Jail Letter - 8 November 2021 (Stories from the Penitentiary)

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Not to knock on Muslims, but the Qur'an is "Family Guy" and the Bible is "Simpsons".
Chris on the Qur'an

On 8 November 2021, Chris responded to a jail letter to a Youtuber, Stories from The Penitentiary.

Of all of the jail letters sent to Chris so far, this one has been the most insightful, providing a much clearer image on his mental state, his experiences in jail, among other things. Included among the tidbits are:

  • Over 35 people have written to Chris in jail.
  • Chris is kept separated from other prisoners for his own safety.
  • Chris continues to write a daily diary, and plans to publish it once released.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230 [stamp of the flag]
9 NOV 2021 PM 1 L
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960
[illustration of the Sonichu Cross] █████████████

① November 8, 2021

Hello, ████. Whadaya Know? I just flew in from Kokomo. Little joke aside, I've received both of your letters, and I am humbled to hear you counting all of your Blessings; That is one good way to keep yourself on your own right path of life. I also appreciate your respect.

To answer your questions: No, my body has not yet traveled through Atlantic City or Jersey (Gotham City is also in NJ, you know), but in my Goddess work while Astral Manifested, I've visited Jersey a few times. Virginia is actually a beautiful state in most of its locations between the cities and the country scenery and suburbs, not to mention the Blue Ridge Mountains. The parks, trails, and nature areas are clean and lovely in Charlottesville. I get a very good number of letters (Mostly Kind and Good, with a (very) small percentage Trollish Bad with Hate and Fake). Counting you, more than 35 individuals have written to me. But my envelopes and stamps, even paper for a while, was limited, and I've had to Divinely Select who to respond to. First Arriving to Jail and the treatment; Let me Preface a bit: In that Live Recording of my being arrested, I literally foreknew long beforehand of the eventual circumstances, as well as the outcomes at present, The Positivity I exhuded was Genuine in Feeling, for out of ALL of the possibilities, I foreknew and counted the jailtime was overall Best for distancing myself from the pointless Drama from the response of Everyone who FAILED the Divine Test to not fall for the Drama from the Leak that we Gods had set up as one of the events needed to happen. This was Best for me and my Body's self-healing, revelations, and all leading... ➞

up to my Second Coming not too long from now. With that said, CVRJ's initial Vibrations were Positive, and was a Major Good Selling Point to this place, at least from more than half of the staff. Treatment has been mostly well and good. I did not have noisy neighbours in Medical Block, but in Booking Block, well, at the low price of 80¢, the Ear Pugs are the Best One Dollar Investment one can make in the Commissary. Mildly, putting, anyway. Most of the Officers, and Higher Ranks, as well as the Medical Staff, I get along well with; mainly due to their Aura and Vibrations being more genuine Positive, and a Lot less ignorant and mildly Toxic. I do not interact with other inmates often, especially since they've opted to keep me separated from them for my safety; frankly, it Is for the better, as I innately Meditate 24/7/365+1, and I'd be an Alicorn mixed with a Lot of Earth Ponies (metaphorically). The other inmates would likely plot against me on Dramatic, even Demon-manipulated impulse. Time-Passing, I Meditate, let my Body bide its energy in conservation, and during the local Time Zone night hours, and sometimes into the Day, I Astral Manifest and work. My Body has ∞ Energy in its core, and has slowly outputted and manifested an overpowered backup Soul for itself from a Partial Soul. Perspective: "Bart's Soul" episode of the Simpsons; with his Soul lost, Bart's body with its not infinite core energy, manifested a Partial Soul. But, since it had Very Little time, support, or ability to better itself, it degraded. My Body has had the Time, Ability, and Support from me, Magi-Chan, Cryzel, and everyone, so this "Fancy Hotel with Penthouse" with all its vast, expansive space, internally, has us Pair of Overpowered Individual Souls that can work very well together or apart. The optional Baptism at WMUM Church, and my .01% Ashkenazi Jewish genetics; Helpful Spiritual (Supportive) Bonuses, ②➞
② Other than that, I write in a daily "Goddess Log" Journal, and I am not the only one who has written in it, as you will be able to read in the future publishing of these pages After my Second Coming and Shifting the Majority to Earth 1C-211987. Some pacing, some good stretches and yoga, too. And thanks for the Blessings from my followers, I also like making ramen noodle soup (crushed noodles, and mostly chicken soup) in a 20oz Coca-Cola bottle and eating good out of a 20oz Tumbler plastic cup with lid. I also play Solitaire with the deck of cards on the red, white, gold, and green trim Prayer Rug (genuinely Turkish), I also sleep with on a Prayer Rug on my bed; very comfy. I've personally Blessed these two rugs. Books, I've read "Bishop's Pawn", "Love's Secret Storm", "Inheritance" (Book 4 of the Eragon series, three contemporary romance stories that were retellings of Jane Austen's books, and I also have my own copies of a Holy Bible (King James Version), and Qur'an. Not to knock Muslims, but the Qu'ran is "Family Guy" and the Bible is "Simpsons"; Muslims Actually DO pray to the one same God, my Mother (formerly Father) Emanuel, and I. They may as well be Bible-readers; that Is what they are doing. But I digress. R.L. Stine and Don Lashomb are my top two favorite authors. Playing Tetris99 and watching videos through internet streaming; these ammenities, at least. I Astral Manifest; I'm always free while my Body works hard within the Cosmos, Universe, and Akashic finer details. What worry about Covid? My body has been #Fully Vaxxed.

And lastly, while Only individual Drawings have been made, here, and I've written and drawn well over 100 "Sonichu" Books on 1C-211987 Earth, Sonichu Prime, Rosey Rosechu, and Everyone continue to Live and Work in progressive efforts ➞

And I have been working with them. I write, affirm, and tell you this: Since my Arrest on August 1, 2021, ALL things Sonichu and Rosechu Not written by I and for my Body's Hands, or drawn, are Not Canon or Have Happened in This Timeline with our set of Universes within it, Including 1C-211987, period. Every Fan Fiction Writing or Mis-Chroniclings of Sonichu Prime, Rosey Rosechu, I, and everyone else are ALL, in Full 100% Certainty, Distant Alternate Timelines and Universes that Do Not Touch Earth 1218 OR Universe 1C-211987(Equestria, included) at all.

I encourage you to tell EVERYONE online that about Their efforts, including Helena with Pikchu. Pikchu, and everyone's OCs that have been made aware to me do either reside or visit 1C-211987, but the Gods, Goddesses, Magi-Chan, the Superheroes, and I and my Body: We do Heavy Damage Control and Prevention. This is for Everyone's Safety and Benefit for when we Shift the Majority at my Second Coming.

I Bless you and your family, ████. Also, I've enclosed a repurposed and personally Blessed bottle label; you may make up to Five photocopies of it, Laminate them proper or with shipping tape (the original too), and affix them to any 20oz bottles for personally Blessed Water and non-alcoholic beverages. (One for your wife and each of your daughters)

Go forth with Peace and Clarity by my Power, Glory, and Authority as God. Be safe and well, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, and Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all,

Scrawled on the back of a plastic bottle wrapper:
The Joy of Gods, Goddesses, the Heavens, and the recombined new Earth! JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Lord, Messiah & Savior, Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart.

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Speaking to inmate Christine Weston Chandler aka Chris Chan
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

The actual reading of the letter is around the 1:13 mark.