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WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? A peck on the cheek from a Celebrity that One Likes, Positively Mind You, Is NOT OFFENSIVE To Me.
Chris, trying to rationalize the behavior that got him kicked out.
Chris, after being told he was being removed from the con.

TooManyGames is an annual three-day gaming convention currently held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Chris attended the convention on 22 and 23 June 2018. He wore The Classic for Day 2. He had also brought along his baseball bat.

He had started a GoFundMe page to help cover costs, as he had narrowly avoided foreclosure on his home one month before. Three people donated $120.[1][2]

Chris acted very inappropriate towards many of the guests there by kissing and/or touching them, especially those who took pictures and video with him (including a guest who was 16 years old).[3] This eventually culminated in him being thrown out.

At the con

I am here! Find me; selfies, hugs and smiles with and from me are free! Autographed card, on the spot, this weekend only: only $5.00. Cash or card.
Chris with a Sonichu standee.

An event coordinator for the con, Justin Silverman (of Silvermania), arranged for Chris to have a guest badge to the con. According to Silverman himself, he knew Chris would accept his free offer, regardless of the GoFundMe outcome.[5] Silverman's invitation is as follows:

Despite proposing otherwise in his email, Justin did not authorize Chris to host a booth or a panel slot.[5] The 12:30 PM Sunday panel mentioned was likely the Exploring Cringe Culture panel, hosted by jab50yen, whom Chris would reunite with at the con nonetheless.[6]

While at the con, Chris met many of his fans and posed for photo ops. He offered autographs for sale, against con rules as he had no credentials to sell there. He also watched panels and played games, including Halo.

Bowser vs Robotnik panel

On Day 2, Chris attended Bowser vs Robotnik — a panel hosted by Mike Pollock and Kenny James (the voice actors of Doctor Robotnik and Bowser, respectively). Based on the video's introduction, it suggests that the hosts allowed members of the audience to roast them. Given Chris's history with the Sonic franchise, Chris took the opportunity to interact with Pollock, as well as to plug his own franchise. Chris stated that Eggman should return to using his original Robotnik name, as the reverse of his current name sounds like "Nah, I'm gay". Throughout the question and answer session, the audience can be heard laughing nervously, groaning, and even cringing in response to Chris's diatribe and slightly homophobic joke, but Pollock managed to make the most of the situation with an improvised Shakespeare quote that got applause from the audience. Chris mistook this as applause for himself and took a bow before returning to his seat.

Chris Chan making an ass of himself at Too Many Games VA Panel -- 6-23-18
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 23 June 2018
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Still need Local help with my C64, Please
Chris's reaction to Pollock's response

Chris's question warranted an in-universe drawing.

Chris: Aha! Oh… Mike, you’re gonna make a dream of mine come true ‘cause I’ve enjoyed every scene where Sonic got to insult Eggman, and I’ve got one that I came up with recently. And I just want Eggman’s reaction by the way.

[Chris holds up a copy of Sonichu #10 to Pollock]

Ah, my Sonichu. In case you don’t know. I’m creator of the original yellow but I transform to this one. And I’m encountering Eggman, and Bowser [Chris gestures to Kenny James on stage] can laugh if he wants to, if he likes it!

So… Eggman. Let’s talk for a moment. You like wordplay? All right!

[Chris laughs]

So, I’ve got a good reason for you to go back... to-uh calling yourself Robotnik. ‘Cause spelled word backwards? You say Eggman? That's saying... "Nah-I'm gay". You split it up a little bit further, it sounds like "NAH! GAY!" And at least Kintobor sounds more sophisticated than that! So what do you have to say for you now-say for yourself now, Namgge?

Mike Pollock: WELL, I BELIEVE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE SAID IT BEST WHEN HE SAID... “WHAT'S IN A NAME? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Chris: [creepy laugh]

[The audience laughs and applauds as Chris takes a bow]

Chris's reaction to Pollock's response

A happening at toomanygames 2018 [ Chris Chan vs. Mike Pollock Mental Meat Deathmatch ]
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Stardate 23 June 2018
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Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Chris making an ass of himself
Kissing fans

Previously identifying as a lesbian just the year before, Chris's Namgge roast—using homosexuality as an insult—harks back to the early years of the Internet's discovery of him, when weens accused him of being gay to get a rise out of him. Seemingly, Chris never gave a second thought that his middle school tier roast could be labelled inappropriate by the LGBT community he belongs to.

Satisfied with his witty statement, Chris took to the paper and drew an in-universe representation, featuring Chris-Chan Sonichu, Robotnik and Bowser.

