Kacey Call 10

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Kacey Call 10 was the tenth call between Chris and Kacey, which took place on 4 September 2009.


  • Chris mowed the back yard today. His mom mowed the front yard.
  • Chris "forgot" to buy Bob a birthday present. Vivian Gee didn't forget; she sent him a nice gift basket.
  • Chris still hates Vivian for making the Audiobooks and making a mockery and slander out of him. Kacey likes the Audiobooks.
  • Chris bought some sports bras, he likes them and now wears them all the time.
  • Chris talks about chromosomes, and implies that he's part-woman or something stupid.
  • Chris shaved his belly before taking the sports bra photos.
  • Chris claims he has had manboobs since he was eight years old.
  • Chris has no goals or ambitions, but he once wanted to be a cowboy.
  • Chris dreamt that he had a daughter with him at his office job; in the dream he called her Crystal. Clearly this was God showing him the future.
  • Chris would like to get married before he turns 30.
  • Chris currently has $10 in his savings, but he's "letting it grow". He also just bought a bunch of video games.
  • Chris doesn't want to sell any of his video games. He wants to hold on to them for his children to enjoy.
  • Kacey calls Chris a hoarder. Chris has never heard of that word. Chris blames his hoarding on his parents again.
  • Apparently, when Chris asked his parents about moving stuff out of the house, they said "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO WE'RE GONNA KICK YOU OUTTA THE HOUSE".


Kacey Call 10
Stardate 4 September 2009
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 9
Kacey Call 11

Chris: Hello.

Kacey: Hey, Chris, it’s Kacey.

Chris: Hey, Kace, how are you?

Kacey: I’m good, how about you?

Chris: 'Kay. [Short Pause] Yeah, shoot I had a topic on my head but I can’t remember it right now so how was-

Kacey: [interrupting] Just give yourself a few minutes and think about it. My day was good, you know, just school and everything. I got to do a dissection today, so it was fun.

Chris: A dissection, what you had biology?

Kacey: Um, I’m taking anatomy and physiology. I mean, um, yeah, I'm majoring in biology. [giggles]

Chris: Oh, yeah that’s right, um, um, um, nurse thing.

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: So it’s only natural, yeah. Okay, so I mowed the backyard today, while my mom mowed the front yaaard.

Kacey: Oh, that’s good. Um, was it really hot out there, because I know it was hot where I am.

Chris: Yeah, it was warm out here, but fortunately we had a bunch of trees.

Kacey: Did you ever think that maybe you should have done both yards then and let your mom rest?

Chris: Aah, I’m sorry, what? I did not understand the question.

Kacey: Maybe you should have done both of the yards, you know instead of your mom being out there in the heat.

[Long pause]

Chris: Well, she wa-, she wanted to do it. She was the first one out to start mowing the lawn.

Kacey: Oh, so she had to push you to do it.

Chris: Oh no, she didn't push me to do it but, ah, it’s like, you know, I asked her if she would like my help and she said- she said "yeah," so I, uh-

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh, well, that’s kind of you to offer.

Chris: We have a ride-on mower and a push mower. She used the ride-on, I used the push.

Kacey: Oh, OK.

Chris: I had went under the- I even pushed the mover underneath- underneath the dripping branches of some of our trees.

Kacey: Oh, OK.

Chris: Some of our trees- some of our trees are- some of our trees have overhanging branches.

Kacey: You ever think of trimming those branches off then?

[Long pause]

Chris: Hm. [pause]

Kacey: You know, so they don’t fall and mess things up.

Chris: Yeah, we have, uh, uh, we have- we have- we have actually trimmed some of the branches before. [pause] Uh, but they...

Kacey: 'kay.

Chris: ...grow back, you know.

Kacey: Yeah, you know plants tend to grow, um, so did you do anything else today?

Chris: Yeah, after I- after I finished up the yard I took a shower, and I went and got a smoothie with my- I went with my [sound of phone ringing in the background] Uh, my phone's, my home phone's ringing, le-le-let nobody answer it, ha uh. It’s distracting me though, anyway, yeah. My family, if I need to go out with them to get something to eat so I have to drive me by Sheetz. I got a fruit smoothie while I sent my mom and dad over at Coaches while they had, while they shared a pair of hotdogs and fries over at our- over at our Coaches Grill. They had a hot dog and fries; I had a smoothie.

