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Chris meets the cast of the Grand Galloping Gala show.

BronyCon 2019 was the final iteration of the annual convention for fans of My Little Pony. The convention took place between 1 and 4 August 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Unfortunately for Chris, despite his best efforts to counter the inevitable, both his favorite animated series and his favorite convention would draw to a close in such a short timespan.

Most notably at this convention, Chris discovered Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, a fan-made shipping card game. Once the convention was over, he would begin posting his own fan-made cards on Twitter – becoming the successor of his custom Pokémon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.


My Main Plan with Two Friends who HAD Reserved a room for us three, and had their passes; they fell off the Communications Map On Me!!!
After Sarah and Steve ghost him, Chris is back to begging[1]

Sarah and Steve had originally planned to share a room with Chris, but they pulled out, leaving Chris to appeal for $600 to cover costs.[1][2] On 14 July, some enabler gave him the whole amount, and on 30 July, he confirmed on YouTube that he would attend the entire four days in his General BronyCon Announcement.


In July, Chris teased his attire for next month's BronyCon in two tweets.[3][4] Fans soon deciphered that Chris would be cosplaying as Kris, the female selectable protagonist of the video game Pokémon Crystal. Considering Chris's usual hack jobs when it comes to hair dye, achieving such seaweed color would not prove too much of a challenge.

It should be noted that for the duration of the convention, Chris wore a metal wire on his forehead, shaped to resemble the Commodore logo, which represents his CPU Blue Heart alterego.

Day 1

In the early hours of 1 August, Chris made the journey to Baltimore, leaving at around 6:15 local time (EST) and arriving at around 10:45. The journey took Chris and Son-Chu about 4 hours and 30 minutes, 2 hours longer than the estimated time.[5] At the convention itself, as a long time pledger of voice actor, Michelle Creber's Patreon, Chris joined her private Patreon party.[6]

Shoutout to a fan

Chris at 2019 BronyCon - Clip for fan
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 1 August 2019
Saga JacobJacob Jacob

Chris: 3, 2, 1.

Cameraman: Yeah.

Chris: Hi, Jacob! This is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from [mispronounces] BronyCon. Here's to you being a good fan of mine. Cheers [raises mug to camera] with a home mug of sarsaparilla.


Day 2

On Day 2, Chris dusted off his old unicorn cosplay, and met voice actor, Andrea Libman.

All Star 3.0

That morning, Kiwi Farms user Jasonfan89 captured some covert footage within the convention:

He's at some kinda arcade doesn't he play enough vyda at home?

Chris at 2019 BronyCon - Sighting
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 2 August 2019
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason


He's playing some kinda Tetris game I overheard someone say he's kiklink it casue well...he is what did you expect from someone who's had 30 odd years of practice


Sorry for the crappy pics I'm keeping a low profile

Also fuck no I didn't spend money on this fuck fest[8]

Eventually, they captured a video of Chris while Smash Mouth's All Star plays in the background. At first, Chris seems reluctant to join in with the singalong – perhaps, due to his previous association with the song; however, from 0:54 onwards, he can be heard singing:


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August 2, 2019
Stardate 2 August 2019
Made By Jasonfan89
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Birthday message

Chris recorded a birthday shoutout for the rapper, Billy the Fridge:

Chris Chan
Stardate 2 August 2019
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris: You ready?

Cameraman: All right.

Chris: Hi, Billy. This is Christine Chandler, coming to you live from BronyCon. You be an awesome dude, and you have an awesome day. You're better off than [deepens voice] He don't like... giant chicken. [laughs]

The video was later used in a YouTube Poop-style video, as part of Billy the Fridge's birthday livestream.[9]

From The Matrix to Silence of the Lambs Panel

On the evening of day 2, Chris attended the From The Matrix to Silence of the Lambs: Movies in Pony Voices panel,[10] which saw YouTube voice actors reenact famous movie scenes as MLP characters. Throughout the video, Chris is seen constantly fidgeting like a bored child:

Bronycon 2019 Matrix Panel
Stardate 2 August 2019
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Grand Galloping Gala

That night, Chris attended the Grand Galloping Gala concert. In summary, the concert was a blend of dancing and Broadway style performances by a troupe of actors/cosplayers who play the main characters of the animated series. Concertgoers also witnessed a brony marriage proposal.[11]

Jasonfan89 chipped in once again:

Chris at 2019 BronyCon - Gala sighting
Stardate 2 August 2019
Made By Jasonfan89
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions Conventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Following the concert, Chris participated in a photoshoot with the cast.


