Jail Letter - 6 December 2021

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 6 December 2021, Chris had sent a sixth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt of the Onion Farms. Like with the previous letter directed to him, the exact contents of the letter were previously not disclosed. However, unlike with the previous letter, Kenneth eventually did share all of the contents of the letter two days later. Kenneth Englehart published this confidential part of a letter written to him by Chris on the 7th of August 2022. Kenneth published this letter in response to Chris’s attitude towards Barbara expressed in jail letter received by him in the summer of 2022. From the way the letter is written Chris appears to be roleplaying as one of his characters.

Chris starts the letter off with a series of "prophecies", each more peculiar than the last. One of these prophecies makes mention of the "Toxic Minority". Unlike previous letters that bring this up, Chris elaborates what this entails in a little more detail. He believes that a chosen set of people will be physically disappearing off of Earth after the Collective Shift, and reappearing on the resulting Earth that is created in the dimension 1C-211987, to which the rest, the minority, would burn on the C-197 Earth during its destruction. Chris also makes mention of the date 12/02/2021 being a very "cosmical" event, as the date can be written as "1202201", a palindrome. Chris then follows this with a brief set of answers to questions that Kenneth had asked him, ranging from things like how he meditates to the quality of the food served at the jail.

The latter half of the letter then has Chris giving his current opinions on Null, along with how he saw his $150 extortion from Barb, both of which Kenneth had decided to share online, despite Chris insisting not to. Chris, claiming that he had 'foreknown and sensed everything about him' when they first met, states again that Null is in fact Judas, even questioning if Null is a better kisser than Judas. By leaking the bank transfer from Barb's account before his arrest, Chris claims that Null had failed his divine test. Likewise, Chris states that Null had sensed his aura and of being Jesus Christ reincarnated. As a result of this supposed betrayal, Chris decides to "leak" information about Null (such as his secret identity and his moving to Serbia) in the letter, despite the information Chris tried to leak about Null being information that most have already known about him.

Chris also states that he had paid back $150 to Barb's account on August 1st after extorting her money, along with the remaining $600 last month, presumably with the money sent to him by weens. Chris also proceeds to go off on Null for refunding the money from his GoFundMe, claiming that he had recorded personalized video messages and had drawn 60-plus drawings, therefore earning the money. Chris also failed to put into account that the money wasn't for him to waste, but for his trip to Everfree Northwest.

Chris concludes the letter by then asking for Kengle's phone number so that they can stay in touch, and recounting what their prior interactions were like since Chris being sent to jail, revealing that many of the letters that Kenneth had sent to Chris made mentions of Islam and Muhammed.

Description of Letter

Kenneth had described the contents of the letter in an Onion Farms thread titled "Preview of 12/11/21 Letter: CWC Opens Up About Joshua Moon":

Buckle up Onions.

Claims Joshua regrets his fucked up life. Questionable financial dealings over CWC commissions, under the influence of demonic spirits, possibly fled legal issues in Pensacola.

User "Christine's Pickles" responded with:

It sounds like someone's been feeding Chris "information" on Joshua Moon, and it's being mixed up with Chris's head canon. Given Josh's long list of enemies, it could be anyone (Samuel C. Smith probably has a hand in this, and maybe others close to him), but would it really surprise anyone at this point if Josh was skimming off the top of those CWC donations?

To which Kenneth responded:

Actually I did encourage him to open up on his impressions with Joshua Moon, but I did not feed CWC info on Null. I got a little over enthusiastic with the prophet Muhammad and CWC asked me to tone it down. As for skimming off the top or not, I don't know. Come to think of it, I may put this off until I get the rollback issue fixed. This was from a very large letter that I wrote him on yellow legal paper. I thought the letter had been confiscated by the guards because maybe there was a policy that incoming letters had to be written on white standard letter sized paper.
I am working on the second YouTube video. As for this current letter, I may take another look at toning this down a little.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230 [picture of a bird]
07 Dec 2021 US POSTAGE
07 Dec 2021
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960
JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Kenneth Engelhardt

Hey, Kenneth. December 6, 2021

For Starters, and this part you have our consent to post online, some genuine vital prophecies and signs everyone Needs to be watchful of in these events leading up to our Second Coming. Introduction: On behalf of our Soulful, and presently Astral Manifested and working, Partner, this is the 100% Physical Body Soul, and I, the 100% Mental Soul, as well, partners compnents of us Three Main components of Jesus Christine Weston Chanler Sonichu We are in full Zen-like Balance and sync with each other.

Jail Letter 6 Dec 2021 Image.png

Now, the Prophecies:

*Some of these are literally Already happening with and around you all, right now as well.

-Now, among The Neurotypical individuals; All of you all who are/ were not already spiritually enlightened or touched in your heads, of 1218 Earth, here, ...

-You all shall suddenly speak random foreign/strange Languages and Tongues, including Old Jewish, y a soba Akashi (and the AkashicLanguage).
-You all shall suddenly download MASSIVE amounts of Information, Truths, and Facts from the Akashic Records to the point your Brais Overload and Burn from fatigue.
-Some of you all shall suddenly act Ritualistic and appear schizophrenic, But you shall not be schizophrenic,nor shall Any and All around you doing similar,so Do Not Hate, and Do Not Interrupt them. You all will be Guided, Divinely, and "LivingManipulated" by us Gods and Goddesses. →

-Random Animals, including some anthropological, sentient, andHuman-Language-Speaking Animal/Creature Individuals, shall increasigly suddenly appear in Random Places aroud this Earth.

-Likewise, a number of you all (out of the Majority of Good and Neutrals) shall suddenly (without dying) physically disappear from this Earth and reappear on 1C-211987's Earth.