Kacey: Oh, well that sounds like fun. It was just a normal family outing, huh?

Chris: Yeah, and then afterwards- and then after we got back I checked my e-mail and, ah, it went through all, it went through all that, yeah, and then I walked around the neighborhood. I did a little walking and a little jogging, I got five minutes of jogging in out of the walking, yeah, we had mostly, we have a whole bunch of inclines so it is mostly up and down, in our [long stutter] in my neighborhood here [long pause] and I went around prac- [long stutter] my whole subdivision area.

Kacey: Well I mean I’ve just checked my e-mail too, and, um, Kim said it was your dad's birthday today, so did you guys do anything else besides getting the smoothie?

Chris: Yeah my mom- yeah I was going to get my father- I remembered it was my father's birthday yesterday, and a couple of days before that as well, but unfortunately when I was running, I mean I had the money in my bank and, uh, I spaced out and I forgot to buy my father a present, but you know it’s all good. My father doesn’t usually, like he doesn’t usually care a lot much, so I can just, 'cause it is as simple as, you know, go up to Walgreens and get a bag of Maple Nut Goodies for him, he likes those Maple Nut Goodies.

Kacey: OK, OK, well, um, did he get any other presents?

Chris: Uhh, yeah after we got back home from lunch apparently there was a box on our front porch from a, uhh, Cherry Grove Tree company, uhh, it was like a little birthday box and then it was-

Kacey: [interrupting] I heard of them, they do online orders.

Chris: I’m sorry what?

Kacey: I've heard of them they do online orders, you know like-

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: Edible Arrangements and 1-800-Flowers. So what, what, uh, did he get?

Chris: Yeah there was a little teddy bear, small bag...

Kacey: Awwww.

Chris: ...of cookies, a couple of pieces of fancy chocolate and some hard- and some spheres [pronounced spears] of hard candy.

Kacey: Oh my gosh, so who was nice enough to send that to him? That sounds amazing!

Chris: Mmm, yeah, but says like get this. On the- on the message note it says it was from, "Vivian and friends." The only Vivian I know is Vivian Gee, who was that witch-

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh my gosh that was so nice of her!

Chris: Hmm, yeah, but- yeah, but-

Kacey: [interrupting] So I mean-

[long pause]

Chris: I mean, you see, it, you know, even though that's-

Kacey: You did it right? [talking over Chris] Did your dad like it?

Chris: Yeah he- yeah he liked it. He mostly shared it with my mom.

Kacey: Oh, that’s so awesome though. Oh, that’s so nice.

Chris: Uh, yeah, I was talking to Kim about that as well, and, you know- you know it is a nice gesture but-

Kacey: Yeah, you should totally be happy to have friends like that.

Chris: Uh.

Kacey: [talking over Chris] I mean you should thank her, I mean look at that, I mean she got your dad a present when you didn’t even. I mean that’s just amazing of her.

[long pause]

Chris: Uhh, yeah well I mean I was- I was thinking about- I was planning on making a video thanking her for that, but still you know I don’t- still it doesn’t win me over, you know- it does not turn my feelings around with her on that note, you know I still- I still-

Kacey: Well I don’t see why you are trying to make this a bad thing, I mean she did a vary big gesture of good will, I mean it was- it was towards your dad of all things, I mean that’s huge. But, I mean, what did she do that is making you so mad?

Chris: Come on, if you look on her YouTube account, vivi-the-gee, which is for my- which is ahh- oh shi- I have subscribed to that, and I blocked her from my YouTube, mmm, oh maybe I did but-

Kacey: She must have said something really bad. What was it?

Chris: Uhh, but anyway she made these- she made- behind my back she make these audiobook parodies of my comic pages and that I should- and she did not have my permission on that. She was Clyde- She is- she was Clyde Cash's cousin and Clyde Cash was a major troll in my life- was really-

Kacey: Oh, well maybe you should make a video concerning that, I mean you know-

Chris: I’m talk- may I finish, anyway-

Kacey: Whatever.

