-year old. [...] She is coming over to my house tomorrow at 6 PM; my father will welcome her, the household (and my bedroom is cleaner) is prepared for her presence. I would hate to have her suffer a FULL SHOCK.
Chris, Katie Bay E-mails 4


  • Kacey claims that she'd die of heartbreak if they're torn apart
  • Chris sends Kacey a picture of his mom and dad, Chris and Kacey talk about them while he does
  • Chris mixes up Risotto and Rigatoni when discussing what he'll cook for Kacey when she arrives at his house
  • Both Kacey and Chris flirtatiously discuss the prospect of "love makin'" during the visit
  • Upon the request of Kacey, Chris goes into detail about how he would cum on her face, then make out with her
  • Chris claims that the fact that he draws with his hands means that he will be skilled at stimulating Kacey with them
  • After Kacey asks, Chris claims that it took his entire life to refine his art style
  • Chris begins talking about how he has recovered his lost Youtube account password
  • Kacey asks Chris to put her into his comics as a character
  • Kacey and Chris discuss Sonichu comics being published by either Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, or Archie Comics
  • While discussing what Chris will do tomorrow, he mistakes Rigatoni and Risotto again
  • Kacey asks Chris if he will be in his brown shirt when they meet, Chris is confused, before saying he will
  • Kacey claims that she wants to go to sleep, and repeatedly asks Chris if he has her next video ready


Kacey Call 2

Stardate 4 August 2009
Featuring Solid Chris; Kacey
Saga Liquid saga.png Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 1.5
Kacey Call 3

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Um hi, it's Kacey.

Chris: Hey Kace. Yeah, you uh, you saw the video I uploaded?

Kacey: Yeah, I, you know, I really hate this about you, but I can't stay angry at you when you do things like this. So it just made me forget everything. I, I love just love that song, it’s so heartfelt.

Chris: [pause] Yeah, yeah, that song is one of my favorites as well, you know. Otherwise I wouldn’t’ve sung it.

Kacey: Awwww. [pause] So um...

Chris: [speaking over Kacey] So anyways, uh...

Kacey: You wanted me to call you?

Chris: Uh, yeah, you know, uh, you know I read your e-mail, it was like, you know, you got angry at me, it just, made me feel a little upset at the moment.

Kacey: Well, I mean, you were really like, I don’t know, you were just so weird earlier. And so I figured you were mad at me or something and it’s just...

Chris: [interrupting] Oh no, no, no.

Kacey: I meant it, I meant it when I said if we were ever torn apart I would totally die of heartbreak. So, I’m sorry if I just, you know... I, I just love you so much.

Chris: I understand. I appreciate that. [Kacey giggles] You mean a lot to me. OK anyway, anyway I was just alooking at a picture of my mom and dad to send you, I’mma just send it to you right now.

Kacey: Oh, oh, OK!

Chris: It’s nice picture of my mom and dad from uh, let’s see, I think it was from my dad, my dad’s last birthday.

Kacey: Oh, OK, awesome. So you’re sending it to my e-mail?

Chris: Yeah. It, it’s a good picture of them really.

Kacey: Oh cool, I can’t wait.

Chris: Yeah, at least yah know what, at least you’ll know what they look like when you get here later.

Kacey: Right! Exactly! [giggle] So, um, besides that what’s on your mind?

Chris: [pause] Oh, what’s… on… my… you know I just… I miss you. I miss talking to you, I was waiting for you.

Kacey: Awwww. Aw, you see, now I feel so much better. I can’t wait to come over later today.

Chris: I can’t wait to have you here. [Kacey giggles followed by a pause] Yeah.

Kacey: So, um, you’re still cooking me something right?

Chris: Oh yeah, I got some ri-, I uh, I’m going to have some rigatoni in the oven for you.

Kacey: Oh, I thought it was risotto, but, I love rigatoni too, so that’s OK.

Chris: Risotto. Risotto? I thought… I’m sorry, I got mixed up again. Risotto…

Kacey: It’s OK, it’s cute, we’ll do risotto some other time. So, um, do you have any other plans for us that night?

Chris: [pause] Hmmmm, other plans? Well we’ll hang out, well we could hang out in my room for a while you know, talk some more and then eventually we c-, we could get around to some love makin’.

Kacey: Ou-hoo, that sounds awesome!

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: So, uh, go into detail, what’re we going to do?

Chris: [pause] Uh… whatta we gonna do during our love makin’?

Kacey: Yeah!

Chris: Oh yeah, I think I remember telling you I was going to put my dick between those guys, that thing about, uh, strapping you and then putting my dick between your breasts and just letting it out on your face,

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: And then licking it off [Kacey giggles] and making out with you and exchanging it.

