Jail Letter - 14 July 2022

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On 14 July 2022, Chris sent a fifteenth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt. Kenneth chose to conceal the contents of most of the letter. In an Onion Farms post, he describes plans for him and Helena Fiorenza to help Chris build a "Sonichu Base", possibly a website for Sonichu-related merchandise.

Kengle's Post

I have been in contact with Helena for several months and she is on board with the idea of a Sonichu base. I also contacted Chris about this and she is on board with this also. I am only releasing a small bit of the letter for now. I am collaborating with others about this but for now I would like to keep the details under wraps.

On 25 July 2022, Kenneth made the following post:

I am going to wait until the outcome of the hearing on Thursday.

To which CWCki editor PsychoNerd054 had responded with

For what, exactly?

Kenneth had followed this with:

I have to see what the disposition of the case will be. Will she be restricted from contacting us? Will she be put on a Sex Offender Registry? That may very well be a possibility She took sexual advantage of a vulnerable adult.

Chris's Letter

Hey, Kenneth. 07142022

I am on board for the idea of the fan and support website. Do note, however: For the time being, until after when my Body and I are returned home to the Sonichu Temple, Helena Fiorenza’s prophetic powers, insight, with this Timeline and present events in that which was most resonant and vibrational with her in which. I do realize I could have worded that better, but it’s been a long day), and, of course, that from my works, insights, and everything, personally aside as well; all other Sonichu/Rosechu fan-fics remain Not Canon with the Present and Past Year events and happenings in Both Halves of Universe 1C-211987 (C-197 and 1218) in THIS PRIME Timeline We Literally Live In As We Speak Now and soforth.

And, I add in validation: Caden (Praetor) is genuinely one who is able to speak on my behalf when appropriate, and is in friendship and business association with I in mutual agreements; Include Him on the Fan Project Website, period, please.

Thank you, Englehardt.[sic]
Be Safe and Well.
Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu.