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This page is about the affair itself. For the leaks in which Chris describes incestuous acts, see Incest Call and Incest Texts. For the subsequent legal consequences, see Jail Saga. For Chris's general stance on incest, see here.

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Chris had a felony charge of incest, not rape. This page discusses whether the affair was consensual or not, but ultimately can not confirm or deny it. No matter what you believe, please avoid calling Chris a rapist on this wiki as he has not been officially charged or confirmed to have raped Barb. Also of note is that Barb has not been confirmed to have dementia, despite heavy speculation. Additionally, Chris has a habit of changing up stories of past events from time to time, so take his countless recollections with a grain of salt.

Like "JULAAAAYYY" and "Ian Brandon Anderson" before it, "BARBUSSY" has quickly become an overused, weenish meme. Consider retaining your dignity by not spamming it at Chris.
Anyhow, who among Everyone in this world has not had a dream of having sex with one of their parents? Never acting on them ever, I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother.
Chris on Facebook in 2016. Chris would act on his instincts five years later.[1]
You're supposed to say: "Turn me loose, you silly goose!" ...You used to do that more flirtingly.
Chris while forcefully embracing his mother on a Twitch stream, indirectly warning us of what was to come.

For years, trolls joked that Chris, in his desperation to find a boyfriend-free girl, would eventually turn to his mom based on his occasional off‐putting comments about her and their constant proximity to one another. Few thought he would ever go through with the act, though — but Chris found a way to surprise and horrify everybody.

Chris and Barb's incestuous affair most likely began on 27 June 2021,[2][3] but his social media presence in earlier in the month, may hint at an earlier start to the affair. As early as 22 June, he began addressing Barbara by the unsettling pet name of "Barbie Chan", which may have indicated when he began to get intimate with her. After this date, Chris claimed that he had sex with her once every three nights until being forcibly stopped by being removed from the house.

On 27 July 2021, during a call with Isabella "Bella" Loretta Janke, Chris revealed the details of his sexual activities with his mother of his own volition,[4] also discussing it in text messages later that day. In those, Chris discussed stimulating his elderly mother with his hands, performing cunnilingus on her, and having penetrative sex with her.[5] He claimed that Barbara compared him favorably to her previous sexual partners, including Chris's father Bob, who had been unable to provide her with an orgasm or stimulate her G-spot.

Files were leaked to the public the following night,[6] and social workers removed Chris from Barbara on the morning of 30 July. In early August 2021, Chris was arrested, officially charged with one count of incest, and was held without bail.

Chris was kept in jail or in a mental hospital until 27 March 2023, at which point he was released into a group home. His incest charge was outright dropped in August 2023, and he did not have to register as a sex offender. He has commented on the charge against him numerous times since his arrest and denied that he and his mother had sex, despite previous admission to the contrary. Due to the weens abusing the donation system on his livestreams to spam such messages, he had come up with a lot of excuses, from claiming that " [he has] been forgiven and cleansed of any and all sins of [his], period", to stating that it happened in another timeline.

Background and foreshadowing

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This new information can be found from the following sources:
Lonely feelings

Note the talk of "soul bonding" in the right-hand corner.

In general, the relationship between Chris and his mother has always been seen as a "little too close", likely due to his mother's overly coddling nature towards him in his early life all through to his adulthood mixed with the emotionally abusive control tactics she implemented against both him and Bob. It was keenly noted during the Doopie Saga that Chris had used the words "darling" and "dear", commonly reserved for romantic relationships, to refer to his mother.

Many Christorians have noted that potential hints or patterns that would indicate sexual activity between Chris and his mother have been made previously. In a 2010 voice chat between various PVCC forum members, Kim Wilson talked about a discussion where Chris revealed he was spooning his mother on a regular basis. She also revealed that Chris told her that he'd once had a wet dream about Barb as an Egyptian belly dancer. When asked by Emily if he'd repopulate the planet if he and his mother were the only two people left in existence, Chris went silent and then denied any desire to have sex with his mother.

"Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever", a video Chris watched on 25 July 2021, days before he bragged about incestuous acts on his mother.[7]

As early as October 2015, the Man in the Pickle Suit noted that at Chris's plea arrangement for the pepper spray incident, Chris and his mother were touching each other in an unusually intimate and inappropriate fashion.[8] In 2018, while Chris was hanging out with the Teen Troon Squad, he told them he had humped a body pillow in front of his mother while pretending the pillow was her. Chris characterized it as a form of expressing his anger at her for losing The Classic.[9] Teen Troon Squad member Lukas later claimed that Chris allegedly told them he wanted to have sex with his mother, though it is unclear if Lukas was referencing the body pillow chat.[10] And as recently as 2019, Chris, whilst roleplaying as Magi-Chan, referred to his mother as a "guilty pleasure waifu[sic]". Furthermore, in August 2016, Chris admitted to having dreams of having sex with his mother in a Facebook post stating that "I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother".[1] Troll Arthur Spatchcock disclosed on the Kiwi Farms that following the 2014 house fire, Chris and his mother were routinely spooning. At the time, Chris denied any impropriety, stating, "I am not a 'Bates'. OMG."[11]

According to both Bella and MKRNightVee, Chris brought up the dreams of sex with his mother again to them in private conversations. In a 19 July 2021 conversation with the Chess Club Discord server, Bella mentioned that Chris, during his phase of role-playing as Sonichu, brought up that he had a dream of having sex with his mother, to which Bella replied that it was weird and questioned what it meant, to which an offended Chris asked if she was calling Chris weird.[12] On 30 July 2021, MKR commented about the leak of the incest news and mentioned that Chris had told her about sexual dreams with his mother and that MKR dismissed it as one of Chris's many crazy dreams.[13]

On 5 July 2021, Chris revealed that he was having sex with an older woman with a background in accounting, and whom he had known for a long time to Null in confidence. Null, having no idea who Chris was talking about, praised Chris for managing to keep something secret for once and encouraged Chris to keep their relationship secret to protect her identity.

On 25 July 2021, Chris watched a WatchMojo video "Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever".[14] Chris released a piece of artwork on his Twitter feed on 28 July 2021, showing "soul-bonding" between an elderly Libra woman (which Barb is) and a younger woman that suspiciously looks like Chris's fictionalized counterpart, clandestinely hinting at the horrifying affair that was just days from being revealed (the only major inconsistency is that Chris is a Pisces and appears elsewhere in the picture with the correct sign).

Chris had stated in a conversation he had with Watchmen members that he had feelings of loneliness and wanted to get some action with a real, physical woman. Unfortunately for everyone, Chris's desires would lead him to a very dark place...

The affair

On 27 June 2021, Chris began to engage in incest with his mother.[2][3] Chris claimed he "approached her with care and caution," and that Barb even made the "first move".[2]

When pressed for details on the dirty deed, Chris has shown an unsurprising lack of remorse for his actions, stating that his actions were ordained by GodJesus Himself. If anything, he was more upset that Bella, Null, Dillin, and other people ratted him out after he provided a confession to a felony.[15][16]

The gory details


Texts purporting BDSM roleplay are fakes doctored by Bella. With that said, this list is still not entirely reliable, as details may vary and because Chris is typically not interested in honesty in these scenarios.
A surreal depiction of the events

In case you have some kind of morbid curiosity of how the affair could have went down, here is a list of "activities" that Chris had allegedly done to/with his mother:

The average reaction to what happened...

  1. Massages[17] - Presumably full-body ones since it included her thighs (and her face for some reason); this is probably the same type of massage he gave to Mia Hamm. Chris also claimed in a chat with The WCT that he had bought massaging oil and made the claim that it is perfect to use on one's lover. [18]
  2. Kissing - Apparently did not involve tongues.
  3. Outer Course - Rubbing her pussy with his fingers and hands, this happened at least twice before the next step, probably more.
  4. Intercourse - By this, he means fingering her. It apparently hurt her when he did so.
  5. Cunnilingus - Eating her out, claims he's good at it. There is no information about whether she returned the favor. [5]
  6. Penetration - Vaginal, apparently with the use of a condom, he proceeded to get himself tested for STIs afterward anyway.
  7. Cuddling - According to a letter from jail, Chris supposedly "cuddled" with Barb in the times of incest.[19]

According to Null, Chris had been buying large amounts of sex toys and lingerie from Adam & Eve for several months prior to committing his acts. What sex toys Chris potentially used, if any, is uncertain.


Main article: Negligee
A photo of Chris wearing the negligee in front of a fan.

