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*The EX-Winner, Adam Stackhouse, was DISQUALIFIED on the grounds of violating the Official Rules on TWO COUNTS:

-He Had Licensed BeatBox Music playing from a licensed BoomBox.
-He Had his SISTER ILLEGALLY in the video without authorized consent.

Chris's version of the rules
Adam Stackhouse
Name Adam Stackhouse
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Relatives Anna Stackhouse
Occupation Filmmaker

Adam Stackhouse was the winner of the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown PaRappa the Rapper contest. Chris felt that he should have won instead, and thus harbored a grudge against him.

In order to win, Chris orchestrated a mass spamming of votes via dummy sockpuppet accounts, so that he would not only win a PSP for his then love interest Megan Schroeder, but also claim the prize of an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo. He had hoped to bring Megan on the trip and eventually make love to her in their shared hotel room, losing his "virgin with rage" moniker once and for all. As a result, Adam had inadvertently cock-blocked Chris, by simply being more talented.

In a huge display of hypocrisy, Christian wanted to get back at Adam for cheating, as he used more than one person in his video (in a rather nice display of family, Stackhouse's little sister has a role, which Chris believed was illegal, even though Adam does all the singing) and used music in the background (which didn't count as it was beatboxing, even though Chris believed it was a boombox). Chris ignored the fact that not only had he himself also cheated by registering many fake accounts to vote for himself, and also blackmailed his half-brother into voting for him as well.

Chris was so angry about the outcome of the contest that he created a fake webpage proclaiming himself the victor.[1] He also created a creepy video in which he repeatedly shot a photo of Adam and his sister in silence with a toy gun.

Adam Stackhouse is the complete opposite of Chris. Evidence to prove this is the fact that he graduated as a valedictorian of his graduating class in college.[2] He also owns his own production company, AVAdventure.[3]

The Original Version

Adam's entry

Number 2: From adamstackhouse; Video1: It's okay, if you like someone making the music in the background. It took away pops from the rappin of the two cooks. And adding seafood like in the song to the cake... are you kidding? They should have done it without the noise; it's in da rules. A petite comical moment comes around with an empty plate for no sample and turning off the TV after "thinking about it". I give it 4/5 Stars for moderate effort.
Chris in PSN Blogs in July 2007

Chris's opinion of Adam

My previously submitted PaRapper the Rapper "Master Onion A-La Mode" Video is among the TOP TEN to win the GRAND PRIZE.

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! That stupid, no-good ADAM STACKHOUSE won the trip!!! He had MUSIC and MORE THAN ONE PERSON IN HIS VIDEO, which were in VIOLATION OF THE OFFICIAL RULES!!!!!! Three other videos out of the remaining nine: APRELEWSKY, BRUDELL AND SURYABUCHWALD, ALL VIOLATED THE OFFICIAL RULES AS WELL! THOSE SEVEN PEOPLE OF THOSE FOUR VIDEOS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISQUALIFIED, PERIOD!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooo ANGRY of the fact that the Playstation company and their Promotional Associates WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TO BRING THOSE VIOLATORS TO JUSTICE!!!! Go to, and register the complaint, in addition to my own, through their "Contact Us" link. So that SWORN ON MY AUTISM, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED TO THE SEVEN PEOPLE OF THOSE FOUR VIDEOS!!!!

Chris on Adam Stackhouse[4]

He also thought Adam was cheating because he thought Adam's beatboxing counted as background music, even though beatboxing is music made with the voice and is therefore a cappella. Naturally, Chris ignored the fact that he cheated himself by bombarding Sony with fake accounts in order to win.

In a PlayStation Network post from 4 August 2007, Chris goes into detail about his feelings on Adam Stackhouse:

This is directed mostly to Adam Stackhouse; the S.O.B. who was the Alphabetically First Video in the PaRappa Contest and got WRONGFULLY the big prize. This JERK's Video WAS AGAINST The NO MUSIC RULE!!!! His, Suryabuchwald and Aprelewsky's VIDEO ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISQUALIFIED because they ALL HAD MUSIC!!!!

In any case, I LOATHE Adam and his Sister for STEALING my one chance at taking my Sweet Gal-Friend to Seattle; it would have been terriffic. I might have even been able to change her outlook on not planning on having children (she and I are both virgins; although I am a FRUSTRATED, High-Functionally AUTISTIC, 25-YEAR OLD VIRGIN. And I LOATHE Surybuchwald and Aprelewsky as well, because their MUSIC probably landed those JERKS in 2nd and 3rd.

I don't have much going on for me really, because I have been the dog in America's favorite game, "KICK THE AUTISTIC" for my whole life.

I curse those seven people (between the cast of the three illegal videos) to DIE and BURN!

As for Adam, if he is reading this and is asking, "You've got something to say to me?" I do, P.S. F*** You, you Dream Smashing Son of a B****!

Chris in PSN Blogs in August 2007

Adam's opinion of Chris

No remorse... I mean, I didn't even know the wonders of CWC until a year after the contest... I noticed a string of comments about his entry at that point coming from his ED page (at that time there was a longer passage on the Parappa contest, before he really went off the deep end). That's when I discovered the apology video, where he retracted the threats on my sister and I. I've always wanted to see the lost video where he calls me "no-good" and repeated shoots a picture of me...

I've been following the whole thing since I discovered it about six months ago, thanks to CWC's Sept 24 2008 update video... and yeah, it was pretty shocking and bizarre as I slowly put the pieces together..."[5]

Adam revisited

Together at peace...

A decade after the Chop Chop Master Onion Rap contest, Adam attended MAGfest in 2018, even attending a panel dedicated to Chris-Chan. He and Chris even take a selfie with each other, and Chris's interactions with him shows that he no longer holds his animosity towards him, and the two have finally made peace with each other.

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