Chris: -anyway she- anyway aside from that- in addition to all of that she just made a whole bunch of mockery out of me. She just mocked me a whole bunch. And slandered- and slandered along with the trolls. I mean, she was no better than the rest of 'em.

Kacey: How did she mock you?

Chris: Sh-sh-she. You watch any of her audiobooks and you'll find- and you'll let her- audiobooks and you'll find- or it- yeah, you watch any of her videos and you'll find out. But anyway, als- Oh shoot, I lost my train of thought.

Kacey: Well, I mean, it just seemed like that she just gave your comics a voice. I mean, I thought they were pretty good. It's just the comics in audio form. I mean, she didn't change any of your text or anything. Lots of books have audiobooks.

Chris: Yeah, anyway, I remember what I was talking about. She also wrote this book that she sent me a copy of. I did not read it, and I do not care to. I loaned it to my pastoral counselor Rocky Shoemaker, she read some of it, and it was just mostly mockery again- mostly mockery against me and my characte- and my Sonichu characters and all- and all- and my real life [unintelligible] and all that.

Kacey: Did it- did it actually have your name in it?

Chris: [pause] I wouldn't know. I have not read it.

Kacey: Well then how do you know?

Chris: It's- she based it- she-

Kacey: Maybe it's a wonderful book.

Chris: No! It's not that- no, it's not that great a book. She just basically copied-

Kacey: You didn't know though if you didn't read it?

Chris: She copied my life though. She called it The Girl- I think she titled it, "The Girl Who Fought the World," something like that.

Kacey: Well, that doesn't even sound like you. You're not a girl, are you?

Chris: Yeah, I know, but-

Kacey: I mean, I think you should read it. Give it a chance.

Chris: But, it's like you know, she portrayed the girl being me, or me being a girl.

Kacey: Well, I think maybe you're trying to read into it too much. I think you should just read the book.

Chris: Uh, I might, after I get it back.

Kacey: Most definitely. I want to read it. That sounds exciting. But, um,

Chris: Yeah, but anyway-

Kacey: why didn't you want to read it, if it's from your friend?

Chris: She was never a friend, she was a troll, a- and worst off, she was a cousin of a bigger troll.

Kacey: Well, maybe you should make a video about that. You know, like really let your anger and rage out.

Chris: Yeah-yeah, I will think about that, and I will do that later. I mean-

Kacey: [talking over Chris] I mean, if you've never addressed her like that you should.

Chris: Yeah, anyway, hmm, anyway a- if I may, I'd like to change the subject. [pause] OK. Um. Yeah, but anyway, I, uh- I went- I went out and did my shopping Wednesday, and, uh, I found accessory sports bras for ten dollars at Wal-Mart.

Kacey: [pause] Oh! Yeah! Kim sent me the pics. Ah, how are you likin' 'em?

Chris: Yeah, they feel really comfortable.

Kacey: [amused] That's good!

Chris: They feel really good. [pause] Yeah, I mean, it's like, you know- I mean-

Kacey: [talking over Chris] Are you using them for jogging like you said?

Chris: Yeah. I went- I went out and, ya know, I told you, I went- I exercised and I worked, you know, in- while wearing the sports bra. But yeah, but, I definitely feel the difference because [machine noise]-

Kacey: What colors do you have?

Chris: What?

Kacey: What colors do you have?

Chris: Oh, OK, hang on, let me- let me get back to that. Anyway, during the whole time, my manboobs did not bounce. Like, you know, before the bra it's like, you know, they would bounce and I would feel it, but, it's like you know, they don't bounce- they don't bounce as much, and it's hardly noticeable. Anyway, I thought I- anyway, you were asking me about my size just now?

Kacey: No, no, no, what colors do you have?

Chris: Oh, I'm gonna get some more, but, yeah, in the three-pack there was one grey, one white, and one denim blue. Er, sky blue, really. More appropriate, yeah.

Kacey: Wh-why are you getting more? You- you don't, uh- you need more?

Chris: Yeah, I mean, it's like, you know, I don't- I don't want to end up wearing the same one every day, you know?I mean-

Kacey: You're going to wear them every day, not just for exercise?

Chris: Yeah- I'm gon- I'm gonna exercise every day.

