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On 18 April 2010, Chris created a page on the CWCipedia detailing many of the girls he's known (or believed he knew) over his lifetime.

This list offers yet another disturbing look into Chris's deeply fucked-up mind. While most people on the Internet avoid revealing their own personal information, Chris has apparently run out of things he hasn't told about himself, and is now revealing the secrets of others. The fact that he's doing this post-Wallflower is surprising, considering that she broke off all ties with him because he leaked her information to the Internet.

The list contains a mixture of real people and trolls, and is apparently in chronological order according to when Chris met them. Oddly, he includes one of his grade-school teachers on a list that is otherwise 100% people Chris wanted to bang. Notable omissions include troll heroine Vivian Gee whom Chris has repeatedly claimed is a gal-pal, and the obese girl Chris went out with once. Rocky Shoemaker is also nowhere to be seen, which is unusual considering the inclusion of Virginia Sanford, and the fact that he wanted to rape her.

Another notable omission is Blanca Weiss, whom Chris has finally identified as a troll. Likewise, Sarah May is absent, either because Chris remembers that she was a troll or because he's forgotten her entirely. His fictitious girlfriend Chloe from fall 2008 isn't listed, but this comes as no surprise, since Mailbag 13 from December 2009 confirmed that he'd forgotten his previous lie.

Shortly after Chris published the original page, he deleted six entries for reasons unknown: Tiffany Robinson, Virginia Sanford, Natasha Turner, Sarah Anne Bevel, Molly Quarles, and Miranda Joyce Mitchell.

In his entry on Megan, Chris finally admits that the breakup of his friendship with her was due to his own actions, and in no way implicates his trolls. He is also aware that PandaHalo did not die in the Australian brushfires, though it is odd that he wished her "many happy years in their marriage" when he had recently expressed a desire to slit her husband's throat.

What follows is the text of the page, unaltered aside from wiki styling, and attempts to conceal the identity of The Wallflower.

Page text

I, Christian Weston Chandler, have had a good number of women friends in my lifetime. They cared and respected me; they were ALL honest and good to me. Most of what my Trolls say when they DARE to drag their names through the mud with mine are Lies or Exaggerations. I am here to set the records straight.

How Do I Get and Know So Many Women?

    • A Major Reason I have had more women friends then males, is mostly due to the Medically Found Fact (which was found early in my life) that I get along better with Females than with Males.

-I am naturally attracted to women, Pure and Simple.
-In my view, women are more sweet, understanding and honest than most men are.
-After they get to know me in person, women tend to like me much more.
-I Am Good Looking.

The Women in my Life

Sarah Nicole Hammer (Spicer)

My first female friend, and my childhood Best Friend, Sarah was and still is a very nice and sweet girl. She has affected me with positive encouragement in my life. Although I have lost touch with her since she married her husband, William, I will never forget her as the friend I have had longest in my lifetime.

Tiffany Robinson

My First Crush; she was a very pretty girl back in my Green County School days. We would hang out now and then during school hours and play. Then in the 4th Grade, she dumped me for some other boy. I do not know much of what she has been up to these days.

*Shortly after the page's creation, this section was deleted.

Mrs. Virginia Sanford

She was the most influential teacher in my life. During my years at Providence Middle School, she taught me better social skills, how to better cope with other people, bullies and life. With a positive and fun tomboyish attitude, she was a teacher any child would be most proud to look up to and be taught by.

*Shortly after the page's creation, this section was deleted.

Natasha Turner

Another girl, slightly older than me, who I felt fond of. I did not meet her until my Providence Middle days. We were next-door neighbors for a while. She hung out with me at the nearby School Bus Stop. She was a good girl.

*Shortly after the page's creation, this section was deleted.

Laura Beth Dorazio

I did not meet her until my Freshman Year at Manchester High (she was a Cheerleader then); she was two grades ahead of me, and apparently she went to Providence Middle and was in the same class as me during my time, but she advanced to High School about 7th Grade. She was a pretty girl; I had a crush on her that one year.

Kellie Lyn Andes

Kellie was my High School Sweetheart (in my point of view). She was a pretty, sweet and smart girl in my class. We shared a number of classes together. After graduation, I kept touch with her for a while, then that touch got lost. Last I heard from a possibly hers MySpace page, she later got married and now has three children. If I could go back, I would date her and then some. I HAD TO BE NAIVE ON THE DATING SUBJECT BACK THEN!!!

Tiffany Nicole Gowen

She was a good girl and a good friend to me back in Manchester High. We shared a few classes, and sat at the same lunch table one year or two. She had a spot of a tomboy in her, and reminded me of Peppermint Patty. She danced with me at the Seinor Prom, and I look forward to returning the favor at the Class Reunion.

