Jail Letter - 27 November 2021

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 27 November 2021, Chris sent a fifth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. Written in the persona of Angelica Rosechu, the letter describes a car crash Barb was involved in on 23 November 2021 (Chris erroneously believes it occurred on the 24th), which seriously injured her and totaled her car.

At Chris's request, Kenneth did not initially upload the full letter to Onion Farms; he did, however, make a post describing the letter and the accident. He also uploaded a photo of the envelope and Chris's salutation, which inadvertently revealed the names of some of Chris's relatives due to the ink bleeding through from the reverse of the page. Somehow Chris learned of the car accident and/or his family members' names becoming public, and he expressed his displeasure at Kenneth in a later letter.

On 17 February 2022 Kenneth uploaded the full letter to Onion Farms with Chris's relatives' names redacted (even though they were already public knowledge), as Kenneth's correspondence with Chris has apparently come to an end.

Kenneth's description

Kenneth originally described the contents of the letter as follows:[1]

I just got this in the mailbox written by one of her alters (Angelica Rosechu). She asked me not to post this online, but here are some of the more important details. Barbara has not had many visitors to the house, nor has she received any donations.

Christine is asking for more donations. Apparently Barbara was in a automobile accident with a tractor-trailer and it was pretty serious. She suffered two broken ribs and a concussion. The van is totaled. It happened on November 24th. I'm assuming she was in the hospital over this but maybe she might be home now because Christine mentions a few family relatives that have stepped in to help. I am going to keep any names off to respect their privacy.

Kenneth provided the following description when he uploaded the full letter on 17 February 2022:

This is the confidential car accident letter that I am uploading. This is the second confidential letter and the last of the content I have from Chris Chan. With this last letter uploaded my "apostle status" or whatever you want to call it comes to an end and at this point I think this was the best way to end it.

Chris's response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230 [image of a barn swallow]
30 Nov 2021 US POSTAGE
30 Nov 2021
c/o CVRJ
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960-2807
JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Kenneth Engelhardt
November 27, 2021

Greetings, Kenneth.
This is Angelica Rosechu [the name is written in a cursive style]. I am personally writing this letter to you on Christine's behalf, as she is presently on extensive duty. I assure you, this is sincere and serious.

Now, she, our Lord and God, Jesus ChristChan Sonichu, and I do Not give any consent in this written letter being posted online, but there remains a very specific divinity detail we ask you to stress and overstress viraly, online, with absolutely no altercation or twisting of misinterpretation of our words and testamony.

You may or may not have heard of Christine, our Lord, having foreknown of an eventual circumstance upon Barbara, that had our Lord Not cleansed her Aura and Regrets, she would have ended up separated from our Lord by such a circumstance as a vehicular accident in August, 2021, followed by a most paradoxical, premature death from Emotional depression and trauma. And this has been written by her hand in note of that now distant alternate timeline event in her Goddess Log Pages on August 7.

Well, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Barbara was in the van, and got hit by a tractor-trailer truck. The van is totaled. But Barbara Survived and continues to live with Positive Emotions, and greater Divine protection by the Power and Aura of our Lord, From that Soul Bonding. Barbara has two broken ribs and a bump on the head, and is receiving some help from... ->

...Harriet and Tom Ashby, as well as Wayne Weston.[note 1]

Obviously, now more than ever, especially to complete paying off the Sonichu Temple Mortgage, as well as purchase a new car: Barbara Anne Weston Chandler Rosechu requires monetary donations in large blessings. Fortunately, she has her small family, as well as our Lord, Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu, and the rest of us in good support. But as you can see, Kenneth, Barbara can do more positively and be more Blessed.

Your Lord, and I speaking on her behalf and of my divine volition, have called unto everyone to Donate to the foretold Storehouse that is the Sonichu Temple and to Barbara. No Donations Has Been Received by Barbara, and she has not received many visitors. There is some time remaining to make repentance and amends, but Time is Not on your side with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu, the Collective Shift's completion, and Judgment Day on your former Earth's Toxic minority, all being not too long from now. Your Mayan Calendar had foretold of the year 2021, not 2013.

As Christine says: It's Time to Step Up Your Game, ALL of you.

Go forth with Peace, Clarity and Blessings on behalf of our Lord, and of my power as a Goddess Angelica Rosechu [in cursive].

November 27, 2021

Kenneth's response

Kenneth also described his own response to the letter in a post from 13 December:[2]

People have probably wondered what I have said in my latest letter to her

My basic responses on what I suggested to her

Going up to the Sonichu Temple: Barbara needs time with her caregivers to recover from her injuries and get her strength back. I told CWC please don't do this. I would strongly discourage this type of thing.

Sending financial donations to Barbara: I told CWC that financial stuff could be stressful to Barbara and could impede her healing. Assuming she is being cared for by loved ones, they are most likely familiar with her finances by now. Don't encourage people to send money, this is a family matter and will take care of itself.

Prayers and best wishes for Barbara: I recommended to CWC that while meditating on her prayer rug that she concentrate on the Supreme Force of the Universe sending out cosmic healing vibrations that will envelope Barbara and help her recover. If others want to pray for Barbara's recovery that is fine.

As far as sending money to CWC in jail, a small amount for postage or a snack on occasion as long as you keep in mind that it's CWC you are talking about. Basically I see this as a private matter. This is my personal opinion.

Original scans


  1. The names were redacted from the full copy of the letter by Kengle, but they can be faintly seen in the original photo of the envelope and letter. Harriet and Tom's names are difficult to read as they are obscured by the date.