Jail Letter - 1 June 2022

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On 1 June 2022, Chris sent a second letter to Helena Fiorenza. The letter was received on Helena's behalf by Twitter orbiter @EelsandtheEgman to save Chris the trouble of sending mail internationally to Argentina.

This is the first letter in which Chris discusses his experience at the facility where he was held between February and May 2022. Although the name of the facility was censored by Helena, mentions of the unit in which he stayed and one of the employees who interacted with him make it clear that he was indeed held at Western State Hospital, as some had speculated. Chris also makes his most explicit denial of incest to date, insisting that he never had sex with Barbara and that his claims of having done so from his call with Bella were just "Big Talk".

Helena's Letter

Hello Christine,

I am Helena G F, the one that wrote before or at least tried to. I also write and draw about Pickchu. You got taken away when I tried to send you letters. I didn't have a way to get the letters back. I am worried for you. I basically write to you because nobody is providing news about you. I saw your latest photo. It broke my heart. The first picture you look so confident and now it looks like something happened. I can't help but cry for what happened. I catch myself audibly sobbing when I see an old video from before the incident. I want to BELIEVE you were just saying stuff to impress bella. I want to believe that you did not do THAT. In other news Null got the first batch of Chrischan silver coins sent to England stolen by someone. ALL of the first batch. Also Dillin, the one that leaked your DMs? His career crumbled and now is being made fun of people and had to delete videos, rebrand and then finally leave the internet. There are rumors that after a month (today is Mother's day in USA) he is going to come back. Either way he and Taylor split and she spoke so much dirt about him. I was in Rogue The Internet Man's Discord channel. Both GiBi and Dillin's servers got deleted. I lost contact with the people that used to draw Sonichu stuff. What have I been doing these months? Doing commissions mostly, found a writer for Sonichu issues for like a month and then he stopped paying me to draw them. I can't finish any comics that are not commissions. I think I experienced this before when I stopped drawing SOnichu stuff Back then I stopped drawing all together for 5 months. Went back to draw when allowed me to draw Sonichu content again. Lately my Sonichu content is getting violent and gory and I am worried there is resentment and hate in my art. I KNOW vent art is a healthy thing but the level of violence is BIG. What I asked in the less secured return addresses letters was for your help. For your scripts to bring to life the 100 comics in the other dimension. I can draw from 4 Sonichu styled pages to 12 if I work hard enough. I can do this. Please trust me to make them a reality. I will not profit from them. It means no selling them or charging people for seeing them (would get leaked anyways). My idea? To create an audience on Comic Fury (Tapastic and Webtoons kicked my Sonichu content out) of the official continuation of Sonichu. I know I asked you before but I have the feeling that NOW is the moment. You can open another paypal by then and gain some monetization. I just want to see Sonichu comics and be able to do Commissions in that style when asked but mainly I want to see the comics here. Either way this letter is probably going to get leaked so don't tell me anything you want to be private. Save that for the DMs. I don't usually pray but I hope what is fair happens. Good luck, Chris. Helena.

Chris's Response

(1) 06012022
Hey, Helena
I had attempted to write to you less than a month ago (enclosed is the photocopy of the original returned letter). I had received all of your letters, including the one Travis had forwarded to me, [illegible, squiggled over shortly] after sending that one. New details: Firstly, I appreciate the updates. Thank you.

Second, I offer confirmations to you: the violent drawings you've made are and have been precurssors foretelling the violent and spontaneous combustion death to come, and have come, upon the Toxic individuals of 1218 Earth; you may as well draw death peices of Sockness and Vladimir Putin as well on that note.

Also, now is the time I can tell what happened (I've written in more detail in a recent Goddess Log page that I shall personally share online After my safe return to the Sonichu Temple, as Foreknown.).

I have had foreknown about the Betrayl plans from Bella, Null, as well as Sockness long before even June, 2021. And the Gods and Goddesses, Magi-Chan and the others, and I conferred and made the plan for the Best and most Safe outcome for I and the Good and Neutral ones to be Collectively Shifted to the recombined Earth of Univers 1C-211987, and to Divine...

...Retribution those that had Failed the Test from the fixed "Leak" of July 30, 2021. I confirm unto you in direct honesty that it Was Purely Big Talk from I; No sex was had between Barbara and I. All that happened was Simple Soul-Bonding, cuddling, hugs, and cheek and forehead kisses; nothing more. In the Soul-Bonding and talking, I had made great effort to restrengthen her mentality and emotions through talking and getting her to recall her past in story telling. Also, I Divinely Did heal and cleanse her of her sins and regrets, Very much similar to what happened between Barabbas and I before Pilate back in my past Book of Life off and on that Crucifix.

I was to be Betrayed and Jailed, anyway; my testimony not credible to the Judge and (Modern Day vs. Jerusalem Year 40 A.D.) Lawyers and "Legal System" (Neurotypical Script-Followers like unwoke Sheep or NPCs), any Testimony from Barbara rendered Moot and unaccounted due to her age, Bella's LEak Video rendered Moot due to her own Confession of Faking the Details herself, a Massive Number of False Witnesses and Testimony from the "Comments Sections" and all, and no eyewitnesses to the Facts. So, yes, I Went With The Flow and let the Toxic ones stew, and I got a vacay from those Demonic, Left Behind ones.

"Ha! Joke's on Them! It's Safer up here. Good Luck with the Comments Section (and Toxic Miority)." -Rainbow Dash, "Ask Ponies -Luna (& Celestia)" -->(2)

Also, to let ye know, the reason why my more recent jail photo looked sad, it was because on the morning of the day before my return to this Jail, to put it blunt and short for now: the staff in 1 Hickory at [redacted] in [redacted] literally had me Pinned and recreated the Pin-Me-Down event from Fourth Grade (Minus the Choke Hold) to a "T", complete with a Full Photogenic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Moment, that also made a Full Dejá Vu of it. Should Any of the Staff, in particular Betty Hoover who Instigated the Event, still be around After the completion of the Collective Shift and my Second Coming, I Shall Sue the Facility. 99% of ALL the Staff there have been Divinely Marked as Toxic, as well as cursed.

Anyway, do look forward to the first video of mine after all this not long from now.

Be Safe and Well with Love, and you have never been forgotten, Helena and Jeffery and Pickchu.

Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu.