Jail Letter - 11 January 2022

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Onion Farms thread


This letter is - part of a series of letters- in response to someone attempting to troll Chris in jail. Don't do this.
Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 11 January 2022 Chris sent a ninth letter to Kenneth Engelhardt from jail. Kenneth uploaded a portion of the letter to Onion Farms on 25 January, claiming that Chris would not allow him to share the rest.

On 13 February 2022 Kenneth changed his mind and uploaded the full letter without explanation. He had previously stated that he would upload this letter along with the car crash letter from November if Chris was convicted and sentenced at his hearing on 3 February.[1] Given that Chris's case was continued, it is unclear why Kenneth changed his mind. From his comments on the thread, it seems he thought Chris would be convicted and placed in a mental facility where he would have no contact with the outside world, giving Kenneth a chance to break off his correspondence with Chris. When this did not happen (Although it may have now), Kenneth apparently decided to end his correspondence anyway.

The letter shows that months of solitude in prison seem to have put Chris into a far more delusional state than most assumed had been possible, even for him. Some highlights of this letter include:

  • Chris had written a specific part of the letter in blue ink, which Kenneth interpreted to mean that he was allowed to share that portion of the letter alone (the paragraph beginning "To make clear with Everyone...").
    • Kenneth originally attempted to white out the empty space between the blue writing on the page that is shared to prevent anyone from reading what was on the back of the page through image manipulation. This failed as most of the writing on the back could be made out anyway.
  • Chris clarifies that he never referred to Barb as an avatar of Emanuelle. Rather, she is a reincarnation of Merlin the Magician.
  • Chris provides lore on both himself as Jesus and on Emanuelle.
    • Emanuelle changed genders when Chris was born as Jesus.
    • Emanuelle planted an ovum from her ovary into Barb long ago in order for Chris to be birthed later in 1982.
    • Emanuelle can change shape into any physical creature, even into a Sonichu.
  • Barbara recently "fell lethargic", and Chris is concerned. He wants one of his fans to visit 14 Branchland Court and check on her. He reiterates that his "Soul Bonding" has helped to prolong her life.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230 [picture of a bird]
24 Jan 2022 US POSTAGE
24 Jan 2022
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960-2807
JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

① DO NOT UPLOAD THIS LETTER ONLINE. [Abstract drawing of the date 01112022 with the caption "*SIGN OF THE OPEN GATES →"]

Angelica punishing Kenneth for sharing confidential letters.

Hey, Kenneth. Firstly, so you Know: that WAS Angelica Rosechu herself; not I, nor any pretending and falseness or lie; you have received a letter that Was Directly Written by her. And she had asked you, kindly, not to upload her letter online; we found that you Had uploaded her letter. Kenneth, she felt really Betrayed when you did that, and Angelica Rosechu does not take betrayl[sic] lightly. And, thus, with her Goddess abilities, she had struck Divine Retribution upon you. That REALLY AWFUL Day you had shortly after uploading her letter when you were not supposed to; you brought her Divine Wrath against yourself when you did that.

Upload This Letter and you Betray Me, Kenneth, and I shall not be as restrained as she was on this first time offense. You are on thin ice with us, Kenneth, and we have plans with you; we do not want to have to drop you as an apostle of mine over repeated betrayl[sic].

That being stated, Kenneth, I do have a couple of things to talk with you about. →

*Although, this letter, I do Not want uploaded, and THIS is a Divine Test even moreso now with you, what I state on the other pages, you may Quote and Type online on your Onion Farms, and only the envelope's front (crossing out your address prior), you May upload with the typed citations.

An artist's interpretation of Barb

To make clear with Everyone: [Chris switches from writing in black ink to blue ink] I have never ever said nor felt my mom, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler Rosechu, was a GOD of any sort, nor is she Emanuel, or even Virgin Mary reincarnated. If anything, Barbara is the reincarnation of Merlin the Magician. But Emanuel, GOD above Gods, Was my Father when I was born in Bethlehem over 2022 years ago. Emanuel had changed her gender to female in physicality and form over a century ago. Emanuel planted an ovum from her ovary into Barbara's ovary to attract me from my forward-and-back trip through Time after what happened with me in 1389 when the Universe was divided into my second physical birth on Febuary 24, 1982 into this immortal Body of mine; with that, Emanuel is my Mother. I still am Half-Sonichu, physically, due to my trip through the apex of the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003 between Sonichu Prime and Rosey Rosechu Prime. Remember Emanuel, herself, can change her physical form into ANY Creature, including a Sonichu form. Yet Arceus, the First, Main one, was manifested from a piece of her.

