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Chris writing letters

On 1 August 2021, Chris was arrested on a charge of incest against his mother Barbara, marking the first fully offline saga of Christory since his high school years. Almost all knowledge of what Chris and Barbara have been up to since his arrest has come from communications from jail – letters and phone calls – while he awaits his hearings.

Chris's jail communications were suspended for a few months. Following his transfer from Central Virginia Regional Jail to Western State Hospital in February 2022, all mail sent to Chris at the jail was returned to the sender unread; Chris returned to the jail in May 2022 and resumed mail communications. Chris stopped communicating after that, and was released in March 2023.

This page catalogues Chris's written letters. Drawings which Chris has mailed out from jail are featured on the Jail Art page.

List of letters


These letters cannot be used in court as evidence for any alleged "crimes" Chris has committed, as it is all purely Chris's word.
Christian writing his Epistles

Chris began sending handwritten letters from jail shortly after his arrest on 1 August 2021, although weens did not begin writing him en masse until the uploading of his "Jesus letter" to Kiwi Farms in late September. The envelopes arrive with a stamped disclaimer that the facility neither "censor[s] nor inspect[s]" Chris's letters – which has allowed him to release even more Honest Content.

August 2021

20 August

Chris begged for money to his inmate account to purchase socks, a bra, and sneakers.

September 2021

19 September

Chris wrote an open letter being defensive over his alleged theft of Barbara's money and for his incest charge. He also demonstrates a new coping mechanism - that he is Jesus Christ.

October 2021

3 October

Chris responds to a failed attempt to convert him to Islam.

4 October

Chris responds to a letter from Kenneth Engelhardt.

20 October

Chris answers six questions from a fan.

21 October

Chris responds to a 4chan user named "Shake Zula" about a plush he had been sent.

25 October (1)

Chris responds to a fan from Virginia, where he gives insight on how the officials at his jail treat him.

25 October (2)

Chris's second letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. Topics include Ken trying to mail Chris a copy of the Quran, Ken trying to arrange a pardon for Chris, Chris being unsure of wanting to kiss Null or Judas, and Chris commenting on prison ramen.

30 October

Chris's third letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. Chris instructs his fans to visit and donate to Barbara.

November 2021

8 November (1)

Chris responds to Youtuber Stories from The Penitentiary, giving a much clearer image on his mental state and his experiences in jail.

8 November (2)

Chris mentions that some officers have been "aloof; indifferent, or incompetent" to him; that he has been playing solo basketball in the exercise yard; and that Mary Lee Walsh is still mayor of CWCville.

16 November

Chris's fourth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt, on his experience in jail.

20 November

Chris outright states that as a result of the Dimensional Merge, the world we live in now exists in the same universe as that as the one the Sonichu comics take place in.

27 November

Chris sends a fifth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt discussing a car accident which totalled Son-Chu and seriously injured Barb.

30 November (1)

Chris writes to an Onion Farms user, Celestia, about the concept of "self-religion" as well as how he plans to "upgrade" Christianity to his own whims.

30 November (2)

Chris answers 12 questions from a Twitter Fan, "Eels and the Egg-man". The subjects discussed include Chris's current relations with Bella and Fiona, his opinions on various Christubers, his plans after being released from jail, various dimensions, among other topics.

December 2021

6 December

Chris sends a sixth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. He further declares Null an incarnation of Judas, calling him a traitor and decides to "leak" various secrets about him.

9 December

Chris sends a second letter to Celestia, consisting of little more than lore pertaining to his Messiah complex and the Dimensional Merge.

10 December

13 December

Chris sends a seventh letter containing a Christmas card to Kenneth Engelhardt.

14 December

Chris sends an eighth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. He demands $200,000 to be sent to Barb following her involvement in a car crash in late November that totalled her Dodge Caravan

22 December

Contains Chris's updated Ten Commandments.

January 2022

4 January

8 January

Chris sends a letter regarding a troll pretending to be a descendant of a Crusader.

11 January

Chris sends a ninth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. Chris makes a big point that Kenneth is only permitted to share a specific page online, feeling betrayed by the one letter he didn't even post. The allowed page isn't too noteworthy, Chris shares more lore within his version of Neo-christianity, more specifically how his mother is the avatar of Emanuel and his reincarnation after being crucified as Jesus 2022 years ago.

Kengle then decides to share the entire letter anyway a month later.

18 January

Chris sends a tenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. He shuts down Kenneth's Sonichen-Sonichu crossover idea with a frank "HELL NO!!!", providing guidelines for future fanfictions (all of which the original Soinchu comic violates). Chris also provides extensive information about the geography of C-197 and states his intentions to return to 14 Branchland Court when released.

19 January

Chris sends an eleventh letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.