Chris stated that he purchased a negligee and claimed that Barb approved of the idea.[20] This was eventually confirmed on 3 March 2022, when a Reddit fan posted photos of themselves with Chris in the negligee.


Chris has rationalized the affair in multiple ways.

  • Divine approval - Chris claimed in the Incest Call that God told him the incest was okay.
  • Soul-Bonding and Healing - In a jail letter that Emanuel told him to have sex with Barb in order to "heal" her and "cleanse her of her sins".[19] In a later letter, Chris mentions that "Soul Bonding does not necessarily constitute sex" which implies that it can be.[21] He described soul-bonding as "the Bonding and Union of Auras (Energy Fields) between at least two individuals."[22] Chris seems to be under the impression that if he didn't engage in this "healing" then Barbara would have died or been more heavily injured by her November 2021 car accident, completely ignoring the fact that if Chris had not engaged in it, chances are Barb wouldn't have been in a car accident at all, since she wouldn't have been forced to drive on her own due to her son's absence.[23]
  • Defense measure against Sockness - Chris claimed that "my having had sex is also a defense mechanism in regards to Sockness and what he had/may have in mind with me and being near me," referring to Sockness's history of scheming to have sex with Chris, and that Chris planned to use the fact of his affair as a "truth bomb" to deter Sockness.[24]

Later on, he dropped the act and started outright denying the event altogether. This did not work.

Awareness of wrongdoing

Chris was aware of the illegal nature of incest. In August 2016, he read a news article on the topic of a mother and son charged with incest and commented on Facebook about it, defending the two and saying they should not be sent to jail.[1]

Five years later, in the midst of his own affair with his mother, Chris still demonstrated awareness that the action was illegal. While he desired to discuss the affair with people, he first concocted a cover story in which he used misleading euphemisms such as "lady friend" to describe his sexual partner and claimed that the supposed lady friend and Barb had met each other[25][26] and he insisted on keeping the identity of the lady friend secret,[24][27][3] though he dropped hints such as age[24] and employment history.[27]

After a month of using his cover story, Chris decided to push further and tell someone that his mother was the sexual partner. He selected Bella. Before telling her, Chris first tried to manipulate her into keeping silent on what he would say by using a guilt trip.

And I ask you Not to Overthink or ask for further details in pressing on. That is not a good thing to do.
Chris to Bella, 17 July 2021[24]

Over a week later, Chris, ready to divulge his secret, first claimed to Bella that he was uncertain of telling her as he was concerned about the government hacking into the conversation, which backfired on Chris as this tipped off Bella into suspecting that he was about to discuss an illegal act.[28]

I realize I am remaining and sounding distant on the questioning, and it will become more clear and obvious when I tell you, in-person, who she is.

I actually wish I could tell you over text or voice call, but the government and anyone with the tech can easily hack into those methods

Chris, prior to the Incest Call.[25]

Within the same conversation, Chris recommended using the encrypted text/video call app Signal (having used it to communicate with Null), which Bella agreed to download.[25]

After Chris's conversations about committing incest were publicly leaked, The WCT sent Chris messages over Discord asking him what had happened. Chris gave an explanation, then began deleting his messages. Chris requested that The WCT delete his side of the conversation as well, which WCT obliged (though had taken screenshots in real time to discuss with The Knights of CWC).[29]


Main articles: Incest Call and Incest Texts

In the leaks, Chris admits that he and his mother engaged in substantial sexual activity, including Chris rubbing his mother and engaging in penetrative intercourse with her. It is further alleged that his mother compared him to various other sexual partners, including Chris's father.

Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, then slipping in between the lips and rubbing the inner labia. Then she told me to stop. She's getting more used to being played with down there by hand.
Text message from Chris.[5]
And obviously those out of the eight guys, counting Robertchu, before me were not hitting her G-Spot as much with their cocks. I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; i found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue
Chris comparing his sexual activities with his father's sexual activities.[5]
"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

The leaked audio likewise contained graphic descriptions of sexual activity, which Chris alludes to as the veracity of "incest fanfics." The authenticity of the recording was confirmed by Chris to Dillin Thomas.[30]