Day 3

TF2 Analysis Anarchy Panel

On the Saturday morning, Chris attended the TF2 Analysis Anarchy panel—composed of several brony analysts who had blocked Chris back in January—where he witnessed Mad Munchkin being proposed to. Chris appears behind the man in the wheelchair, slightly to his left (the vibrant pink Night Star plushie is a giveaway). Notably, Chris can be heard trying to get the attention of the panel by making a childish quip at 0:17, and recurring high-pitched screams (especially 3:31) as the audience celebrates the newly-engaged couple:

"Mad Munchkin Wedding Proposal" at TF2 Panel (Bronycon 2019)
Stardate 3 August 2019
Made By DRWolf
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Chris later recapped the moment:

I was in the audience when that happened! Now I can say something about it! I congratulated the couple on the way out, and my screams were amongst those recorded there. Yay![14]

Pony Origins Panel

Creator meets creators.

At the Pony Origins panel, Chris came face-to-face with the true original creators, Bonnie Zacherle and Lauren Faust of the 80s cartoon and Friendship is Magic, respectively.[10][15]

Jasonfan89 reported in:

[The hosts] asked the guys who watches sailor Moon he raised both arms


During the Q&A, Chris went on to ask Lauren Faust about whether she had planned to include Megan, one of the 80s human characters in the most recent iteration of the show:

August 3, 2019
Stardate 3 August 2019
Made By Jasonfan89
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

The following livestream clip captures the full response:

Christine Chandler at BronyCon 2019 panel
Stardate 3 August 2019
Subject Matter ConventionsConventions
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos
Alternative footage: [1] [2]

Chris: Hi, Lauren. Hey y'all. All right, first. I just want to say: Thank you for all your shows. Aside from MLP, [rock on gesture] love The Powerpuff Girls!


Lauren Faust: Thank you.

Chris: And this'll lead into my question [?], beginning from G1. About like, you know, the human characters, especially Megan, and the relationship between the humans and the ponies. Uhh... Did you just think about wanting to do that originally for G4 in the earlier phases, or did it just kinda like–uhh, it was rejected initially, or [unintelligible] it all, and then later figured out for like, Equestria Girls?

Lauren Faust: You know, I... umm–Early on in the development process, I had considered that Hasbro might ask me to bring in Megan, because you know, working in the animation business, I was kind of anticipating like oh [jazz hands] "girls can't relate to horses, they need to have a person to talk to and relate to. So you need to have a person in the story." So, I was expecting them to do that. They never did. Like, not even once. But, I did have a little snippet of an idea to bring Megan in for like maybe a special or something like that. It was a very brief idea that might have just been like a one shot idea. But I didn't need it, so I didn't really flesh it out [chuckles].

Chris: Ah. Well, at least it brought–at least it all brought out in Equestria Girls. [very sincere] Thank you.

Lauren Faust: Sure.


Looking back on the event:

And now, with a piece of lovely quartz, Lauren Faust has a copy of Nightstar’s Book too. I asked her about G1 Megan and the symbolance/relationship between Equestrians/Ponyville Residents and Humans and Human-Types.[16]

Friendship is Magic: The Gathering

On Saturday evening, Chris was spotted entering the Friendship is Magic: The Gathering panel hosted by Josh Scorcher, during the latter half of the event. When the panel concluded, Chris walked towards the front where Josh was talking among fans, in what was presumably an attempt to converse with Scorcher to smooth things over after the mass Twitter blocking. It is unknown what transpired in this conversation or if it had any affect on Scorcher's opinion of Chris.

As Scorcher and a large group of panel attendees left the panel hall, Chris was observed walking out at the very backend of the group. It was at that point that a selfie was requested by an editor of the CWCki, and taken right outside the entrance to Hall of the Stars.

