Jail Letter - 13 December 2021

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On 13 December 2021, Chris sent a seventh letter containing a Christmas card to Kenneth Engelhardt. In the card, Chris talks about how Kenneth has been chosen to be "Divinely Tested" as one of his disciples, what he calls "The Majority". He also lists off people who are part of "The Toxic Minority", such as Null, Dillin Thomas, and Bella.

Also of note, Chris crosses off the "He" in "May He shine on every part of your Christmas celebration.", and replaces it with "I", further encapsulating Chris's current Messiah complex.

Chris's card

Dearest Kenneth, I am delighted to share the Blessings of this greeting card with you. I also inform you that a good Number of my Followers, including you, have been selected to be Divinely Tested as Candidates to be my present day apostles and disciples. Obviously alongside NULL, Dillion, and Bella, who had also been Tested, a number have failed. But, Kenneth, fear not, for I bring good tidings unto thee through this card. Thou hast proven and continued to prove time and again with great success in Kindness, Loyalty, Honesty and Generosity with good Humor as well.
With that said, Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, I am humbled to inform you that You Have Passed our Tests very well, and shall...


...continue to serve as one of my Apostles, in permanent effect Now in these days and after being shifted to the recombined Earth in Universe 1C-211987 with the Majority. Congratulations. Remain Humble as thou art and do good as thou will.

Enjoy the holidays as they are.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu.

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