Prior to the allegations being revealed to the public, Chris informed Bella, Null, and The WCT about the fact that he found a boyfriend-free girl, although he wanted her identity to remain secret. He offered multiple hints about the identity of his new sweetheart but told Null that he wanted him to figure out who it was. Null was initially skeptical of the incest claims since the Idea Guys previously coerced him into recording a (then untrue) statement that he had raped Barb and believed that this could be another instance of similar manipulation. Null hypothesized that Chris was attempting to protect the identity of his new girlfriend by making up an elaborate lie, but eventually came to realize that Chris had been having frequent sex with Barb upon reviewing Chris's hints.[31]

After this information eventually came to light, Chris indicated that it was "drama" and that he only intended to share the information to test his followers, whom he trusted not to share the information with the public at large despite incest being illegal. Chris later compared Null to Judas Iscariot for "betraying" him by trusting him with such Honest Content. Chris being Chris, he seems to be more upset over the fact that trusting people not to leak evidence of a criminal act led to serious, life-changing consequences for him than the idea that he may have caused harm to Barb, and as multiple jail letters show, he does not have guilt over the fact that he did something illegal (not to mention he clearly hasn't learned from years of experience that constantly sharing personal information at the drop of a hat, be it embarrassing or incriminating in this case, invariably comes back to bite him in the rear later on).

Was it consensual?


The following speculation should not be taken as definite proof that Chris raped Barb or not; this is simply a list of information that Chris has provided himself, which due to Chris's habit of lying for the pettiest of reasons, can be seen as unreliable by some. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please avoid saying for sure if Chris did or did not rape Barb.

It is often questioned whether the incest was consensual or not. The following list contains many common points of argument for both sides but also a counterargument for each and every one.

Speculation for the affair being nonconsensual is as follows:

  • Barb has been speculated to be suffering from dementia or some other form of mental decline; there are too many videos of her displaying symptoms to list, but this could be her intentionally faking it for sympathy donations. Also, some have pointed out that Barb was quite cognizant in other recent videos, adding weight to the theory that her behavior in the begging videos could have been exaggerated.
  • Chris mentioned during Incest Texts that Barb told him to stop during his attempts to finger her; however, this would have been Chris's first time fingering a woman (Mia Hamm didn't allow him to do so during their times together) and Chris mentioned this act hurt Barb at first; meaning Barb could have been stopping him from his attempts due to the pain but otherwise consented to be fingered.
  • Chris, during the Incest Call, mentions that Barb seemed partially confused at first; However, Chris did say she "came around," so it's possible he was referring to his advances towards her, and she wasn't of sound mind at that point.
  • Chris claimed in Jail Letter - 22 July 2022 (2) that Barb was "Zombie-like" and in Jail Letter - 29 July 2022 that she had "fridgid mental activity and physical ability like a scared deer in headlights nearly ALL the time"; while damning (if true), it's worth mentioning that Chris during the letter is begging Kenneth for assistance in moving Barb out of the house, arguing that Barb simply cannot take care of herself. Chris, being Chris, could simply not know the implications of what he's actually saying, and it's quite possible that Chris is desperately lying since Kenneth disapproved of the idea unless there was no other option for Barb.

Speculation for the affair being consensual are as follows:

  • Chris and Barbara's relationship is infamously creepy and way too close for comfort; this is the main source of people believing the affair was consensual and for good reason. Barb would often yell at Chris if he didn't share a bed with her, and Chris has admitted numerous times that he spoons with her (after Bob's death). They were also often seen talking to each other and even holding each other as if they were husband and wife for a long time before the affair began. Barb is infamous for being horribly manipulative for her own personal gain, and she does not see any problem with coddling and emotionally blackmailing Chris in order to go along with what she wants to do (usually money or food-related stuff); with this in mind, while their relationship is definitely unhealthy for a mother and son to have, it does not prove that Barb was interested in an incestuous affair with Chris.
  • Chris claimed to Null during his temporary homelessness in a direct message that the affair was definitely consensual; however, even somebody like Chris would probably hesitate to admit raping their own mother, especially to a business manager at the time.
  • Chris boasted during the Incest Call that Barb was "having a good time" and even claimed that he let her make the first move; even if this is true, it does not rule out that Chris hadn't coerced or otherwise manipulated her into having sex with him since he did mention in the same call that she was "partially confused at first." Chris's idea of approaching a love interest with "care and caution" does not translate to consent or even consideration for somebody else's feelings; his idea of nervous behavior around Kacey, for example, included touching her multiple times without her consent and his interactions with Megan which he describes as "friendly" also included a lot of unwanted attempts to hug and kiss her.
  • In Jail Letter - 11 May 2022, Chris claimed that after he lost his virginity to Mia Hamm and told his mom about it, Barb stated that she would have had sex with him herself; while this does sound like Barb offering herself to Chris, there is a massive possibility that Barb was simply saying he could pull women without paying them. Though definitely creepy, it does not mean she actually wanted sex with him and even if she did, the quote came from a decade beforehand so this would not count as consent.

