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Welcome to the IRC namespace related to accessing #sonichu on This is intended to help IRC users get shit done or learn how to do things.

Notice: If you're familiar with IRC, then you MUST register your nickname (and sign in) with Rizon before you are able to join #sonichu.

If Chris can do it, SO CAN YOU!


To be hip and cool (and due to the internet being filled with slow in the minds who cant set up IRC), the CWCki now has a Discord server.

If you're an editor here, let a moderator or administrator know when you join so you can get a cool role and access to some sooper sekrit channels.

Incase you want to use IRC, it is still alive but not very active.

Mirc.jpg What happens in the IRC?

Usually nothing Chris related. At best, Chris references.

Mirc.jpg Does Chris ever come here?


Mirc.jpg Care and Proper Feeding of your IRC



Registering and logging in

To register, in the Rizon server area, follow these instructions:

  • /nick [USERNAME] This will allow you to pick a username.
  • /msg nickserv register [PASSWORD] [E-MAIL] This will register that username.
  • /msg nickserv confirm [PASSCODE] Check your e-mail for the passcode and you're done!

To log-in, in the Rizon server area, follow these instructions:

  • /nick [USERNAME]
  • /msg nickserv identify [PASSWORD]

Now type /join #sonichu and you're in!

Mirc.jpg When you first join

Due to many new people joining (and a majority of them being complete idiots), you may have to endure some hostility. Just act normal. Hopefully you're normal.

Mirc.jpg What to do and not to do


  • If you're a meme-spouting ass-hole, get out.
  • If you're constantly asking Chris questions, maybe check the CWCki first.
  • Just act normal and you'll probably be fine unless you have no idea what normal is.
  • Respect authority (unless you want to get beaten).

How to get banned

Mirc.jpg What to do if you're banned

Take it up with Canine (PM him).

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