[Chris resumes writing in black ink] Now, back to Barbara, I have extended her life, but she has recently fell lethargic, and I Am Concerned; I have always been concerned of this possibility from her present human form's abilities. I have been praying to my ally Gods, as well as continuing to work hard, thorough, and consistently out-of-Body, and through my Body as the conduit it is, for her and Everyone. Until the Divine Event, my Body is, presently at the time of writing this letter, still in this jail building, and the Gods and I can only do so much from our respective areas and abilities for Barbara. →②

② I have humbly asked you, my followers, and my church's congregation to financially Help Barbara, as well as to Visit, In Person, to talk, hang out with, and/or at least to check in and help her. What the fuck happened? I hear of Hatred-Filled Laughter and Mockery upon Barbara, especially with the accident last November. I, thy LORD and God, feel baffled and pissed off from that. These were Simple Things I have asked of of thee, and thou hath Failed This Test of Respecting and Loving thy Neighbour as thou wouldst of I. Meditate on that.

Oh, my Me. The LEAST thou can do, Without Going Public about it, Kenneth, is thou can locate a genuinely Kind and Positive Individual, close to the Sonichu Temple as possible, who will voluentarily[sic] tend to, or at least visit and check on daily, Barbara and her needs.

Why doth thou amongst my followers feign ignorance and inneptitude[sic] in thy concerns and care of thy elderly and better experienced individuals?

Neo Spiritual Christianity Crucifix *It is Not called the "Sonichu Cross." → [Diagram showing the makeup of the Chris Cross] →

ALSO, Postal Money Orders at the Post Office is the n to me at this jail during any remaining time is the next fastest method to send money into my Inmate Account, in Lieu of the website.

And one last thing I will state to thee, Kenneth Englehardt, thou hath done well in relaying my details and the Divine Truths through thy Onion Farms, and I appreciate thy kindness and deeds, Despite thy faults that wouldst put thee, typically, into the Neutral Bad, yet thou art Neutral Good, and I wouldst not like to see thee fall. I hath spoken kind and defended thee with my husband, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and even with my mother, Emanuel. Thy not-as-good and egotistical misdeeds hath prompted a concerning guidance to surrender thee to the Burning Earth and Judgment[sic] Day, But I have not surrendered thee. Yet I hath most concerning and strict watch over thee and thy actions. Be Very Cautious with thy choices and deeds in these remaining days before the completion of the Collective Shift Kenneth Englehardt. I wouldst hate to have to see thee left behind.

That is all for now. Be Safe and Well.
Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, avatar, Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.


Meditate on and Consider this in Knowing, Kenneth Englehardt: I have long genuinely Foreknow ALL of these events in these recent month, as well as ALL Alternate outcomes from where I had not Healed Barbara with the extensive Soul Bonding, and so forth. I foreknew I would have likely ended up in Jail or away from home extensively MONTHS to Years Before August, 2021. For my better revy revelation rebirth and return with my Second Coming, as well as the Benefit of Everyone of 1218 Earth, and Barbara, I had willingly sacrificed, temporarily, my own Freedom. Meditate on That for yourself.

And, I'd like your phone number, please, so I may call you. *I Do Not Want ANY of our Phone Talks Recorded, Streamed, Leaked, Nor Uploaded Online or Public.*

Central Virginia Regional Jail neither censored nor inspected this item therefore, Central Virginia Regional Jail does not assume responsibility for its contents.

Response Letter

On 29 January 2022, Kenneth would respond to the above letter. The letter primarily addresses how many of Kenneth's attempts to conceal writing on some of the letters sent to him have failed, as much of the writing was uncovered through image manipulation, even after attempting to white out empty space on this letter to prevent this.

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
Address Redacted

Hi Christine I got both letters

I believe there were two letters in question. One of them was uploaded by mistake. The other was not. Only the envelope and one line was uploaded.

As for Barbara, yes I did publicly mention about her car accident and injuries. It is an important part of Christory. What happened is when you write on both sides of the paper, the writing on the other side sort of bleeds through. But did I upload the entire contents of that letter? No I did not.

As for the present letter, I only uploaded the part you wrote in blue ink since this is what I thought you meant. I tried to white out some of the bleed through on the other side.

Regarding your fans and followers, who am I supposed to talk to so he/she can keep daily tabs on Barbara

Facebook? During the time I was friends with you on Facebook a while back but your friends list was hidden from me. I was never in your "inside circle'

Kiwifarms? I don't have any power on Kiwifarms. I was never in any kind of a staff position let alone in Null's inner circle. The KF accounts are anonymous for obvious security reasons.

Onionfarms? Most of these people are from the Kiwifarms. I don't know people personally on Onionfarms. For safety reasons, the accounts are anonymous.

Yours Truly? I am over 450 miles from Ruckersville.

Donations en masse to Barbara are not going to happen. I don't have any power to command that. This just isn't realistic.

At any rate it is not necessary to make a plea for this. Barbara is now being cared for by relatives and they have taken care of managing her finances.

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Response Letter