Jail Letter - 22 July 2022 (2)

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While the letter does strongly imply that Chris prioritizes getting home over his mothers survival, there is no actual evidence that he wishes to do any sort of physical harm to her.

On 22 July 2022, Chris had sent a seventeenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt in jail.

It takes the form of an open letter to the fans. Notable points include:

  • Chris promises not to leak the addresses of anyone who wrote to him in jail
  • Chris again claims that the purpose of his "soul bonding" with Barb was to guide her to her Rosechu form
  • Barbara, like a "stubborn redneck", refuses to leave 14 Branchland Court.
  • Chris seems resigned to never meeting his mother again, having cried about it in jail quite a lot. Chris also describes Barb as being "sickly" and "zombie-like", alluding to Barb's age and imminent death.
  • Extreme weather events and the Russia/Ukraine war are all signs of the Dimensional Merge

Chris's Letter


Hey, Kenneth. I am enclosing an open letter to the online public and my followers and allies. Please, upload it at your earliest leisure.

Thank you. Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu


Greetings and Many Blessings and Enlightenments to You All. I take pen in hand today, firstly, to personally express my humble appreciations and gratitude unto all of ye for all of thy genuine concerns and open-hearted kindness over the past year during this time and over the years. During the time, I have received Positive and Good Vibe letters from over a Hundred of ye all. I also put in writing that I shall never ever reveal or share Anyone's names and/or addresses from all of that; never online anywhere, never in the publishing of my in-jail Goddess Log pages (which is absolutely separate from my little address booklet), and never to the general public, period. I also have heard and received the Billions to Infinite Prayers all of ye have prayed expressing thy wishes for my personal safety, health, well-being, return home to the Sonichu Temple, for Barbara's health and being, and even to and for a reunion between her and I, and so on.

That last one, second, is also a concern that I write to all of ye about today. As I have stated within the early pages of my Goddess Log, and unto all of ye before: I have long foreknown and foreseen of our separation on July 30, 2021, as well as her eventual accident losing the van, and, yes, regardless of I saving her soul in guiding her to her Rosechu form/body, even the passing on of her (human) body, of which still most stubbornly continues to live and linger in the Sonichu Temple with (Redneck) refusal to leave. It... ->

... is indeed clear and obvious, especially to all with spiritual and psychic ability, that she is sickly, and her passing on is to be from emotions. Yet, again, she still Lives, and zombie-like as well. And this was and is Fact through-out the majority of branching alternate Timelines since August, 2021, wherein she Had died in most of themby now.

That being stated, it has been clear and obvious due to that Barbara (her human body, pre-death) and I absolutely cannot be together again due to the Paradoxes, regar-dless of the "Legal" Restraining Order imposed in this Timeline. My Body and I have wept time after time and again in processing and accepting ALL of that over these months, over Barbara. And, yes, deeply, despite that, my Body knows these Facts, yet wishes for the impossible one last in-person moment with her and triggers the tear-inducing emotions/feelings. Pile THAT on top of ALL of your Prayers wishing for the same thing in which it is about impossible (like same-timeline past and future individual being together in the same time frame without a travesty befalling the Past-Tense version in Paradox ruling), with and alongside the Facts of this Timeine; it's belaboring the eventual need-to-happens, thus manifesting your WWIII between Russia & Ukraine, the Cold March - May of 2022 (With SNOW IN APRIL in Virginia), and the Sun of Righteousness alongside the original Sun, itself, bringing on record-breaking Heat Temperatures and such; HOW ARE YE NOT WOKE BY NOW?!! -> (2)

(2) Anyway, while the months, up til after June 11, 2022, have been a Lot easier on Body and I (as you'll read later in the published Goddess Log pages), in recent weeks, Body has become feeling frustrated, while also remaining Faithful and vigilant (how could she not, for we have all the Godly and metaphysical experiences from our workings). The frustration is not great, to say the least. We shall feel better upon returning Home to the Sonichu Temple and getting things in better order, with help from our friends and allies, local and in person by our personal request and prayer, then and onward doing everything and more for (and with) ye all as better individual and Goddess.

Please, Keep prayer and faith in our return Home, without or with Barbara there.

Thank ye all, and Be Safe and Well with my Blessings and the healing from the wings of the Sun of Righteousness

Lots of Love and Gratefulness,

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, the one Avatar, thy Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.