In the end, we will perhaps never honestly know; Barb is apparently not willing to comment or give any further details (and thankfully, nobody has pressed her on such), and Chris is currently shifting the blame on a supposed counterpart from another dimension. If Chris was formally charged and sentenced with felony incest (or perhaps rape), it could've been a case of Chris simply piling on tons of poorly worded evidence against himself (as he's done throughout most of his life); but even since Chris's charge was dismissed, it could be seen as yet another example of the criminal justice system going easy on somebody with special needs.

Ironically, despite this being one of the most critical moments in Chris's life, a life that has been documented extensively down to the finest detail, we continue to and will likely never know the essential details of it. What makes this even more unique is that the truth cannot be obtained from any trolls but from Chris and Barb themselves. Chris, being a notorious liar, will never tell the truth. The only one who can is Barb, assuming she is still lucid. 

Chris's Comments on the Affair post-incarceration

During the incarceration that followed Chris's incest with his mother, he had communicated numerous times with members of the public via letters and telephone calls. Some of those letters (and one recorded phone call which has been publicly shared) contain commentary by Chris regarding the charges for which he was in jail. The first publicly available letter in which Chris touches on the subject of the alleged incest was written on 19 September 2021. In it, Chris appears to strongly imply that he, indeed, had sex with Barbara. Chris's comments on the affair are tied with the elaboration of his previously expressed delusions of Godhood. He reveals having realized himself to be the present-day reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The supreme Goddess Emanuelle had ordered him to purify Barbara of her sins and improve her abilities. In his description of how this was done, Chris writes that he and his mother "mainly Cuddled, Soul-Bonded, and Talked." No explicit details are provided, but the rest of the letter strongly implies that sexual acts were included in Chris's "healing" of Barbara. Chris goes on to write that the healing he performed on his mother was similarly done by him on other individuals during his previous life as Jesus Christ, though the details of said healings were omitted from the Bible. Chris then goes on to inform the letter's recipient that "We Gods had eased up on the views of "Adultry" [sic]; WHY Else do you all have Pro-Gay, and Pro-Lesbian, Pro-Trans, and all Today and the past Decades?" While the word "adultery" is typically used to refer to marital infidelity, it appears that in this letter, it is intended to mean all acts that go against traditional sexual morality (i.e., what Christians have usually called "fornication"). By grouping the "healing" of Barbara in the same category as intimate relations between members of the same sex, Chris strongly implies that the "healing" of Barbara likewise included romantic and sexual acts. Chris's defense of the "healing" on the counts that all those who were involved in it were both willing and above the legal age of consent further enhances the impression that it was at least partially sexual in nature.

While the 19 September letter was just a few baby steps away from being an explicit admission of incest, it did not take long for Chris to become more coy as to whether or not incest between himself and Barb had occurred. In a 1 November 2021 telephone call, Chris fails to either explicitly deny or acknowledge that he and Barb had sex. The same ambiguousness regarding the truthfulness of the charges against him can be seen in a letter written on 16 November 2021.

At some point, Chris changed his side of the story and began to outright deny that there was ever any sexual intimacy between him and his mother. Regarding public evidence, Chris first explicitly denied the charges against him in the 11 May 2022 jail letter. In the same letter, Chris alleges that in May 2012, Barbara made sexual advances towards him after he revealed to her that he had paid a prostitute a month beforehand. He goes on to write that after the death of Bob, Barb came to see Chris as a husband-like figure. Further denials that Chris ever had sexual relations with Barb appear in jail letters written on 1 June and 4 June 2022. Chris does acknowledge that prior to his arrest, he told others that he had sex with Barb, but by now, he claims that those admissions were false. As he wrote in the 4 June 2022 letter: "I have never had sex with Barbara; that was purely Big Talk to Divinely Test everyone." In the letters from 19 September 2021 and 16 November 2021, Chris claimed that his pre-arrest admissions were made to test specific individuals, but (at least as far as public evidence goes) only from May 2022 did Chris begin to claim that these admissions were false.

