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Toffee Rosechu is a fantasy enabler who created an OC named Toffee whose story involved having a relationship with Punchy Sonichu. She distanced herself from Chris following the incest revelation, writing that Toffee and Punchy broke up.[1]

Twitter DMs between Chris and Toffee Rosechu were released and are quoted below. Chris's messages are in blue and Toffee Rosechu's in green.

Toffee is a pious Catholic girl who was raised by nuns, which makes her a rip-off of Chris's own character Angelica. Unlike Angelica, however, Toffee insists on remaining celibate before marriage.

Advice on coping

22 June 2021

Following Toffee's tweet in which she commented about a family tragedy while expressing skepticism at Chris's belief system, Chris reached out over DMs.

Oh, My Me! You are going through a bunch of losses and major shit. I just read your tweet about your mom and brother in-law. I empathize and feel.

There remains a silver lining and blessing within all of this, because you, too, are going through your own spiritual upgrades and transformation. The loss of someone and/or something signifies making room for a greater blessing that is incoming your way.

Thank you. I'm sorry if my tweet came off as insulting to you. I'm on a lot of medication and very distraught. I'm tweeting with raw emotion instead of logic or reason.
All you can and need to do is take your time; process and let go of the worst of your emotions that could potentially block your chakra points and such.

Those you've recently lost were removed, because you are at a point where you no longer required them.

But the fact your brother is still around after suicidal thoughts speaks a volume to me. In alternate timelines, he would have died, too, but in this timeline, it was revealed to him that he was still needed within the majority of the collective timelines. And in that, still remains a blessing for you.

I do sense his presence is for your benefit.

Appreciate him as long as possible for as long as you feel you need him. I send my love and vibes your way in encouragement towards self-love and self-healing.

Do your best for yourself.

Chris posts a gif reading "Sending positive vibes"

I will. We just talked with him on the phone tonight and he doesn't feel like opening up or speaking with us at all but I hope he will be able to talk about it freely soon. He's struggling heavily with an alcoholic addiction and we are all just dealing with a lot right now.
Chris posts a gif of a hug
Toffee is also communicating with you; listen to her as well. And relay encouragements of self-healing and self-love to your brother as well. Offer something that will affirm the blessings he has. Might I suggest an Affirmation-a-Day Calendar, or something similar? Have a look online, I am certain you will be guided to something that will encourage him most assuredly.

Count Your Blessings.

Tell him that as often as possible as well.

Lots of love for you all.

Be Safe and Well.

Everfree fundraiser drawing

17 July 2021

The drawing, part of the Everfree Northwest fundraiser.
By the way, I forgot to ask if you wanted me to send you the physical copy of the drawing. If so, I'll need your address. I promise I will not share it with anyone nor dox you.
Yes please! But I am currently in the process of moving so I'll have to give you the address in a couple days when I'm fully moved
Ah. That sounds good.

I take it the new place is an improvement.

The store they met at was a Target, by the way.

I'm so happy with your drawing it looks perfect. I'm gonna frame it on my wall haha!

And yes, big improvement! This apartment is a lot smaller than my current one but it has a kitchen sink and a shower, which the current one doesn't. It also allows pets and I want to get a rescue greyhound dog someday soon.

They haven't had sex yet, but they've kissed. They're chilling the bedroom time until after the one month anniversary.

As long as your happy. And yes, a bit of space for a kitchen, I do agree, is worth the swap.

Oh, kitchen sink and a shower.

Toffee is Catholic so she wants to wait for marriage and then she wants to give Punchy lots of little sonee and rosey babies hehe. She runs a daycare at her house so she's really good with kids. Her adoptive mother is a nun who found her abandoned on the church steps, so she's been working at the Sunday school and the daycare her whole life ^_^ but she's all good to go with as much kissing and touching punchy wants, half her diary is just doodles of Punchy because she's had a crush on him for so long
Still worth it.
Super worth it!
Well, even Catholics get horny sometimes (no offense).

Anyway, you take your time; I'll check you again in a few days.



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