Kacey: Mmmm.

Chris: Do you remember?

Kacey: Yeah I remember, but I like hearing it from you.

Chris: Oh yeah, you love hearing it from me. You love my hand-drawing style.

Kacey: Uh, sure, I don’t know what that has to do with this, but… [giggles]

Chris: Yeah, well you know, I draw well, I draw, I draw with my hands…

Kacey: Uh huh…

Chris: Pretty much uh, pretty much gives you that sensation when you uh… [pause] when I massage you and caress your breasts.

Kacey: Oh, that’s awesome. So, you know, just thinking, I hate to change the subject, but, um, so how long did it take you to master your art style?

Chris: How long did it take me? My lifetime.

Kacey: Lifetime?

Chris: Yeah!

Kacey: Oh, so like you’re always improving!

Chris: Yeah! I took, I took a lot of art classes in my life time, from uh, from primary to high school.

Kacey: Oh, so is there any other way you practice it?

Chris: [pause] Sorry, I didn’t quite understand the question.

Kacey: Like, um, is there any way you do things outside art classes, like any tips you have for, um, your art, something you do to practice?

Chris: Yeah, you know, I draw. I draw by hand. I sometimes sculpt.

Kacey: OK. So do you draw anything else other than, uh, Sonichu?

Chris: Oh yeah, I got a whole book of, uh, other artwork. I created home- I created, when I was about, back when I was playing Pokemon trading card game, this was like a long time ago, I created a whole gallery of homemade Pokemon trading cards, even homemade Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Never played them, I just created them for fun with my, with my homemade, with my own thoughts, Pokemon characters.

Kacey: Oh, that’s cool…

Chris: And this with Sonichu, and this with Sonichu and Rosechu and even just, and even a whole bunch like looking for. You know there’s like, you know my very first homemade Pokemon card I did, uh, excuse me, my, uh, television’s playing, I gotta get it.

Kacey: OK, it’s cool.

Chris: I mean, I mean I was, I mean I was in another, I was in another room but I just [unable to understand] but anyways, my first Pokemon card ever… OK, this was, this was inspired when Nintendo Power ran an April Fool’s Joke about how to catch Luigi as a wild Pokemon.

Kacey: Uh huh!

Chris: Yeah, you know, you gotta catch, you gotta catch Lickitung, turn the GameBoy upside down, and then Lickitung, Lickitung turns into Luigi.

Kacey: Oh, oh! I got your picture! Um, awwwww your parents look so sweet.

Chris: Aren’t they? Yeah…

Kacey: Yeah, I mean, your dad looks just like you! How long have they been married?

Chris: They have been married since 1980. They got married on June 7th.

Kacey: Oh June 7th, that’s cool.

Chris: Yeah, so they’ve been married my age plus two years. Twenty nine.

Kacey: Oh! Oh cool!

[long pause]

Chris: Oh actually, uh, actually you know uh, I guess I’ll uh, go ahead and send it to you, but, uh, because of a favor a friend of mine, that I ah, that a friend of mine did for me earlier today, I uh…

Kacey: Which friend?

Chris: It was like, it was like an internet favor, you know, uh, uh…

Kacey: Huh?

Chris: Recovering my, recovering my pass-, recovering my password which is like impossible to do, he’s like somebody, I don’t know, like somebody got into, uh, into my YouTube account or something, but anyway…

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh God! Those trolls!

Chris: Yeah, but anyway, anyway, I got, anyway, managed to get that back and uh, I returned the favor to the uh, to my, uh, to my gal pal who helped me here. Which is strange.

Kacey: Who’s that? Who’s that?

Chris: Her name is Kate.

Kacey: Oh, oh yeah, you mentioned her before. So, uh, how is she? What did you do for her?

Chris: Oh, yeah, well, you see, yeah, I’m looking up the picture of this drawing I did right now, I had to take it with my camera because my, uh, printer is uh, printer/scanner/copier is out of order.

Kacey: Oh, oh, huh, so I guess I’m not going to be in the comics anytime soon, huh? You know I would love to be!

Chris: Yeah, I mean, uh, I mean, I mean I do a whole bunch of, uh, drawings outside the, uh, co-, outside the, uh, comics.

Kacey: Are you going to make some of me?

Chris: [pause] Mmm, I, uh, am I gon-, am I going put you in the comics?

Kacey: Yes please!

Chris: I might.

Kacey: I would love it! I mean that’s been my dream since I’ve seen them.

Chris: Oh yeah. You just love to see me, you just love to see me in my, in the old red, white and blue. Just uh, being, just uh, being with you in the uh, in the, uh, comic world.

