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A profile picture Chris used in April 2018 until May 2018, drawn by Tings Tingz.

The CWCProtectSquad were a group of weens role-playing as fans who are starved for attention to the point that they frequently tweet to Chris and his orbiters over Twitter. Chris has added them to his Twitter friend list as they shower him with words of encouragement, fanart and even money.


The floodgates opened during August 2017, seemingly due to Chris using NightStar2891, a sockpuppet account, which encouraged weens to create their own character accounts to troll Chris's followers into thinking they are him.

Most active members


  • @LittleAmyChan
  • Account created 16 August 2017

Appears to be the spokesperson and de facto leader of the CWCProtectSquad. Her modus operandi is to shower unconditional positive regards towards Chris. She got Chris's attention with a drawing that had the hashtag #CWCProtectSquad. CWCProtectSquad was pretty much the Twitter version of Sonichu Girls, as all its members were supposed to be young female artists that would stand up for or support Chris when needed. On 10 May 2018, During the dallfall of CWCprotectSquad, LittleAmyChan sent Chris a private video, which Chris posted the video on his Twitter and when asked why, he basically said littleAmyChan looked like a man pretending to be a women and is probably a troll based on that alone. LittleAmyChan still followed him afterwards and still maintains the facade.

Desiree Delightful

Says the troll who spends their day making a fake account to bully me on the internet. I might live with My Mother, but you probably do too.
Chris, blasting Desiree's third sock account.[1]
  • @MissLadyLikely, AKA BarbAChandler, SaraHeartsSonic and PollyAnnPikachu
  • Account created 26 August 2017

Made 993 tweets to Chris and orbiters as MissLadyLikely (Desiree Delightful) and BarbAChandler.[2] During the Idea Guy saga, in December 2017, Desiree decided to experiment by copying Idea Guy's shtick and role-playing as an alternate dimension Barb. It resulted in Chris angrily reporting the account and unfriending it.[3]

In December 2017, Desiree added some Twitter DMs with Chris to the CWCki.[4] Occurring from September and October 2017, Chris discussed his method for recuperating whenever he sees pickles and explained why he signed up to Kiwi Farms.

Desiree did not stop trying to get Chris's attention. The account's tweets were purged and it was later rebooted as SaraHeartsSonic. After a string of messages tagging Chris,[5] he decided to re-follow the account, apparently unaware of its history. SaraHeartsSonic would go on to make 862 tweets by 4 May 2018.[6] For the most part she would play along with Chris's delusions and "support" his insane ideas, but would occasionally cross into criticizing him.

On 4 May 2018, Chris began to realize the Sara account was not a legitimate fan.


Chris, i'm fucking done. If you take make believe that far, then grow the fuck up and devote 100% of your time creating (and improving, your work has charm but for god's sake take a drawing class) and stop wasting money on children's toys and video games. OR ELSE!

Another user, who also has autism, joined in the thread and showed off her artwork to SaraHeartsSonic.


This single drawing contains a more interesting story and character than the entire Sonichu canon.

This caused Chris to flip his lid:

You Rotton Troll! So, you show your True Colours, @SaraHeartsSonic .

Sara then backpedaled:

How have I trolled you? All I want is to help you do better. You've helped me indirectly, just want to repay the favor. Take an art class, there have to be some in your area. I'll help you look. I bet that the class is probably 99% female. So your art can improve, and your chances of finding a girlfriend go up. I'm helping you here! You need to spend your money on this instead of children's toys and vapid video games. This would be money well spent instead of wasted, an investment in your future. It's not too late Chris. #DontStopBelievin

Chris did not unfollow the account.

On 7 May, after Chris called out the group, as well as Sara for being trolls, he blocked Sara. Naturally, this prompted the ween behind the account to delete all tweets and reboot it yet again, as PollyAnnPikachu, with a persona of a sexy Pikachu cosplayer, making 26 tweets.[7] Of course, Chris quickly followed the account, despite warnings from other orbiters of the account's true nature. He eventually listened to reason and unfollowed it the next day.

Tings Tingz

  • Account created 15 August 2017[8]
  • 507 tweets, drew fanart for Chris, gave him money

Spectators suspect this account of pulling the strings behind the Cryzel and Magi-Chan troll scheme because of how it claimed to be a sweetheart and had knowledge of Magi-Chan's role before Chris mentioned it publicly. On 4 May, following a commentator on Kiwi Farms mentioning that Tings Tingz should be doxed, the account was swiftly deactivated.[9] Two days later, the account resurfaced with an explanation of having shut down over doxing fears, as well as leaking convos explaining that Chris had shared information about Cryzel and Magi-Chan over DM and that was how Tings had known. Tings denied being involved with the scheme.

It was later confirmed by The Captain that all Tings did was leaked convos, give money and make fan art. The Convos Tings leaked started the cataclysm and downfall of the Group. Tings explained to Chris through twitter DMs why she leaked the Convos and didn't want to be considered a troll masterminding him and people would take his word as genuine truth.

For a good while it seemed like Tings basically gone silent out of fear of harassment. But she continued to talk to Christ through Twitter DMs, drawing him fan art and giving him money when his car broke down. When the the kiwifarms thread on MKRNightVee appeared, Tingz shared the thread and concern about MKRNightVee's actions. At this point, Frustrated and finally realizing white knighting for Chris is dumb, Tings drew the line and blocking Chris and MKRNightVee, as it seemed Chris was interested in playing make believe with MKRNightVee, who was someone also claiming to be a Scarlet CPU Goddess of earth, as well feeding into the delusions.

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