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OmegaCon is a gaming and anime convention held annually in Charlottesville, Virginia. Chris attended on Saturday, 29 August 2015. By all accounts, it was his first appearance at a convention since Anime Mid-Atlantic in 2005.


On 29 August Chris announced on Facebook:

At ‪#‎OmegaCon2015‬; totes ‪#‎BassCannon‬ the audience at ‪#‎Cosplay‬ Contest!

This was accompanied with a couple of photographs. It is not known who took these photos, but apparently Chris went alone.

Someone on Twitter provided another pose:

Somehow Chris had managed to escape his domestic responsibilities to his mother and his dogs to spend the day having fun.

When William Elliott Waterman mistook his costume as a "vocaloid," Chris clarified:

Vocaloid?! I am Not a Computer! I'm Vinyl Scratch, A.K.A. DJ Pon3! A Musical Soul with a deep sense into that bass. A slave to the beat and rhythm. You do not program me, because I'm already programmed in my biological CPU!
Vinyl Scratch, AKA DJ Pon3.

Vinyl Scratch is a minor character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who also shows up in human form in the Equestria Girls film series, which Chris adores. She cohabits with another musically inclined pony named Octavia. Chris had been a fan of this character for some time. He had added 28 videos to a playlist called "Vinyl Scratch and Octavia" on his YouTube account, and had made a number of positive statements on Facebook. Vinyl Scratch brings together Chris's interests in music, dancing, and--while the children's cartoon doesn't go there--lesbianism.

Chris's costume appears to be largely homemade. He is wearing the same purple My Little Pony goggles as when he attended his first pride festival in August 2014, and when he maced a GameStop manajerk. Vinyl Scratch's purple tights are conveniently suited to Chris's tucking methods. He had first given himself the terrible blue hair dye job in July. The musical notes on his costume are the wrong way around, because he used a flipped image as a reference. He is also, rather surprisingly, wearing his famous medallion in public, possibly for the first time since 2010. This is similar to how he cosplayed "as himself" at Anime Mid-Atlantic for the sake of self-promotion. This time around, however, he's also promoting the medallions themselves, as they are his hottest eBay item.

Chris entered the cosplay contest, posing for the contest line and a group photo. His performance was presumably not unlike what the crowds at Impulse Gay Social Club have to put up with every weekend. A few days later Chris would reveal that he had just finished a seven-week belly dancing course, which undoubtedly influenced his moves.

He didn't win. This doesn't seem to have dampened his spirits, though--he gave the event a five-star review on Facebook.

Field agents report that Chris also attended a panel for indie game developers and used the Q&A segment to rant about the trolls and cyber-bullies. He handed out his business card to everyone he could, and carried his Sonichu Amiibo with him in a bag bearing the marriage equality logo and the message "TOTES GAY" written in large letters.[1]


Someone on YouTube posted seven seconds of surreptitious footage:

Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 29 August 2015
Subject Matter OmegaCon
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris can be seen very briefly in this walkthrough at 3:46 with a small group:

OmegaCon Walkthrough
Stardate 29 August 2015
Subject Matter OmegaCon
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Another image of Chris on stage shows up at 7:21 of this slideshow:

Omegacon 2015 Musical Slideshow
Stardate 31 August 2015
Subject Matter OmegaCon
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris also appears at 0:28 in this unembeddable video of the contest line.


Chris, on the 26th

Chris attended on all three days of the event in 2016, from 26-28 August, due to winning a free ticket last year[2].

According to Kim on Facebook, this is where Chris tried smoking marijuana that he had gotten from Bobby Marley.

On the 27th, a field agent posted this report:[3][4]

Posting live from Omegacon. Observed him while he sat in a panel. He looked like he was wearing the same thing as yesterday. Take this observation with a grain of salt but during the Q&A portion he would seem much more interested when a girl asked a question; looking at them while they spoke, but didn't do the same when a guy spoke. Like a said, may be nothing or he trained himself not to pay attention to men. Flipped and shook his hair out and the girl behind him leaned back slightly and made a face.

Lost him afterwards and it looks like he left since his car is gone. No idea if he'll be back.

I saw him talking to some girl and it looked like she was uncomfortable, which is pretty normal when weirdos try and talk to girls at cons and not getting the hint to let them go. But he didn't do anything super lulzy and didn't chimp out on anyone or anything in general.

The report on the 28th:[5][6]

Chris was playing Pokemon against some 7 year old and beat him. Didn't act like a shit to the kid but would sigh periodically. He wore the same thing for a third day in a row. Has two silver rings on his right hand that were connected by a blue string. I never noticed this about his thinning hair; I just thought he had a receding hairline, but the top of his hair is pretty sparse and short. An older lady(not the same one as the picture posted here) referred to Chris as Christine and used female pronouns. Chris also has a MASSIVE binder full of hundreds of Pokemon cards. Saw him later rushing around with what looked like an empty food carton. I don't know.
So he was at a vendor that was across from the Tabletop room to buy some Ramune(weeb soda). This vendor sold weeb snacks along with Pokemon merchandise. After Chris paid he was digging in the cooler to find the one he bought and he chuckled to himself while going, "Well I hope I didn't buy anything Team Rocket stole." Commence the fake awkward laughter from the person running the table.


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