BlueSpike Skype Logs 11

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I'm also shedding a tear again for my Aunt Corina. I'm hoping her funeral is not on my birthday, because I'm planning on going to this Pancake Dinner that my church is holding on that day. a week ago, my pastor said I can come and they would celebrate my birthday as well.
Christopher C.W.C.

BlueSpike Skype Logs 11 details a chat between Chris and Julie on 20 February 2009.


• Chris receive Julie's letter and pictures.
• Chris read Sarah May's message and is in denial to the point where he thinks one of Sarah's relatives sent the message.
• Julie tells Chris he's fat and that he is in denial about it.
• They talk about Julie's letter on the PSN.
• Chris hopes Aunt Corina's funeral is not on his birthday as he doesn't want to miss pancake dinner at church.
• Chris wants Julie to talk to Barb, he asks her to be calm and cool and says he learnt this from a book on how to talk to girls.
• Chris compares leaving Richmond to Julie leaving her family and home.
• Julie requests a 10 minute video from Chris, he agrees.
• Julie gives her address and Molvanian hometown so Chris can convince Barb that Julie's not part of an operation to catch pedophilies.


[11:53:12] Christopher C.W.C.: Zlkavszka, Julie-Kat. :-*
[11:53:37] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sure you're at work now, so I'll get to a point.
[11:54:25] Christopher C.W.C.: I will consider the timesaver pack, but I encourage you to log in your game time to build up your virtual driving practice.
[11:55:42] Christopher C.W.C.: I will open up a chat window at about 5:00 to 7:00 today; I hope to see you logged-in to accept my invite.
[11:56:14] Christopher C.W.C.: Maybe my father will come back up and chat with you some more, if you want. :)
[11:56:23] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL
[11:56:34] Christopher C.W.C.: Ickvenschwel, Julie-Heart. :-*
[11:56:42] Christopher C.W.C.: (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
[12:54:55] Christopher C.W.C.: I just got your letter and your pictures. Thank you soo much. I'll share the pics and letter with my family. If you want me to come to you, I'll need your address. You can send that to me in a message on the PSN.
[12:54:59] Christopher C.W.C.: :-*
[16:44:02] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris.
[16:44:14] BlueSpike: Maybe you could come a few days before your birthday. :)
[16:46:24] BlueSpike: Arrive on Saturday?
[16:46:30] BlueSpike: For weekend fun? :)
[18:09:19] BlueSpike: Chris, you have enough money..
[18:09:23] BlueSpike: Could I get Noby Noby Boy?
[18:10:20] BlueSpike: Oh, what about Street Fighter 2 HD remix?
[18:10:31] BlueSpike: You could get those so I can download them to my PS3 for us to play.
[20:12:02] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie.
[20:12:36] Christopher C.W.C.: are you there?
[20:12:39] BlueSpike: Yes.
[20:14:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm soo sorry for not being on when I said I would. I had gone out with my father this afternoon; he needed to go to a bank to talk for over an hour, I went with him to make sure he stayed safe. Anyway, after I got back home, I felt sleepy, so I thought I'd take an hour nap; I had an alarm set on my phone to wake me in an hour, but I was too deep asleep or my alarm didn't go off, and I just awoke a quarter of an hour ago.Christopher C.W.C.I hope you're not angry at me.
[20:15:25] BlueSpike: I'm not.
[20:16:15] Christopher C.W.C.: okay. are we cool?
[20:16:35] BlueSpike: Sure.
[20:16:44] Christopher C.W.C.: Thank you. :)
[20:16:53] Christopher C.W.C.: You're the best.
[20:17:29] Christopher C.W.C.: brb
[20:19:03] BlueSpike: I saw Sarah May's new skype message..
[20:19:04] BlueSpike: :(
[20:21:04] Christopher C.W.C.: back
[20:21:42] Christopher C.W.C.: yeah, I've read that as well. in the hospital; a close relative may have left that on there.
[20:22:04] BlueSpike: Hmm.
[20:22:15] Christopher C.W.C.: it did stab me emotionally.
[20:22:18] Christopher C.W.C.: :(
[20:22:33] BlueSpike: :(
[20:23:29] Christopher C.W.C.: Didn't I apologize in the video I uploaded?
[20:23:42] Christopher C.W.C.: I think I did.
