August 2021

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Chris's mugshot in August 2021

August was the eighth month of 2021, and the final month in which Chris was readily available to the public until 2023. It marked the third time in history that Chris was in serious legal trouble, this time for admitting to engaging in incest with Barb.

The month began with Chris being arrested in a motel parking lot and jailed without bond, and being suspended from Patreon. For obvious reasons, Chris was radio silent for the remainder of the month, with all new information limited to court appearances and the occasional leaking of old videos.


  • 1 August
    • Chris's Bank of America account is spent down to $1.03.[1]
    • With his final hours of freedom, Chris messages The WCT to inform him of Chris's good night of sleep, and that the neighbors were taking care of the pets.[2]
    • Police arrest Chris at his temporary residence at the Regency Inn Richmond on suspicion of incest. Ethan Ralph and his crew stream his arrest live on the internet while Chris asserts full confidence in the Dimensional Merge happening.
  • 2 August
    • Chris is charged with incest and is transferred from Henrico County Jail to Central Virginia Regional Jail: police warned that Chris may face additional charges from the allegations.
    • Patreon suspends Chris in response to the incest allegations.[3]
    • Twitter user jab50yen describes how he and Linda de-escalated Chris’s mental breakdown at the TooManyGames convention in 2018, confirming that Chris did not soil himself during the incident.
  • 3 August - The license plates for Chris's car, the Son-Chu, are stolen by an anon on /b/; there were allegations that the person who stole the plates tried to frame someone else for the theft.[4] The Kiwi Farms also report a rise in Chris-related listings on eBay, with sellers seeking to make a profit off the allegations.
  • 4 August - A Greene County judge appoints Charlottesville attorney David Heilberg to represent Chris.
  • 5 August
    • Chris makes his first appearance in Greene County court. He interrupts his attorney and the judge multiple times by stomping his feet and demanding to be allowed to retrieve his personal possessions from 14 Branchland Court. Chris is denied bond until his next court date, then scheduled for September 16th, 2021.[5]
    • CopperCab uploads the second half of his interview with Chris from 2017, noting that he had always intended to upload the second part, but wasn't sure why it hadn't been done when the interview was still new.
  • 7 August - Chris writes an entry in his jail diary (his "Goddess Log", although it is not known if he was calling it that at this point) justifying his "cleansing" of Barbara and claiming that she would have died in this month if he had not.[6]
  • 7 August - Chris's case is briefly featured on Fox News,[7] exposing him to millions of boomers.
  • 13–15 August - Everfree Northwest, a My Little Pony convention held in Seattle, WA (which Chris planned on attending, but was ultimately banned from)[8] took place without him.
  • 15 August - Chris Kisses Rosechu, recorded in February 2021, is leaked. In it, Chris, while possessed by Sonichu, pretending to kiss an imaginary Rosechu in a public library's conference room.
  • 16 August - Chris's YouTube account, CwcvilleGuardian, is hacked into. An old shitpost of Anthony LoGatto saying "JULLLAAAAAY!" is uploaded to the channel.
  • 20 August - Chris sends a letter from jail to an unknown party.[9]
  • 29 August - A Kiwi Farms user alleges Barb's return to 14 Branchland Court.[10] This was later confirmed conclusively by the next month.[11]

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