Kacey: Oh, but- so you're going to wear the all the time though?

Chris: Yeah, I'm thinkin' about that, yeah.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Yeah, it just- they just- they just feel- feel really good, and it's like, you know, I'm like turned on to the sports bra. [stammering]-

Kacey: [interrupting] I know, just, you know, normally they're just for sports.

Chris: Yeah, but-

Kacey: [talking over Chris] But, I mean, I guess you wouldn't have to worry about getting a real bra, you know, all of the frilly, lacy stuff.

Chris: Yeah. If- I do play on starting a regimen of exercises daily. You know, goin' out [unintelligible] walking, jogging, and I-

Kacey: [interrupting] Just remember you've got to get your heart-rate up, or else it's for nothing. You've got to get that cardio in.

Chris: [annoyed] Yeah, I'm going to.

Kacey: Good.

Chris: Well, anyway-

Kacey: That'll make me very proud.

Chris: OK. Anyway. Anyway, let me go ahead and get this off my mind for a bit. When I went, uh, shopping for a bra, I mean, I was told- like- [unintelligible] I think [stammers] it was either you or Kim, one of y'all - uh, I think it was you though - um, were telling me about like, you know, small, medium, large, extra-large, double-extra-large, triple-extra-large, those sizes, but during those- instead of those letter sizes it was like number sizes. So I had- I had to ask the-

Kacey: [interrupting] Oh, so they went by bust size?

Chris: Yeah, so I had to ask the, uh, nearby lady to- to measure my bust size. I turned out I was a forty-three.

Kacey: Oh, a forty-three!

Chris: Yeah, uh-

Kacey: [talking over Chris] I bet she was really shocked that you were like, "Hey, please measure me!" Ha ha.

Chris: Yeah, I mean I was a little bit- I was a little bit embarrassed at first, but, you know, I can- I felt like, you know, I emotionally prepared myself for it. I mean, I emotionally prepared myself to go shopping for sports bras, so, you know, it definitely is like, you know, it- it pretty much falls in a si- suit [quoi?]. It made it easier for me to-

Chris: -accept it, so I could measure my bust- so I could ask to get- get my bust size measured. Anyway, so anyway, I got a set of three forty-twos.

Kacey: OK. I mean, as long as they fit.

Chris: Yeah. They fit great. [pause] They feel awesome.

Kacey: That's good, that's good. As long as you're happy.

Chris: Yeah, you know what-

Kacey: [interrupting] So anything else on your mind?

Chris: Uh, if I was- I was just about to let y'all know about another thought. Like, you know, aba- from- in addition to that, but, yeah, um, you know, it's like, you know, you know, I can see how- how you women feel, like, you know, when your- when your breasts start coming out, and then, it's like, you need the support of a bra to keep them in- to keep them in check and so they don't bounce about. Like, now I understand that.

Kacey: [mystified] What? Um. I guess. I mean- I mean, I don't really have a problem with my structure. I mean, they're- they're- they pretty much can hold themselves up on their own. I mean, I just wear it for other obvious reasons.

Chris: What, you mean like for looks?

Kacey: Well, yeah, that, and it's, um, socially acceptable, and, uh, you know, you know, if you get cold you wanna make sure that you have a bra so that your nipples aren't sticking out. Come on. [giggles]

Chris: He HA HA! Yes. I have heard about that. Mnm, but anyway- anyway, with support and a woman, 'cause like, you know, I relate to- I can relate to women in that sense. It's like, now I understand that.

Kacey: Yep, show of your feminine side, right? [giggles]

Chris: Yeah, I mean, like, you know, you, yeah, you should know as well as I do, like, you know, in the chromosomes [pronounces as chromozones] there's an X and a Y in every dude, and yet there are two X's in every woman.

Kacey: Uh, yes! Yes! That is how genetics work.

Chris: Yeah, so there- so there you go. If it- if it was like, you know, everybody was total- every guy was totally a guy, they'd be like two Y's. And it don't- they don't-

Kacey: [interrupting] Um, I don't think genetics quite works like that, but, um-

Chris: [interrupting] Yeah, I don- yeah they don't work that way. That's what I was just sayin'.