Meeting Nicole Oliver

Chris meets Princess Celestia.

Later that day, Chris went to the meet and greet of voice actress, Nicole Oliver. For $30 worth of Tugboat, Chris received Oliver's autograph—done on one of his drawings—and they both posed for a photo together.[17][18]

Having failed to learn the lesson from the Tabitha St. Germain block, Chris shared his photo in a tweet tagging Nicole Oliver, which resulted in a surge of ween comments. This prompted the voice actress to voice her opinion against online harassment in a separate tweet; it is undeniable that she was alluding to Chris:

It has come to my attention that some of you are commenting on a picture I took with a fan. People are alleging this fan is responsible for certain behaviours. I do not CONDONE any disrespectful behaviour. Period. It has no association to me.

Peace & love everyone.

Xo ☀️[19]

One month later, Chris would convey as Magi-Chan that during their meeting, he reassured the voice actress that she would be bound to voicing one character for a little longer than she hoped:

And Celestia and Luna are a long way from retiring. As @CPU_CWCSonichu has personally told @mouthnoize at BronyCon, “The Reirement [sic] is not in.”[20]

In an August 2020 leak, it was revealed that Nicole Oliver eventually blocked Chris on Twitter.[21]


BronyPalooza was a recurring all-night concert, featuring several musicians of the brony community.[10] After enjoying Creber's Patreon party on the Thursday, Chris made an appearance during her Saturday BronyPalooza gig. Chris can be seen at regular intervals during the first two hours of the video, but is especially recognizable at 1:15:33, brandishing his Night Star plushie:

BronyCon 2019 Livestream 10 (Day 3 Evening)
Stardate 3 August 2019
Made By Jonathan Zhang
Subject Matter ConventionsConventionsMusicMusic
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

A video with an alternative camera also shows Chris' plushie.[22]

While the concert was ongoing, Chris snapped some photos and shared them on Twitter:

@ChuuChuuRocket, Nightstar’s Jammie’ with #CreberBrown!

Bronycon2019-23.jpgBronycon2019-24.jpg [23]

It is unknown whether Chris remained at the concert after Creber's set ended.


Day 4

On the final day of the convention, Chris met an old foe, and paid another $30 to meet voice actor, Rebecca Shoichet.

Dining with bronies

According to a user of 4chan's /mlp/ board, on the Sunday, they joined Chris to ride in Son-Chu and have dinner together:[24]

I got to eat dinner on Sunday with Chris and rode in Barb's van
Oh no, Barb wasn't there, Chris was driving.

Also, sorry about the rotation, something fucked up when I posted. But yeah, this is Barb's van because the old car got totaled or something

Well, we went to a burger joint and ate burgers. Chris showed us the Sonichu binder and some new age Crystal and we just chilled and talked. I said to drive safe because he headed home afterwards, but apparently there was a fender bender or some shit. It was actually really interesting.
By no means, but he was very calm and in a good mental state this year at the con. Last year he was talking about the dimensional merge a lot, but a lot of the crazy shit that happens with Chris is the machinations of trolls. Still kind of out there, but I'm happy he was having a good time. I'm not gonna whiteknight him, he's done some pretty bad stuff in the past and the autism is no excuse, but it was an interesting experience to meet such an internet legend. Hopefully he keeps himself out of trouble.

The /mlp/ user found his post on Kiwi Farms and elaborated on the experience:[25]

Alright, so we went to a burger place for dinner, recommend to Chris by someone. Chris didn't smell, or at the very least I was drunk enough not to notice (definitely not nearly as bad as some other people at the con though, she was tolerable). At dinner, Chris talked a lot about Sonichu and a crystal she had, seems like it was some new age beliefs about magic in the crystals or something. We made small talk about the con, and I was talking with several people. One of the guys at the table ordered his burger with ghost pepper cheese, and Chris mentioned something about it, maybe having eaten it before. It was an interesting experience and overall Chris seemed pretty alright during it. I told her to drive safe before we parted our ways, but I guess that didn't work out. I'm not here to talk mad shit or anything, but my brother is pretty interested in Chris chan despite being a normie so I figured I'd get some pictures and I got more than I really bargained for.
He was prompted to speak about Sonichu at the table, and was showing us the binder he brought around. I believe he talked about some of the lore, but I really am not as familiar with it as I used to be. @Jaiman might be a better source on it, since he was there as well and probably could go into more detail.
One thing that did slightly concern me a bit was that on the ride back to the con center was Chris was hatching eggs on Pokemon Go on both phones on the center console while at stoplights. I knew a guy who used to do that and IMO it can lead to distracted driving. Hopefully that is not something that happens normally with Chris.