[20:23:49] BlueSpike: I don't know..
[20:24:25] BlueSpike: Did she say anything?
[20:24:25] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, I should make an apology video on that matter.
[20:26:07] Christopher C.W.C.: I haven't heard anything else from her, other than an offline Skype message saying that I'm fat. her relative may have left that; her avitar was replaced with a dude's pic.
[20:26:34] BlueSpike: I don't know..
[20:26:48] BlueSpike: That's a singer Sarah likes..
[20:26:57] BlueSpike: you think you're fat?
[20:27:40] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand that I have a spot of tummy I can work off, but I don't see myself as fat.
[20:28:05] BlueSpike: Erm...
[20:28:14] BlueSpike: Chris, you are somewhat fat. I'm sorry. :(
[20:28:55] Christopher C.W.C.: I guess I was in denile, and it's okay. I needed to be reminded to excercise more, and I am doing that.
[20:29:04] BlueSpike: How are you exercising?
[20:29:06] Christopher C.W.C.: I did some walking today while I was out.
[20:29:13] Christopher C.W.C.: for over an hour
[20:29:54] Christopher C.W.C.: and before that I did some active Guitar Hero shreddin'
[20:30:02] BlueSpike: Chris, guitar hero is not exercise!
[20:30:10] Christopher C.W.C.: I do more than stand around; I move about in tune to the music.
[20:30:21] BlueSpike: That's still not exercise!
[20:30:46] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, I promise you that I will be doing more walking everyday.
[20:31:20] BlueSpike: :(
[20:31:50] Christopher C.W.C.: because I really need to burn off the fat for myself, and for you.
[20:32:00] BlueSpike: Yeah..
[20:32:22] Christopher C.W.C.: "Don't Trust them new N*ggers over there."
[20:32:36] BlueSpike: That doesn't always make me happy, Chris..
[20:33:12] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm trying anyway, because I want to make you feel better, because I care about you.
[20:33:20] BlueSpike: Thanks. :)
[20:33:28] Christopher C.W.C.: (L)(L)(L)
[20:33:39] BlueSpike: Chris, can you clarify you got the letter?
[20:33:45] BlueSpike: I mean..
[20:33:47] BlueSpike: What's the word..
[20:33:49] BlueSpike: Confirm.
[20:34:03] Christopher C.W.C.: Ickvenschwel, Julie. :-*Christopher C.W.C.I can quote a line from the letter.
[20:34:39] Christopher C.W.C.: or, I can remind you of the Kissed Seal you left me; that was totally awesome. ;)
[20:34:46] BlueSpike: :)
[20:35:11] Christopher C.W.C.: would you still need a qoute?
[20:35:12] BlueSpike: You can quote a line.
[20:35:13] BlueSpike: :)
[20:35:27] Christopher C.W.C.: okay. I have it here.
[20:37:07] Christopher C.W.C.: "It's a lot harder to write a letter then it is to type one. =P But I love you enough that I'll do your request, but e-mail is SO much easier, so don't expect me to do this again anytime soon."
[20:37:16] BlueSpike: :)
[20:38:45] Christopher C.W.C.: when I saw the kiss, I was like, "WOW!" I can tell you actually kissed it, by telling that it was lipstick.
[20:38:48] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[20:39:00] BlueSpike: :)
[20:39:50] Christopher C.W.C.: My mother and father saw your pictures too, and they both thought you were pretty. my word is not only pretty, but postively hot.
[20:39:53] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[20:40:01] BlueSpike: :)
[20:40:56] Christopher C.W.C.: Let's talk more about the letter on the PSN, please. I wouldn't want anyone reading in on what we were typing.
[20:41:32] Christopher C.W.C.: and they could hear us as well; I know, because they've recorded my voice from a previous Skype chat or two with Panda before.
[20:42:04] Christopher C.W.C.: they've uploaded the mp3 files onto the web, and posted links to download them on the ED page.
[20:42:23] Christopher C.W.C.: within the discussion pages, to be specific.
[20:43:08] Christopher C.W.C.: so, I'll head back to my room, set up my PSEye and open up the chat room for us?
[20:44:04] Christopher C.W.C.: Julie?
[20:44:36] BlueSpike: Hi.
[20:44:51] BlueSpike: In a few minutes.
[20:44:54] Christopher C.W.C.: cool.