Kacey: I mean. Yeah.

Chris: [pause] Hmm, but yeah. But, yeah, yeah, I still feel straight, and it's like, you know. Yeah, you know, when I took the pictures that you just received from Kim, you know, I sent them to Kim first.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: Uh, before- before I went and took those pictures, I wanted to think about it further, it's like, you know, so, yeah, I shaved my- I shaved the hair on my belly. Yeah, I got hair on me, so yeah, I kept the chest hair and whatnot. Uh, we can talk more 'bout that another- another phone call, or after I finish up my thought here.

Kacey: Your what?

Chris: Anyway, uh-

Kacey: Oh, your thought. OK, OK, got it.

Chris: Anyway, yeah, anyway, after I shaved off the belly hair then just I took- I just spent a whole minute just lookin' at myself without my shirt on, and it with- with my bra- with my bra on. J-just lookin' at myself in the mirror for one minute, studying myself. It was like, you know, I mean, you know, at first I didn't know what to think, that's, like you know- that's why I sit in the mirror and look- took a good long- took a good one- took a good long look, there. And then I went to feed my cats and check the mail in the my mailbox, and that was about fifteen minutes later, and then that thought came back-

Kacey: [interrupting] Wait. Did you- did you go outside in your sports bra?

Chris: No, I put- no, I put my shirt back on.

Kacey: Oh, OK, OK.

Chris: No, I put my shirt back on before I went outside. An- [STATIC] af- I had- the thou- the image from what I saw in the mirror came back to me, and I thought- and then I was like, 'yeah, I look pretty good, and I- and I can accept this, I can get used to this," and then I- and then I just felt confident, or, when I- when I sit in front of the camera and took the pictures that I later sent to Kim.

Kacey: Oh, well think about how confident you're going to be too when you exercise and work those things off, so that you don't even need a sports bra. I mean, you know, that's going to be awesome!

Chris: Yeah, that's true. But, then again, you know, I had- I've had these manboobs since I was eight years old, about.

Kacey: Well, uh, th-that's not really how the way our bodies work. I mean, if you lose weight, you're gonna lose it there too.

Chris: Well, we'll- we'll see what happens after I get [stammers] after I-

Kacey: [interrupts] Chris, who's going to be in the medical profession? C'mon.

Chris: You are. [chuckles]

Kacey: I mean, yeah, I mean, I mean, I guess, you know, maybe if you were a little chubby back then it would be possible, but, I mean, c'mon. [giggles]

Chris: Yeah. [chuckles] OK, you are going to the medical confess- medical profession. I almost said confession-[laughs]

Kacey: [laughs]

Chris: Yeah, it yeah, you're learning-

Kacey: Freudian slip, there.

Chris: -yeah, you're learning lots of that, it's like, you know, you can currently- you're learning as you go, but yet, you don't know- uh, but it's like, you know as much as you do and I appreciate that.

Kacey: No prob.

Chris: And, uh, yeah, I mean, you know, you still got a lot to learn, but I'm- you still got a lot to learn, but yeah, you know a lot for- you know a lot right now. So, yeah, who's going to the medical profession? You are.

Kacey: Yes. I've been studying this since I, you know, since I knew I wanted to be in the medical profession.

Chris: Hmm. By the way how- by the way when was that? How old were you when you first decided?

Kacey: Ten.

Chris: Wow. So you started like, uh, some time during middle or high school? [yammers on]

Kacey: [interrupting] Uh, when I was ten I was in elementary school.

Chris: Yeah. Elementary. [short pause] Yeah. OK, yes, I'm- okay, I get a little confused, 'cause, you see, I was, uh- oh yeah, uh, [calculating to himself] then I was in Providence Middle, about uhhhhh- Yeah, I turned thirteen when I was Providence- in Providence Middle, so I guess, yeah, at ten, you would- one would be likely in elementary school still yeah.

Kacey: Yep.

Chris: I just had t-to sort that out in my head just now. OK, so, really, you took classes without- y-you learned some things while you were in elementary school?

Kacey: Well, I mean, I just always wanted to be it, and, uh, I've always loved books, so, you know, I'd read on my own. It wasn't necessarily, you know, in the school curriculum.

