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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Sockpuppets:

Fiona has been known to use sockpuppet accounts. Since it is difficult to discern their sock accounts, it is best to avoid speculating an account belongs to Fiona unless fully verified.

I know he's an absolute bigoted idiot. But he's one I want to protect and take care of in a weird way. I empathize with him when he blabs on and on about his special interests, knowing that I used to be an obsessive Pokemon fangirl as a kid, similar to how he is with Sonic(hu).

I see him as human, albeit a highly broken one.

Fiona's opinion on Chris before the incest leaks[1]
This legit sucks now. I regret everything about ever writing this. I never knew Chris was going to turn out this way back then.

I'm absolutely pissed and disgusted at him now. I'm fucking traumatized. Help me.

Her opinion of Chris after the incest call leaks.[2]

Name Fiona
Also known as The Suitress
The Everfree Suitress
Fifi Vixenhart
Fifi[note 1]
Snoo[note 2]
Chris Chan's Chris Fan
Gender Female
Known for  • Being hyperfixated on Chris to the point of having a genuine crush on him
 • Wanting to have sex with Chris, momentarily even after discovering that he was in an affair with his mother
 • Arranging to attend Everfree Northwest with Chris
 • Sharing the Incest Call with the Chris Chan Conservation Collective server
 • Leaking the Incest Texts
Race White
Nationality American[4]
Occupation Artist
Moderator of r/ChrisChanSonichu (formerly)
Saga Jacob, Watchmen, Incest

Fiona is a young autistic[4] woman, 18-19 years old at the time, who hyperfixated on Chris to the point of developing a sort of genuine, self-admitted crush for Chris.[5] During the start of the Incest Saga, she was also referred to by the alias "The Suitress" by some in order to protect her identity, despite it being public knowledge. Despite being the closest thing to a Boyfriend-free girl who would actually want to spend her life with Chris, and one who would meaningfully end his Love Quest, he found a way to fumble the bag too, thanks to the single darkest chapter of Christory happening around the same time.

She began contact with Chris via text sometime after discovering his phone number on Reddit,[citation needed] and was interacting with him via text and live video in secret. She had also been set to meet with Chris during the August 2021 Everfree Northwest convention. Prior to all of this, Fiona was an active and well-known member of the CWCsphere, producing loads of fanart regarding Chris, even temporarily moderating a sub-reddit dedicated to him.

On 19 July 2021, Chris invited both Fiona and Bella into The Knights of CWC server. Bella introduced herself to Fiona and the two befriended each other. Later, in the Chess club server, Bella made crass remarks to her friends about having a crush on Fiona.[6] When Bella told Fiona about Chris's incestuous affair, and shared the Incest Call and Incest Texts, Fiona then shared a censored version of the Call with the Chris Chan Conservation Collective server, omitting Bella's side of the conversation. When server members doubted the authenticity of the original leak, she posted Bella's voice without her permission.[7] After Chris Chan Conservation Collective member EllDudeRocks leaked the Incest Call to the general public, Fiona leaked the Incest Texts to Reddit, despite Bella having told her not to post them yet.[8] Bella attempted to frame Fiona as being the voice in the call in her frantic attempts to avoid being doxed.

Even after the incest revelation, despite her initial shock and wanting Chris to get arrested, Fiona still expressed interest in having sex with Chris, stating that she hoped doing so might sway him away from his mother.[9][10] However, she soon after distanced herself from Chris. Chris has mentioned a desire to get back in contact with her in jail letters.

Discovery of Chris

An old tablet drawing Fiona posted on a now deleted Reddit account.
I see him as human, albeit a highly broken one.
Fiona's thoughts on Chris after "feeling" for him.[5]

In order to understand her voluntary interactions with Chris, and some of the events that came with it — as perplexing and hard to understand as they are — Fiona's discovery of Chris and her initial feelings towards him must be discussed first.