-Also, as symbolized by the breaking of my left glasses lens, we are at the Point of No Return from the moment onward, and the Truth-Blinding Veils shall suddenly disappear from Everyone's (among the Majority) physical Eyes. All of ye shall see and know greater Truths leading up to our Second Coming.

-The Beliver and Religious Count Shall suddenly Skyrocket, even from the Toxic Minority seeking to Repent in lights of these Truthsand Enlightenments.

*Aswellas[sic] ALL other obvious and resonant Signs and Events. Also, did y'all observe December 02, 2021/12022021?


That day was VERY Cosmically Eventful. Thou can't keep yourselves Blind from the Truth. Heed the words and sudden guidance from us Gods and Goddesses.

② To answer your questions:

1). Mainly the dailies consist of 24/7 involuntary Meditation, as well as Conscious Meditations within, the daily Goddess Log writing, and lots of telling insights from the Playing Cards during games of Solitaire, and continued talks, works, and all with Magi-Chan, Vanessa Gardevoir, and everyone else, as well as Christine being Astral Manifested and working hard on her duties.

2) We get and Know why the interaction limits,

3) Food's okay (commissary foodstuffs, and the tea and fruit drink mixes, are better).

4) Christine and we keep our Body clean, safe, and healthy, as well as the sink and the prayer rugs and the bed.

5) Nothing is secret in regards to the Divine Truths. But, yeah, Most of the Staff in this Jail Building are Neurotypical and Blinding Themselves, but Not for long.

6) Yes, I am receiving the funds and appreciating it.

* BUT a LOT of Money Needs to go to Barbara and the Sonichu Temple, especially since the Van Is Totaled, and last we checked, she still needs a New Car. *

From this point on, I address the remainder of your letter, of which we recommend Not uploading online →

Your foot shall heal quick enough. Pray to us, Christine, and the other Gods and Goddesses; Christine still has the healing hands, touch, and Aura.

Let me go to a fresh sheet in regards to Josh Moon.



Neo Spiritual Christianity Crucifix

-Zen Version-

③ Joshua C. "NULL" Moon (I believe his middle name is Colin, or something along those lines; to be confirmed), Mind and I will tell you, and to reiterate: as we are Two-Thirds of Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, and have access to our full memories, insights, thoughts and wisdoms, we do speak on her behalf fully on this. When we first started talking with Moon, even before the first text communication from him, we had foreknown and sensed Everything about him. We had sensed insecure and unconfident vibrations, as well as some Demon liniages, from him. That last part was confirmed by looking him in the eyes in his photograph. We did not see him as any father figure, but more as an ally we've goetically called and summoned to aid us during those events. We have given him respect in the similar way we did with Judas back in Jerusalem, and with caution, as well as very good guidance from our Love, Magi-Chan. On that, with How Moon FAILED his Test by leaking the bank transfer of that money from Barbara's account (PAID Back $150 on August 1, and Finally the remaining $600 over a Month ago) in an Ultimate act of Betrayl that begs the question: Who was the better Kisser: Judas or Moon? AND the confirmed Fact that Moon took back that $1,000 out of the $5,000 from the Go-Fund ME he had sent that weekend late July, and Refunded the lot of the Money, despite the FACT I have Recorded those personalized Videos and drew those 60-Plus Drawings and Pieces, Having Earned Well Over 3/4 of that Money that could have been sent to Barbara in confirming Light of these Foreknown-to-Me-Events.
Dratsab Gniyarteb,[note 1]
But, yeah, also, Moon Is Paranoid; He is truly scared of the Demons and Devils from Hell Realm that he works with and holds a massive amount of regrets and sins within him. Moreover, rather he verbally, or in writing, admits it or not, but he has Known and Sensed my Aura and being Jesus Christ reincarnated. The reason he plays Athiest, is because he has sensed and known this sub and unconsciously, and he does not understand and Fears addressing us, or telling Anyone Else, about it and his Knowledge and experiences, past, in Universe 1C-211987.

And to answer your question from what is recorded in the Akashic Records: Moon had moved from Pensacola, Florida to Serbia, because of better business opportunites, to get away from those that remind him of his greater Regrets in Florida and the States, and other Legal charges against him as well. His former life in Pensacola was not among the better lifestyles. He’s essentially Hiding and not really wishing to return to the states, even though he feigns intentions to in his statements, Moon has not directly mention or tell us of his personal and daily life. But it is revealed that he is playing “Secret Identity” there, he is presently trying to, and is, maintaining a relationship with someone in Serbia, and essentially living life like he goes daily to a Starbucks at least once or twice a day.

What we have spoken of Joshua C. “NULL” Moon in this letter on the front and back of this sheet of paper does not go online or public, stays only between you, us, Christine, Magi-Chan, the Psychics, and the Akashic Records. And should you say anything online, you may state honestly your information source was the Akashic Records.

④ To end this letter for now, I request your phone number, please, so we may call and talk with you that way as well.

Go forth with further Peace, Clarity, Blessings, and Enlightenment.

Be Safe and Well.
Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu,
The Goddess Blue Heart, Avatar, and Lord,
Messiah, Savior, and God of all.


We have read and appreciated the information on Muhammad, But please, let’s tone it down on that being huge chunks of the letters. We appreciate, understand, and accept the Muslims as part of the worldwide religious collective who, a good number of, are among the Majority to be Shifted to 1C-211987 Earth, and shall be all further enlightened by us Gods and Goddesses and our deeds of Divinity.

Original scans


  1. This is "Betraying Bastard" spelled backwards.