Chris: Yeah. Anyway, that's good. Very good. I commend you for it.

Kacey: Thank you. Um, what did you want to be when you were little?

Chris: Ah, yeah, shoot, I never knew what I wanted to be when I- to be when I grew up. I mean the closest thing that I would have ever thought I would have wanted to be when I grew up, was a cowboy.

Kacey: A cowboy?

Chris: It was like only for a short- it was like only for a short while during that phase. And, yet, other- other than that every time I was asked, "Where do you see yourself five years from now?," I never have an answer; I always draw a blank.

Kacey: Hmm, that's not good, you should get some goals, I mean, even if you, uh, don't exactly meet them, as long as you have those goals.

Chris: Yeah, it's only like, you know, it's like, you know, for a while I could answer my- I could answer that question. "Oh, yeah, I'm married and I have a daughter named Crystal."

Kacey: I don't know, I don't think most guys would think that's something to be proud of, I mean, yeah, family's important and all, but don't you want to make something of yourself? You need to have goals.

Chris: Yeah, well, I mean, you know, currently I-I am starting to, uh, make some goals, and setting those up for myself. I-

Kacey: [interrupting] Where did you get the name, uh, Crystal anyway? I mean, it sounds like, you know, like, that champagne that rappers drink, you know, like, like the stripper.

Chris: OK, OK. I had- I had first heard the name Crystal for being my daughter in my early teens, or, even as young as ten years old. Where I was like- I was- I was- I-I think, yeah, this is my first dream I'm talking about here - my first of many - where I'm leaving the office and I had my daughter there with me. And-

Kacey: [interrupting] Right, you've told me this.

Chris: I'm talk- I'm talking-

Kacey: But I just asked where, uh, where you, uh, where you got the name from. I don't need to hear the dream again.

Chris: Yeah, I know, but this is it. In the dream, I called her Crystal. I knew her name was Crystal. That is the first time right there, that dream, in the office, that was going on there. I was like, "Oh my God, I have to save my daughter Crystal."

Kacey: Did you ever think that maybe that was just a dream?

Chris: I thought it was a lot more than that. It was like, you know, you're- I thought it was like a God- like God telling me what my future was- what my future was going to be, that I would have a daughter named Crystal.

Kacey: Well, I mean, OK, so when do you think you're going to get married, you know, so you can start this family? Like, when do you- when do you want to get married by?

Chris: How would I want to get married by?

Kacey: Yeah, when do you want to get married by? Like, you know, like age thirty? Age forty?

Chris: Yeah, I would like to get married before I turn thirty.

Kacey: Oh, well, you've got some work to do!

Chris: Yes I do. And to think I- and I have been working, like, you know, I realized, "Oh, I should- I should be going out dating. I should be dating women." I realized that-

Kacey: [interrupting] Well I mean, it's not even that-

Chris: -on my twenty-first birthday.

Kacey: You're-you're gonna have to go get jobs. You're gonna have to, you know, um, get a group of frie- I mean, you're just gonna have to create a whole life really quickly. I mean, a girl's not just going to look at you and go, "Oh, look, you live with your parents." You gonna need a steady job and a place.

Chris: Yeah, well, at least I'm working on the job front. I'm filling out applications-

Kacey: [interrupting] Well, I know-

Chris: -online.

Kacey: if you want to go by thirty, you only have three years, and that stuff takes time. I mean, do you have any savings to do this with?

Chris: I have a savings account, yes.

Kacey: But i- are there savings in that account?

Chris: [long pause] Yes. There are a few dollars in there.

Kacey: A few dollars? Like, I'm-I'm talking like- like thousands of dollars. [chuckles] Or, do you literally mean like, "a few dollars." [snickers]

Chris: Yeah, so it's like, I add into it every month. I mean, I originally had it started at two hundred, and then, in past impulses- past impulses, I've improved on my impulses-

Kacey: [interrupting] So you don't have any savings-

Chris: I have-

Kacey: -is what you're saying?

Chris: -I currently have ten dollars, and I'm let- I'm- and I'm lettin' that grow. It's like, you know, if it's- if it's not above- if it's not two hundred and above they charge you four dollars for having a savings account there- four dollars a month. Like, I've got a little bit- I-I've got as much a I can, out of the monthly tugboat, that I can maybe grow it back up, but then- now that I've learned that I can make as most as nine hundred and eighty dollars, in a month-

Kacey: Uh-huh.

