Officer Nasty

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Ah, it's just my artificial woman in her plastic blue outfit. Awesome to fuck, and the cleaning maintance is simple. She'll only last until she has her internal injury
Chris on Officer Nasty.[1]
Chris violently molesting a police officer. Oh, the humanity.

Officer Nasty was Chris's only sexual partner (until he dumped her ass for Kimmi) and the only janekop that he trusts.

Though the only time she went down on him was when she got a puncture. (ba dum, tisch!!!)

According to Chris, Officer Nasty did suffer a 'serious internal injury' and went down in the line of duty. He even claims that he's "been through 3 of the 'Officer Nasty' dolls already" (a claim borne out by records of his orders from the Adam & Eve website). It is hard to discern whether the punctures were caused by his massive girth, his bent duck, or both.

Note that the pictures were not taken in CWC's room, but his family's filthy kitchen. Yes, he actually brought Officer Nasty out of his room, fully inflated.



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