Previously living a rather normal life, Fiona discovered Chris sometime during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,[11] out of boredom. She soon saw him as a means of coping with the hardships of quarantine, taking pity on him and reveling in the ways she was "not Chris". This proved itself to be a vicious cycle that led to some of the events that occurred afterwards. Before finding out that Chris was having sex with his mother, Fiona seemed to have have complicated feelings towards Chris's character, seeing him as a broken person with needs she could fulfill herself; part of the reason for her crush, which stemmed from the aforementioned pity for him; whilst also finding him deplorable.

According to Fiona, she first became aware of Chris through the YouTuber, Deadwing Dork, who mentioned Chris time and time again. She claimed that she began researching him out of curiosity, first feeling disgusted by him, a feeling that persisted and conflicted with the crush she later developed. Fiona later formed a more serious interest in Christory in the July of 2020, watching Geno's documentary series with a friend, Physical-Floor, and reading articles from this wiki extensively. Fiona also claimed that she started having "feelings" towards Chris on the September of that year, which later started evolving into a full-on crush when she listened to the audio regarding Chris's date with Emily in November.[5]

Activity in Chris-related circles

Fiona was a very active member in the CWCSphere, making Chris-related fan art and cosplays, and posting regularly on Discords and r/ChrisChanSonichu, the sub-reddit dedicated to him, along with temporarily moderating said subreddit starting on January 2021.[5] During this time, Fiona got along well with much of the CWCSphere, developing a large network of online friends by befriending many other members of the CWCsphere, passive observers, white-knights, A-logs, weens, and would-be trolls alike. Not all of the attention she received was positive, however. Much like how Chris’s bizarre behavior attracted trolls, a small following formed around Fiona in an attempt to turn her into a lolcow.[12]

Fiona’s behavior, including her attempts at making contact with Chris despite having been warned numerous times not to do so, led to her receiving numerous warnings from moderators of the Official CWCki Server. This culminated in her being banned from the server. Though evading this ban with a new account and returning a month later, Fiona was soon removed from the server a second time.[12]

Despite previously coming into conflict with the Watchmen members from The Place (when Val had attempted to face-dox her),[12] Fiona was an "untrusted guest" in The Knights of CWC server.

Crush on Chris

I've always had a thing for grotesque men. It was a disgust that morphed into a fascination, that turned into a crush.
Fiona, on her now-extinguished crush over Chris[13]
Chris giving dating advice to Fiona

Fiona first attempted to start talking to Chris in 2020. She began communication with him by sending a drawing of Nightstar to his phone number, though she initially received no response. Her fascination with Chris led her to beg him to reply in the chat of one of Chris’s YouTube live streams, even before her self-admitted crush had developed.[14]

By 16 July 2021, she and Chris were on speaking terms. Chris did not initially seem to be reciprocating feelings for Fiona, finding that "there would be a major bad impression on lack of empathy and consideration coming from [Fiona’s] end."[4] Chris later developed feelings for her.

Fiona was set to meet him at the convention Everfree Northwest in August 2021. She used both "Fiona" and the pseudonym Fifi Vixenhart and also shared other pieces of her personal information with him. Chris recorded an audio file promising not to get upset in front of her at the Everfree Northwest convention over the MLP G5 cartoon, and said he loved her in multiple audio clips.[15]

Chris and Fiona also had interactions over the app Facetime. A handful were recorded by Fiona, which include her and Chris blowing kisses at each other, Chris miming eating an apple as Fiona watches, and Chris twirling his hair.[16]

In a comment to Bella, Fiona claimed to have showed her tits to Chris, and that his response was, "mmmmmmmm, You're starting to turn me onnnnn".[17]

Fiona was a member of Discord, under the screenname "ScootalooSister". Since The WCT was attempting to help Chris with Everfree Northwest convention planning, on 19 July 2021, Chris invited both Fiona and Bella, both set to accompany him, into The WCT's Discord server The Knights of CWC.[18] Later, Bella invited Fiona, The WCT, and Chris to her Chess Group 15 Discord server.[19] Fiona chatted, played some games of chess, and conversed with Bella about their plans for Everfree Northwest. Fiona began to befriend Bella, unaware of crass comments Bella was making behind her back in the Chess club server, such as claiming to want to date her and steal her away from Chris at Everfree Northwest.[20]