Chris: -without it- without it affecting my Social, then it's like, you know, I'm gonna take what I earned- what I've earned- what I earned from my job, and put it directly into my savings account and save it.

Kacey: OK, well then you can't impulse buy then.

Chris: Yeah. That is the case. [pause] And I'm accept- and I accept that.

Kacey: [pause] Well, I mean, have you bought anything recently from like, um, the Playstation 3 store, or any video games?

Chris: Not on impulse; it was planned out of my budget. So I still have- I still have like fifty- I still have like fifty dollars in my bank- in my main bank account.

Kacey: Oh, well how long did you have these things planned?

Chris: I had it planned for a few weeks.

Kacey: Oh [Chris struggles to interrupt] well, that's almost like impulse.

Chris: [massive stress sigh] Anyway, firstly there was Guitar Hero 5, I only had to pay forty-eight something out of that after- I had put the five dollars down cash, and then I- then I traded in a few more games. And then I had to go and get a new printer-copier-scanner for sixty-nine dollars. And then I- and then I wanted to catch up on my Playstation Network account, so, I bought a $50 card. And then, yeah, upon, uh, the recent necessities- upon the realizing that, I also spent ten dollars on necess- [STATIC] -sports bras.

Kacey: Well, that's, I mean, look how much you spend on video games. I mean, that- that's a lot in, like, a day or two, that really is, especially, uh, like, if you had bills, you couldn't do that. I mean, how could you have spent that much, even if it was planned, and yet you didn't even get your dad a birthday present?

Chris: [frustrated] I forgot about the birthday present. I can get him the- I can get him the Maple Nut- Maple Nut Goodies, and I will.

Kacey: Still, that's a lot to spend on video games-

Chris: [interrupting] But- but yeah- but- but- but yeah I'm tryin' to- but- but yeah, I'm trying to do not so much impulse buying and I'm trying to save.

Kacey: Well, I guess you're going to have to work better on that, 'cause you just spent a ton on video games at once.

Chris: [stress sigh] I've- I- I thought we- I thought we've discussed before that all that money on the video games did not happen all at once.

Kacey: No, no, no, I'm talking about what you just told me. That's still a lot to drop on video games at once.

Chris: [stress sigh] And plus, I only- and plus, at that rate- yeah, [calculates video game costs to himself]-

Kacey: [interrupts] I mean, I wish I could do that.

Chris: And then, I only did fif- and then I only did fifty for the Playstation Network. And I paid fif- and I paid- and I paid seventy dollars for the new printer-scanner-copier that I needed, so I could print the com- so I could print my comics to send out one copy to the copyright office, and then three more amongst- between- from be- for between Marvel, Dark Horse, and Archie.

Kacey: I-I know. that's- that's still a lot of money just to drop though, like, I mean, I wish I could drop that on stuff I wanted, or even needed.

Chris: [stress sigh] Yeah well during th-during the longer time I did not really have any goal-oriented plans. But now-

Kacey: [interrupting] Well if you want to get married at 30 you better start getting those plans.

Chris: Yeah well I mean fortunately with the recent events and talking to you and Kim I am starting to put my plans together.

Kacey: Well you know three years goes by pretty quickly so good luck.

Chris: Yeah. [pause] Yeah, thank you. [sighs]

Kacey: I mean have you ever thought of selling your video games for money like the ones you don't play anymore?

Chris: Yeah I thought about that and I did not wish to do that.

Kacey: Why not? I mean if you don't use them.

Chris: I'd like to h- be able to hold onto them for my daughter to enjoy. Or even my- even my son. My children.

Kacey: But by the time you have children there'll be better video games out. I mean stuff improves all the time. But I mean they'll be able to get ROMs of anything.

Chris: They'll be- they'll be able to get ROMs. [pause]

Kacey: Yeah ROMs are wonderful, I mean it keeps the clutter away 'cause they're all in a nice little y'know megabytes and all that stuff and y'know you can just join GameFly or something like that.