Kacey: Yeah! Yeah! That would be awesome, just like, you know… now! [giggles]

Chris: Yeah, just like now and tomorrow!

Kacey: Yeah! [pause] So, um, about your comics, I mean, are they going to, like, take off or anything? Liiiiiiike, you know with Dark Horse?

Chris: Oh! Oh! Oh yeah, well, I’m, uh, workin’ on how to get in touch with Dark Horse. I’m also thinking about DC and Marvel. I thought about, ah, Archie because, you know, they, they originally did the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, so I’ve into, been into, so I’ve been into them for a long time, you know. You know, because Sonic the Hedgehog is like my lifetime hero. Actually not really all my life long, I mean, it’s just like, you know since he came out back in 1990. Be- You know before him you know who my hero, who my hero was? [short pause giving Kacey no chance to guess] The American Rabbit.

Kacey: Who’s that?

Chris: It was a ni-, it was a, it was a basically only d-, only a, they only released it in one movie called The Adventures of The American Rabbit. It was like, ah, it was a white rabbit named Rob, but then all he had to do to become a superhero was just run very fast and he becomes this pastry, patriotic-colored rabbit with roller skates.

Kacey: Oh, um, OK…

Chris: You can look it up!

Kacey: OK, I will, but I mean I thought Dark Horse already got in touch with you and you know, they already signed you on. Maybe I got that mixed up?

Chris: [pause] …uh, no, I’m still waiting for Dark Horse to, uh, sort out the details with the, with me, between me and them.

Kacey: Oh, oh, OK.

Chris: Uh, anyway, uh, anyway, uh, just getting into my e-mail again, I, I’m going to send you the uh, drawings I did for, uh, Kate.

Kacey: Oh yeah, please, please do. So, um, how much are they offering you, like is an offer on the table?

Chris: Uhhhh, we haven’t got, uh, we haven’t, uh, we have not gotten to the whole details yet, but I, but you know I’ll let you know.

Kacey:Yeah, I mean, I, I definitely want to, I’m just curious, I just don’t want you to think that’s the only reason I’m with you. I mean I, I love you.

Chris: hmm… My heart goes out to you too very very much with LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

Kacey: [giggles] So, um yeah, I guess I’ll, I’ll wait for this picture, that’s gonna be cool, so um, you wanna tell me more about what you’re doing? With me tomorrow?

Chris: What I’m doing while I wait for you tomorrow? Well I’m gonna be fixing up the, uh, fix the, uh, rigatoni, even though I forgot what the other word now…

Kacey: The risotto, don’t worry about it.

Chris: …with the rittoni, riss a roni, I’m trying anyway! [laughs] Oh my memory sometimes fails me. You know sometimes when I, sometimes when I talk, it’s like you know I have to space my words because sometimes I actually, uh, uh, sometimes I’m so tired, or whatever, my mind just spaces out and I gotta like, collect my thoughts between, uh, in between sessions of words or I

Kacey: [overlapping] Right…

Chris: Sometimes I just, I just, I just, I just stutter, you know?

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: It’s been…

Kacey: [trying to interrupt] So…

Chris: [not stopping] going on like that for a long time ever since I put Sonichu on the internet about two thou- ‘bout 2004. On the original Sonichu site.

Kacey: Oh. Oh, OK. So umm…

Chris: Yeah, been doin’ it since about 2004, even though his birth date was, is, is original day of drawing was March 17th 2000.

Kacey: Oh, cool.

Chris: In front of, in front of Ms. Chalifoux classroom at Manchester High School in Chesterfield County.

Kacey: Oh, cool! Well, um, really quickly, um since now you have more time, today, tomorrow, whichever, um, can you record you cooking my rigatoni/risotto still? [some other voice says “Hello”] You know, cuz you couldn’t do it if I came today but, you know, please?

Chris: Yeeeaaahhh, well, I’ll see if I, I’ll see if, I’ll see if I, I’ll see if I can deal, okay sweetheart?

Kacey: Oh, that’s all I ask. Thanks.

Chris: Yeah. I do what I can for…

Kacey: So are you going to show me all the sights and everything too?

Chris: I’ll show you, uh, yeah, I mean, well, you know, if you had [weird audio drop out] aww shoot, I just, I, I just sent the wrong picture by mistake. Ech…

Kacey: OK…

Chris: I’m sa-, I’m a, I got a little, I got a little, I distract myself…

Kacey: Oh, it’s just your parents again, okay. That’s OK.

Chris: Yeah… I mean, I mean, help me out, we’re only human. We’re allowed to make our share of mistakes. That’s a song there, that’s actually called “You’re Only Human/Second Wind” from Billy Joel. It’s like, it’s a classic.