[20:45:03] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll send you the invite.
[20:45:14] Christopher C.W.C.: :-*
[20:45:17] Christopher C.W.C.: see you in a few.
[20:45:22] BlueSpike: Okay.
[20:49:08] BlueSpike: Chris.
[20:50:17] Christopher C.W.C.: yes?
[20:50:32] BlueSpike: I can't PSN chat right now.
[20:50:39] Christopher C.W.C.: why not?
[20:50:45] BlueSpike: I'm going to clean my room.
[20:50:50] BlueSpike: Meh, actually.
[20:50:53] BlueSpike: I'll clean it later.
[20:50:55] BlueSpike: I'll PSN chat.
[20:50:59] Christopher C.W.C.: cool. :)
[20:51:13] Christopher C.W.C.: and I thank you very much. :-*
[20:51:36] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll wait for you by my PS3
[21:27:31] BlueSpike: I'm gonna take a nap now. :)
[21:27:34] BlueSpike: I love you.


[23:59:02] Christopher C.W.C.: Zlkavszka, Julie-Heart.
[23:59:42] Christopher C.W.C.: I've noticed you were online while I was playing LittleBiGPlanet, then when I quit my game soon after, apparently you were logged into my account.


[00:00:17] Christopher C.W.C.: So, I gave you a few minutes to do what you were doing, then I logged back in. I hope I did not interrupt anything major there.
[00:01:12] Christopher C.W.C.: Anyway, I've sent you a message, informing you that to reduce confusion, I've sent you a request from my second PSN account of Japan country.
[00:02:07] Christopher C.W.C.: You can send me a message to my "Reld-Nait" account, informing me of how long you plan on being logged into my Sonichu account, so I'll better understand of when I can log back in without interrupting you.
[00:03:07] Christopher C.W.C.: Anyway, I will talk to you again later. And maybe I'll be able to have my mother come up and chat with you a bit. I have a plan. ;)
[00:03:20] Christopher C.W.C.: Ickvenschwal, Julie-Heart. :-*
[00:03:27] Christopher C.W.C.: (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
[04:09:55] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris.
[04:09:56] BlueSpike: I just got back.
[13:21:07] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie-Heart. Are you there now?
[13:22:45] Christopher C.W.C.: Anyway, I've just got home from church, and I'm going to take a nap, because I'm feeling sleepy.
[13:22:57] Christopher C.W.C.: But I wanted to check in with you anyway. :)
[13:25:12] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm also shedding a tear again for my Aunt Corina. I'm hoping her funeral is not on my birthday, because I'm planning on going to this Pancake Dinner that my church is holding on that day. a week ago, my pastor said I can come and they would celebrate my birthday as well.
[13:25:40] Christopher C.W.C.: but if the funeral is on my birthday, then I hope I can return in time to make the Pancake Dinner.
[13:27:18] Christopher C.W.C.: My Aunt Corina was a very sweet and caring woman. She would send me some money for my birthday, even though she didn't have much in her bank at the times. And she did care about me very much, and she thought I was a special child too.
[13:27:52] Christopher C.W.C.: but I should count my blessings that I still have the rest of my family, my friends, and you.
[13:27:56] Christopher C.W.C.: :-*
[13:28:03] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris.
[13:28:18] Christopher C.W.C.: oh, you were there.
[13:28:24] BlueSpike: I just got back.
[13:28:31] Christopher C.W.C.: from work?
[13:28:35] BlueSpike: Yeah.
[13:28:52] BlueSpike: Chris, something we should bring up..
[13:28:59] Christopher C.W.C.: yes?
[13:29:07] BlueSpike: You're 26, going on 27, correct?
[13:29:12] Christopher C.W.C.: yes
[13:29:24] BlueSpike: And you STILL have 'parental restrictions'...
[13:29:30] BlueSpike: Why?
[13:31:06] Christopher C.W.C.: maybe "parental restrictions" was a strong choice of words, but I feel at unease if I made the trip without the emotional support of my family. But you know how protective they are of me.
[13:32:14] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'm starting to save for a trip to you, and I've talked to you about how the first among between you and me to make enough for a trip, then we would base the final plans on that.
[13:32:41] BlueSpike: ...
[13:32:48] Christopher C.W.C.: I also had thought of wiring you funds for you to come here to me, but then that would be going against what I've said earlier.