Chris: [sighs]

Kacey: [pause] I mean think about just how much room you would save. I mean it would besides maybe your kids won't like video games. Maybe they'll be more into sports.

Chris: Well at least for me to enjoy then. I mea- I have- I am a nostalgic type person and I often get nostalgia. And sometimes I don-

Kacey: [interrupting] Well so do I but even I know that I have to keep up the times. I mean what of your old games have you played recently? Like of the oldest of the old.

Chris: Which ones have I played recently?

Kacey: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah well I've played a few levels of Knuckles Chaotix on my 32x.

Kacey: And that's it?

Chris: I also p- I also played the egg-stopping game on my NES with my PowerPad. But then I- then I put the PowerPad away. Back to where it was.

Kacey: Well I mean why don't you just sell the ones you don't play?

Chris: Yeah well that's a lot for me to sort through.

Kacey: Well you gotta do it eventually. I mean if not you're going to be a hoarder or something.

Chris: A what?

Kacey: A hoarder? Somebody who-

Chris: I've never heard of that.

Kacey: It- it's some- it's a packrat. It's somebody who has a psychological problem where they can't give up their stuff and they fill their house with junk. I mean it's somebody who hoards things.

Chris: As if I- as if I have an [unintelligible] establish with that lifestyle because my mother and my father are packrats. I think we've established that in previous conversations.

Kacey: Um. I don't think you've really talked to me about that. But um this whole- maybe you should set an example for them.

Chris: Alright well let me just refresh- let me just refresh you. Yeah well you see my mom and dad bring home stuff. A massive amount though including- like we have these two couches in my room that my mom says she's gonna take out the old couches and replace- take out a couple of the old couches [cough] replace them with a new one. But she never did- the two couches are just sitting one on top of the other at the edge of our living room and also the couch in the kitchen which she says she- she said she was gonna put together but she never did. We also got like a couple of pieces of furniture I don't even remember what they are downstairs. Where it's like you can't even get into the music slash computer room downstairs. Anyway we have a computer upstairs in the kitchen up here by the way, at least we get that. And also between shelves, filing cabinets, whatever.

Kacey: Well um. Why don't you do it for her? I mean your parents are old, maybe they need the help. Why don't you take out the old furniture and put the new ones in? I bet you could do it I mean you helped out with all that brush in your yard so obviously you're strong.

Chris: Yes but it's like y'know if I, and I mean I would love to do it for them-

Kacey: Well just do it.

Chris: -But it's like. They have- they have to- I've been waiting for them to make the plans and I do not know where to put everything.

Kacey: You don't have to make any plans. Just take the old couches out, arrange for a pickup or arrange for Goodwill to come get them. The end. It's so simple.

Chris: It's not as simple as you think plus I have a whole bunch of other clutter.

Kacey: Just give it away. I mean if they haven't used it - if nobody has used it in a year you don't need it. Just get rid of it you can live without it. You should totally do it for them.

Chris: And then my family s- then my mom would yell at me and definitely would probably throw me out of the house.

Kacey: No I think they would be happy that you did something. Maybe you should talk to them then. Be like "Hey, I wanna clean up the house. I'm gonna get rid of stuff."

Chris: I have talked to them. And they- and they- I have talked to them and they said "NO NO NO. NO NO NO. YOU DON'T DO THAT YOU DON'T DO THAT WE'RE GONNA KICK YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE."

Kacey: Well that's a pretty bad position to be in because that's unhealthy for you to live in. That's extremely unhealthy.

Chris: Yeah tell me about it. [sigh, followed by pause] Whoo I got a bit of a headache right now.

Kacey: Yeah I can understand the feeling. So um- but yeah y'know that rage out maybe you should maybe right now you should go make that video. Cause y'know you can put all that anger that you just showed me into it. I mean all that frustration just go and get that video done. It'll make you feel a lot better. I'm pretty sure of it.

Chris: Yeah, OK.

Kacey: So why don't I let you go and I expect the video to be up soon. I'll be excited to see it.

Chris: OK.

Kacey: Awesome. OK well then I'll call you tomorrow.

Chris: Alright you take care, stay safe.

Chris: Bye bye.

[Call ends]

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