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"Robert, thy demise shall be a Whopper!"

Burger King is an American chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Miami, Florida. Bob would often frequent that restaurant; in a prank call that was uploaded to YouTube on 19 August 2010 (its actual date is not known) Bob said that if the trolls want to approach him they can go to Burger King at Ruckersville, where he was eating breakfast every day.[1] Bob's routine of eating a daily breakfast at Burger King was referred to again by Chris on 22 August 2010.[2]

On occasion, Chris went to Burger King with Bob, which resulted in a field agent spotting him there. However, it was a forged sighting by Chris himself, revealed in the third part of a correspondence between Jackie and Chris.

In 2018, the Burger King in Ruckersville closed, as the gas station it was inside of was rebuilt.[3]

In October 2019, Chris went to BK again, to try out their vegan "Impossible Whopper", calling it "really yummy."[4]

Chris probably received either two of three Backstreet Boys live CDs or a live VHS tape (all entitled For the Fans) with meals at Burger King in August 2000, from which he got the live versions of "I Want It That Way" and "Larger than Life" he used as the backing tracks for "So Need a Cute Girl" and "A-U-T-I-S-M".


Picture taken at the sighting.
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On 3 July 2010 a "field agent" made a CWCki article detailing how he spotted Chris at his local Burger King. Bob, infuriated because he had arrived too late for a discount on coffee, got into an argument with a part-time manager, Amanda. Eventually, Chris joined in an uproar "so loud, it would have awaken [sic] the dead."

The account in full:

My family and I were there one morning a couple of weeks ago; my camera was screwing up with me, so I ended up with the photo of the front counter. I haven't been back for a while (Damn parents won't drive me back there), and I'm only 14.

Robert was shouting at Amanda, and eventually Chrissy joined in with an uproar so loud, it would have awaken the dead. It was in response to Amanda harassing them that day. I asked around after Robert and Chris left, without my family taking notice of me.

I can get away with anything within my reach; I'm the middle child of a set of three in my family. Sadly, we were only passing through that week on our way back from a visit with my Grandma and Grandpa in South VA; we live up in Boston.

Being bullied as a Freshman last year in my High School was no fucking picnic either. And I really loath ANYONE who is even considered "Special". I'm Special enough on my own for being invisible yet able to attract attention remotely with a mere thought or do-nothing and having to put up with the aggresiveness in my fucking family; I am very much the Master Mind in the family. My father is damned retarded.

But enough about me, I hate Chris as much as the rest of you. Stopping the presses on his books and giving up his website; it still pisses me off. If I recall correctly, it was about 10:30 when the Father and Son Duo left, so best bet is about 10:00 AM to try and intercept. I want to see Chris, if not both of them, squirm in torture from our Trolling of him. I really want to see him blow his top off again. LULZ.

Oh, and the Windows at that place were Tinted, so the photography would be best from inside the place.

For the LULZ!!!!

In reality, the sighting was forged, as Chris wrote the said article under his JenkinsJinkies persona. Taking advantage of this, Clyde Cash created Trollin' Train and invited Chris there, if he would pledge allegiance to him, resulting in JenkinsJinkiesCwckiApplication.MOV. Also, the tropes of the retarded dad, three child family and the mastermind child may have been taken from a certain television show.

See also

  • McDonald's - Chris's preferred fast-food hamburger chain.


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