Kissing fans

[Chris was kissing people because] a certain person was telling him behind the scenes that it was a good idea.
Guard Dog The Captain implying that an Idea Guy had manipulated Chris.[7]

Chris posed with many fans for photos, as he had done at BronyCon and MAGfest. However, this time, after the Idea Guys had manipulated Chris into thinking of himself as bisexual and Chris began a habit of kissing men on the cheek (as he did to Copitz and his friend), Chris thought it would be fine to kiss attendees on the cheek after posing with them.

Chris Chan Kisses A Fan
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Stardate 22 June 2018
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Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Chris's reaction to Pollock's response
TooManyGames#Kissing fans

Chris Chan kissing Anthpo
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Stardate Unknown (leaked 3 August 2021)[3]
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Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
TooManyGames#Kissing fans
Chris chan melt down

He thought wrong.

Kicked out

Ok so long story short, Chris Chan was kissing and getting too intimate with con attendees without their consent. Staff gave her multiple warnings to stop and she didn't listen. She was 100% in the wrong and she deserves to be removed from the convention as she broke the rules.
jab50yen explains the situation[8]

On Day 2, as a result of being handsy with and kissing attendees,[9][10] Chris was kicked out of the convention.[11][8][12] He reacted by having a meltdown in the venue, curling up on the floor in the fetal position.[13] Security was brought in to escort Chris out. jab50yen helped comfort Chris alongside the mother of an autistic child who was attending the event.

Video 1

Chris chan melt down at #TooManyGames lmao
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Stardate 23 June 2018
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Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Kissing fans
Chris chan melt down

Video 2

Chris chan melt down at #TooManyGames lmao
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Stardate 23 June 2018
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Chris chan melt down
My Mother WORKED Hard, Spent Hard; Needs Money NOW

There is no evidence that Chris soiled himself during the incident.

Chris's thoughts

Artist's depiction of Chris-Chan rolling away from responsibility at high speed.
I just made Collegeville Bakery 20% Cooler with my presence. TMG’s LOSS; Their Gain! I also suggested a new pizza, The Sonichu Zap!
Chris's tweet after being thrown out[14]

Several hours later, Chris tweeted, claiming that con staff had not given him a verbal warning before kicking him out.[15]

Apologies to the #TooManyGames convention goers and especially @jab50yen.

I didn't notice I had received a warning to stop making physical contact with people taking pictures with me until after I had been asked to leave. They only sent the warning to me over Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook warning was:

Don't kiss anyone. Someone complained. Anymore problems and we'll have to pull your badge. Cool?[16]

On the other hand, according to jab50yen, who is close friends with staff, they said they had given Chris face-to-face warnings.[17]

The next day, Chris backtracked, trying to justify his actions and showing he learned nothing:

One Question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? A peck on the cheek from a Celebrity that One Likes, Positively Mind You, Is NOT OFFENSIVE To Me. What Really Ticks Me Off is that ANY Displays of Likes and Affection is VIEWED AS TABOO AND MORE OFFENSIVE Than BLOODY, GOREY VIOLENCE.

And HOW do I Feel after all of the LOVE and POSITIVITY I had been finding and giving back and sharing around, it all turned around against me in One Felt Swoop? I Feel Emotionally Hungover and like a load of crap. 😔😣😭😭😭[18]

I am going to Tell ALL OF YOU Hater Trolls Something, RIGHT NOW! I WILL Remain Optimistic and Open-Hearted, and I am NOT Going to FAIL! I have the LOVE of my REAL Positive and Kind People and Fans, and I have the LOVE of my Partners: Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo, Here!

They are Right Here with me, and they Directly, Offline, Communicate With Me Always. And More Importantly, I Love Them All, and They Love Me Truly. This Is Real. ⚡️❤️💜💙❤️💜⚡️[19]

In December 2019, Chris compared the ban incident to his December 2019 temper tantrum about ProjectSNT's redesign of his characters, saying "there is something deeper than [the redesigns] that just sets off my subconscious WORSE than that moment at @TooManyGames where I went hedgehog. WORSE THAN THAT.[20]"

In June 2021, a whole 3 years since the initial convention, Chris claimed on Twitter that the incident was supposedly a trap set up by the trolls and convention staff members.

I did make the mistake of expressing my appreciation too far at the time; I have learned from that. BUT, again, I know very well that I was constantly being observed by the Trolls and haters, and they, at the time, were looking for Anything to pin me down for. Also, Major Observation I still remember very well, the host of the convention messaged me through freaking @Facebook; soo Indirect, especially when he could have had an easier, more direct, communication by TEXTING me, or better yet, pull me over, personally, and warn me, but you know what?

