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For Chris's similarly named gal-pal, see Kim Wilson.
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Kimmi may look shy, but she’s always ready and willing to satisfy your every need! Eager to learn about sex, she’s a Japanese animé girl come to life! She’s about 5' tall with a removable, realistic, life-like 4” deep UR3 vagina to take you and drain you dry. Durable inflatable design. Rescue her, teach her, be her animé hero and lover! product description
I blew up your body... BUT YOU BLEW MY MIND!

Kimmi (full name: Kimmi the Anime Love Doll, alternatively known as "Aiko" on some sex toy sites, in case you want to shop around) is perhaps the most notorious of Christian's sex toys. Chris has a reputation of dumping girls at a whim, but on 20 February 2009, the entire Sonichu community was shocked and appalled when they heard the news that Chris had cheated on his only ONE and TRUE love, Officer Nasty, for some Asian slut by the name of Kimmi.

The shocking events were uncovered due to the leaking of the infamous sex tape - a video so shocking, it made the Paris Hilton sex tapes look like something that would be shown on the Disney Channel, and the video that gave birth to the infamous JULAY meme.

Chris stated in BlueSpike Skype Logs 10 that "the doll I was using was not a doll I'd choose right away, because the V-Hole and the A-Hole are linked together, so it's like my duck can go all the way through and stick out its A-Hole."

After moving on to Ivy, Chris has further abused Kimmi by taping a drawing of Ivy's face to her and profusely slobbering all over it.

Chris's habit of using Kimmi to represent his various e-girlfriends has led many newfags to believe that Julie or Ivy were, in fact, no more than a sex doll and a voice in Chris's head, rather than the master trolls they actually were.


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