Kacey: Well, um, do you want me to call you before, I, uh, leave for today? You know, like before I leave for you?

Chris: Yeah, call me before you make your way over here.

Kacey: Yeah!

Chris: That would be good.

Kacey: I mean that way I’ll be able to let you know how my car is doing and all that.

Chris: Yeah, oh, yeah, here we go…

Kacey: I'm so excited!

Chris: I, I sent you the drawing. I sent you the drawing. You’re going to love it. It actually relates to like, you know the details I had left obscure, everythi- uh, evra, uh, that’s right, ever ah, ever since I started drawing the comics, like, you know, it’s like you know, defa, you know Sonichu, Rosechu...

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh, are those Sonichu and Rosechu babies?!

Chris: Yeah!

Kacey: That’s so cute!

Chris: Sonichu and Rosechu have been married since March 17th 2006.

Kacey: [pause] Oh, oh, that’s quite, I didn’t know about that. Um…

Chris: Yeah, well, it’s a recent detail, I’ve recently had it, like yeah, it, ub uh, it’s a fact. You didn’t think they were just living together the whole time? [Kacey: Yeah, um…] Yeah, they’re basically, they’re basically, basically...

Kacey: [interrupting] Chris, Chris? Yeah, yeah, real quick, I hate to interrupt you but you’re going to wear your beautiful brown shirt tomorrow right? Cuz I mean that’s what I’ve seen you first in, you know it just makes so… [giggles] you know…

Chris: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand it, uh, am I going to be wearing my what?

Kacey: You're gonna wear… Your brown shirt! You know…

Chris: Oh… the brown shirt…

Kacey: The first shirt I’ve seen you in! Our shirt!

Chris: Yeah. I. Uh. I’ll put on the brown shirt.

Kacey: [giggles] Oh…

Chris: Yeah, I’ll put on the brown shirt for you

Kacey: So…

Chris: …and I’ll be wearing my medallion

Kacey: Awesome!

Chris: …my original medallion, in all it’s wonderful clay goodness with the Shrinky Dinks in the back and the hand writing as well.

Kacey: WHAT? Oh Chris, you are such a kidder!

Kacey: [laughter] OK, so, um…

Chris: Yep, but, any, uh, anyup, uh, anyway, just to let you know, ummmm… just to let you know about, well ah, what I wrote in there, ah, ina, in the, in the speech balloons, alright yeah, I just, two Roseys, the one that’s purple has the shiny Rosey, her name is Christine.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: Then we got - and the one with the mirror is Cera with a C.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: And we got, and then we got Robbie Sonee.

Kacey: Oh yeah, that’s cool, but um, I’m going to have to go to sleep if I wanna, you know, go to school and be able to drive tomorrow and everything. So, is there anything you want to tell me? Like, anything at all? Cuz you know I love how there’s no secrets between us.

Chris: Ah yes. OK. Well, You know how I, how I contradicted the vest, I actually have a vest of my own.

Kacey: Oh I get it, you don’t want to wear it so you’re not like the impostor. No, that’s cool.

Chris: Yeah, you know I actually got it from a Goodwill like a bunch of my clothes I’ve gotten, but I cut, but it was like ah, it was like a denim jacket so I cut off the sleeves with a pair of, ah, Cutco super shears.

Kacey: That’s cool, but, uh you, you’re doing the video for me too so I’ll be able to see when I wake up, right? Cuz, um, I really gotta go to sleep soon.

Chris: Uh, yeah, I’ll get to that.

Kacey: If not, you know I’d love to stay on the phone with you, but you know… [giggles]

Chris: Yeah, I understand, OK, I love talking to you.

Kacey: OK, I love talking to you to, but wait, you have my video right? It’s coming right?

Chris: Yeah, yeah, video for the, uh, riga-, uh rigatoni…

Kacey: Well that and the one about the impostor!

Chris: Ah the, oh yeah, the one about hating the impostor.

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I am working on that.

Kacey: Okay, well I’m going to go ahead and go to sleep because I would not miss tomorrow for the world because it’s going to be much better to see each other in real life, right?

Chris: Yeah, you’ll get to see my father and my mother.

Kacey: I’m really more concerned about seeing you. Even though I want to meet them but like I said, I’m coming for you.

Chris: Yeah, you know, but just to let you know, my mom and my uh, father will come and greet you first so, like, you know...

Kacey: That’s so awesome.

Chris: It’ll be a way for you to get to know him a little bit.

Kacey: Okay, well um, I tell you this tomorrow, we can discuss it tomorrow, but I really gotta go to bed. So, um, I’ll talk to you later, love you!

Chris: I, bye bye Kace! Take care! [kissing noise]

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