He Did NOT do that at all. I had no Proper Warning or notification that this was wrong. I psychically Know he was in with the haters at the time, and so he half-assed the “warning”, adding that detail to the Set Up against me.[21]

Personal space talk

I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.

Null had a conversation with Chris about the incident[22] in which he warned Chris about the possible ramifications of his behavior. Notably, the moment he exceeded the hurtful truth level, Chris reacted by drifting off into his imaginary land, posting a lengthy diatribe about CPU Goddesses.

Justin Silverman's account

On 27 June, event coordinator Justin Silverman consulted with a CWCki editor to clarify his role in bringing Chris to TooManyGames, and give his side of the story regarding whether staff had warned Chris before kicking him out. To authenticate his claims, he attached unseen photographs of Chris's meltdown:[5]

Wanted to change something and didn't want to register or whatever.

On the TooManyGames page, I'm brought up. But, it's referenced by a Kiwi Farms thread. Figured I'd give you first hand info.

...and so you know I'm real...


It says... "A supervisor for TooManyGames, likely Justin Silverman of Silvermania, arranged for Chris to have a booth at the con for selling his autographs[4]."

But, in fact, there was no booth promised or given... no panel, timed meet up, or sanctioned anything. Just a badge.

I gave her a badge because she was coming anyways, I knew the GoFundMe would go through... figured if I messaged her about a free anything, she would respond. That way, I'd be in close contact. I could meet and talk to her directly, warn her face to face. I did.

She then screwed up, many times, and my security team had to step in. We tried doing this in private, but she froze up then hit the floor. EMTs tried to help with no luck. Thankfully Jab and a sympathetic mother of an autistic child were there, they defused the situation. Mind you, hundreds of people were stuck in the traffic. Police en route. Almost got ugly... only telling you this because I don't want anyone to think we condoned this or whatever. I figured she be a problem, but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt... since Magfest was fine 6 months ago. Live and learn. Post whatever you want, or nothing. It's blown over now anyway. Thanks for what you do.


It was actually really sad in real life... like, I get it's a big joke online, and people hate her guts and like to troll... but, this person, in their autistic shell, on our carpet... was truly upsetting. I wish she got the help she needs. But, we've cut ties completely. Anyway, thanks.

Two days later, having discovered the Kiwi Farms post of Justin's admission, Chris completely severed their social media ties and responded:[23]

Hey, Cowardly Jerk, @JustySilverman

"I warned her face to face"; NO, You Did Not! You cowered behind Facebook during a time I was VERY UNLIKELY to even look at my phone, AND I did have it on silent. You’re lucky I have such a big heart and kindness, otherwise I’d do worse now.

Silverman replied:[24]

"Cowardly Jerk" Justin Silverman here. I warned you when you FIRST came in. You agreed to what I said, staff said you were warned as well. Sorry I had to FB message you, couldn't find you among the 15k attendees. Also, you tweet this seconds after liking half my posts on FB????


My liking your recent posts are separate from what happened last Saturday. And you warned me Not to use my bat against anyone; you did not say “Don’t Kiss Anyone” to me right there. You should have found me around that 11:00 am time, borrowed me for a moment, and told me then.

Instead, your warning was through Facebook Messenger during the time I was Very Unable to look at my phone. You should have done your job and better. The grade I give you for how you did, I would have to give you Two out of Five; Under Mediocre.

You think about that, dude. YOU HAD your chance to to your job right, and you Epic Failed. Peace.

Twenty minutes later, Chris had an abrupt shift in his tone:[25]

By the way, everyone, I Do accept that I, in fact, kissed a lot fans who hugged me, on their face cheeks. I was opening myself more to everyone; I really had no idea that was a bad thing to a lot of individuals. And for offending those with my kisses, I am really sorry, and from now on, I promise to keep my lips to myself from now on, unless the other person requests a kiss on the face cheek from me, period. Please, forgive and forget that, and let us all move forward in our lives. I Have Learned the Lesson all too well. And thanks to @JustySilverman , that lesson will Not be forgotten anytime soon or later. Thank You All.

jab50yen's post-incest confession

On 3 August 2021, following the fallout of Chris's arrest for incest, jab50yen shared an unreleased photo of Chris at the convention after he was being told he was to be removed, also revealing the name of the woman who comforted him to be Linda, and releasing several text messages between him and Chris, also posting to Twitter about the events.

