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Animate! Raleigh is a convention in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chris attended in January 2024 along with Flutter.

On 4 January, Chris and Flutter were seen in line purchasing tickets for the convention, in a nearby town Cary.[1] Since both of them were seen with VIP passes, which cost $275 each, it appears that Chris has spent at least $550 on the convention, assuming he paid for both his pass and Flutter's.

On 5 January, Chris was at the convention, where he cosplayed as Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano. Flutter was seen as well, with a face mask on. Observers noted that Chris had his arm around Flutter in a panel room, but that she wasn't seen to have reciprocated.[2] Chris attended a panel on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, where he asked a question during a Q&A to the panel.

On 6 January, Chris was banned by convention staff, being denied entry to the convention.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force panel

On 5 January, Chris attended a panel featuring Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dave Willis and music artist MC Chris.

Chris Chan at Animate! Raleigh
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Stardate 5 January 2024
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Focused, Divine Guidances - 01142024


Panel Moderator 1: Hi. What’s your name?

Chris: Hi. Christ-een. So my favorite episode of all time would have to be Video Ouija, but hey as opposed to what was portrayed in the show, the video games, one video game really, and the movies, how do y’all feel about the metaphysical and everything along that lines?

Dave Willis: The metaphysical?

Chris: Yeah.

MC Chris: What’s your spirituality?

Chris: All religions, I’m multi-religious, and I got the rainbow aura and everything.

Dave Willis: So the- so they’re-

Chris: It’s all good baby!

Dave Willis: Alright.

[The crowd laughs.]

Dave Willis: You know Christians are always known for their tolerance.

[The crowd laughs again.]

TikTok video

A TikTok short shows Chris and Flutter walking in the background.

Chris and Flutter walking at Animate! Raleigh
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Stardate 5 January 2024
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Chris and Flutter with the security guards.

On 6 January, Reddit user DeadStargazer claimed that a friend had witnessed Chris and Flutter being escorted out of the convention by staff.[3] DeadStargazer later provided an update claiming that Chris had been denied entry to the convention by security when he arrived in the morning, that there did not appear to be an incident, and that Chris may have been reported to staff the prior day.[4] Reddit user gjoob9091 posted a photo of Chris and Flutter near security, claiming it took place on the 6th at around 1:53 pm,[5] and posted another angle taken by the Reddit user's friend at 2 PM.[6] The Reddit user commented that Chris had entered the convention around 1:50 PM, and was immediately pulled aside by security.[7]

Unlike his previous convention ban, Chris did not immediately address the ban on social media. In a post on 7 January, he simply claimed to have had a nice weekend.[8] A week later, in Focused, Divine Guidances - 01142024, Chris directly addressed the ban, although wrapped it within his messiah complex. He claimed that a false witness was borne against him and "ratted" him out and that the demonically possessed organizer of the convention took their word over his.