In the Chess club server, Bella claimed to her friends that Fiona had told her in private messages about the details of her attraction towards Chris, begging Chris to get with her, and Bella claimed Fiona to be "possessive" of Chris. Bella had also stated on a few occasions to consider Fiona to be her "best friend".[21]

From what is known about the interactions between Chris and Fiona (and some that Chris had with Bella), Chris appeared to stress the importance of "encouraging her" and "boosting her self-confidence" to find a long-term sweetheart at her college, believing himself to be some sort of mentor for her. At various points, Chris mentioned being in an "open-relationship" with Fiona and his "Lady Friend" (Barb).[22][23] Chris had seemingly developed a sort of infatuation with Fiona himself. Chris stated in a text that having sex with Fiona would be the right step for her to take for her "mental and emotional development".[24] Despite this, he had stronger feelings for Bella and already had sex with Barb by this point, indicating that the boundaries of his Love Quest had been widening, even before his incest with Barb was discovered.

The incest scandal

Well...I unleashed a moment in Christory for y'all

I don't know how I feel


On the night of 27 July 2021, the Incest Call took place between Chris and Bella, of which the latter covertly recorded portions, and the Incest Texts were sent by Chris afterwards. Both are material in which Chris bragged about having sex with his mother.[26] Some time later, Bella shared both files with Fiona. Fiona then edited the call audio to cut out most of Bella's dialogue and posted it onto the Chris Chan Conservation Collective Discord server. Server member EllDudeRocks then leaked the censored clip to the general public on YouTube and Reddit at either the late night of 29 July or the early morning of 30 July.[27]

Shortly afterwards, Fiona leaked the Incest Texts to Reddit.[28]

When people doubted the authenticity of the Incest Call leak, Fiona then shared the entire 9-minute clip she was given, which also had Bella's voice on it, on the same server without her permission. The leak was soon uploaded by two different users onto both Reddit and YouTube, respectively.

Fiona then at one point asked for the full call, however, no evidence exists that Bella recorded the entirety of it (Bella claimed her phone would "record randomly").[29]

Bella was irritated by Fiona's leaking of the call clip which left Bella's voice intact[7] and of the texts which Chris began to accuse Bella of leaking. When Bella mentioned this issue to Fiona, Fiona replied that she would claim to Chris that trolls had been behind the leak. Bella in turn replied that she would set up a group chat in order to setup the troll narrative.[30]

Much post-incest leak drama then occurred, chiefly consisting of Bella spreading misinformation to multiple groups and websites in an apparent - and ultimately futile - attempt to avoid herself being doxed. While Bella initially claimed that she would protect Fiona, she quickly turned to trying to frame and dox her.[31][32]

Meanwhile, Fiona was feeling traumatized over news surrounding the incest leaks. She later mentioned that she had zero appetite for almost a week and had to force herself to eat.[13] On posts dated days after Chris's 1 August 2021 arrest for incest, Fiona posted to Vigyaa in response to her old June 2021 post about her crush on Chris. She wrote:[2]

This legit sucks now. I regret everything about ever writing this. I never knew Chris was going to turn out this way back then.

I'm absolutely pissed and disgusted at him now. I'm fucking traumatized. Help me.


I HATE CHRIS CHAN I HATE CHRIS CHAN I HATE CHRIS CHAN I HATE CHRIS CHAN this is how I currently feel now. What I written is outdated and will be up because that was who I was back then.