Eh fuck it, wanna make a thread about this now. For those who don't remember, I was the guy at TMG 2018 that helped get Chris Chan escorted out of the place to avoid her getting arrested. Here's a picture of us in an unused room dealing with the police that I never posted.

Chris and Linda.jpg

I originally never wanted to post that cause I didn't want chris to get further harassed online and I was getting overwhelmed myself. However after what she did recently, I don't have anymore sympathy. So I wanna talk about what happened cause in hindsight it was pretty funny.

The woman above chris in the first photo was a nice lady, Linda, who was at TMG with her autistic son. She helped console Chris and Chris trusted her. Everyone thought I was covering my nose in this photo, but I was actually rubbing my lips thinking. Chris' hygeine was fine lmao.

Linda convinced the police to not arrest Chris as this woman was the only person Chris finally responded to. Chris seems to only have an attachment towards woman, specifically motherly ones. Quickly, Chris agreed to get up and we left. I had to carry the sonichu standee.

When we made it to the empty room, it was Chris, me, Linda, Justin from TMG staff, and 4 Pennsylvania cops. We all surrounded chris who decided to lay on the floor again. Linda continued to comfort chris and asked her questions related to what she does for a living.

Notably, the convention occurred during the same month Chris started identifying as CPU Blue Heart, as shown in their correspondence:

This led chris to explaining the lore of sonichu and a new(?) Saga in it. I'm not sure if chris eventually talked about it online since I stopped paying as much attention, but just in case here's her repeating everything she said to Linda in that room.


Eventually in the middle of this rant chris went on, one of the police officers looked at me and motioned "come over here" with his fingers and had me step outside with him At this point I thought "of fuck I have to explain sonichu to a cop".

So we went out to the hallway and this cop was like "alright I need you to explain what this person is talking about cause you seem to be close with them and know a lot about them" So I spent 5 minutes explaining what sonichu was as he stared at the sonichu standee.

After explaining the lore the cop said "so chris put two characters together and made a comic out of it? And a bunch of people here are fans of it?" I bit my teeth and said "I...guess 'fan' is one way to put it. She's infamous, that's why we need her out of the public eye rn".

The cop got defensive and said "look I don't need you telling me how to do my job, I'll figure out what's best to do" I walked towards him and said "you DON'T understand sir, if you make this ugly it will IMMEDIATELY all go online and cause a huge commotion outside".

At first he was like "who cares about the internet?" Which then led me to show him the cwcki and how a lot of the photos from 20 minutes ago at the time were already all documented. Eventually I scared him enough to not escort her to the station and helped chris leave the con.

Me, Chris, Linda and that cop helped bring Chris' stuff to her car and Chris left. After all that me and Linda gave each other a big long hug congratulating each other for diffusing the situation. Idk where she is these days but I hope she and her son are doing well.

After the cop left me and Linda joked about how badass we were that we convinced a bunch of cops to handle things our way. (As a POC that's pretty epic) When I went back to the con I immediately ran towards the staff/vip room and gossiped with staff about it all.

Charles Martinet walked in shortly after and was talking about how Chris grabbed his arm at his signing booth. So it sounds like Chris was doing more than kissing/groping fans. We then had to explain to him who Chris was which is still bizarre to think that was how I met Charles.

Finally, I made this thread and left it at that. Joshua aka Null and other Kiwi Farms people were quick to accuse me of only doing this for attention, but I denied all interviews and questions while this was still hot. I did this cause I felt chris needed a friend.

I met Chris at MAGFest 2018 and could somehow feel the pain and dread through her face. So I decided to support her. Happy to admit I was wrong. Especially now. I learned the hard way that she does this to herself a lot after she doubled down on the TMG incident.

I still think the internet overstayed their welcome on stalking chris and I hope this recent incident puts "Christory" to an end And yes I say "her", Chris is a trans women. Everyone has rights. Trans rights are human rights. Her gender is irrelevant to this, stop making it so.

That being said, I know this thread is only contributing to the discussion I want to end But until now I kept it to myself as a multi-year long battle against everyone who wanted me to spill the tea. I was upset at how everyone handled it, but I no longer have a reason to be.

So I suppose I'm making this thread to finally wash my hands clear of it, as my lowkey goal to still help chris out of this rut, redeem herself and help her gain some humanity is now out the window. At least I know I tried. And it was by far the craziest weekend of my life lol.[26]


I need some local C64 Tech Help, Please Chris's videos My Mother WORKED Hard, Spent Hard; Needs Money NOW


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