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The legend arrives.

MAGfest (Music And Gaming Festival) is a video game and music convention held annually in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. Chris attended in 2018.


Chris wanted to go during 2011, thinking he would hook up with a boyfriend-free girl while there. However, he failed to budget and could not afford a room.[1] When he informed his parents of the dilemma, and his potential solution of sleeping in his car, they forbade him from going, citing cold weather and the high crime rate. Notably, his mother threatened suicide to manipulate him into feeling guilty enough to cancel.[2]


Schedule for the CWC panel. Yes, really.[3]

Chris' interest in going during 2018 was apparently piqued in December 2017 when the Man in the Pickle Suit informed him that there would be a CWC-themed panel.[4] On arrival, Chris was met by a small group of fans who ended up cheering him on, as well as recording a selection of his trademark antics.

Several people sought him out for photos.

A video was posted of Chris posing with CWC fan Spinalpalm (although shot from another phone).

"I texted Chrischan to come meet up and.." @Spinalpalm
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 6 January 2018
Made By @PartyPrat
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos
Spinalpalm's Response


Spinalpalm: (Inaudible)

Chris: Christine Chandler, right here at MAGfest with Spinalpalm!

Spinalpalm: Yeah!

(Group gathered around smartphone playing the footage proceed to laugh at Chris)

Chris: Dances around spouting nonsense

Group: More laughter

Another video, of Chris commenting at a panel:

We spotted @CWCSonichu looking gorgeous and dropping some art knowledge at #Magfest2018
Stardate 6 January 2018
Made By Gienao
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos
We spotted @CWCSonichu looking gorgeous and dropping some art knowledge at #Magfest2018

The Christory of Sonichu panel

Photo of the panel[5].

The panel was "packed." Note that they are discussing ShecameforCWC.[6]

Chris with Adam Stackhouse.

Afterwards, Chris was invited up to speak at the Sonichu panel to a standing ovation.[7] He also made up with Adam Stackhouse, who was in the audience.[8]

Chris's photo.

Chris showed appreciation for his fans on social media after the event. On Facebook, he posted:

I Love Every One Of You All (including all of those who could not make it, But were there in thought and spirit. The MAGFest Panel Of January 7, 2018, 1:30 AM: The Christory Of Sonichu.

This felt more awesome than a simple Birthday Party, and it was not even my Birthday yet (not until February 24).

Michael J. Hirtes is upset about Chris having fun at MAGfest.

On Twitter, he said, in response to a Tao of Maud message (Let your hopes rather than your hurts shape your future):

Commemorated on a TSSSF card
So true! Especially when that Hope and Love comes truly from a Lot Of Kind People. I Love All of my People, Family and Friends! Thank You All for appreciating me. 🤘😊❤️

He posted a panoramic video of the crowd.

Search for video Youtube, archive
Stardate 7 January 2018
Cherokean Chant
January 2018 Paid Video Requests

Fans provided brief video clips of Chris in the audience:

Not kidding when I said PACKED @CWCSonichu panel (Christine cameo!)
Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By Gienao
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

this is surreal, they're literally playing CWC videos... In front of CWC.
Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By Gienao
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

And a clip of the crowd applauding Chris:

Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By Condor Joe
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

A more complete version of the panel was uploaded soon after.

Chris-Chan Magfest 2018 Panel Part 1
Stardate 7 January 2018
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris-Chan Magfest 2018 Panel Part 2
Stardate 7 January 2018
Subject Matter At 17:00 Chris takes offence to Asperchu being called "award-winning", saying "that thing was so offensive." Adam Stackhouse appears at around the 49:10 mark.
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Emily, who was in attendance, gave her field report:

I came here to find out if Chris got his dick sucked or nah (story shortly).

So the panel was created to definitely be a huge mockery of Chris. Chris wasn't invited as far as I'm aware of, and only decided to come because he got wind of it. It was more or less of a surprise to the people running the panel when they found out he was there. They definitely glossed over a lot of their slides and made it seem more positive. They stopped shortly before the end of the slideshow to have Chris talk.

A lot of the shit they said was wrong, even simple stuff like "he got fired from Burger King." Apparently their biggest source wasn't even the CWCkipedia, but random videos of other people talking about him or interviews, which is just lazy but pretty funny.

Story time. So after Chris spoke and was heading back to his seat in the back, he was highfiving people. This one girl got a highfive and a hug from him and basically just shrieked with happiness. She shook her hand at her friend yelling about how Chris touched her hand and wouldn't let anything touch that hand. And kept going on and on about how Chris touched her and was overjoyed by it to the point that I actually thought this girl was going to go find him to suck his dick. She wasn't even a fat or unattractive girl either so idk.[9]

This moment was captured in the "Adulation" video above.

The Man in the Pickle Suit also provided a report:

Heh, so, what everyone seems to be wondering: does Chris smell? No. At least, there isn't like some miasma cloud hanging around him. I was pretty close to him, but I obviously didn't stick my nose in his shirt or anything. So if he's got a smell, you definitely won't notice anything just casually hanging around him, and even if you really are determined to get a whiff, it's probably not that strong. (It helps that it's the winter, and so he's not hustling around in the heat.)

No perfume or axe this time either.[10]

The Aftermath

After the panel, a pack of fans asked for more pictures and a few snagged video clips.

Aftermath photoshoot

Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By @jab50yen
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris Chan telling me to stay awesome
Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By Screamingjoe
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By Carm Fox
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris Chan hugs gay cosplayer
Stardate 7 January 2018
Made By NICKname
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

On Twitter, Chris followed and tweeted to some of them[11].

Anybody ever want to know how strong SpinalPalm is, he can bear hug and Lift me up high without a sweat; more than 212 pounds. @Spinalpalm is a really strong dude. Awesome! 😊
And afterwards, I drank a Sonic the Hedgehog Energy Drink from the Merchandise booths, signed the empty can with her sharpie marker, and gave her the can. Thank you for your Love and Awesomeness, @PeachSaliva ! ❤️
Chris gives a fan an autographed souvenir.


Despite the success of his 2018 visit, Chris skipped the 2019 con (3-6 January 2019), in part due to the Dimensional Merge.[12]

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