Twitter user Tenkowski revealed more photos years later recalling the experience, writing:[26]

I had lunch with Chris-Chan at BronyCon 2019 and rode in the Sonichu.

Tenkowski also wrote:

Chris was chill, we sat together at the restaurant, and they would gush about the Sonichu comic that they brought along. It was a good encounter, almost wholesome even. I know there's a lot to say about Chris but I had no real issues with them in this moment in time.
If you were expecting me to say something negative, there's just one thing, when Chris was driving back to the convention Chris was really into spinning the Pokestops along the way :v distracted driving!!!

- Yes I had every opportunity to ask questions but I either didn’t or forgot. I was shell-shocked from having the opportunity to spend time with her and being at BronyCon in general. If I didn’t take pics/vids of it, I most likely forgot

- No she didn’t stink, don’t be weird


Unknown date

Souvenirs and autographs

On 6 August, Chris posted a thread on Twitter, showing off his haul from BronyCon.[27] To say that Chris bought a lot of merchandise would be a severe understatement:

Images Notable items
  • A literal quill from Silver Quill
  • Various buttons
  • Various CDs from brony musicians
  • Sailor and Mona Pia plushies
  • Twilights poster
  • More prints
  • More plushies
  • Midnight Mares poster
  • Various prints of characters
  • Rainbow Dash toy
  • MLP guitar picks
  • MLP blind bag toy


In closing, since his first attendance in 2017, BronyCon has left an overall positive impact on Chris. The conventions were one of the few places where mindsets such as his are normalized, as their target audiences are typically a melting pot of like-minded people. BronyCon was a setting which provided a brief escape from his various problems back in Ruckersville, and being a troll-free safe space, has also allowed Chris to filter the positive attention he receives from fans; Chris claimed that in 2019, he was approached by "200 awesome and kind individuals."[28]

Friendship is Magic ends

Main article: My Little Pony Protests
Chris isn't pleased.

BronyCon has been the catalyst in several noteworthy events in the late 2010s: The 2017 convention gave Chris the much-needed motivation to commence work on his next issue of Sonichu; albeit, it was a MLP fanfiction which happened to be part of his comic book canon. After BronyCon 2018, he began engaging with members of the brony analyst community—several of which were present at Baltimore—which ultimately led to the Twitter Block saga and his Soft Exile on social media.

Returning his homelife after BronyCon 2019, Chris resumed his My Little Pony protest campaign and demanded Hasbro for a renewal of the series to at least Season 14. On 12 October 2019, the finale of Friendship of Magic aired, leaving Chris in vehement denial. As of November 2019, he refused to watch it, and instead chose to send a barrage of ranting tweets to both Hasbro and anybody mentioning it. Despite other media picking up where the show left off, including My Little Pony: Pony Life (which is essentially G4.5 of the franchise) and the IDW comic series,[29][30] Chris refuses to acknowledge these as any form of canon because it doesn't conform to his existing fantasy world. As of July 2020, Pony Life has aired to lukewarm reviews, but Chris remains committed to his boycott.


Main article: BABSCon

With the closure of BronyCon, Chris desired to attend the next well-regarded convention in the USA, BABSCon. BABSCon is also a yearly convention; however, it is instead based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris was never able to attend. The 2020 BABSCon was cancelled due to COVID-19 (which Chris reacted to by launching his most elaborate coping mechanism to date, pretending to be Sonichu for nearly a year), the 2021 BABSCon was similarly cancelled, Chris was in jail for incest during the 2022 BABSCon, and in Gateway Homes during the 2023 BABSCon. Chris purchased tickets for the 2024 BABSCon, but was preemptively banned by convention staff for it and all subsequent BABSCons.


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