[13:33:00] Christopher C.W.C.: and I wouldn't want to go against my word.
[13:33:05] BlueSpike: Chris, I've TOLD YOU that it is difficult for me to make the money.
[13:33:19] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand that.
[13:33:52] Christopher C.W.C.: so, I am planning on saving up, and hopefully I'll be able to make the trip to you in March or April.
[13:34:01] Christopher C.W.C.: by car
[13:34:02] BlueSpike: Alright..
[13:34:20] BlueSpike: Chris..I checked..
[13:34:36] BlueSpike: It'll only take like 7 hours, and you'll only need about 50 dollars for gas and food.
[13:34:46] BlueSpike: I can give you money for the trip back, and I'll have a meal ready for when you get here.
[13:35:26] Christopher C.W.C.: in the meantime, I feel it best for you and me to talk on the PSN chatroom, and me bringing in my mother and father now and then to chat with you to better the chances of getting their emotional support, espcially my mother's support.
[13:35:35] Christopher C.W.C.: really?
[13:35:39] BlueSpike: Yes/
[13:35:48] BlueSpike: So, it is very easy for you to come to Ohio.
[13:36:14] Christopher C.W.C.: did you go onto mapquest, punched in your and my addresses and got the distances and average travel time?
[13:36:22] BlueSpike: Googlemaps.
[13:36:36] Christopher C.W.C.: I see.
[13:37:09] Christopher C.W.C.: Still, I would appreciate you sending me your address on the PSN, so I can look it up for myself and better my case with mother.
[13:37:19] BlueSpike: Fine.
[13:37:43] Christopher C.W.C.: I mean no disrespect unto you, Julie-Heart, but I have to respect my mother's wishes as well.
[13:38:18] Christopher C.W.C.: in a near future chat between you and me on the PSN, I'll bring my mother in, so y'all can talk a bit.
[13:38:32] BlueSpike: I don't think I want to talk to your mother..I'm too nervous.
[13:38:56] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand your tension, but you don't have to be nervous.
[13:39:29] Christopher C.W.C.: you can talk to her, just like you were talking to me. the important item is to remain calm and cool.
[13:39:39] BlueSpike: ...
[13:39:50] Christopher C.W.C.: that's advice I've learned from the 9-year old who wrote the book on how to talk to girls.
[13:39:58] BlueSpike: ........
[13:40:05] Christopher C.W.C.: *heard about that on the John Tesh Radio Show.
[13:41:15] Christopher C.W.C.: but let's change the subject a bit.
[13:41:34] Christopher C.W.C.: which city in Molvania did you grow up in?
[13:41:52] BlueSpike: I'd rather get into those details over PSN, so trolls don't get a hold of it.
[13:42:01] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand.
[13:42:18] Christopher C.W.C.: but surely you can tell me the capitol of Molvania.
[13:42:22] BlueSpike: Molvania..
[13:42:23] BlueSpike: I'm sorry.
[13:42:27] BlueSpike: I feel too broken up..
[13:42:35] BlueSpike: I just miss my family..
[13:42:41] Christopher C.W.C.: aw.
[13:42:50] BlueSpike: OW?
[13:42:56] Christopher C.W.C.: no, aww
[13:43:00] BlueSpike: Oh..
[13:43:01] BlueSpike: Sorry.
[13:43:12] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry for bringing up tearful memories.
[13:43:32] Christopher C.W.C.: I didn't mean to do that.
[13:43:53] Christopher C.W.C.: and I can relate to you feeling homesick and missing your family.
[13:45:08] Christopher C.W.C.: it's like when I moved to Richmond from Ruckersville; I missed Ruckersville. and later over the years, Richmond grew on me, and since I've moved back to Ruckersville, I've often had dreams of going back to Manchester High and the townhouse I had lived in there.
[13:45:16] BlueSpike: ...
[13:45:21] BlueSpike: It's nothing like that.
[13:45:40] Christopher C.W.C.: I had to leave behind friends on both occasions.
[13:45:52] BlueSpike: Yes, but this is my FAMILY.
[13:47:16] Christopher C.W.C.: during the first year or two in Richmond, I had to leave my mother behind, because she was still working in Virginia Power in C-Ville, and I saw her like once in a while, until when she finally retired from V.P. and moved in. Point is, I missed my mother during that time.