On 5 August 2021, a Kiwi Farms user claimed that a friend of Fiona's mentioned that her parents were intervening and removing her access to the Internet and that she might be put in inpatient psychiatric care.[33]

On 16 August, Fiona posted to Reddit under the username throw_away_weirdgirl, announcing, "Somebody exited the psych ward. Guess who?"[34] She followed up by leaking some communications with Chris, then did a brief AMA, before being convinced to stop posting by other Reddit users.[34][35]

In one of her comments, Fiona reiterated that her crush on Chris was no more, writing: "Chris is still on my mind, but not as the crush I used to have, but more of a trauma/you need to be wary of this man way."[13]

The "Suitress" name

In August 2021, one of the CWCki's editors chose to attempt to censor Fiona on CWCki pages. To effect this, the editor created an alias to use when referencing Fiona - the "Everfree Suitress", later shortened to "the Suitress".[36]

Fiona herself rejected the censorship attempt. On r/ChrisChanSonichu, she posted a selfie to prove her Reddit account; leaked Chris Chan's Good Morning, an audio file in which Chris sang her name; then created an AMA thread titled, "I'm Fiona, A.K.A "The Everfree Suitress" and I genuinely had a crush on Chris Chan. Ask me anything and I'll respond on my own time."[13][35]

The editor also drafted a policy for Fiona censorship, called the Suitress Policy.[37] It took inspiration from the CWCki's Wallflower Policy, however differed from it in that Fiona did not request the censorship.[38]

Chris referenced the Suitress alias at one point in his jail letters, when he wrote that "she is not a suitress".[39]

In September 2023, CWCki editors discussed the Suitress Policy and it was agreed to overturn it and restore information previously censored.[40]

Chris's desires to reconnect

Fiona's opinion of Chris after the incest leak[2]

Chris stated in a 30 November 2021 jail letter that even when they can no longer communicate through regular means, he still cares about Fiona, and discussed how he foresaw the events that would "pin her emotions". He has also stated, although he hadn't recorded her phone number, that he was able to communicate with and "heal" her from jail by means of astral projection.[41] In a July 2022 letter, Chris also pointed out how he felt Fiona looked like a "youthful high school sophomore", although she was 19, and he referred to Fiona by a pet name used since 2021, "Fifi".[42]

Misinformation spread by Chris

In the wake of chatlogs related to Bella being leaked in summer 2021, misinformation was spread by those speculating over the material. One example is misinformation that Bella planned to record Chris and Fiona having sex at Everfree Northwest, then claim Fiona to be a minor to Chris. No proof that Bella had such a plan has been found. Rather, the rumor appears to have originated from a lie had Bella made to some members of the Knights of CWC on 30 July 2021, in which she falsely claimed to the group that Fiona was a minor and that Chris had sexual relations.[43] Bella later claimed to Fiona that this move was to prevent the "watch dogs" from trying to blast her.[44] It is unclear why Bella believed this tactic was necessary.

Unlike with Bella, Chris appears to have formed a much more favorable opinion towards Fiona during his stay in jail, which is reflected in the misinformation he spreads about both of them - while he spreads negative rumors about Bella, he is more defensive towards Fiona.

According to a summary of an unreleased 13 June 2022 jail letter, Chris spread misinformation that Bella had been "cooking up a Pedophile scandal", and claimed that Fiona was not involved with it.[45] A later letter revealed that Chris believes in misinformation that Bella was trying to get him and Fiona in a relationship in order for her to label him as a "pedophile". In the same letter, he incorrectly denied Fiona ever being attracted to him, instead claiming she was an "innocent bystander".[46]

In The Chris Chan Interview from January 2024, Chris again brought up the pedophile scandal misinformation.

In a tweet from 22 January, Chris claimed that the older girlfriend he had described to Null in July 2021 was "Fiona, at least in wishful thinking at the time."[47] This lie contradicts statements he had made to Null that his older girlfriend was over 50 (which was true of Barbara Chandler but not of Fiona).[48]

Art Gallery


Below is a gallery of known pieces of Chris fanart that Fiona created.


Below is a gallery of other pieces of art that Fiona created.

Plush Doll

Below is a plush doll Physical-Floor created for Fiona.

Fan video

Video of Fiona herself, dancing while cosplaying as Chris.

TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

See also


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  2. Several of the account names listed belonged to throwaway accounts which Fiona had created, but has since abandoned.


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