Chris's comments on the affair after his return are convoluted and involve memory transfer and alternate dimensions. In Chris's livestreams he claims that he did not have sex with Barb but accessed memories from the Shattered Glass Dimension where his self-counterpart did have sex with Barb, implying he remembers having sex with Barb. He claims that he knew that Bella would betray him, and played along with her so that he could be sent to jail in Virginia rather than Washington and so he could avoid meeting Sockness at Everfree Northwest.[32][33] In prerecorded videos like Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021 and The Chris Chan Interview he does not mention the Shattered Glass Dimension and mainly talks about Bella and claims that he was proven innocent in a court of law.


Main article: Jail Saga

It is a criminal offense in Virginia to engage in incest – sexual activities between a parent and a child are a class 5 felony, punishable on indictment by up to 10 years incarceration. Chris was swiftly removed from his home by an Emergency Protective Order and then arrested the next day. In the wake of his charges, Chris was banned from Patreon and Tapas. Collaborators who had once worked with him withdrew, such as The Binding of Isaac card game creator canceling a card he had requested Chris contribute, the band who released Love is Love pulling it from sale, and Null offering refunds for silver coins featuring Chris's likeness and stating he would never again sell items with direct reference to Chris.

Since then, he was held without bail in Central Virginia Regional Jail before getting transferred to Western State Hospital, awaiting trial.[34] On 3 May 2022, Chris was transferred back to CVRJ. In March 2023, Chris was released from jail.

Chris and Barbara's relationship

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This new information can be found from the following sources:
• Citations

Chris and Barbara's relationship deteriorated during Chris's stay in jail. In a jail letter, Chris mentioned that Barb had ceased communicating with him. During the summer of 2022, Chris began to speak ill of Barb in his letters, insulting and making spurious claims about her, even blaming her for his situation.[35] While still in jail, Chris began planning for his housing post-release. In light of a restraining order being placed on Chris preventing him from contact with Barb[36], Chris believed he deserved to live in 14 Branchland Court over Barb and requested his enablers assist him with a Kickstarter fundraiser to bribe Barb into moving into senior housing, claiming that Caden was helping with this scheme and that it was his initial idea.[37] Since his release, Chris has become increasingly resentful of Barb, and despite his dependence of her in the past, has dropped her like a hot potato.

Is the Affair still going now?


As horrifying as the implications are of Chris's actions and what he could potentially be doing, there is no definitive proof that Chris is continuing his incestuous relationship with his mother. Even if he is, and even if you believe he is abusing her, please refrain from calling for vigilante justice. If evidence ever comes out about Chris abusing Barb, the thing to do if you're concerned is to contact the local authorities; they will handle the situation in a lawful manner.

With Chris's release from jail and the subsequent dismissal of his case, Chris has returned to haunt Barb at least twice. While the first one was just Chris reclaiming his stuff, the second time around Chris also claimed to have taken her out shopping, which might imply he does it at least semi-regularly, although he hasn't been sighted there ever since. The most recent visit Chris has made to Barb's place was in April 2024 to collect rocks from the driveway to sell on Etsy.

On one hand, many could argue that Chris has learned his lesson and is scared enough about going to jail that he would refrain from continuing their affair. As stubborn as he can be about changing his attitude, it should be noted that incarceration is one of the few things that can get Chris to behave himself afterward. 2015 was notable for Chris mostly behaving himself for the entire year due to a measly single day in jail. Thus, one could logically argue that a whole 2 years would shake Chris up enough not to touch Barb again.

However, Chris doesn't think he did anything wrong. In fact, he has outright stated in his many jail communications that he believed he was actually doing a good thing for Barb by "spiritually healing her" with his actions. Chris is aware that his actions are illegal; even years prior he knew that incest was illegal but infamously still encouraged it at the time, and would go on to commit the acts himself many years later. Chris has also been deliberately keeping a low profile for once in his life, with him having only two known communications with the outside world. It is entirely possible that Chris has not learned his actions were wrong and shouldn't be repeated, but instead that he should keep his mouth shut about it.

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