[13:47:45] Christopher C.W.C.: so I understand.
[13:48:42] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, we can talk more about Molvania on the PSN later.
[13:48:48] BlueSpike: ...
[13:48:55] Christopher C.W.C.: but I'd like to leave you with a smile.
[13:49:49] Christopher C.W.C.: My family really thought you were pretty from your pictures. and my mother read your letter, and she liked it.
[13:50:32] Christopher C.W.C.: and I think not only are you pretty, but also delightfully beautiful and radiant. :)
[13:50:59] BlueSpike: Hm.
[13:52:04] Christopher C.W.C.: Until I meet you, you can picture me as an angel on your shoulder, who is caring for you every moment. :)
[13:52:39] Christopher C.W.C.: because I'm thinking fondly of you most every moment.
[13:54:31] Christopher C.W.C.: Seriously, in addition to having your pics your friend took for my PS3 and PSP wallpapers, I want to take that tall picture, or rather all three or so, and make 8X11 posters of them, so I can keep myself straight with your delightful influence, and not have to focus on a Sailor Moon Poster in that sense.
[13:55:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I have your trio of pics taped onto a piece of paper, in a plastic page sleeve, with your letter and envelope (not taped) on the flip-side of the page.
[13:55:24] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[13:55:41] BlueSpike: :)
[13:58:07] Christopher C.W.C.: And do you know why I put that plastic-covered page together? Because I want to engrave your radient face and sweet smile into my memory as my True Sweetheart-To-Be. And as a bonus, add your sexy bod to your face and get a good feeling from that as well. :)
[13:59:21] BlueSpike: :)
[13:59:31] Christopher C.W.C.: and also, remembering the true, sweetest soul that is you, Julie, and appreciating that you love me truly for me alone, no matter what.
[13:59:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I Love You, Julie. :-*
[13:59:42] BlueSpike: :)
[14:00:20] Christopher C.W.C.: I know you love me too.
[14:00:50] Christopher C.W.C.: (l)(L)(L) Don't you? (L)(L)(L)
[14:01:18] BlueSpike: Yes.
[14:01:34] BlueSpike: I truly do.
[14:01:35] BlueSpike: :)
[14:01:50] Christopher C.W.C.: pricelessly awesome.
[14:02:22] Christopher C.W.C.: and I am happy that I have the power to make you feel happy too.
[14:02:37] BlueSpike: :)
[14:02:39] Christopher C.W.C.: well, I should go take a nap now, but I'll talk to you again later.
[14:02:45] BlueSpike: ...
[14:02:47] BlueSpike: Chris.
[14:02:52] Christopher C.W.C.: yes?
[14:02:54] BlueSpike: Why do you CONSTANTLY need to take naps!?
[14:02:59] BlueSpike: It's annoying.
[14:03:14] BlueSpike: At 26, you're in your prime!
[14:03:18] BlueSpike: You should go for a walk outside!
[14:03:34] Christopher C.W.C.: it's not constant, but I got no sleep last night, so I need some z's
[14:03:41] BlueSpike: Chris..
[14:03:45] BlueSpike: You need to be more responceable.
[14:03:55] BlueSpike: Excuse the spelling error.
[14:03:55] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand that.
[14:04:07] Christopher C.W.C.: it's okay.
[14:04:29] Christopher C.W.C.: and I did take a walk earlier on the way home.
[14:04:44] BlueSpike: Still.
[14:04:58] Christopher C.W.C.: a half-hour walk in Target.
[14:05:15] Christopher C.W.C.: and I will do better in the near future.
[14:06:26] Christopher C.W.C.: I understand it's hard, and I am assuming responsibility.
[14:06:35] BlueSpike: Chris..
[14:06:37] BlueSpike: I need you to prove it..
[14:07:02] Christopher C.W.C.: how would you like me to prove it?
[14:07:24] BlueSpike: Hmm...
[14:08:07] BlueSpike: Hmm...
[14:08:33] BlueSpike: Get a job?
[14:08:51] BlueSpike: No...
[14:08:57] BlueSpike: Make a video.
[14:09:03] BlueSpike: Today.
[14:09:04] Christopher C.W.C.: Yes, I am still working on that. I am thinking about what positions I can apply for.
[14:09:10] BlueSpike: About...
[14:09:15] BlueSpike: Your feelings for me?