Date unknown

Chris sends a twelfth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt expressing his continued faith in the Merge. He includes a copy of his "Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer" written on 13 January. Kenneth shared the prayer but not the main letter.

28 January

Chris sends a letter and drawing to a fan named Robert.

30 January

Chris sends a third letter to Spamton stating that he will be released from jail at his hearing on 3 February. He includes a copy of the "Lord Goddess Blue Heart's Prayer".

30 January (2)

Chris sends a copy of his prayer to Bizarre Bazaar along with a short letter.

May 2022

9 May

11 May

Chris sends the first letter since his transfer back to the Central Virginia Regional Jail. Chris once again blames Jacob Sockness for the COVID-19 pandemic, and blames the continuation of G5 My Little Pony for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Chris also dumps information about his mother's youth, and blames her for his incestous relationship with her.

25 May

Chris sends another letter to Kenneth, which he requests to conceal the contents of yet again.

June 2022

1 June

Chris tells Helena about his time at the mental hospital and denies having committed incest with Barb.

4 June

Chris answers a series of questions from Eels.

13 June

Chris rambles on about his delusions in a confidential letter to Eels and Helena and apparently reveals that Barb is no longer living at 14 Branchland Court (a claim later shown to be false).

25 June

Another confidential letter to Eels and Helena.

27 June

Chris tells Eels about his impending release from jail (which once again failed to transpire).

July 2022

4 July

Chris tells Eels and Helena that Barb is still at her house and attempts to use legal blackmail to force her out. He also indicates that he believes Jacob Sockness to be dead.

14 July

Chris writes to Kenneth expressing approval of a potential "Sonichu Base" web project which would be created in collaboration with Helena and Caden.

21 July

Another confidential letter to Eels and Helena discussing Chris's plans to force Barb out of her house and put her in a home.

22 July (1)

A confidential letter to Kenneth recapitulating his previous letter to Eels and Helena.

22 July (2)

Chris rants to Kenneth about his mother and the weather.

29 July 2022

Chris rants to Kenneth about Barb, her relatives, his lawyer, Region 10, the mental hospital staff and Jacob Sockness (who he still believes is dead).

August 2022

2 August 2022

Chris sends a packet of three letters to Kenneth: one for him, one for Helena and one for everybody involved in the Sonichu fan project. Chris provides information on the Sonichu canon and his future plans for the series once he is released. Chris also discusses Barb and his legal situation.

5 August 2022

Chris's last letter to Kenneth to date. Chris defends his claims to divinity and his behavior toward Barb. He also discusses Monkeypox and his use of antiquated English in his letters. Kenneth responded to this letter by "excommunicating" him from the Sonichu fan project.

List of calls

Chris is (or was) permitted to make outbound calls from jail for a maximum duration of fifteen minutes using money from his inmate account. As of May 2022, three people had recorded a total of six calls (assuming the medallion promotions were all recorded at the same time) and uploaded them in whole or in part to the internet. Chris has also tried calling Barbara and, at least on some occasions, has been unable to reach her.[1]

November 2021

1 November

Chris answers questions from a fan named Cory Allison who had written to him.

December 2021

24 December

Chris wishes Cory Allison a merry Christmas.

January 2022

10 January

Chris discusses global warming, remote learning and jail donations with an Onion Farms user called Zombo.

11 January

Chris talks with Zombo about Barbara's wellbeing and encourages people to protest his imprisonment.

13 January

Chris makes a public address to his internet fans while on a call with Zombo. The rest of the call outside of the address has not been shared.

May 2022

Jail Medallion Promotions

Chris advertises for Praetor's medallions. Date of recording unknown, but uploaded to Youtube on 4 May 2022.

Goddess Log

The Goddess Log is a journal Chris has kept in jail. It was mentioned in several of Chris's letters from jail. Chris's 27 November 2021 letter to Kenneth Engelhardt mentions that he began keeping the journal on or before 7 August 2021, although it is not known when he began calling it the "Goddess Log".[2]

Chris also makes mention in a November 2021 letter of the Akashic records, a compedium of all universal thoughts, events, words, and emotion recorded for all time in the religion of theosophy. Chris claims to have gotten several of the things he has recorded in the logs from the Akashic Guardian, who is the scribe of these records.

Chris was released from jail on 27 March 2023. In an October 2023 livestream, he mentioned that his crew was working on transcribing the Goddess Log's pages for publication.[3] According to Praetor the Goddess Log is hundreds of pages long and must be censored to remove names and addresses within it.[4]


Main article: Jail Letter Gifts

Over the months, Chris has sent various holy items to the senders of the respectful letters he receives from jail from what would otherwise be trash.

Reverse side of paperwork

Main article: Jail Art (reverse side)

At least some of the artwork Chris has mailed out were drawn on the backs of his jail paperwork. Often the information was poorly scribbled over with pen but still remain legible.

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