Sarah Anne Bevel

Another good girl of my class; shared classes and a lunch table. Not a moment flew by where I did not see her with her M.H.S. Sweetheart, Brian Smart (Lucky Dude). Last I heard, they broke up years ago now.

Molly Quarles

She was funny, sweet and possibly a bit quirky. We shared a few classes, and she was a cheerleader the same year as Laura Beth Dorazio during my Freshman Year, yet Molly was a Freshman too back then. Two years in a dating match-up thing they had every Valentines Day at M.H.S., I got matched up with Molly. The ONLY match-up I felt was a good match-up at all back then.

Miranda Joyce Mitchell

A pretty girl, and was a big brain of my Circle of Friends. We shared a few classes; she was in my Class as well. She helped me in the early days of my Website Days by redesigning the "CWC's Pok'eSite 2!" Logo; she did a great job.

Anna McLerran

I met Anna while she was working at a PacSun in Fashion Square during my young adult years and the early days of my Sweetheart Search. She was a good and honest woman. It made me sad when much later she and her family moved to Utah. I later learned she was a Lesbian, and I do not hold that against her at all.

Megan Schroeder

She and I were good friends for years when I was going to the Pok'emon TCG League and the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments. I was hoping she and I would become Sweethearts, but I got too close; freaked her out a bit and eventually lost her. I still miss her sometimes.

Sarah Jackson

About during the time I was having an online relationship with one Blanca Weiss (Later learned she was a Troll), I met Sarah Jackson online. She was a good woman with sound advice and wisdom. She respected and understood me. Unfortunately, she got into an automobile accident and passed on.

Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, A.K.A. PandaHalo

She was a true and good Sonichu Girl (Fan); in further conversations long after I ended it with "Blanca", Sarah and I established an online relationship, and it was good. Sadly, she would get raped by the troll, "Clyde Cash" and stolen from me with their fated child. For over a year, I had thought she fell victim of the Australian Bushfires of Janurary, 2009, and I mourned over her and kept her in my heart. I recently learned that she was still alive, married to Clyde and with healthy child. Even though my memorial dedications were apparently a loss, I wish Sarah and Clyde many happy years in their marriage.

Ivy O'Neil

Another online romance, but better... with Telephone Conversations. Ivy and I were entwined within our relationship for about 3 months; it was good. Then later on, when I was talking to a detective on the case of finding my Trolls and seeing justice done unto them, he looked into Ivy and her family; found NOTHING on them, even her father who was a Police Officer. Then in a mental quandary and confusion, I stopped talking to Ivy for a few months. She called me one last time after the time; I still felt confused. Then I hear from Vivian that Ivy committed suicide by hanging.

Kacey Devoria

As I was in the online combat for my own identity against the Brown-Stripe-Wearing "Christian Chandler", I found my way into his e-mail account. There I found the e-mail of his girlfriend, Kacey. I felt I had to warn her about "Christian" lying to her about who he was. It got complicated as I pretended to be him, so I could show Kacey my face, the Real Face of Christian Weston Chandler* of Ruckersville, VA, and Original Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. Eventually, we would be good friends. Then with more complications, and "Christian"'s charm, she dumped me as a friend and got married to him. At least she has MET and was FRIENDS with the Real Christian Weston Chandler.*

*The dual links to "Christian Weston Chandler" in this passage were put there by Chris himself. He has something of an ego problem.

(The Wallflower)

She[note 1] and I had met in person at a Local Event in Charlottesville, VA. We started going out and were getting along together. We had plans on writing on a book together. But I made a huge honest mistake. To begin a small hype with the fans of her online FanFictions about our "Guardian of the Owl Kingdom", I started work on a level for LittleBiGPlanet. I uploaded a Foretaste Version of the level, stating that it was a "Chris Chan/(The Wallflower) Production". Being Well-Aware of the Online Safety, I had thought she would be safe with me using her Pen Name; I HAD NEVER USED HER REAL NAME. But then my Trolls searched and found HER Facebook Page. The Trolls made a mockery page on their website about her; started harassing her and her family by pretending to be me on the telephone. (The Wallflower) broke up our friendship, flat-out. If she did not have a Facebook Page, she would have been safe. But I have learned from my mistakes there.


  1. Chris initially used The Wallflower's real name as the title of this section before changing it to her pen name. We have changed it to "The Wallflower" as she has requested that we not reveal her identity. Unlike Chris, we are true to our word.
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