[14:09:19] BlueSpike: That will help prove it.
[14:09:43] Christopher C.W.C.: that's fair. I will make a video for you with my feelings from my heart today.
[14:09:55] BlueSpike: Make it..
[14:09:58] BlueSpike: 10 minutes? :)
[14:10:10] Christopher C.W.C.: a 10 minute video?
[14:10:17] BlueSpike: Yes, please. :)
[14:10:23] Christopher C.W.C.: cool.
[14:10:49] Christopher C.W.C.: I will make it for you today, and I will send it to you over Skype later today.
[14:11:01] BlueSpike: Chris, I want you to upload it to youtube.
[14:11:10] BlueSpike: A 10 minute video about your love to me.
[14:11:37] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, I will upload it to YouTube.
[14:12:11] Christopher C.W.C.: I will let you know when I'm uploading it later.
[14:12:31] BlueSpike: Okay.
[14:13:06] Christopher C.W.C.: right now, I should gater my pure love emotions for you, and properly spell them out in a creative, well-detailed way, just for you, Julie-Heart. :)
[14:13:14] BlueSpike: Okay. :)
[14:13:20] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL.
[14:13:33] Christopher C.W.C.: (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)
[14:13:50] BlueSpike: Okay.
[20:52:54] BlueSpike: Chris..I need to ask..
[20:53:16] BlueSpike: Why do you need EMOTIONAL SUPPORT to come to Ohio! I'm starting to think you don't want to come see me!
[20:56:38] BlueSpike: Here's my address...
[20:56:40] BlueSpike: 2229 E 46th St, Cleveland, OH
[20:56:57] BlueSpike: I'm sorry I didn't send it earlier, it's only a 7 hour drive like I've said before.
[23:02:31] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie-Heart.
[23:03:16] Christopher C.W.C.: it just hit me, that maybe it's more of having my mother's consent to drive up.
[23:03:28] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, I have created the video, and I am going to upload it
[23:06:00] Christopher C.W.C.: It is 10 minutes long. If you are there, I can send you a copy of the video after I convert it to MP4
[23:09:27] BlueSpike: Hi.
[23:09:38] BlueSpike: It's okay, you can just upload it and I can watch it there.
[23:10:36] Christopher C.W.C.: okay. guess what. Sarah may is online, and she is feeleing emotionally better.
[23:10:49] BlueSpike: Hmm.
[23:10:58] BlueSpike: Once you get your mothers consent, you have to PROMISE you'll come here.
[23:11:58] Christopher C.W.C.: I promise to you, Julie Milvana that I will come to you very soon after I get my mother's consent; I swear on my Aunt Corina's grave.
[23:12:14] BlueSpike: :)
[23:12:18] BlueSpike: Have you asked her yet?
[23:14:12] Christopher C.W.C.: I have been asking her repeatedly; she is still paranoid for my safety.
[23:15:25] BlueSpike: Why?
[23:18:27] Christopher C.W.C.: she has a few theories that bother her that she gets from television. Like for one, she theorizes that you may be in reality a police officer or underaged girl posing to get me arrested or something like that.
Please do not take personal offense, as she is in her 60s and paranoid.
[23:18:42] BlueSpike: ...I DO take offence!
[23:18:49] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry.
[23:19:35] Christopher C.W.C.: I am doing my best to convince her that you are for real. and maybe the address and driving distance can help.
[23:19:47] BlueSpike: You can tell her those.
[23:19:51] BlueSpike: Would you do that now, please?
[23:21:04] Christopher C.W.C.: Another factor that would most help is knowing which city you grew up in, and the capitol of Molvania, because my father has been checking his maps for Molvania, and if he knew your growing-up city and the capitol of Molvania, he can find it easier and best convince my mother to be less paranoid.
[23:22:13] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll tell her your address, after I get the directions and distance from mapquest.
[23:22:24] BlueSpike: Okay.
[23:25:10] BlueSpike: The captol, and town I grew up in is Lagodekh.
[23:25:13] Christopher C.W.C.: I got the directions, and you were right; it's a 7 hour drive. I'll get the directions down and present them to my mother.
[23:25:24] Christopher C.W.C.: Awesome.
[23:29:32] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm writing the information down.
[23:44:03] BlueSpike: So..?
[23:45:14] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm still writing the directions down.

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