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In our current age of unregulated online disinformation about almost anything and everyone, this remedy might be needed now more than ever.
Heilberg on why some of Chris's records are being sealed.[1]

David Heilberg
Name David L. Heilberg
Gender Male
Known for • Defense lawyer for Chris on his incest charge
Nationality American
Occupation Lawyer
Saga Jail

David L. Heilberg is Chris's defense lawyer for his incest charge. Heilberg was assigned as Chris's lawyer by the Greene County's General District Court judge Kenneth Sneathern on 4 August 2021. Since Chris is too poor to hire a lawyer, he was granted one by the court, and unfortunately Heilberg didn’t know what he was getting into by agreeing to be his lawyer.

In order to get his client a reduced sentence, he has been trying to use Chris’s autism as an explanation for why he fucked his own mother.

Mentions by Chris

In Jail Letter - 11 May 2022, Chris mentioned writing to Heilberg to tell him negative stories about Barbara's character, including a claim that Barbara had offered herself for sex to Chris in 2012. Chris believed that Barbara was never questioned on account of her age.

In Jail Letter - 29 July 2022‎‎, Chris complained: "I've let Heilberg do his work; He hardly keeps me updated or communicates with me." Chris also claimed that Heilberg was frustrated with Region 10 and Greene County's social workers for doing nothing, and that Western State Hospital was supposed to have placed Chris into a group home but returned him to the jail in order to free up room.

In the media

Heilberg has occasionally given statements to the media regarding Chris's case.

During September 2022, a rumor circulated from 4chan that Chris had escaped custody. USA Today published an article debunking the rumor. In it, Heilberg was quoted as saying, "I am unaware from any source that Ms. Chandler ‘escaped’ and any contrary stories or rumors are untrue." Heilberg also noted the “unique intense interest” and "online disinformation" regarding Chris's case.[2]


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