Jail Letter - 25 October 2021 (Kengle)

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 25 October 2021, Chris sent the 2nd letter to Kenneth Engelhardt.

Highlights of this letter include:

  • Kengle trying and failing to mail Chris a copy of the Quran, despite the jail commissary selling them.
  • Kengle writing to Chris about a pardon issue, Chris tells him not to try too hard as he’s aware of Kengle’s “mental limitations.”
  • Chris being unsure of wanting to be kissed by either Null or Judas.
  • Chris talks about prison ramen.

Chris's Response

Hey, Kenneth.

I recieved your letter late last week, and I was low on paper (full sheets) that were blank on both sides until today with two letter pads from the comissary.

In response to your letter, firstly, and I quote the Inmate Handbook, "Paperback Books only, must be mailed directly to you from the publisher, not a book store," (Also Used Books are not allowed; NEW/Mint Only) "and require prior approval of the administration of Chief of Security" (or Major David, specifically, as someone from Books Thru Bars had talked with as well),"Books not coming directly from the publisher will be returned to sender." This had met my concern and curiosity after reading of your intentions to send a book. Unfortunately, just yesterday, the 21st, the book had arrived to the facility, But I got the Notice Form that I signed and suggested they return the book (return postage at my expense). You May want to contact that bookstore you ordered the book from to confirm refunding of at least the book price.

Consolation; the comissary does offer a copy of a Holy Quran for $11.95, and a generous fan donated very well recently, so I've ordered a copy that I'll recieve this coming Friday. If you wish, you may donate $15 to my Inmate Account (counting the $3 fee deduction), and I'll still cite you as the individual who gifted me a Quran. Thank you, Kenneth.

That aside, it does not suprise me at all that my letter and revelation of me being the Literal Reincarnation of Jesus Christ would receive such a massive number of views and responses. You have done well as foreknown for years, and expected of you.

You may or may not be aware of this, or got the hints and message before, But I Meditate A LOT, Involuentarily 24/7/365+1, and for me to meditate conciously and actively is to dive even deeper and deepest into EVERYTHING out of this Earth and All Universes, Cosmos, and Dimensions of this very Timeline, but also the infinite Multiverse and beyond, and even the Akashi Records, among which. So, I have access to ALL Greater and Ultimate Knowledge, Insights, Wisdoms, and Everything, and I Know all there is of the past, present and future.

That being said, your input on MY relations in my past life over 2000 years ago and the connections to Islam and Muslims is nothing new to me and only offers the reminder and reconfirmation of details and interests my Body to make concious of these Quran details for itself.

AND you can gaurantee I am and will speak True and Fact with you and all, as I also have before.

I also appreciate your input on the Pardon and the situation at present, but there is more very well beyond That and Everything for you to individually comprehend for yourself. It is possible for you to learn for yourself, But... → ②

②...do not "fly too close to the sun" and download too much infomation into your brain that you overload it and disable yourself from accessing the infomation again. I keep my brain on good maintainence of infomation storage for what I require in each passing moment. I am well aware of your mental limitations and restritions, as well, Kenneth, so I warn you now that thou art encouraged to seek thy infomation in meditive connections, but exercise concious caution for yourself.

Between you and I, Kenneth, I do wonder which is the better kisser: Judas, or Joshua C. "NULL" Moon.

Also, I've made instant chicken ramen noodle soup today in a Coke bottle and ate the soup from an 8oz foam cup; I utilized a folded-twice sheet of paper for a funnel to get the crushed dry noodle bits into the bottle. For the cold I'm still recovering from, the soup was spiritually satisfying and SHAKINGLY Good and Fun to make. Nissin was the brand of this soup; I also know dry noodles can also be consumed like chips or crackers, but I like them better in my soup.

Be Safe and Well, Kenneth. And go forth in Peace and Clarity by my Power and Glory as God.

Take Care.

Mrs Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, and Lord, Messiah, Savior and God of all.

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